What Are Truck Tool Boxes And Why Do I Need Them?

If your job involves working with tools, you should get a truck tool box. That’s where you keep your tools while you drive to the job site. It’s a safe, waterproof place to keep your wrenches and other tools.

The alternative is throwing the tools in the back of the truck. In the bed of your truck, the tools are exposed to the elements, and they are hardly safe.

Let’s find out more about truck tool boxes and why you need to buy one for your vehicle.

What is a truck tool box?

A truck tool box is a tool box used for the storage of tools. You install it in the back of your truck or SUV

Truck tool boxes are designed to fit perfectly in the bed of your SUV or truck. They are usually vehicle-specific, which means you should check if a tool box fits well in your vehicle before making the purchase.

Most are made of metals like steel or aluminum. However, plastic tool boxes are becoming increasingly popular because they cost less and weigh less.

Steel is the most heavy-duty material. You should go for a steel tool box if durability and longevity are what you are after.

Aluminum is durable but still lightweight. As a result, it’s highly popular. Plastic is not as durable as steel or aluminum, but it is lighter and less expensive.

When shopping for a truck tool box, consider the following factors:

  • The size of your tools. It’s important to know how much room your tools will occupy.
  • How often you use your tools. If often, you should choose the tools that make it easy for you to access the tools.
  • How much cargo room the tool box takes up once you install it.

Who uses a truck tool box?

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    Construction workers.
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    Outdoorsy people to store their hunting, fishing, or camping gear.

Why you need a truck tool box

To get better organized

It is annoying to hunt everywhere for a tool, unsure where you kept it, especially if you are on the job.

With a truck tool box, you never have to search everywhere for a misplaced screwdriver. All your tools are in one place.

You will save a lot of time. You are less likely to lose your tools in a tool box than in the open bed of your truck or SUV.

It’s also worth pointing out that the tool box will only take up a portion of the truck’s bed. The rest of the open space will remain available for you to do what you wish with it.

With the tools stored in the locked tool box, you can store everything else in the rest of the truck bed without worrying that your tools will get damaged.

Tool boxes come with accessories like rolling drawers and shelves. As a result, you know exactly where you have put each tool. Retrieving a tool when you need it will be a super quick process.

And if you have large, unwieldy tools, you can get a tool box unit that has a single, large compartment instead of the partitioned one. The former will do when you have many small tools.


Clients hire for performance, track record, and image. The first two are critical, but only apply when the clients know you or have heard of you. Otherwise, all you have to go on is image.

Having a truck tool box in the bed of your truck or SUV communicates competence. It makes you look like someone who has it all figured out, who know what his job is, and is there to deliver 100.

The alternative is having your tools strewn everywhere. If you have to rummage through everything and move heaven and earth just to locate your wrench, don’t be surprised if the client does not give you a repeat job.


Tools are not cheap. And some are very hard to find. Naturally, you will want to give your tools the best protection.

Leaving them in the bed of your truck does not do that. When you leave the truck for a while, you can’t always be sure you will find your tools in one piece.

Storing your tools in a truck tool box is the best security you can give them. Once you lock the padlock, no thief will be able to get at them.

Also, the tool box is securely bolted to the truck. No one will lift it and make off with it. To make it more secure you can always use a dash cam for your truck.

Protection against the elements

Most tools are made of metal. They are vulnerable. When it rains, you worry. Afterward, you have to take a lot of time drying them one by one and oiling them to protect them from rust.

But you don’t have to do any of that if you buy a truck tool box. In the safe confines of the tool box, all your tools are protected from the elements. It could be sunlight, rain, or extreme temperatures – whatever it is, the tool box will shield your tools from it.

If you are going on an outdoors excursion

Truck tool boxes are not just for handymen or people working in construction or other tool-requiring professions.

You should get one too if you like going fishing or hunting or camping. That way you can store all your gear or equipment in a safe place where it’s protected from the elements and possible theft.


As we have seen, truck tool boxes are indispensable. Once you have installed one in your truck or SUV, your tools are completely safe and secure. Neither thieves nor harsh weather will get at them.

Plus, the tool box helps you to get better organized. It will be difficult to lose your tools when you own one. You clients will admire how quickly you work.

And finally, you don’t have to be a professional who needs tools to need a truck tool box. You could be a camper, an angler, or a hunting aficionado. Whatever your outdoors recreation activity, you will need some place to store your gear.   

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