The Best Fog Lights For Your Car In October,2022 : A Buyer’s Guide

A foggy morning is nice if you’re able to sit on the porch and look out at the world with a cup of hot coffee. However, that same fog becomes your worst enemy when you’re in the front seat of your car.  Anything that limits visibility in any way is a big no-no when you’re out on the road. Fog, unfortunately, is high up on the list of things that can have disastrous consequences. That is why all drivers should be investing in top-notch fog lights.

With a good set of fog lights, you don’t have to worry or fear any type of weather, be it sunshine or rain. Even on a misty morning, your vision remains unchanged, allowing you to drive safely to your destination. The importance of that kind of security and certainty can’t be overstated.

You’re making the right choice by searching for the best fog lights for your car. We want to help you with your decision-making. In this guide, we will cover all the greatest fog lights that are currently on the market in 2020.


Alla Lighting Super Bright Fog Lights

Alla Lighting 3600lm H16 H8 H11 LED Fog Lights Bulbs, 8000K Ice Blue...
2,019 Reviews
Alla Lighting 3600lm H16 H8 H11 LED Fog Lights Bulbs, 8000K Ice Blue...
  • (Set of 2) 1800 lumens per T3-1/2 PGJ19 base H11 H8 LED bulb, total 3600 lumens for both H11 H8 H16 LED fog lights bulbs; equipped with high illumination and high power 56 pieces ETI LED chips.
  • Used for replacing stock yellowish halogen or HID fog lights, daytime running light(DRL) or cornering light lamp replacement for luxury looking & better vision. Cross Reference Number: H8, H8LL, H11,...

This is a set of two ultra-bright fog lights by Alla Lighting. At a whopping 1800 lumens per H11 H8 LED bulb, they will light your way through the foggiest nights.

They come in an 8000K ice blue, which is a color that is known to do a fantastic job lighting the road ahead. At a total of 3600 lumens for the full set, you’re going to feel safe as you drive under any and all conditions.

These fog lights are as powerful as they are durable. This is due to the built-in intelligent IC driver as well as the aviation aluminum material. Both of those contribute to improved cooling and, as a result, a prolonged lifespan of these fog lights. They run on high quality and high illumination ETI LED chips.

Entirely waterproof (IP67), they are powered by an advanced bright LED circuitry technology that adds to the effectiveness and enhances the lighting. They have a working power of 8.5W and a working voltage of 12V-24V

Due to the heat dissipation technology used in these lights, you can expect them to have a mind-blowing lifespan of up to 30000h.


Henkeyi LED Fog Light Bulbs

9006 HB4 Fog Light Bulbs LED HB4 Extremely Bright 16 SMD 3030 Gold...
133 Reviews
9006 HB4 Fog Light Bulbs LED HB4 Extremely Bright 16 SMD 3030 Gold...
  • ◆ Fits for 9006, HB4. Color :3000K Gold Yellow Fog Light Bulbs. Voltage:12V
  • ◆ 9006 HB4 Equipped with Constant Current Intelligent IC LED Circuitry Technology and Aluminum Circuit Board. Fast thermal diffusion ,heat-resistant, no digital and VHF radio signal interference

If you’re not a huge fan of the icy blue coloring of Alla Lighting, we recommend checking out Henkeyi. These extremely bright gold yellow fog lights are just as good as the previous ones on our list.

The benefits of these lights are easily spotted right from the get-go when you begin installing them. They’re a simple plug-and-play for the majority of cars and require no ballast. They can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Other than working as fog lights, these can be used to provide spotlighting and driving lighting. They can also be used during the day in foggy weather to ensure safety all around the clock.

The fantastic LED technology in these is powered by 16 SMD LEDs that can reach up to 8.5W of power with a voltage of 12V DC. Each bulb goes up to 2000 lumens, making these some of the brightest on the market.

They make for a great replacement for stock bulbs, providing much more light and safety than some of their built-in counterparts. Once installed, they will serve you well for many hours and contribute towards your safety each and every single day.


