What Tonneau Cover to Buy in August,2022 ? Honest Buyer’s Guide

A truck is an excellent piece of investment. In addition to giving a smooth ride on bumpy terrains, a truck can effectively transport your cargo at a cheaper cost thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency. There are several truck add-ons that can improve the functionality of a truck for even better performance. One such necessary truck upgrade is bed covers commonly referred to as a tonneau cover. These covers not only offer safe and secure transportation for your cargo but also enhance the fuel efficiency of your car by minimizing the effects of drag. Additionally, tonneau covers are an aesthetic option to make your truck look more imposing. 

When it comes to purchasing tonneau covers, there are tons of options. Picking the right cover for your truck can, therefore, be a daunting experience, mainly because these covers look almost the same. There are also different categories of tonneau covers available in the market today. Therefore, you must understand these categories to be able to find the best fit for your car. 

Types of Tonneau Covers    

  • Hard Tonneau Covers 

Hard bed covers are quite popular, being ideal for trucks doing heavy jobs. These covers are made of durable materials and are mostly permanently fixed on the truck using a drill. They provide the ultimate security to your cargo since they completely cover the back, locking up your tailgate for maximum protection. Unlike other covers, they are not foldable and can only be installed by a professional. 

  • Hinged Bed Covers   

The hinged tonneau cover is quite similar to the hard bed cover in the sense that it’s non-foldable and constitutes durable, heavy-duty materials. While it’s quite easy and fast to install, it’s very inflexible, and you’ll need to lift it completely to access the bed instead of just sliding it over.     

  • Folding Bed Covers 

As the name implies, folding tonneau covers can be folded over for easy opening and closing. These covers encompass three to five panels held together using hinges. To access the bed, you don’t need to unmount them as you can quickly enfold them against the cab of your truck. While they are lightweight and easy to handle, they are flimsy and non-durable. 

  • Retractable Bed Covers 

Retractable tonneau covers constitute a series of foldable narrow planks that retract to open and close. These covers compliment any truck thanks to the in-rail design for a minimalistic appearance. They are quite durable, and most are automatic for easy opening and closing via a press of a button. The manual ones employ an auto-latching technique for ease of opening and closing. 

  • Soft Top Bed Cover  

Soft tonneau covers are ideal for truck owners requiring extra space in the back of the truck for transporting large objects, which may be irregular. They are quite flexible and still durable thanks to the heavy-duty leather grain vinyl construction. These covers can be attached to the truck bed using Velcro, snaps, or tongue and groove style. However, soft tonneau covers suffer from some setbacks, including that they aren’t entirely waterproof and also do not offer maximum security for your haulage.  


Factors to Consider When Buying Tonneau Covers 

To ensure you reap the benefits of tonneau covers, you must consider these factors. 

  • Purpose 

You must purchase a tonneau cover while knowing the exact intended purpose. As discussed earlier in this guide, there are different categories of tonneau covers, each ideal for various purposes. Whether you’re looking to secure your goods under transmit or simply looking for something to cover your luggage from weather elements, there are tonneau covers for every purpose. 

  • Truck Compatibility

Bed liners in trucks come in different designs and materials such as carpet, mat, or even a painted version. Before purchasing a tonneau cover, you must ensure the cover is compatible with the bed of your truck. One way to do this is to take all the measurements of the bed of your truck or check out the design of the truck bed, whether it’s a side-step bed or a regular cab bed. A compatible cover will allow for easy installation without the need for drilling the bed of the vehicle and maybe damaging the body of your truck. 

  • Maintenance 

You would obviously want a tonneau cover, which is easy to maintain. Some covers require no maintenance except regular cleaning using soap and water. Other bed covers require special attention using specialized supplies such as cleaning detergents. A maintenance-free design is always the best option.

  • Style/ Aesthetic 

For obvious reasons, most truck owners go for tonneau covers which will add some form of style or aesthetic beauty to their cars. How the cover will blend with your truck is something you should be concerned about. An ideal tonneau cover should complement your truck giving it a perfect finish in addition to securing your luggage. 

