A Complete Guide: How To Use a Motorcycle Jack

A motorcycle jack or lift is a special support structure with a hydraulic jack which is used to lift a motorcycle. You can get a motorcycle jack anywhere especially in an auto repair shop. When you want to use a jack you have also to have a wood block to make sure that the bike does not roll off the jack stand.

First of all,  to lift the bike properly and safely, the jack needs to be set on a flat floor, preferably concrete. It is recommended not placed on the carpet areas.

You have to put the jack in the down position near the block you used in the place you want to raise the motorcycle.

Turn on the hydraulic valve to be able to jack up the motorcycle, until the motorcycle reach where you want it to be. When you want to take the jack out, you have to release the hydraulic valve to lower the motorcycle and to be able to take the jack out.

The well known Jack that is used to change the motorcycles’ tires is called scissor Jack and it is easy to use, you can learn all about its use online or by using its manual.

The motorcycle stands are not only used when you want to change tires, you can also use it when you want it to stand in a balanced and safe manner. You can also use it while polishing, washing or cleaning your motorcycle. When you use it you feel satisfied without fear that the motorcycle may roll over.

However now besides the stand, you can get other motorcycle accessories that can help you park safely your motorcycle. One of those accessories is called motorcycle wheel chock. It has a good identical size and it is suitable for almost every motorcycles while it straps down the motorcycles on almost every floor.

If you use a good motorcycle stand then you will be sure that your motorcycle stands in a solid way without using more tie downs or straps. When you go out to buy the stand look for the stand that has a capacity of at least 2000lb and which is mig welded. You can also look for the stand that has a squared steel tubing in addition to increase its performance.

You can also opt to use motorcycle lift in place of stands since they work better and safer in the rainy season. It is used to keep the motorcycle to stand at a more elevated position. The lifts are more affordable and help in the maintenance of your bike.

However, the stand will be a better choice in case the service will take longer. You can also consider buying a motorcycle jack to use when you need to keep the motorcycle off the ground when you need to service or to repair it. it is like a sea saw and when the car stands on it, you will be able to check the motorcycle in the back and in front. It is one of the tools you should have in the emergency tools.

When you go out to buy a motorcycle jack, make sure that you bought it from a reputable and registered company. Look for the jack that has a long warranty period. Motorcycle jacks are the jacks that have been factory tested for better performance.

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