How to Clean an ID Card Printer

Electronic devices of all sorts are vulnerable to spills, debris, dust, dirt, and harsh environments. ID card printers are no exception.

If you don’t take good care of your ID card printer, parts like the sensors, print head, rollers, and other internal parts can get damaged. You would then have to spend money to repair the damaged parts.

That’s why you have to regularly clean your ID card printer. Where should you start? What’s the process? If that is what you are asking yourself, keep reading to find out.

How to Clean/Maintain Various Parts of Your ID Card Printer

1. Print head

Before you start the cleaning procedure, you must first remove all jewelry from your hands: watch, ring, bracelet, and so forth. Jewelry often has sharp edges that can cause scratches.

The print head is sensitive, because it’s the part that transfers images to the cards, and so any scratches are going to affect the images that appear on the ID cards.

Your cleaning kit contains cleaning swabs. Use the swabs to clean the ID card printer’s print head.

2. Printer roller

The job of the printer roller is to remove dust from the cards during printing.

The cleaning kit contains cleaning rollers. Use them to restore the adhesion the printer roller may have lost due to long use.

3. Card printer

The cleaning kit contains cleaning cards. Use them to get rid of any buildup in the card printer.

Contents of a Cleaning Kit

ID card printer cleaning kits typically include

  • Cleaning cards
  • Cleaning pens
  • Print head cleaning swabs
  • Cleaning pads

The use of cleaning pens, cards, and swabs will help get rid of dust and dirt that accumulate within the printer.

In your ID card printer owner’s manual, it specifies an appropriate cleaning kit. That cleaning kit features cleaning card that is just right for your particular printer. Furthermore, any cleaning solution you use from the kit is meant for you particular printer model, so it won’t cause harm to the printer’s sensors or sensitive mechanisms.

Doing regular maintenance ensures the machine performs at a high level. It is recommended that you clean your ID card printer during every ribbon-switching time.

Each printer provides the instructions on how to clean it in the owner manual.

How to Know Your ID Card Printer Needs Cleaning

The following are some signs that will alert you it’s time to clean your card:

  • Poor image quality
  • Having issues with card-feeding
  • Defects in printing – for instance, smudging and lines going through a card’s surface.
  • Tearing and breaking of ribbons


Thankfully, ID card printer manufacturers also provide cleaning kits that contain the cleaning tools that are most appropriate for your particular printer. Make good use of these kits and read keenly through the user’s manual for any specific cleaning instructions we have not covered in this article.

Be sure to monitor your ID card printer’s condition to ensure you always clean it when you start noticing symptoms like poor image quality and issues with card feeding.

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