  • Budget 

How deep is your pocket? When it comes to purchasing tonneau covers, you should be concerned with the cost. You should obtain tonneau covers without breaking the bank. High-end models cost anywhere from $200, 000 while low-end makes start at $150. With such a wide price range, you can get a perfect cover that suits your budget.


Top 4 Tonneau Covers to Buy in 2020

Below are our top 4 picks for tonneau covers you should definitely consider when looking to purchase bed covers in 2020. 

Retraxpro XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover T-80371

RetraxPRO XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | T-80371 | Fits 2009...
10 Reviews
RetraxPRO XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | T-80371 | Fits 2009...
  • Fits 2009 - 2014 Ford F-150 Super Crew & Super Cab 5' 7" Bed (67")
  • LEGENDARY VERSATILITY | Features overlander capabilities with our Trax Rail System and is compatible with virtually any T-Slot accessories allowing you to double your truck bed cargo capacity

Top of our list is the RetraxPRO XR tonneau cover made by RetraxPRO. The XR Series cover combines the PowertraxONE MX with the integrated Trax Rail System, allowing truck owners to customize their tonneau cover to the best standards. The cover is made with aluminum and seamlessly integrates industrial strength aluminum construction with an incredibly resilient matte finish.

 The RetraxPRO XR offers the much-needed versatility in cargo management thanks to a unique capability of optimizing cargo capacity with the cover closed or open. The Trax Rail System makes it possible to transport double the cargo capacity by enabling up-top storage via pairing with T-slot accessories from a wide range of brands, including Thule, Rhino-Rack, and Yakima, among others. This means that you can seamlessly mount coolers, outdoor gear, or bikes on the bed cover by combining the Trax Rail system with T-slot accessories. 

For increased durability, the cover features a scratch-resistant textured matte black finish with a friction lock feature. It also features a firm seal surrounding the cover to keep the truck bred dry even in times of a storm or excessive snow. The smart lock mechanism ensures top-notch security of your luggage.


  RetraxPRO XR is undoubtedly the best tonneau cover in the market today. It does not only add aesthetics to the vehicle but also offers top of the class security plus protection from the weather elements for a dry and clean storage space. The T-slot fixtures also provide up-top storage for gears. It’s great for lightweight cargo and fits trucks with a 5’6” Bed. It’s also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for buyers in the U.S. However, it’s quite expensive, and crossbars are sold separately. 


  • Combine functionality with aesthetics 
  • Maintains full functionality even when cargo is loaded on top
  • Lockable in any position
  • Durable attributed to a heavy-duty, study material
  • Cover confers sufficient protection against weather elements 
  • Low-profile streamlined design 
  • Integrated Tax Rail System for additional up-top storage


  • Hefty price tag 
  • Packing does not include any accessories and should be improved. 


Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with...
9,127 Reviews
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with...
  • US Design Patented
  • Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty 24oz. marine-grade vinyl, with aircraft-grade aluminum frames, and comes with stainless steel clamps for easy installation and great durability.

The Tyger Auto T3 is a soft tri-fold tonneau cover perfect for any truck bed, thanks to a custom-made feature. The design features a 24oz marine grade vinyl construction reinforced with powder-coated aluminum frames and stainless-steel clamps. It’s, therefore, quite durable even in the harshest weather and can resist rust and corrosion. The frames can hold 6 inches of snow without being damaged. 

When it comes to installation, the Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Tonneau cover is very easy to assemble and install. The design employs a no-drill model, thus requiring no professional expertise to install. To install the cover, you’ll simply need two pairs of clamps and one pair of safety screws. An installation manual is also provided in the package 

After it has been correctly installed, the cover fits end to end and seals perfectly, and you can be sure it’s dustproof and weather-resistant in all weather/climates. Additionally, you’re assured of the security of your luggage when traveling. 

The Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Tonneau cover also offers additional storage space on top without a change in functionality. This means that you can fold the cover from one end even when there is luggage on top of it. 


