How to Wash a car at home?

This article will help you acquire the necessary knowledge of how to wash a car at home, using the available tools. Follow the following step by step instructions and you will succeed.

Step 1. Start washing the car from the passenger compartment.

Prepare a cleaner for the interior. Simply mix equal parts of water and ethanol.According to, you can also use hydrogenated water. Apply the solution to the surface of the panels, and wipe them with a microfiber cloth which will not leave any unnecessary lint after. As you can see, there is no need to philosophize and buy all sorts of expensive sprays to rub the panels. As a rule, it is the same alcohol with aromatic water and spray can. Why overpay?

Step 2. Use baking soda to clean the ashtray.

If you (or passengers of your car) smoke, then to eliminate the unpleasant cigarette smoke odor, you should fill the ashtray with baking soda. It will not only allow getting rid of the unpleasant smell but also keeping your interior fresh for a long time.

Step 3. Use wet wipes (we recommend baby wipes) to clean your car’s jockey box.

They are also good for wiping your hands later when you had to get a little dirty on the way.

Step 4. Start external washing at home with abundant pouring your car with water.

This will wash away the major layer of dirt and dust. In order to wash away deep stains on the housing, use regular shampoo. It is designed to gently wash away dirt and greasy dirt from the hair, and for many car owners, their “pet” is more valuable than what is left to shampoo on their heads. Mix 2 teaspoons of shampoo in 7 liters of water and apply the solution to the car. Wash with a soft and delicate cloth. In order to wash the roof and hood well, use a special rubberized wiper. If pieces of dirt have accumulated on damper struts and under-wheel arches, I recommend moistening them with water and knocking them down with a solid object.

Step 5. Wipe off wiper arms with alcohol.

Step 6. If you want to have a pleasant aroma inside your vehicle, install special perfumes for cars on the dashboard.

Also, put a spray for the air made specifically for cars in a jockey box to spray it if you feel an unpleasant smell during the trip.

Step 7. Now is the time to enjoy the result of your work.

Surely now, after the car is washed, it blinks and shines in the sun, and the unpleasant smell in the cabin gave way to a pleasant aroma. From now on, you are an expert in the car washing field.

And finally, a couple of useful tips:

  • Wash the windshield and windows of the car (as well as all other glass surfaces) last.
  • Never use an ordinary air freshener in the car, as it can leave stains on the seat covers.
  • Do not use too much ethanol or water when mixing interior cleaner. Stick to a clear proportion of 1/1.

  • One last thing - do not try to wash the tires with a rag only - it will not work.

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