CO LIGHT Fog Lights

CO LIGHT LED Pods Light 2PCS Spot Fog Lights 4inch 48W Spot Beam LED...
466 Reviews
CO LIGHT LED Pods Light 2PCS Spot Fog Lights 4inch 48W Spot Beam LED...
  • SUPER BRIGHT & LONG LIFESPAN: 48W each light, using high power 48 watts 6000k CREE LED chips and specially designed 12D optical lens, create 120 degree flood beam pattern and makes it extremely bright...
  • HIGH QUALITY HOUSING & ACCESSORIES: Heavy duty 6063 aluminum housing, oversized heat-sink keeps lights running cooler. Adjustable mounting hard-wares are rust-proof and anti-corruption, and you can...

If versatility is your main goal, you have found its fulfillment in these fog lights by CO LIGHT. They can be used with most cars and a large variety of other vehicles, making them the most flexible choice on our list.

With these fog lights, the entire road is lit up and bright due to the 120-degree flood beam pattern that shows up really well even during daylight. Each light has a remarkable 48W power and sports 6000k CREE LED chips. Combined with the specially designed 12D optical lens, these are lights made to overpower even the thickest fog.

They come with heavy-duty 6063 aluminum housing which promises excellent durability. This is combined with the slightly oversized heatsink that makes certain that they will not overheat, even during many hours spent on the road.

Heat is one enemy of fog lights, but there are many more. Fortunately, these lights stand strong, regardless of conditions. They’re entirely waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. This is largely thanks to their IP68 rating. What does that mean? It means that these lights are kept secure against not just little specks of dust, but a lot more extreme situations. As an example, they can last up to thirty minutes while immersed in one meter of water.

The durability goes hand-in-hand with a surprisingly long general lifespan: up to 50,000 hours. There’s also an element of flexibility, as the mounting hardware is rust-proof and can be customized in terms of lighting angle.


Alla Lighting H11 LED 6000k Xenon White Fog Lights

Alla Lighting H8 H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs or DRL 6000K Xenon White, H16...
13,836 Reviews
Alla Lighting H8 H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs or DRL 6000K Xenon White, H16...
  • (Set of 2) 1400 lumens per H11 LED fog light bulb, total 2800 lumens for both H8 H11 LED bulbs; Each H11 LED light bulb is equipped with high illumination and high power 33 pieces 5730 LED chips.
  • Built-in Intelligent IC driver and aviation aluminum material for best cooling and longer lifespan.

As Alla Lighting is somewhat of a leader on the market of fog lights, it’s not a surprise to see another one of their products make it onto our list. This time, the ultra-bright lights come in 6000k Xenon White — a very agreeable alternative to the former icy blue.

They come in a set of two fog lights that provide 1400 lumens per H11 LED bulb each. This amounts to a total of 2800 lumens, both of which are equipped with 33 pieces of 5730 LED chips. In simple terms, this means that the lighting beam will be exceptionally strong here. It will slice through the fog like a knife.

These are often used to upgrade regular stock lights that are installed in your car. You will see a massive difference in visibility. They also tend to simply look better than their stock counterparts, lighting the way much more efficiently.

Like in the previously discussed Alla Lighting model, the cooling in these fog lights plays a major role in their longevity. Thanks to the aviation aluminum material they were made from, they do not overheat near as much as some of the less premium options.

We want to be objective, but it’s hard to find flaws in these fog lights. They’re easy to install, durable, and most of all, ultra-bright. If you’re aiming high, we think you’d like them.


SIRIUSLED Super Bright 6000k White Fog Lights

SIR IUS LED H8 H11 LED bulb for car truck Fog Light 6500k White High...
2,816 Reviews
SIR IUS LED H8 H11 LED bulb for car truck Fog Light 6500k White High...
  • A pair of 30W LED bulbs that are used to upgrade your Day-Time Running Lights (DRLs) and Foglights (not suited for use with headlights and does not have duel Hi-Low beam functions).
  • Each bulb has 6 individual 5W LED chips with projection technology that increases light density and distance to give you that very bright pure white light output.

