How to Clean & Maintain a Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is among the most popular and essential accessories for any truck owner. The cap ensures to serve a functional purpose and provide a sleek style on the truck.

With the tonneau cover, you are sure that all your materials will be securely in place at the bed of your vehicle. Apart from the safety of your cargo and truck bed, the cover also ensures you get sufficient storage space for all time carriage.

However, the market is full of tonneau covers from all walks of life. The covers, however, are highly priced. If by any chance you consider investing in them, then you must be ready to part with a few hundreds of dollars.

Due to their high prices, it's also important to learn how to maintain them to ensure they last the life of the truck. If you don’t have skills on how to clean and maintain the covers, don’t worry, this blog is for you.

Here you will learn the basics of cleaning and maintenance to ensure you enjoy the services of this cover for quite some time.

Five Simple Maintenance Tips

1. Check the Tonneau Cover Regularly

Inspection is very essential when it comes to maintenance. Just as you inspect your vehicle before driving off, so should you examine the cover. Regular check allows you to spot any red flags or alarms before the condition worsens to a costly problem.

During an inspection, you must be very keen and alert to notice the smallest thing that is out of the ordinary. Some of the important things to look for during inspection include: corrosion, lodged debris, dents, looseness, bumps, and scratches.

If you notice anything off the ordinary, you will be able to prevent it from spreading hence saving you a fortune. Additionally, when you inspect the tonneau cover, you will be aware of the problems, therefore, be careful during washing to avoid scratching the damaged spot and enhance the problem.

2. Avoid Massive Gears on The Cover

Placing heavy loads on any flat surface will eventually result in sagging. This fact is also true when it comes to tonneau covers. If you tend to put heavy gears on top of your cap for more extended periods, you are automatically exposing your cover to sudden damage.

Often people think that the heavy covers with quality materials can survive such risks due to the material quality and construction. It will only survive for a short while don’t be fooled.

However, before you start using the cover on this direction, it's important to ensure you check keenly on the manual for proper maintenance. This way, you will learn of the weight capacity and other weight-related issues to ensure your cover gives you the service you deserve.

Additionally, if you must transport your items from the top of the cover, why not ensure to spread the weight evenly across the entire lid to avoid sagging and other spot damages.

3. Fasten the Hardware

The mounting clips and hardware can cause severe damage to the cover is not tightly fastened. Before washing, it's essential to ensure that the clips are securely in place. This inspection will eliminate the possibilities of tearing the cover as you brush.

Additionally, it's important to slide and close the cover entirely on a regular basis. Doing this as often as possible guarantees you that the cover is in it smooth and proper use all the time. If the cover does not slide, then you can lubricate the rails to protect against any unwanted wear and traction experience.

4. Follow the Right Washing Procedure

The way you wash your cover depends on its type and quality. However, most manufacturers of covers also generate cleaning equipment to ensure you clean the cover appropriately.

When washing the cover, use cold water and mild soap or special tonneau cover cleaner. Gently, scrub the cover from cab to bed using a soft bristle brush, towel or sponge. Rinse with cold water again and allow it to dry.

Cleaning tips

Park under a shade

Before you start cleaning your tonneau cover, it's important to park the truck in an open garage or under a tree. Parking your vehicle under a shade allows you to clean smoothly without the effects of sun rays.

According to meteoronbroadway when your truck is under direct sun, washing becomes a little challenging. This might even affect the paint of the car or leave water and soap marks all over the truck and cover.

Flood the lid

Flooding the entire cover lid with water softens lodged debris. This makes it easy for you to remove all the dirt and ensures you spend little time cleaning the cover. After flooding, you will not have to scrub the cover excessively as all the accumulated grit will come off gently.

Rinse evenly

Once you are through scrubbing, rinse the tonneau cover with lots of cold water. Rinsing with excess water removes all traces of soapy water from the cover. It also ensures that your cover is sparkling clean for all time use. Additionally, when rinsing, ensure to follow down all the soap traces from the body of your truck. Then, wipe gently using a dry towel or sponge before letting your vehicle in direct sun.

5. Cleaning Chemicals

If you are not using the appropriate cleaners from the specified tonneau cover brand, you must be aware of the cleaning chemicals you are using. Heavy chemicals can affect the face of your cover within a few uses.

Therefore, it's important to inquire from the manufacturers for the right cleaning components for your specific tonneau cover. As cleaning your cover will help maintain the new look of the cover, it can also be the ticket to fading and wearing out.

Following the right cleaning procedure will ensure you maintain the cover ‘s original look even with extreme uses. A clean cover also ensures your cargo is protected against all weather elements too. Additionally, when you clean and maintain the tonneau cover, automatically the face of your truck will glitter.

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