DIY: How To Build Your Own Tool Chest In Easy Way ?

You don't have the money to buy a high-end tool chest on the market today?
Don’t worry. You can still enjoy storing your items securely and in an easy to retrieve manner by building your own tool chest.
You simply need a few materials that are readily available and some easy to follow steps that I’ll take you through in this step.
This will be even more fun for the DIY enthusiasts who want to try juts anything, given the proper instructions.
Let’s delve into the details…

NOTE: The structure we’re about to construct below is a rolling chest tool so that you conveniently move your tools from one place to the next.

You’ll Need These Materials:

  • 3 x 4” MDF
  • around 3.75 sheets plywood
  • Four swivel casters
  • screws/nails/staples

Step-by-step guide to coming up with a rolling tool chest

Step One: Constructing The Chest Casing

As you already know, a chest is simply an open front box. This is what we’ll create in this step.

  • Start by cutting all the pieces. Use a table saw for this task to ensure that all your pieces have an equal size and are square. Alternatively, you can use some good straight edge clamp to obtain some good cuts with the jig saw or circular saw. Or if you are an expert then can use an available wood router for the purpose. 
  • Lay out the biggest side of your chest and then place a perpendicular set next to it. Using a 90 degrees clamp to hold it up works well.
  • Now fasten up your structure. You can use the air stapler to help secure it. The go around it, securing it with screws to make it stronger.
  • When your box is complete, you can now place the four swivel casters at the base (remember we’re constructing a rolling tool chest).

Step Two: Constructing The Drawers

So your chest is complete and ready to be fitted with the drawers?
Now follow these steps to come up with the drawers:

  • cut out the drawer base as well as all the four sides
  • Now place one of the sides onto the base piece and secure the ends using a 90 degrees’ clamp.
  • next, fasten the drawer structure suing nails, screws, or staples
  • now use the above clamp to fasten the opposite side
  • slide in the remaining
  • finally, attach the drawer slide into your drawerparts and fasten

Step Three: Installing The Drawer Slide

Drawer slides tend to have little tolerance to error. That being said, you’ll need to be more careful when measuring, cutting, and installing them.
Follow the drawer slide installation guide in this video to avoid making any errors during the installation:

Final Verdict

Congrats! You’ve just constructed a durable, great looking wooden tool chest ready to house all your tools in an organized manner. As you’ve noted from our guide above, you’ll just need simple, readily available materials to get the job done. The steps are easy to follow, and you don’t need any prior skills to handle the job.
By following all the tasks we’ve given you above, you not only end up with a storage solution for your tools collection, but you also got the opportunity to showcase your DIY skills to the world while saving some bucks that you could spend in other demanding things.

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