How to Clean Laptop Screen

Laptops accumulate dust and dirt quite quickly regardless of whether you’re using or left it on your work desk. While every part gets dirty, the laptop screen is perhaps the most predominant part that gets dusty, dirty and grubby.

Laptops screens tend to collect dust, dirt, food particles and other debris, making it appear rugged up and unattractive. The situation gets even worse in clam shell or2-in-1s laptops as they become incredibly grimy, smeared and full of fingerprints when touched with oily fingers. If left unclean, dust and dirt can be a major concern for laptops and your health. Dust may disrupt the screen’s brightness as well as the color display leading to poor visuals. Similarly, laptops screen my accumulate viruses and bacteria during flu season, causing diseases which may be fatal. With so much concern over dirt on laptops screens,it’s imperative that you properly clean your laptop screen using the right screen cleaner.

In the case of cleaning LCD screens, whether it’s a laptop screen or a computer screen, the techniques are filled with controversy. While manufacturers are against cleaning LCD screens using liquids claiming they can damage the LCD’s fragile surface, cleaning experts recommend you utilize cleaning solutions for best results. Despite the controversy, here an expert guide on how to clean laptop screen.

What Will I Need to Clean My Laptop Screen?  

Before embarking on cleaning your laptop screen, make sure you have the following.  

·        Microfiber cloth

·        Brand new, unused sponge

·        Lint-free cloth

·        Distilled,de-ionized or filtered water

·        Screen cleaning spray

·        Rubbing alcohol preferably isopropyl alcohol


Cleaning Dust- Use a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths come in handy to clean delicate surfaces including computer screen,eyeglasses and camera lens among others. Microfiber cloths are soft enough to remove dust and debris on fragile surfaces without leaving scratches or producing lint. To clean dust on your laptop screen using a microfiber cloth, proceed as follows.

Step 1: Turn off the laptop and unplug the power adapter and battery: Cleaning your laptop screen while its own is unsafe and can result in permanent damage of the screen. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that the laptop is off before you start the cleaning process. Turning off the computer also assists you to visualize dust and dirt on the screen better

Step 2: Obtain a microfiber cloth: When choosing a microfiber cloth, ensure you go the one that is very soft and doesn’t produce lint. Consider the ones that designed for glasses or lens cleaning. Don’t use a washcloth or any other piece of cloth as it could scratch your screen or leave tiny debris on it.

Step 3: Gently wipe the screen with the cloth: For the actual cleaning, gently press the cloth on to the screen and wipe in one direction. Gently wipe the display without exerting much pressure as you could easily damage the screen. Wipe in a circular motion making sure not to scrub the display as you could cause pixel burnout.

Step 4: Continue wiping the screen until it’s dust-free.


Cleaning Dirt and Grime- Use Distilled/De-ionized/Filtered Water with a New Sponge

Sometimes,your computer screen may not only be full of dust but also laden with dirt and grunge. Wiping using a cloth may not be sufficient to eliminate these stains.In such circumstances, you’ll need a new piece of sponge and filtered water. Never use standard tap water to wipe the screen as it may contain minerals that can scratch and damage the display. To clean dirt and grime, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Shut down your laptop and unplug it from its power source. Remove the battery if possible. As mentioned above,turning off your laptop is vital to prevent screen damage. Also, if your laptop’s keyboard is porous, you would want to cover it with a water-resistant cover to prevent water from penetrating into the motherboard and damaging some components.

Step 2: Place a little amount of water in a bowl and deep the sponge. Next, wring the sponge to remove excess water.

Step 3: Using the sponge, gently mop the screen in a circular motion. Ensure the sponge does not drip water to the rest of the laptop parts. If you spot any drips, wipe them up immediately using a clean, dry piece of cloth.

Step 4: When you are done with cleaning,give time for the display to dry up completely before closing the laptop lid or using it.

