How To Clean And Organize Your Truck Tool Box

Having a dirty, ill-organized truck tool box sucks. You want to access a particular tool, only to find it broken because it has been rattling around the box banging right, left, top and bottom. Or, more commonly, you don’t get the tool you need as the box lacks some organization.

Not only do you need to organize your tool box properly, but you also need to clean it to get the best out of it.

How exactly should you clean and organize your truck tool box?

Below, we outline a few handy tips on how to correctly organize your box while keeping it as clean as new at all times.

We start with the organization part…

#Tip1: Layering

One of the useful tips I’d recommend you to follow when organizing your gear in a tool box is layering. This means putting the items you frequently use at the top and those you rarely use at the bottom.

The simplest approach is putting all the tools that you never use (but you’ll use someday) at the bottom layer. Then work your way up, making sure the top layer comprises of items you use now and then.

This systematic manner of organizing your things makes it easy for you to know exactly where a particular item is. In other words, you won’t have to dig deep into your box to find whatever tool you need at the moment.

#Tip 2: Create Sections

You don’t wish to open your tool box, only to find your grease and oil spread all over your tools.


You can avoid this by sectioning your box- ensuring that every compartment has its boundaries.

By introducing those boundaries, you prevent your tools from cross-contaminating, which might mean going through thick and thin to find a given item.

I know it sounds pretty simple to you; but for heaven’s sake, just do it, and it will save you big time.

#Tip3: Use Of Bags Is Another Terrific Idea!

I repeat; use of bags- canvas bags particularly- is also an excellent idea.


Similar to sectioning, it allows you to group similar tools together (in a secure, durable place) for easy accessibility at any given time. Imagine how easy it becomes when you bag all those bits and bobs you’re sure to use at some point? You’ll simply need to open that bag and viola! You have them.

If you’re thinking that investing in a canvas bag will mean shedding out big bucks, you’re mistaken. It’s incredibly cheap and not the kind that hurts your bank balance.

Focus on the fact that it will help you avoid those frustrating little losses!

#Tip4: Racking Up Your Tool Box Can Help Too.

I know you’ve been having troubles with those pesky clamps that prove hard to put into the box and much harder to retrieve from a compact sized box.

But there’s an easy way to make them more accessible- investing in some clamps. If you’re lucky to get the steel framed model, erect them in your box and you’ll be surprised by the vast array of different sizes clamps they can carry.

Not only do they make your wares more accessible, but they also introduce a neater way to organize your box.

#Tip5: Foam

There’s no better way to prevent your tools from damaging each other in transit than using foam- a cheap, durable and highly efficient material.

Besides, it can also help separate your various items from each other- bear in mind the sectioning tip we discussed above.

Utilizing a foam on your box will contribute to achieving a visual organization and faster access to any tool you need from your tool box.

#Tip6: Don’t Downplay The Power Of A Magnetized Tool Holder In Your Tool Box!

A few who utilizes this top secret- setting up a row of magnets in the box- of organizing their tool box will nod in agreement that it’s one of the best organization tricks.

Get the clear picture here- a magnetized tool holder or simply a row of magnets will hold a plentiful of your tools, preventing your tool box from overflowing with gear!

This will create enough room for more and more tools, make the tools readily available, and of course make your box highly appealing to the eyes.

As a side note, magnets have also proven to the most efficient way to prevent loss of small tools, like small spanners, or other items that disappear when you desperately need them.

Now that your tool box interior is perfectly organized, let’s focus on a few tips to keep it clean day in day out:

#Tip7: Ensure All Your Tools Are Always Clean

A clean tool box means clean tools. So the first step to cleaning your tool box involves cleaning all its tools. You’ll need to dry any tools that make contact with water, grease or oil. Also, wash and dry any tools that have become dirty.

#Tip 8: Give The Exterior A Thorough Clean To Make It Look As Bright As New

Assuming that your tool box is made from aluminum diamond plate, this is how to gleam it:

Pour a can of cola on its surface and use a piece of rag or paper towel to evenly distribute the cola all over the plate. Leave it for close to 5 minutes.

Using some stiff scrub brush, briskly scrub the plate to remove any dirt and gleam hanging on it.

Now rinse it thoroughly with some clean water- be sure to remove all the cola traces. Afterward, dry with a clean cotton rag or paper towels, or allow it to air dry.

Now your tool box is as clean as new and ready for the use.

NOTE: You can prolong the time between cleaning by applying a uniform coat of quality aluminum wax all over it buffing it with a power buffer or manually. This will also make it looks polished, shinier.


To clean and organize your truck tool box the right way, follow the easy, cheap methods outlined above. This will go a long in making your box look neater while saving you’re the frustrations you always undergo when you desperately need a particular tool but can’t find it.

Eventually, you’ll become a happier and more efficient worker

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