How To Load A Grease Gun Step By Step

Many automobile garages make use of grease guns to apply lubricants on machine parts. The target locations where handymen or repairers use grease guns are usually the rotating parts of a machine.

One important reason for applying lubricants is to reduce friction and ensure that the parts rotate smoothly. The process of greasing is not easy, but if you have a grease gun, everything will be easy.

With your grease gun, putting grease in the right way and the right quantity becomes quite efficient. However, before you use a grease gun, you must load it, right? Many people usually think that it is difficult, but after reading this article, you will find it easy to load your grease gun and use it.

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There are two methods of loading a grease gun which I want to discuss in this article.

  • 1
    Loading a Grease Gun with a Cartridge
  • 2
    Loading Your Grease Gun from a Reservoir


Loading a Grease Gun with a Cartridge

Step 1. Remove the head from the barrel of the grease gun

The first thing you have to do is removing the head grease gun from the barrel. Turn the dispenser nozzle counter-clockwise and turn the cartridge cap in a clockwise direction. While you are doing this, make sure that the handle is fully depressed into the barrel.

Step 2 Pulling out of the T Handle

What you have to do here is to pull the T handle back which is connected to the loaded rod with a spring. Then detach the plunger from the barrel. You will see it plugged at the barrels end on the reverse side of the gun nozzle.

Step 3: Removing the old cartridge

If you want to achieve the best result from lubricating rotating parts with a grease gun, you must ensure that the old grease and the new grease do not mix. Therefore, at that point when you want to load your grease gun, you must free the gun from every old grease inside.

Apart from spoiling your handiwork, an old grease can spoil the grease gun.

What do you do? Lock the piston rod in the right position and then remove the old cartridge. Move the rod a little bit sideways and pull the old cartridge out of the grease gun.

Step 4. Insert the new grease cartridge

When you have removed the old cartridge prepare the new one to insert. Don't forget that you must use a cartridge that matches with the grease gun you want to use.

When you are sure that the new cartridge is the right fit, remove the old one and clean the grease gun.

To clean the grease gun, you can use a clean cloth for the work. After cleaning, open one end of the new cartridge and insert it from the side that is not open. When you have done that, push the cartridge towards the end of the barrel and unseal it.

Step 5. Setting the grease gun cap

At this point, attach the gun head to the barrel. While attaching it, make sure that you stabilize the pressure so that the grease gun can work just fine.

Screw the cap in an anti-clockwise direction and rotate it fully.

Unlock the piston rod and put it back to the original position. Pump the handle and as you do so, release any air in the gun. Try lubricating your machinery to check if the adequate quantity of oil or lubricant is coming out from the nozzle. 


Loading Your Grease Gun from a Reservoir

This method of loading a grease gun involves the use of a large container filled with bulk grease. If you have it, the process of loading the gun will be very efficient.

Step one: Separating the gun head from the barrel

The first thing to do here is to unscrew the gun head from the cap. You will see the head where the applicator tube and handle are attached. Just loosen the screw that holds them together, and they will be separate. Don't forget that the handle of the piston rod will be fully depressed into the barrel.

Step two: Insert the barrel into the big container through the open end

Hold down the open end of the barrel into the container filled with grease and draw the plunger rod back slowly so that the reservoir will be filled as the grease enters the barrel.

If you are wondering where to get bulk containers, you can visit your local hardware store or shops where they sell auto parts.

Step Three: removing the barrel

When you are sure that you have withdrawn the rod fully, remove the barrel from the grease container. Rotate it so that any clinging grease will cut. Then, use a piece of rag or cloth to wipe off the excess grease from the open end.

Step Four: Reattach the grease gun barrel to its head

You can either screw the cap back on or screw the nozzle on depending on the type of grease gun you are using. As you engage the thread, turn it till you set the joint.

Step Five: Test it

After you have loaded and reattached everything, the next thing is to check how properly it is dispensing. Press the rod handle and squeeze the gun trigger until you see the grease coming out from the applicator tube. Pick a piece of cloth and clean the gun itself of excess grease and also wipe the grease off the dispensing tip.

After cleaning, you are ready to use your grease gun for lubricating the rotating parts of your machinery.


If you want your machinery equipment to last long and function properly throughout, always lubricate them whenever the need arises. The grease gun makes the job easy, and if you load it correctly, you will enjoy the whole process.

You have two methods as we have shown you in this article. Each method is simple if you follow the steps we have provided above. Don't hesitate to use your grease gun now.

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