How to Organize Tool Chest Drawers?- Expert Guide

Investing in a tool chest is an important step that allows you to store all your tools in one location.

But that’s not all…

The next important step you ought to take is learning how to organize your tool chest drawers. By having correctly organized tool chest drawers, it becomes incredibly easy and after to obtain any tool you need at the moment.

So how exactly do you organize your tool chest?

This is what I’m about to discuss with you in the next few seconds.

Tips For Keeping Your Tool Chest Drawers Organized At All Times

1. Which tools do you use more frequently than the others?

Of course, the very first question you should always ask yourself before deciding on which tool goes to which drawer is the tools that you use frequently.

There’s no doubt that three are some tools in your collection you use more frequently- almost daily. You’d want to keep such tools in a place where you can quickly retrieve them when the need to use them comes.

At the same time, there are tools you rarely use- you probably use them once every month or never use them in months.

The best organization method for such tools involves keeping all the frequently utilized ones in drawers that are a waist high. This will ensure they’re always within reach whenever you need them.

Tools that meet little use ought to be placed in the lowest and the highest drawers without causing any issues to you when using your tool chest drawers.

2. Make use of the units of measure

Do you have tools that bear different units of measure?

If yes, this could be another idea to help you organize them in the drawers for easy, quick reach when needed.

But how?

Well, it’s easy…

I’m assuming you’ve tools of both metric and standard measures. Keep the tools of metric measurements in one drawer and those of standard unit measurement in another drawer. This makes it incredibly easier to get the right tools for the job without sweating.

Additionally, you can still put the two groups of the tools in the same drawers. In such a situation, you need to use the foam organizers which we’ll discuss in our next tip…

3. Make use of foam organizers

The coolest way to keep the individuals drawers properly organized involves using a foam organizer.

You’ll find this material insert useful for several reasons. For example, it lets you easily create a spot dedicated for each of the tools you use. This is based on the fact that you can cut the foam to make it perfectly fit any tool(s) into it.

With a foam organizer, it also becomes incredibly easy to notice when a particular tool is missing. That is, you’ll notice an empty compartment and see the tool meant to be there is missing. This means a better way of keeping up with all your tools.

You also can’t ignore the benefits of using a foam organizer as a drawer divider. In this case, you cut the dividers into rectangular pieces that you can easily place and adjust in the drawers to keep all the tools organized.

An added benefits to using these dividers is that they allow you to reorganize your tool box drawers whenever you wish to- unlike the foam cut into various shapes.

4. Tools of the same feather…

You might also have multiple types of the same tool. And that translates to another idea you can grab to group your tools for easy retrieval.

Let me use the example of the most common types of multiple tools- the screwdrivers. You can keep different types of your screwdrivers in separate drawers such that you know where to get what kinds of the screwdriver when the time comes.

And if you have too many screwdrivers, you might consider using the dividers we’ve discussed above to help separate the various types in the same drawer.

5. Tools for specific uses

You might have guessed this one long before stumbling upon this post- keeping tools for a particular job in one place.

I know right now your tool chest has a couple of tools that you always grab whenever you want to accomplish a specific task. Luckily, you can keep all these tools in one store so that you can quickly obtain them when you get the job you usually use them for.

6. Consider separating delicate tools from the rest

One more tip for keeping your tool chest drawers in a perfect organization is separating the delicate tools from the rest.

You’d want to keep your tools for as long as you can, including the delicate ones, by putting in their perfect working conditions.

However, taking care of delicate tools can be tricky sometimes, as these get easily damaged. But by keeping them together in on drawer, you reduce the chances of damaging them. You’ll keep in good shape for more years than you can imagine.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the most expensive tool chest available today. If you don’t take time to correctly organize your tool chest drawers, then your tools will always be in a mess, and you’ll find troubles locating a particular item when the time comes.

In the above post, we have discussed with you six practical methods of organizing your tool chest drawers. These methods make it easy to locate a particular tool- without having to search for it in all the drawers- as you know its specific location.

Having properly organized chest drawers is the secret to a happy job.

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