Cleaning oils and sticky stuff- Use Cleaning solutions

Unlike dust or dirty, oils are pretty tough stains that can’t easily be eliminated by using microfiber cloth to rub gently or using a sponge and filtered water to wipe in circular motions. For oils and other sticky stains, you’ll need a screen-cleaning spray and a cleaning liquid, preferably rubbing alcohol.  If you can’t find a screen cleaning solution,you can create a cleaner all by yourself at home. For instance, you can make a functional cleaning solution by mixing 50% distilled water and 50% white vinegar, mixing 50%distilled water and 50% isopropyl alcohol and finally 100% distilled water with a drop of dish detergent. Next, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the laptop and unplug the power adapter and battery- As a precautionary measure, you should turn off the computer and unplug it from the mains since you’re are using a liquid to clean the screen. If possible, remove the battery.

Step 2: Mix chemicals to create a moderate cleaning solution- If you have no cleaning liquid at hand, you can DIY a gentle cleaning liquid. Start by pouring clean distilled water in a bowl and mix with white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio or 50/50 mix. Make sure to use plain white vinegar rather than apple cider vinegar. Avoid using corrosive liquids cleaners such as ammonia, alcohol, acetone, surface cleaners, among other corrosive substances to clean an LCD screen.

Step 3: Pour the solution in a spray bottle- After thoroughly mixing the solution, put it in a spray bottle preferably a small atomizer bottle to limit the amount of liquid coming out of the bottle to be sort of a fine mist. Never spray directly onto the LCD screen itself.

Step 4: Apply a minimal amount onto a microfiber cloth- Holding the microfiber cloth close to the spray bottle, spray small amount of the solution onto the cloth. Ensure the cloth does not get too wet. Preferably, spray the solution to just one corner of the cloth at time. Also, don’t soak the cloth since too much liquid can permanently damage your laptop screen.

Step 5: Clean your laptop screen by wiping the cloth gently against the screen in a circular motion. Apply only reasonable pressure to the cloth just enough to keep it in contact with the screen. Too much stress can damage the LCD matrix rendering your screen unusable. To avoid re-smudging, you may want to clean systematically from top to bottom multiple times before all smudges are removed. You will also need tore-dampen the cloth over time as you clean.

Step 6: Let your screen air dry before closing the lid or turning it on.


How to Clean Laptop Screen- What Cleaning products to use?

There are plenty of products you can use to clean your laptop screen. However, with hundreds of laptop manufacturers in the market recommending different cleaning products, choosing a cleaning product can be quite challenging. The major difference is whether or not a protective glass is used to cover part of your laptop’s screen. For Mac users, a protective glass covers the screen making it safe to use cleaning solutions. However, for other laptop brands, this may not be the case, and you may want to find out by accessing the user’s manual or by contacting your laptop’s manufacturer about the issue via email or on-site support chats.

Best Screen Cleaners

That being said, below are the best three product you should use to clean your laptop screen and leave it sparkling without any damage. These products are also safe to clean TV screen, including LED, Plasma, OLED, HDTVs, 4K among others.

1.      WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

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WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit is a safe and effective non-toxic cleaner that can be used to clean your laptop screen living spotless and germ-free thanks to its antimicrobial microfiber towels. The kit includes either a one-ounce or3.4-ounce bottle with a cleaning solution and two six-by six-inch microfiber cleaning cloths-just the right size to clean your laptop screen effectively. The formula is odorless, ammonia-free and alcohol-free thus safe to use on laptop screens. Spray bottle releases a super-fine mist, ensuring you don’t drench and damage your screen. Antimicrobial microfiber comes in handy to gently wipe the screen leaving it spotless. It is also safe to be used as screen cleaner for TV, smartphones, tablets and other smaller devices such as smartwatches. Woosh! Screen cleaner is effective, conveniently sized and easy-to-use.

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2.      Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

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Screen Mom Cleaner Kit includes 16-ounce bottle containing over 1, 572 odorless sprays with an included extra-large, scratch-free microfiber towel. The formula is very effective in cleaning hand prints, food debris, smudges as well as dirt from laptops as well as television screens quite quickly without odor or streaks. It is also alcohol and ammonia-free hence safe to be used on a wide range of laptop and television screens. The microfiber towel is extra-large to wipe down screens within a short time.

