Are Truck Tool Boxes Secure, Waterproof, And Universal?

Nothing can keep your tools secure when driving to the site of your operations like a truck tool box. Once you install one of these babies in the bed of your SUV or truck, you are set.

Not only will the tool box protect your tools from theft, but they will also shield them from the elements. As a result, your tools last longer and do not rust.

But are truck boxes universal? In what kinds of vehicles exactly can you use a truck tool box? That’s what we’ll look at in the article. We will also examine just how secure and waterproof the tools are.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Secure?

Yes. And I will tell you why.

Truck tool boxes are usually made from either of these three materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

The harder the material, the more robust and durable it is. In that case, steel is the best. When you store your tools in a steel tool box, they are completely safe from theft.

But steel is too heavy, and if you want to move the tool box, you might sweat a bit. Aluminum is also robust and long-lasting. And it is light. The combination of strength, durability, and lightness makes it a popular choice.

Lastly, plastic may not be as robust as steel or aluminum, but it is considerably lighter. However, it is less secure than the other two. The most secure is a steel truck tool box. It’s also the most expensive.

Steel tool boxes are ideal for professional and industrial use. For home use, for instance, if you need a tool box to store your gear in when you go fishing, a plastic or aluminum box will do just fine.

The alternative to buying a tool box is leaving your tools in the bed of your truck or SUV. The tools are completely exposed. Nothing shields them. Anybody could get in, and make away with one of them.

Truck tool boxes are installed in the back of the truck. They fit perfectly for the right vehicle. And once they are bolted in, they aren’t coming off any time soon.

And when you put your tools in the box, you lock it with a padlock. This should assure you that your tools are fully secure.

The truck tool box not only guarantees security from theft, but also from damage. When you are driving on bumpy terrain, the things in the back of the truck tend to bang up and down, ramming into the sides of the truck bed.

If you leave your tools in the open truck bed, this bumpiness may end up damaging some of them. But if you put them in the compartments of a tool box where they fit in and have less space to move around in, your tools will be secure from damage.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Waterproof?

Yes. Let’s dig deeper.

Most tools are made from metal. Consequently, they are vulnerable to the corrosive effects of water on metal. When you leave your tools exposed in the open space of the truck bed, they rust when it rains.

But if you put them in a tool box, the tools will be safe from water since the box encloses them.

So if the weather is wet or snowy, the best thing you can do is buy a new truck tool box. You can then go to work or on your fishing trip without having to spend a lot of time figuring out a way to keep your tools protected from moisture.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Universal?

There are two ways to understand this question.

  1. Can you use truck tool boxes in all kinds of vehicles? The answer is no. I will tell you why.
  2. Can you use a truck tool box in all trucks or SUVs? Again, the answer is no, and I will explain to you why.

Truck tool boxes are not usable in all types of vehicles. The design of these boxes is specific to the build of vehicles with an open space at the back. I am referring to trucks and SUVs. You simply can’t put a truck tool box in a regular car.

Truck tool boxes are built to balance on the rails of your truck’s bed. Once you install it and bolt it in the back of the truck, the box won’t budge. Even as you drive on a bumpy road, the box won’t slide back and forth on the truck bed. It’s firmly in place.

The second question narrows down the focus. We are no longer looking at vehicles in general, but at trucks and SUVs in particular.

Put simply, we are asking: can I use my friend’s truck tool box in my vehicle?” For the sake of brevity, I said, “No.” The real answer is “It depends.”

It depends on what vehicle the box is built for. Most truck tool boxes are vehicle-specific. You can’t use them for each and every vehicle. They fit particular trucks.

That’s why you need to make a few measurements before you go shopping. Take a moment to inspect your truck and make the following measurements:

  • How high is the wall of your truck bed?
  • What’s the distance between the outside of the truck’s bed rails?
  • What’s the distance between the inside of your truck’s bed rails?

These measurements will help you determine which truck tool box will perfectly fit your vehicle.


Truck tool boxes are a must-have if you work in construction, plumbing, or farming – indeed, any job that requires tools. Your clients will be impressed with you. The fact that you care enough about your tools to protect them from theft and the elements will make your clients perceive you as a genuine professional.

If you do decide to buy a truck tool box for your SUV, ensure you make the measurements I gave you. And when you go shopping, choose the box that best fits your vehicle’s measurements.

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