Why DO You Need A Truck GPS Instead Of Mobile Phone?

Automotive GPS Systems, or a Global Positioning System, is one of the most sought-after features of vehicles today. Harvesting the power of satellite technology, automotive systems transmit data from the vehicle’s location to various satellites that orbit the earth.

The result is within virtually seconds a location may be transmitted back to the driver. They enable drivers to find their location within seconds and are an invaluable tool for those who are looking for directions.

Why You Should Have a Truck GPS Unit

If you’re planning a road trip with the rest of the family and you need to find the best without the hassle of an outdated paper map. What better way than to get a truck GPS? If you don’t know much about this device, then you need to know that this is the most efficient way to find the best route.

This can give you information on how you can directly reach your destination by providing you exact directions. The directions given are a step forward that it can tell you when to turn right or left and tell you which direction you’re going and for how long.

Truck GPS units are getting more and more popular. These navigation devices were originally intended for car owners. Since they are quite valuable in navigating the highways, many personal car owners opt to use this.

These new truck GPS devices aren’t just maps showing you the pathway to your next destination, but also let the truck driver upload critical information.

An example for this is when the truck driver types in information about the vehicle’s load – the width, length and size. Additionally, truck GPS systems will let the driver enter the Hazmat level of the cargo. All these data are taken into consideration when plotting the route.

There are many benefits to using the systems. Let’s dig further. 

Mobile Battery Issue

What phone do you own? iPhone or android? Let you have a smartphone. You are thinking that you can manage your GPS functionality with this phone. That’s great!

But the fact is smartphones come with little charge capacity. On the other hand, it has a small screen but lots of battery draining features. In most of the time, the battery had run out of charge. So it’s a terrible matter for you. So that problem demands a GPS unit for your vehicle!

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Smart Phone Need Cellular Signals

You are passing through the mountains; you get your phone GPS stops!

If you live in city area there is no problem but if you go to the remote corner of the country, you may lose your smartphone GPS signal. Oh, maybe you are thinking that you can do the job with third-party apps excluding default features. Smart thinking!

But the problem is sometimes third-party apps face issues that may harass you. If you buy a GPS unit, it will not need cellular signals as it uses its own dedicated GPS signals.

Driving Safety

Well after compromising all those problems of mobile phone you have decided to use smartphone GPS system. Okie you are driving your car meanwhile you need to check your position. You have had your steering in your right hand and left hand has had your smartphone.

Does not it seem risky?

Fine, you have decided to mount your mobile phone. We know mobile phone screen is so small that you would not see your position. On the other hand, a specific GPS system comes with a large screen, so that will be easy to see the screen.

Getting direction

The first and most obvious benefit is that you can quickly and easily find accurate directions for wherever it is that you are going.

Though that seems simple at first, when you begin to think about it, you can see how they will save you time and money.

Gas is far too precious a resource to waste driving around in the wrong direction. When you have a system and know exactly how to arrive at your destination, you save time as well as money.

Find your position

In addition to finding locations easily and quickly, they also allow other people to track and locate your car. This has many benefits. First, if you are ever in an accident or in need, having one will ensures that help can come to your rescue quickly.

GPS technology is also installed in cellular phones and has been used in many rescue missions. Knowing that you have one ensures drivers that they can be reached and located in an emergency.

Track your vehicle

Having the ability to track and locate your vehicle also offers parents the assurance that they can keep a safe eye on their children. When used with a full tracking system, parents can determine exactly where their children are at all times.

This eliminates a great deal of stress and worries from parents who are concerned regarding their teens and their newfound driving skills. The benefits of a system are great, and you’ll find that a tracking system helps make your life run smoothly and efficiently.

Other benefits

Roads that are off limits appear on the map and are eluded by the routing system. A truck GPS system has additional features that alert you to precipitous inclines, high winds, dangerous sharp curves and more. All these factors are important to the driver and can save time and gas.

For truck drivers doing deliveries, there are truck GPS systems that let the driver input the addresses of all his stopovers. Then the truck GPS will make the most proficient route for the trucker to use, which preserves invaluable time, providing him the most economical use of the truck.

Final words

Using a smartphone is ok for short distance. However, for long distance it’s recommended to use a truck GPS unit. Also it’s easy to use GPS unit over mobile phone. If you drive regularly we recommend to use trucker GPS unit.

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