What Are Garage Cabinet And Why It’s Necessary?

Other than your car, what else do you have in your garage?

I bet there is all kinds of junk there. Good junk and some no longer useful junk. Stuff you keep there because you can’t keep it in the house. Or because it’s more convenient if it was in the garage.

Your garage must be pretty disorganized. Or maybe you have all sorts of boxes and cartons filled with stuff in there.In this article I will tell you about a better way: a garage cabinet. What is a garage cabinet, and why do you need one?

What Is A Garage Cabinet?

The garage cabinet’s central role is storage. In a short while, we will look at why you need a cabinet when you might as well put your stuff in cartons.

Most garage cabinets are made of wood, especially the do it yourself types woodwork enthusiasts make in their homes. You can get a commercial cabinet from your local hardware.

Commercial garage cabinets come in different styles, and are better for aesthetics than do it yourself types.

Why You Need A Garage Cabinet

1. To Get Organized

An apter phrase would be “to get better organized”.

Garages have over the years come to represent more than just a home parking space for your car. They have morphed, acquiring new uses, for instance, as a storage room.

Most of the things we don’t have room for in the house end up in the garage. Or things we don’t like or don’t need but which we can’t bear throwing away, at least not just yet. So we stuff them in cartons, and in boxes.

These boxes are strewn all over our garages. Sometimes you have to get out of your car to move stuff out of the way just so you can park.

And with multiple boxes, it’s difficult to know which box contains which item. You end up thinking you have lost something even though it’s right under your nose.

A good organization tool will help you cut through these confusion and disorder. And that’s what a garage cabinet is: an organization tool.

You can even make more than one cabinet, if you have space in your garage. In this case, different cabinets would serve different purposes. For instance, a cabinet for your tools, another for old documents you don’t want to shred, and another for random stuff.

Before long, you would be more organized, and as a result more productive in other activities.

2. Protect Your Belongings

When you put your stuff in the garage cabinet, it’s less likely to get damaged by accidents. For instance, when you reverse too strongly, and your car backs into one of the items you have lying around. The vehicle’s tires roll over the item, destroying it.

If you put up a garage cabinet, your items are ten times safer.

3. More Space

Have you ever looked at your garage and wondered how it came to be so small?

The garage isn’t small. It’s perception. When a space is cramped, it looks smaller.

Filling the garage with junk, with cartons and boxes has a way of shrinking the space. No wonder you can’t park your car having to come out and move something or other out of the way.

But if you have a garage cabinet, most of the stuff on the floor goes into the cabinet. Instantly, there is more space, more light, and more health to the room.

Freeing up space will give you ample room to add something new to the garage, maybe even an extra cabinet.

4. Aesthetic

Most people don’t think much about beauty and aesthetics.

They know they love it when something looks good and hate it when it looks bad.

But they don’t go out of their way to attain the same level of aesthetics in all aspects of their lives.

One of the aspects of aesthetics that gets overlooked is beauty as a function of order and mental health. Try this experiment: live in a totally disorganized room for one week, then live in a well-organized room the next. Note the difference in quality of life and feeling.

That’s what a good garage cabinet does to your garage. Instead of being an eyesore, your garage becomes a pleasant sight, not something that will bring down your spirits even further when you drive home after a bad day.

If you buy a commercial garage cabinet, you will have several options. Chose the one that best suits the atmosphere and look of your garage.

5. More Room For Your Car

The primary function of a garage is as a parking space for your car.

As your stuff continues to pile up on the floor, strewn everywhere, it becomes increasingly difficult for the garage to do this.

That’s when you are always knocking something down. And if you want to bring in another car into the garage to park alongside yours, or if you want to bring in a bigger car, you have to spend several minutes tidying up.

But if you build or buy a garage cabinet, you will get the stuff on the floor put it in the cabinet, and after that your car will always have enough room to occupy in your garage.

6. Your Items Are Safe From Water

When it rains heavily, and puddles find their way into the garage, all your stuff on the ground will get sodden. And you don’t want that, especially if you had left some documents on the floor.

The cabinet is raised some inches off the ground. Unless it’s a deep pool, your items are safe from water.

You will appreciate this if you have metal tools in your garage. A tool cabinet is a great way to store your tools and protect them from corrosion.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, a garage cabinet is not a gimmicky item. It’s something useful and practical. It is desirable for its ability to create space and beauty in our garages. It also keeps our items safe, and helps us get better organized.

If you have a garage, and you store stuff in it but don’t have a garage cabinet, I trust you have understood the importance of this piece of furniture. Get yourself a garage cabinet!

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