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Best Jacks for Lifted Trucks | Ultimate Buyers Guide 2018

You love your lifted truck. It allows you to move through any terrain with relative ease. However, when you have a puncture, raising it can be a real nightmare because of its high ground clearance. Most floor jacks do not reach high enough to engage the chassis of the lifted vehicle.With the best jacks for […]

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What are The Different Types of Fire Extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are one of the devices which are used for protecting from fires. These are needed for controlling or putting off small flames. When a fire has spread out, it cannot be totally controlled by a fire extinguisher, and that time it would need the assistance of fire fighters. With time, technology has developed and […]

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A Complete Guide: How To Use a Motorcycle Jack

A motorcycle jack or lift is a special support structure with a hydraulic jack which is used to lift a motorcycle. You can get a motorcycle jack anywhere especially in an auto repair shop. When you want to use a jack you have also to have a wood block to make sure that the bike does […]

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A Detail Guide: How To Use A Grease Gun

Any auto repairman, an engineer or a handyman who doesn’t have a grease gun wants to take the hard road. Lubricating machinery can be labor-intensive because you will need to exert effort to achieve your aim. The good news is that if you have a grease gun in your toolbox, you can handle those jobs […]

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A Detail Guide: How to Install a Tonneau Cover- Learn Details

Tonneau covers have gained more popularity than other truck accessories in the industry today. In fact, the covers are available in many types and models not minding the type of truck bed cover on your vehicle.Even if you have the soft-top, hard-top, folding, Truxedo, or retractable, adding a tonneau cover will ensure many benefits. With […]

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How To Load A Grease Gun Step By Step

Many automobile garages make use of grease guns to apply lubricants on machine parts. The target locations where handymen or repairers use grease guns are usually the rotating parts of a machine.One important reason for applying lubricants is to reduce friction and ensure that the parts rotate smoothly. The process of greasing is not easy, […]

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