If you’re looking to upgrade your DLRs (Day-Time Running Lights) or your fog lights, you’ve come to the right place. The super-bright beam of 6000k white light produced by these lights is strong enough to light your way even through the thickest mist.

These fit a size H8 H11, and they’re remarkably easy to install without visiting a car repair shop. They were manufactured to be highly resistant to the elements. The high-grade aluminum keeps them safe regardless of the weather.

Both of the bulbs in the set have a 30W power and they come with 6 individual 5W LED chips. In these chips, a specialty projection technology has been used to allow for increased light density. As a result, the beam of light produced by these fog lights is incredibly bright and has a long reach.

At around 400 lumens per bulb, they may not be the brightest on paper. However, in real-life situations, you’ll find them more than adequate for all types of fog. Many drivers are also pleased with the affordable price that gives them an edge over similar products.


JDM ASTAR Bright Amber Fog Lights

JDM ASTAR Bright Amber PX Chips H11 H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs
639 Reviews
JDM ASTAR Bright Amber PX Chips H11 H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs
  • (Set of 2 Bulbs) Each bulb has 27 piece high power PX LED chips. Designed for fog use only.
  • Color: Amber .Voltage:12V to 24V.

Are you more of a fan of warm colors instead of the bright variations of white and blue we’ve presented so far? You might enjoy these fog lights by JDM ASTAR. They come in a bright amber sort of color, giving a strong, but warm light beam ahead.

Coming in a set of two fog lights, each bulb comes with 27 pieces of high-power PX LED chips, adding up to a total of 2400 lumens. Their voltage measures at 12V-24V.

They will work with most cars and other types of vehicles, following the standard H11 H8 fitment. The installation is made very easy thanks to the way they have been manufactured. JDM ASTAR has placed quite a bit of emphasis on the “plug-and-play” aspect in these fog lights.

You’ll be pleased to find that they’re remarkably heat-resistant and have a quick thermal diffusion factor. This means that regardless of the weather, they’ll not only present solid longevity, but they will also work just the same. They also do not suffer from digital and VHF radio signal interference, which is a crucial thing to keep in mind.

If you’re looking for ultra-bright lights but you’re especially fond of warmer colors, check out these fog lights by JDM ASTAR.


TOAUTO Dual-Color Fog Light Bulbs

H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs H8 H9 LED Bulbs, Dual Color with COB Chips...
214 Reviews
H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs H8 H9 LED Bulbs, Dual Color with COB Chips...
  • 【ADVANTAGE】Two color in one bulb ! Freely Switch Between White And Yellow ! ❤❤ Special Design: when foggy day, rainy day or haze weather , you can change the color to yellow just by turning...
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT】one pair H11/ H9/H8 led bulb. 6000k/3000k dual color-in-one design. Working wattage :6W . Cross Reference number: H11, H8,,H9(Only for Fog Light or DRL )

Last, but not least, we recommend TOAUTO’s dual-colored fog lights. Most drivers have a marked preference between icy and warm colors, but there’s no reason to enforce that. These fog lights are the ultimate compromise because they offer both 3000k amber lighting and 6000k Xenon White.

With these TOAUTO lights, you’re able to freely switch between a warm yellow/amber color and the 6000k icy white. This gives you plenty of room for customization. If you find it easier to use yellow lighting when driving during thick fog, you can adapt your lights to match your preference.

This is a pair of 6000k/3000k light bulbs that will fit into most cars (H11/H9/H8). They only function as fog lights or DRL, not as headlights, so keep that in mind when you make your purchase.

They have an ultra-impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This is largely due to the numerous safety measures in place that protect the lights from overheating or malfunctioning. They’re also IP65 waterproof. As a result, you can rest easy and drive safely under any conditions. 

They have a working wattage of 6W and come with COB LED chips. Lastly, each of the bulbs has about 1200 lumens. These are really, really bright, and strong enough to light your way anywhere. 



Every single driver knows the full importance of owning a good set of fog lights. Safety is never worth saving money on. Fortunately, replacement fog light bulbs come in rather cheap, and they’re extremely cost-effective. Invest in a good set today — you’ll reap the rewards for a long time to come.

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