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3.      EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner

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If you love anything environmental conservation, the EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner is your perfect cleaning product. The kit features a 1.69-ounce bottle with one7.87 x 7.87-inch microfiber cleaning cloth. The formula is not only effective but also bio-degradable and hypoallergenic. It’s free of alcohol, chemicals and acids thus safe on laptops screens and can also be used in cleaning a TV screen. While most store-bought products contain harmful chemicals that can damage the environment, EcoMoist cleaner is safe for both your screen and environment.

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Helpful Tips on How to Clean Laptop Screen

1.      Always unplug from the mains

There are two main reasons why you should always unplug your laptop when wanting to clean it. First, you’ll be at a better position to see dust and dirt against the black background of the screen when the laptop is turned off. Secondly,unplugging reduces the risk of electric shock when you’re using a liquid solution to clean your laptop. Unplugging also reduces the chances of screen damage.

2.      Dry-wipe the dust first.

The first step in cleaning your laptop should be to dry wipe the screen preferably using soft dry towel or microfiber cloth to remove dust. In dry wiping, avoid using old rags, napkin, paper towels or toilet paper as they can scratch the screen and also leave flakes of the material and create a stubborn swath when combined with wrong cleaning material. Ensure you always use soft materials.

3.      Don’t put too much pressure when cleaning.

When cleaning your laptop screen, avoid pressing too hard against the screen. Clean gently in a circular motion or an up to down cleaning pattern. Putting to much pressure on the screen can destroy the pixels and permanently damage the screen.

4.      Never use chemicals to clean laptop screen.

Chemicals are corrosive and should never be used in cleaning screens not only laptop screen but also other screens including TV screens, smartphone screens, tablets screens etc. Some of the chemicals that should never touch your laptop computer screen include: ammonia, ethyl acid, ethyl alcohol, acetate, methyl alcohol,methyl chloride, toluene, acetone, ethyl acetate and other corrosive substance.However, a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and white vinegar (not apple cider vinegar) or isopropyl alcohol is safe to use to clean screens.

5.      Never spray directly on the laptop screen.

When cleaning laptop screens, don’t spray directly on the screen as the cleaning solution will run down the screen and penetrate the bezels to enter into the inside on the laptop. Similarly, if the laptop doesn’t have a water-resistant keyboard, the cleaning liquid will penetrate the keyboard and damage the motherboard. Therefore, it’s vital to avoid spraying directly on the screen.Instead, spray on one corner of the towel you’re using to clean and wipe the screen gently in a circular motion.

Other practical tips on how to clean laptop screen include:

·        Don’t use tap water/mineral water as it will leave mineral spots on your screen.

·        Lint-free cotton cloth works best.

·        If you mistakenly apply too much cleaning solution in the cleaning towel, wipe the screen with a soft cloth.

·        Store-bought cleaning products are quite effective and safe compared to home-made products.

·        Isopropanol rubbing alcohol is safe and effective on laptop screens

·        Lint-free lens wipes can be used as an alternative to microfiber towels.


Cleaning the Rest of Your Laptop

If your laptop screen is smudged, the keyboard, vents and ports are probably dirty too. Like screens, keyboards are sensitive to dust and debris. Accumulation of dust and debris in the vents and keyboards may damage the laptop or reduce its durability. To clean the keyboard, you can use Isopropanol rubbing alcohol on a microfiber towel or lint-free cloth to rub the keys gently.

For debris and dust lying in the crevices in between the keys, a can of compressed air is very effective in removing such. For dust in the side vents or ports, you can use a magnet for dust bunnies then use a can of compressed air or electric blower to blow out the dust bunnies. If you notice dust bunny stuck beyond the vents and can’t be dislodged by a blast of compressed air, you may want to consult a professional laptop cleaner.


Closing Words

Laptop screens are susceptible to getting dirty and smudged quite fast. To uphold its visual function, proper regular cleaning is necessary. Laptop manufactures provide different guidelines on how to clean laptop screen, and it’s essential to follow these recommendations based on the brand of your laptop. However, the expert tips provided in this guide are standard for every laptop. Also, if you’re unsure on how to clean a TV screen, this guide might be of assistance. In addition to cleaning laptop screens, it’s crucial to ensure other parts such as keyboard, vents and ports are clean for better performance and enhanced durability.

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