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How to Charge An Automotive Battery

​According to mechanics, your car’s battery should last 49 months. Well during this time, there are a few moments when you will be forced to charge your battery first before the care starts.  The truth is, if you use the best methods to charge the battery, it will serve you for a more extended period. […]

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How to Know Your Car Battery Is Really Dead

Your car battery is like the heart of the car, and when it’s damaged or dead, it can affect your Car operations ultimately. A dead or dying car battery can also be a reason you are experiencing other problems with your car.  However, other signs may occur as a result of other mechanical or technical […]

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How to wash a car at home?

This article will help you acquire the necessary knowledge of how to wash a car at home, using the available tools. Follow the following step by step instructions and you will succeed. Step 1. Start washing the car from the passenger compartment.  Prepare a cleaner for the interior. Simply mix equal parts of water and ethanol.According […]

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Air Compressor Vs Tire Inflator: Which One is Suitable?

Sometimes when you are shopping online the terms can get confusing. At DamnTools, we help straighten that out. For example, in our guide on the best tire inflators with gauges we cover both the tire inflator adapters that you use with an air compressor, as well as stand-alone tire inflators. In this guide, we’ll discuss tire […]

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How To Keep Car Memory When Changing Battery

Taking care of your car has changed a lot over the past few decades, with technology becoming increasingly more complex and confusing. One of the most notable examples of this comes in the form of car batteries, which used to be quite simple to fix; unhook and remove the old battery and replace it with […]

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