Different Types Of Truck Tool Boxes To Choose !

The truck tool box is one of the things that keep your tools and equipment safe without taking up space in the vehicle. In most cases, you will find different styles of truck boxes. You get the ones that are mounted on the side rails and they should be accessible from the side of the truck.

Some are mounted at the front of the bed; they are called crossover tool boxes. Most of these truck tool boxes are large storage containers with a single compartment, but some have shelves or drawers to keep small tools and equipment organized that is Perfect for the hard-working professional.

The Different Types of Truck Tool Boxes

There are several types of truck tool boxes. Actually, we can divide it as per its manner of installation, used materials as well as the configuration. There are few other things that we should keep in your mind whenever we are going to distinguish specifically trays and shelves contain by truck tool boxes.

If you want to differentiate Truck tool boxes by used materials, we get four types:

Aluminium Made

These types of tool boxes are made from bent aluminum sheet. Usually, this sheet is looked like rugged diamond plate pattern. Aluminum made tool box is light weight, anti-rust and will not deteriorate.

Being light-weight and strong, Aluminum truck tool boxes will even keep the moisture and rust out the tool box. Aluminum truck tool boxes are built for quality and ruggedness. You would also want to look at buying a tool box with gas struts, keeping the lid open, it serves for easier accessibility of your tools.

One with paddle handles would also improve accessibility and these are usually designed to be pretty durable and can stand up to hard usage through the years.

Steel Made

Steel is the most widely used material for the truck tool box. This truck tool box is heavier than aluminum truck tool box but this weigh is not a disadvantage. It's tougher and resists more dings /dents caused by shifting tools other than the aluminum tool box.
Steel truck tool box's walls are covered with powder coated finish to protect from corrosion.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel made tool boxes are rarely used. These are premium tool boxes and more expensive than Steel and Aluminum tool boxes. Stainless tool box doesn't need power coated protection lie steel tool boxes. It's corrosion resistant and if polish will get more brilliant shine than the aluminum box.


Although aluminum, steel or stainless steel made toolboxes are rougher and durable but plastic ones have also lots of advantages. Other than steel and aluminum truck toolboxes, plastic toolboxes are also very lightweight and durable. That will not create pressure on the truck body. The main advantage is that it's not rusting which make it popular choose.

On the other hand, if we divide as per location installation we get few types of tool boxes categories.

Side Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

Another type of truck tool box that would be mounted to a side rail, although this one would have a notch in it so that the box sits over the side rail and into the bed. These tool boxes are opened from the top and it has gas struts, which helps holding the tool box top open.

This truck tool box is also available in sizes to fit most of the pickup trucks available in the USA.

Rail Top Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

These truck boxes would be mounted on a side rail and it opens from the side of the truck, so you can easily access the open tool box by standing next to the vehicle. It is a very popular choice amongst building or electrical contractors or anyone who needs quick and easy access to the boxes content.

The tool boxes and doors are constructed of aluminum with stainless steel paddle latches. Mostly available in lengths to fit all vehicles.

Cross Bed Truck Tool Boxes

Cross bed truck tool boxes are required if you would rather carry your tools at the front of the bed, right behind the truck's window. It’s made from heavy aluminum and has small trays for smaller items. While custom tool box sizes are available, most versions will fit most full sized trucks.

There is a lot of advantages of having a truck tool box installed in the bed of your pickup truck. These advantages include; keeping your tools safe from prying eyes, whilst protecting them from real environmental threats, like rain and dust.

Crossover truck tool boxes are the best quality tool boxes you can get, being constructed from durable aluminum and it usually have a drop of versatility added. Once you decide to invest in a truck tool box for your vehicle, this may be the last one you will have to buy.

Drawer Storage Tool Boxes

This handy aluminum truck tool box is a very good choice for pickup truck owners who needs a smaller storage area or don't want to give up as much bed space. This tool box, is tall and narrow and it sits just behind the wheel well and has five drawers that are hidden behind a locking front door.

It fits almost any truck. You can also fit  it behind the seats of a van.

Bottom Line

Truck tool Boxes are designed as per consumers need. So you need to decide what types of material made tool boxes you want to buy. Also you have to fix your mind where do you want to install your truck tool boxes. Here you go!

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