Why Do Truck Drivers Still Use GPS Devices When Smart Phones Have Apps That Seem to Be Just as Good?

Because of the nature of their job, truck drivers need to be able to find the quickest and safest route from one location to the other. Because of that, GPS devices are a permanent installation in the majority of trucks, especially if it’s part of their livelihood. As many people have noted, however, mobile phones have become increasingly more sophisticated over the past decade or so with a host of different features.

One such feature that comes with almost every modern phone is GPS tracking. Because of that, many people have wondered why truck drivers go out of their way to buy a GPS device instead of using the one on their phone.

However, there are a few key reasons why a GPS device is used instead of a phone, and the benefits of such a device are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s also the fact that there are a variety of different potential ramifications if a truck driver was using their phone, which is something that deserves some exploring.

Why Truck Drivers Use GPS Devices Instead Of Phones

The first thing that many people fail to realize is that the GPS on a phone gives you the best route from one place to another, regardless of what kind of vehicle you’re driving. While this isn’t an issue for someone driving a car, it can be a significant problem for truck drivers, and possibly even dangerous.

This is chiefly because there are a number of roads that are unfit for trucks, especially when they’re full. This can be for a variety of different reason, such as the weight of the truck and the size of the road.

As such, driving a large, full truck down these roads will not only hold up traffic but may also cause accidents and more. In contrast to this, however, there are a variety of GPS devices that have been designed solely for truck drivers, and anyone else who drives a large vehicle.

These devices give drivers the best possible route for their vehicle; as such, they’re able to avoid any roads that may be unfit for trucks. This has a significant amount of benefits for everyone involved, as it ensures that they’re taking a productive route and won’t have to waste time trying to navigate a road that the truck may be too big for. This is also especially true if there’s any hazardous cargo in the truck.

On top of this, going down one of these roads could lead to citations from authorities, as well as fines or other types of punishment. Because of that it’s in the best interest of the truck driver, as well as their employer, for them to purchase a GPS device designed for trucks. As such, you could boil down the benefits of these devices over a phone’s GPS as:

  • Faster delivery;
  • More productive drivers;
  • Safety.

With that in mind, these devices can have a more significant, and beneficial, impact on a truck driver’s job than a phone’s GPS. With that in mind, these truck driver GPS’ have become an industry standard. Outside of knowing the quickest, and safest, route from one point to another, many people may fail to realize what kind of benefits that these devices can provide.

Benefits Of GPS Devices For Truck Drivers

While knowing which route to take is an obvious benefit, and the one that everyone points to, it’s not the only benefit that these GPS devices can have for truck drivers. Much of this is because a truck driver’s job involves slightly more than driving from one place to another.

Throughout this process they’re responsible for a variety of different things. While the majority of this is to ensure that the goods that they’re delivering arrive safely, there are also a few different things that need to focus on, and that a high-quality GPS device can help with.

Legal Documentation

Many people believe that truck drivers, and many other delivery people, simply pick up what they’re delivering and drop it off. That being said, there’s a significant amount of paperwork and much more to fill out; some of this will be for employers and other interested parties, but there are also a variety of legal requirements in this area too.

As such, truck drivers need a GPS device that can not only map out the best possible route, but also upload this route to a server, or save it somewhere else, so that they can keep a record of their route.

Furthermore, these devices also track how long they’ve been driving, when the last time they had a break was and much more. This can be vital for both the driver and their company as there are a variety of laws and regulations that aim to promote the best interests of everyone involved.

These include the likes of how long a truck driver is able to drive for, both in hours and in overall distance. As such, these GPS devices are able to save all of this data, which can then be used to prove that companies and drivers are compliant with the law, which is vital for everyone involved. Furthermore, it also means that drivers aren’t able to take any detours without their employers knowing and thus saving a significant amount of hassle for everyone involved.

There are a variety of other benefits to a GPS device, but legal requirements and being able to get to your destination are the most vital. When compared to the GPS device on a phone, it can be significantly faster and easier for truck drivers to use specific devices so that they can do their job properly. As such, a phone’s GPS capabilities won’t be able to much of what’s needed.

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