Car Fire Extinguisher Kit: Must Need For Your Car Safety !

A car fire extinguisher should be used as a protection against a fire breaking out. Usually, this device is used actively against small fires in cars, in this day and age not many cars go on fire but you never know its always handy to have one in the boot of the car.

The fire extinguisher is meant only for working on the small fires, therefore this device should not be used on fires which are out of  your control.

Monitoring and using the car fire extinguisher

As it is mentioned already that the car fire extinguisher is always advised to be used on the small level fires in the car and should not be applied to the fires which are out of control. 

Experts advised not to use the fire extinguisher devices mounted in the car for those fires which have reached at least the ceiling of the car. This depicts that the device is manually operated and can be handled by one or two persons.

There is safety an equipment as well included in the kit of the car fire extinguisher and these parts are meant to save and protect the persons in the car from smoke suffocation and hazards of the explosion of the car.

If the fire gets out of control it is better to take the help of the expertise of fire department because in these cases it cannot be controlled by the small car fire extinguisher.

Periodic monitoring and checking of the fire extinguisher is also important because in this way the working of fire extinguisher is ensured and there is no problem is using it when the need arises. Usually, the service and inspection of the fire extinguishers is done by the Fire Protection service department.

Types and components of car fire extinguisher

Typically there are two common types of the car fire extinguishers.
Stored pressure car fire extinguisher and Cartridge operated car fire extinguisher.

In the first kind of the car fire extinguisher, there is a single and same chamber for storage of two different kinds of chemicals. These two chemicals are the fire fighting agent and the expellant which is expelled out of the nozzle.

Both these chemicals have their role in performing the activity of fire extinguishing in the car. In the other kind of car fire extinguisher, there are separate chambers for the storage of both the agents.

When the need arises, the two chemicals are mixed and their product is expelled out. After that the mode of action of both the types is same.

There are several components of the car fire extinguisher kit. These components together make the functioning of the extinguisher possible. The basic working principle of these components is the same in almost every kind of fire extinguisher but the car fire extinguisher is the major concern of study and consideration here.

Before installing and using the car fire extinguisher kit, it is important to get it checked and if you are using it after a long time, then you should make sure that the car fire extinguisher kit has undergone service under the rules and regulations of the Fire Protection department of the country.

It is made mandatory by some countries while in some other places, it is the personal responsibility of the user. 

Working principle of car fire extinguisher kit

The basic working principle of every kind of the car fire extinguisher is essentially the same. First of all the chemical, coming out of the kit works on stopping the chemical reaction which can release a large amount of heat.

This involves working on the fuel, oxygen and heat at the same time. After that, the next important task is to stop and sustainable production of the free radicals in the fire area. When this job is done, it becomes easy to control the fire and it is therefore extinguished.

Major components of the car fire extinguisher kit

There are many mechanical as well as chemical components of the car fire extinguisher kit. As far as the working of this device is concerned, it should be noted down that the most important components of the car fire extinguisher kit include the chemicals which work out on fire and extinguish it.

Among these, the most common chemicals and their specific functions in extinguishing fire are as follows.

The most important chemical used in the car fire extinguisher kit is the Mono ammonium phosphate. It is also called the tri class chemical. It is pale yellow in color. The other names of this chemical are multipurpose chemical and the ABC extinguisher.

This means that this chemical is suitable to be used on the class Am, B and C fires. The major function of this reagent is to smother the fire. It is characterized to be more corrosive than any other agent used in the car fire extinguisher kit.

Second important chemical used in the car fire extinguisher kit is Sodium bicarbonate. This is the regular or ordinary agent and it is found suitable for the class B and C fires.

This is the very first of all the dry agents discovered and used in the car fire extinguishers. The function of this chemical is to react with other chemicals and decompose out in the heat of fire.

As a result it releases carbon dioxide. This gas acts as a blanket and smothers fire. This blocks the supply of oxygen to the fire area and therefore it can be extinguished. This reagent is very effectively used on the solid fires.

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