If you’re looking for an ideal soft tri-fold cover, the Tyger Auto T3 is a perfect choice. Apart from being reasonably priced, it’s very tight and offers secure looking. It’s a practical choice for truck owners looking to buy a functional bed cover without breaking the bank. It also comes with a 10-year hassle-free warranty


  • Comes in different sizes for a wide range of bed sizes 
  • Weathertight sealing provides sufficient protection against weather elements plus dust 
  • Easy installation with no drilling  
  • Folds easily for easy access to the bed of your truck
  • Fit perfectly to the bed of your truck-custom fit


  • Plastic handles are not very strong and can break easily
  • The cover isn’t sufficiently wide to reach out to the bed stakes. 
  • Can’t be locked in a semi-open position


BAK Bakflip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 226329 

BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 226329 | Fits...
1,637 Reviews
BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 226329 | Fits...
  • Fits 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 5' 7" Bed (67.1")
  • 100% BED ACCESS | The low-profile BAKFlip G2 hard folding cover allows you to drive with the cover fully closed, folded, or flipped up without covering the 3rd brake light

Do you have security in mind when shopping for tonneau covers? Then the BAK Bakflip G2 is your ideal bed cover. This hard, folding truck bed cover is made for security. The design features four solid, durable aluminum panels arranged in a tri-fold design for maximum security. Additionally, the cover comes with a sturdy strut to strut the tonneau cover against the back of the windshield for enhanced security. For aesthetic purposes, the cover bed surface can be custom textured to integrate seamlessly with your truck’s body. 

The BAK Bakflip G2 cover is also weather resistant attributed to the EPDM rubber seals to protect each cover panel from leaking during heavy rains or snow. Additionally, the covers feature draining tubes that remove water that has collected in the canister to keep the bed cover dry. The hinge system also enhances water resistance, ensuring that the truck bed is always dry even when raining heavily. 

The cover employs the low-profile design to enhance the aerodynamics of your truck, prevent drug, and consequently improve fuel efficiency. Accessing the truck bed when the cover is intact is quite easy, thanks to the automatic latching system. The low-profile cover easily folds fully up, leaving a clear opening into the bed.  

You will appreciate the dual-action tailgate seal, which enables you to close and open the tailgate when the cover is both closed and open. It’s possible to drive the truck with the cover fully open, folded, or completely closed as the bed cover does not block the third brake light. However, it’s not advisable as you will lose sight out of the rear window. Installing and operating the cover is also very easy even for beginners      


While not as versatile and expensive as the RetraxPro XR, BacFlip G2 presents a cheaper option but with more security features. The sturdy design makes it quite durable. It comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty. 


  • Automatic latching system for ease of access to the truck bed 
  • Low-profile aerodynamic design to enhance gas mileage. 
  • Easy to install 
  • Affordable 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy-open mechanism


  • Arranging the panels can be challenging 
  • Still expensive 


Gator Hybrid High Folding Tonneau Truck Bed Cover Ghf0339

No products found.

The Gator Hybrid is a soft-looking lightweight hard folding truck bed cover. The design features a robust black aluminum frame attached to durable ABS plastic panels covered in industrial-grade matte black vinyl for a rugged, sleek appearance. The EPMD seals are weather resistant, plus the Rear Fin Seals adjacent to the tailgate offer additional protection from weather elements. 

Security is assured thanks to the stainless-steel hinge pins. These pins reinforce the cover and also allows for ease of opening and closing. When it comes to accessing the truck bed, the panels can easily be folded over in less than five minutes attributed to the flexible hinge pins. Installation is hassle-free and straightforward, directly fitting a 5.5FT Bed. 


The Gator Hybrid High Folding Tonneau cover is an excellent truck bed cover for all-weather conditions. The ABS plastic construction is both robust and lightweight-perfect for your truck. It’s a great alternative for the expensive foldable truck bed covers, and you should go for it, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 


  • EPDM weather-resistant seal 
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Watertight for a dry bed
  • Easy to install 
  • Hard tri-fold cover but with soft looks. 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limits full bed access even when opened 



If you own a pick-up truck, you should definitely get a tonneau cover to reap the full benefits of your truck. Tonneau covers serve as both a practical and functional accessory for any pickup truck. In addition to securing and protecting your luggage from elements of weather plus dust, these covers improve mileage by minimizing the effects of drag. Get a tonneau cover TODAY and start enjoying the full benefits of your truck the way it is meant to be. 

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