How to Pick a Car Lock: Easy and Effective Methods

If you’re looking for how to pick a car lock. You’ve come to the right place.


We’ve all experienced it; banging our heads against the windows of our cars with no spare key in sight. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to pick a car lock. Never has having an accessible spare key felt more crucial than when you realize you’ve locked your keys in the car. You may not be able to break into your car since it is too modern and has more advanced security. However, if your automobile isn’t the most recent model, read on to discover the easiest methods for picking a car lock.


How to Pick a Lock With a Bobby Pin

You’ll need the correct tools to successfully open a car door with a bobby pin. You won’t have to spend much time hunting for these products because they’re easy to find. You can check the local hardware store or have them with you just in case.


Bobby pins

You’ll need two bobby pins to make picking tools. They must be made of metal to avoid breaking while picking the lock. To avoid the rubber tip from being stuck within the lock, you must remove it using pliers or your bare hands.


If you don’t have bobby pins, you can use metal paper clips. They must also be durable and not easily breakable. To correctly open the car door, you will need a huge paper clip.



A pair of pliers will make bending the bobby pins much easier. A set of needle-nose pliers is the ideal kind of pliers to use for this tutorial. Because of its ability to bend delicate metals, it is commonly used to make jewelry and handicrafts.


You can use straight-head needle-nose pliers because you won’t be working in tight spots. Cutters that are 6 inches long are good. If you don’t have any needle-nose pliers on hand, you can bend the bobby pins using your hands. Just be cautious to avoid injuring your hands.


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Steps to Take

Step 1: Use bobby pins to make a tension lever and a pick tool

Follow these steps to make a tension lever:

  • Using one bobby pin, bend 1/3 of its top to form a hook.
  • Bend the bobby pin in the same direction on both sides.
  • To make the pick, bend one of the bobby pins apart into an “L.”
  • Insert and bend one centimeter of the bobby pin’s tip into the keyhole.


Step 2: Place the tension lever in the keyhole’s bottom

After you’ve finished constructing your picking tools, you should:

  • Place the tension lever in the keyhole’s bottom.
  • Turn it anticlockwise.
  • Maintain the proper tension on the tension lever until the tutorial is completed. Maintain consistent pressure throughout the procedure, as exerting too much or too little pressure will prevent you from unlocking the car lock.


Step 3: Insert the pick tool into the keyhole’s upper portion

You can now insert the pick into the keyhole’s upper portion. Make upward and downward movements with the pick. It can take a while for you to figure out how to shift the barrels and get the proper combination. If your car has a different locking mechanism, this can be even more difficult. Carry on in this manner until you have successfully unlocked your car door.


How to Pick a Car Lock With a Paperclip

To properly pick a lock with a paper clip, you’ll need the right tools. Picking a lock without tools is impossible. Here are the tools that you need:



You’ll need a huge paper clip for this. It will not move the automobile lock if it is too small. As you move it into the lock, make sure it is solid enough to not easily break. If at all possible, it should be fashioned from a durable material such as metal.


If you don’t have a paperclip on hand, a hairpin can be used instead. It must be both large and strong, just like a paperclip. Remove the hairpin’s plastic cover before using it to make it easier to move it within the car’s lock.



This is optional. Because you’ll need to straighten the paperclip, needle-nose pliers are ideal. One of the benefits of using needle-nose pliers is that they can handle small thin wires, such as paperclips. These pliers are commonly used for jewelry crafting and other DIY tasks.


If you don’t have any pliers, you can use your hands to straighten the paperclip. However, exercise caution to avoid harming yourself. If you have them, put them on as well.


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Steps to Take

Step 1: Take a paperclip and make a pick

You must first change the paperclip into a car pick. To accomplish this, use your pliers or your hands to unfold the paper clip. To make two prongs on the clip, straighten the curves. Your paperclip must resemble a hairpin in shape. Continue to the next step once you’ve finished.


Step 2: Place the pick inside the car’s lock and slide it up and down

Insert the pick into the car’s lock once you have it. Raise and lower the pick. Because you must move the barrels simultaneously to open the lock, this method may take some time. If you use too much force, your lock may be damaged. Keep moving the pick around until you find the right combination and can open the lock.


Wrapping Up

Since calling a locksmith can be costly and time-consuming, picking your automobile’s lock is sometimes the quickest and cheapest option to get into your car.


If you’re patient and persistent, the methods for picking a car lock that we outlined in this post can work. But which one you use will depend on the situation you’re in and what tools you have at the time.


This article should have given you all the information you need to quickly pick a car lock and get into your car.

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