How To Use A Tap And Die Set

Tap and Die set is an important tool for a workshop. It is used to create screw threads inside or outside of old screws, holes, pipes, bolts or other connection ends. Let's have a look how to use a tap and die set.

Step 1: Determine the Number Of Threads Per Inch

When you are going to make threads at first you have to determine the number of threads per inch (TPI) that you want to make on the selected object/bolt.

You can use a gauge to calculate the number of threads onto the bolt. After getting the number of threads of the object you have to choose the die that fits it. 

A tapered die will inform you which side to use first. Before going to use the die you need to fit the die into a special wrench which holds and guides the die.

Step 2: Create New Threads On The Object/Bolt

Before going to create thread on the Bolt, fixed the bolt into a vise to hold it firmly so that the object/bolt can't move. If the bolt is fixed it will be easy to get perfect threads from the die.

While creating threads, the cutting metal might make heat. To get rid of the problem put cutting oil on the object to lubricate it. Place the die on the bolt horizontally, now you are ready to use the die set.

After positioning the die on top of the bolt, Hold it using  the wrench  and then turn it over. Move the wrench, it will create threads on the bolt. Make sure to reverse a half turn the wrench after every couple of turns of the die. This process will create clear threads for each revolution.


The revolution will clean the threads and make the die slice better. Continue to use some oil for some time. Turn the wrench to the point where you can see the bolt go through the die.Turn the wrench until getting the desired threads.

Step 3: Another Use: Turn a Steel Rod Into a Bolt

Oh yes, you can use a die set to turn an ordinary steel rod into a bolt. In order to do this, provided rod must have a beveled end. The die will not work with flat-end rod perfectly. So, if you think the end is not beveled, use a grinder to make a beveled end of the road. 

You must use lubricant oil while making threads. You must move die slowly and steadily. A little bit of impatient might destroy your whole work. 

Step 4: Tap A Hole

First, set the tap into a special wrench and tighten it so that it can't move. To make a hole using tap, you have to know the four things:

1) The size of the screw or bolt or the object.

2) The number of threads per inch on the screw or bolt

3) Tap drill size.

4) Tap size.

Like die set make sure to reverse the tap in every couple of turns. Don't forget to lubricate oil while creating a hole with a tap. 

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