DEWALT DWC860W Review In October,2022 : Complete Guide Before You Buy

Life moves in a very fast-moving speed. In these times, we easily get frustrated when deciding a product from a vast collection of products in the market. Let’s talk about an excellent tile cutting saw that would revolutionize your working style.

Tile cutting with a faulty tile saw can be very exhausting. The Dewalt DWC860W can manage a difficult work to a similar form. The work can be done in an exact and detailed way from the user's viewpoint.

A Quick Look at the Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful Motors
  • Premium Diamond Coating Blade
  • Wet Saw Cutting
  • Bevel Feature for cutting 45 degrees
  • Lock on buttons
DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)


I have listed down a few of the features which are noteworthy. I am sure it will be an eye-opening article.Whoever is reading this can relate the features that I have listed below.

## Lightweight and Compact Device

The Dewalt DWC860W is designed in such a way that it plays the role exceptionally well as a very lightweight device.

Thus, carrying to places is not even an issue. It only weighs 6 lbs in total. It comes in a very nicely packaged box.

## Powerful Motors

Do you know how to determine the actual capability of a tile cutting saw? Strong motors are the key to achieve a perfect cut. The Dewalt DWC860W is equipped with a mind-blowing strong engine which can cut through stronger materials like granite, concrete and various stones.

The powerful 1,300machine with 10.8amp motor can cut through ceramic tile like a hot knife is cutting through butter.

## Premium Diamond Coating Blade

The Dewalt DWC860W comes with a premium 4-3/8 inches diamond coated blade which is strong enough to cut through anything you want to cut. It can even saw stone material which are 3 to 4 centimeters deep. Can you now picture how sharp the blade is?

I have had no issues in cutting tiles. The premium coating of the diamond blade is undoubtedly one of the best in the market.

In the tile cutting process, a lot of the blades tend to lack perfection in the cutting, rough edges and worst of it all, broken tile. However, not in the case of Dewalt DWC860W.

## Wet Cutting Saw

The Dewalthas another exciting feature and that is the damp feature in the saw. It has a 12" water line which is positioned in such a way that it keeps the blade cool and the environment dust free.

Not only that the water line is controlled by a regulator but also controls the pressure of the water gushing to the blades for a more controlled manner. Although it can get a little messy around the workplace it is still worth the hassle.

## Bevel Feature for Cutting 45 Degrees

The Dewalt’s bevel feature allows doing 45 degree angled cuts. The angled cuts look lovely but this feature lacks in the competitive market.

This astonishing feature lets you use those tiles which are inducted in the walls . In addition steam mopping your tile floors will increase the floor beautification. 

## Lock on Buttons

During a long session of work, you can get fatigued by holding the saw for hours. There is a feature in the Dewalt which allows to powerfully lock the device.

The sturdy lock eventually allows lessening the fatigue level in long production session. It is situated in an ergonomic position for the users to reach.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)
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DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)
  • Power 10.8 amp motor delivers the cutting power to cut through granite, porcelain, concrete and other stone materials
  • Premium 4-3/8-inch diamond blade allows the user to cut ceramics and stone materials up to 3-centimeters deep-wet or dry

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can It Cut through Concrete?

Yes, it supports sawing of concrete, graphite and porcelain ceramic tiles.

Q: Will this Saw Cut Glass?

Certainly yes, but you have to get a different blade to cut glass.

Q: What is the Name of the Blade that Comes with this Dewalt?

The blade is called DW4738. You can order it online and get it delivered at your doorsteps.

Q: Can You Set Up the Depth of the Saw Cut?

Yes, you surely can set it up to a ½ inch. You can also set it up about 1 inch or better.


  • Addition of having powerful motors
  • Both having Wet/Dry tile cutting option is a surplus
  • Water hose pipe has a knob to control the water pressure
  • Bevel feature to get angled cuts which can be a competitive advantage
  • Lightweight, only 6 pounds
  • Addition of having a premium diamond coated blade, which is widely available for spares


  • The workplace can get a little messy when using the wet tile cutting feature
  • The waterline of the product is not up to the mark; leakages can occur
  • It doesn’t come with a case


The Dewalt DWC860W is an excellent performance tile cutting saw. It is suitable for DIY to semiprofessional home-based work. It cuts through tiles in a very discrete manner.

Its dual feature of having both wet and dry tile cutting is an exciting feature.Most of the products in the market don’t have this wet saw feature though it can get a bit messy while using it.Nevertheless, rather than creating a dusty environment, I would choose the wet tile cutting feature.

I would suggest everyone who has plans of buying a tile cutting saw to consider trying the Dewalt DWC860W before making a purchasing decision. It will blow your mind and instantly will shift your choice to buy the Dewalt one.

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