A Detail Guide: How To Use PEX Crimp Tool

Although installing PEX pipe is not complicated, you need special tools and expertise to do it correctly. PEX crimp tool is one of the vital tools required. However, it is only good for this job. That is why to save on cost. You should rent it rather than buy. The vital role of the best PEX crimp tool is that it makes DIY plumbing easier. Also, it is readily available in many stores. It is used during the final piping project by securing the crimp ring of your pipe creating a watertight seal. 

How it is applied

Once you cut your pipe to the desired length, put crimp rings in both ends. Push the fittings into the pipe, then, slide crimp ring towards the edge. After this is when the special use of PEX crimp tool comes in. You should take it out and open it by pulling apart the handles so that an opening is created. Work on each side of the pipe at a time by fitting the opening of the tool to the crimp ring in the PEX pipe.

Push the handles together to shut the tool. It will create the necessary pressure which pushes the crimp ring to their required place. Thus, resulting in a watertight seal which any home DIY owner targets to achieve. The best PEX crimping tool proves to be an inexpensive and fast way of piping when done correctly. There are many manufacturers of crimping rings and tools. This fact makes it easier to purchase the tools as it is available to a variety of retailers.

Since everything has its disadvantages, PEX crimp tool is no exemption. It is difficult to install in tight spaces since they vary in sizes and most of them are large. You should, hence, leverage on the connection of the crimp before installing.  

Additionally, the crimp tools are inserted into the pipe creating a restriction to the flow of water. Eventually, this results in an upsize piping system. Also, it is difficult to inspect the fitting visually, one is required to gauge the piping continuously.

PEX cinch tool

Some DIY plumbers have found another procedure of creating a watertight pipe. To avoid the disadvantages of crimping tools, plumbers sought for a way to replace it in the piping procedure. Fortunately, if you are constructing your building and you need to install PEX pipes, or you want to redo your old piping and replace them with PEX pipes.

The only other secure and proper alternative to achieving the proper piping is by using a PEX cinch tool. The tool will assist in achieving a more detailed result as compared to when other press and expansion tools are used. It limits the chance of doubting whether the connection was made correctly due to its perfection.

The tools create pressure which is sufficient and in the right areas making it to hold tighter, thus, preventing leakages and a messy home. Furthermore, the best PEX cinch tool will result in a reliable and durable clamp style that will last for over ten years. For instance, the auto manufacturers have been using the PEX cinch on the auto CV boot to hold the boot in its proper position.

As long as you apply and use the crimping tools correctly, you will never experience issues of failure. Because of the dynamicity of auto applications, even the best PEX crimping tool cannot achieve the static use of water line.

A single cinch tool works with variable PEX size. This makes it cheaper than having many crimp tools to work on different PEX sizes. The same tool can be used on both ½ and ¾ inches making it a wise investment. In working, PEX cinch tool saves you time since it is easier to work with in confined spaces.

The tool pinches and grabs the raised parts of the clamp hence, does not require wrapping around the tube. Furthermore, the tool releases itself automatically once the clamp is fully seated this make it easier to use it. Besides, the tool is used in the hose of the fuel nozzle at gas stations. Being a single tool for various sizes is a bonus. 

Also, the PEX cinch is stronger compared to the sister crimps. It adds to their advantage as winter causes water to freeze in the pipes. If it were not strong enough, the cinch would expand causing water leakage. A cinch ring sets tightly to its place such that it does not leak even when rotated. It is also easier to take off by just twisting and pulling the top.

The pipe is very tight at the fitting that it can be troublesome to pull. This is a proof that the ring holds tightly. The cinch tools are no different in making it easier to get between the floor joists. Also, it is not finicky when used to keep the other tools perpendicular to the pipe. The PEX cinch tool resists corrosion more effectively.

The best PEX cinch tool is made such that the weakest it will ever get is during its first connection. As the pipe contracts, the connection strength increases. It, hence, limits the chance of leakage. The limitation of this tool is that some expansion tools do not have an in-built auto rotation tool.

This means that when installing you will have to rotate it between the expansions manually. Further, since temperature affects the number of expansions, you may find that you have over-expanded in cold weather.


As an experienced plumber, you will agree that when it comes to getting tools, you want to see value for your money. Cheap tools will always disappoint and do the job poorly. As a DIY homeowner, you dread waking up to a leaky pipe on the weekend.

Save yourself the trouble and get yourself a PEX crimp and cinch tool. The tools guarantee a thorough job from the first time with no leaking and other long-term problems associated with poor piping.

You will also eliminate the possibility of completing the project with missed details or getting called back for a leak.

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