Best Winch For Jeep, Truck, Trailer: Off-road Applications All You Need To Know

When you find yourself victim to bent suspension or other types of vehicle damage, the best jeep winch is an invaluable tool. It is handy equipment that allows you to move obstacles out of your way.

When buying one, make sure you consider line pull rate, line speed and motor strength. You also need to think about the weight of your jeep.

This article will tell you all you need to know about winches. It will allow you to make an informed purchase that will undoubtedly give you value for your money.

Top Best Jeep Winches Reviews:

1. Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Review

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch
235 Reviews
Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch
  • 12 VDC/4.5 hp weather-sealed series wound motor with a 8,500-lb pull rating
  • 94' of 5/16" steel wire rope with heavy-duty latched hook and rope thimble and automatic, mechanical load holding braking

Looking for a simple way to trail around those tight places and still maintain the quality of your vehicle's power?

\All you need is this 1585202 LP8500 superwinch. It a convenient design and will automatically fit various cars from 4x4s, trailers, and others with similar sizes.

It has relatively active power to pull through 8500 lbs with one line pull, which guarantees you that nothing puts you back. It operates using a 4.5 hp sealed power motor to ensure compatibility convenience with your battery power.

Apart from being reliable equipment that will get you through awkward moments, this winch is designed using a heavy-duty material for durability. It features a 3-stage all-metal planetary gear train to provide you with the power you need for winching.

Additionally, free spooling lever-action clutch, which allows you to disengage the motor and draw the winch rope manually to your required length. To give you confidence as a customer, the company covers this product with a 2-year limited warranty against any defects.

It also comes with a rubber remote switch with 15 ft extension cable. This remote switch guarantees that there will always be a safe distance between the winch and user especially when the vehicle is off.

Key features

  • 8500lbs/ 3856kg pull rating
  • Powder coat hawse fairlead
  • Rubber handheld remote for safety

2. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch with Steel Cable - 97495
3,220 Reviews
Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch with Steel Cable - 97495
  • Your purchase includes One Smittybilt GEN2 XRC Winch, 97495 model with 9,500 lbs. load capacity
  • Winch dimensions: 22.3” L x 5.4” W x 9.4” H | Product Weight: 78 lbs. | Weight capacity: 9,500 lbs. | Cable type – 93.5” diameter, Wire rope | Motor – 6.6hp | Control – 12” lead |...

Instead of seating back helplessly waiting for help during a trying situation, you can get your hands busy recovering yourself using smittybilt 97495 XRC winch.

This winch has given the winch technology a complete turnaround with its reliable and excellent performance. It runs on high power and will ensure to pull you to safety regardless of how heavy your vehicle is or how severe is the terrain.

It has a convenient design with wire cables to guarantee you stability and durability. The wire cable is approximately 10”,  which is a relatively convenient safety distance.

Additionally, its plenary gear is 3-stage all metal, which ensures you have the power of sailing through any situation like a pro. With this winch, you can comfortably pull your vehicle to exceptional heights thanks to its 4-way roller line.

You also don’t have to be worried of how to position yourself as you pull your car; this winch operates on a remote switch control. The material construction is sturdy and will guarantee you years of exceptional performance.

The black texture finish protects the winch against corrosion and pealing through varying weather conditions.

Key Features

  • 10000 mile/3-year warranty
  • Waterproof material construction
  • High power motor operation

3. Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch (4500lbs/2046kg...
1,844 Reviews
Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch (4500lbs/2046kg...
  • Sealed solenoid with circuit breaker
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Thinking of taking a ride upcountry but you are worried about the different terrain setup?

Well, take rest, this superwinch 1145220 terra 45 is specifically designed for your aid. If your vehicle has a four-bolt ATV pattern, then this winch will be compatible, and you will not have to invest in additional kits. So far, this is one of the best atv winch. 

Unlike other competitor’s winches on the market, it is virtually designed to face tough rescuing missions.

With this winch, you will not have to wander around looking for external power connection as it has a permanent magnet motor that easily connects to your vehicle’s battery to establish power.

Therefore, even when you are in the middle of nowhere, the winch will still connect and run smoothly to take you to safety. Although it motor does not run on high power, it still has the strength to pull at least 4500lbs on the same line pull.

Its gears are made of steel and compared to others; they are twice as wide for smooth operation. To also enhance on its performance for years, this winch features bronze bearings with oil pockets.

You can also disengage the free spooling clutch to manually draw the winch rope to the required size for smooth running.

Key Features

  • Weather seal solenoid and circuit breaker
  • All steel plenary gear
  • Permanent magnetic motor

4. Smittybilt 98510 X 2O Winch 

Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Waterproof Wireless Winch with Synthetic Rope...
2,435 Reviews
Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Waterproof Wireless Winch with Synthetic Rope...
  • Your purchase includes: Smittybilt X20 Comp Synthetic Rope Winch, hawse fairlead with forged hook, All required power cables to hook up to your vehicle, Rope Sleeve and Wireless Remote
  • Winch can be operated with the remote or manually

Even though this may look like a small improvement unit for your car, the amount of rescuing work it does is exceptional. The smittybilt 98510 waterproof synthetic rope winch has a unique design that guarantees you stability and durability.

You are sure of comfortably using the winch under all weather conditions for a smooth ride all the way. It runs on high power motor, which directly connects to the vehicle’s battery.

The winch has a synthetic rope cable that stretches to a maximum of 12 ft to ensure you have a convenient distance to run for safety. Additionally, it operates with remote control, therefore, assuring you that nothing will stop you from reaching to safety regardless of the conditions.

The mounting bolt pattern allows you to connect to any vehicle model easily. It also has the power to pull even the toughest weight capacity within single line pull. Once you have pulled your vehicle to safety, you the automatic out of drum brakes will engage to keep the car in a firm position.

Key Features

  • Wireless remote control
  • Compatible bolt pattern
  • Waterproof construction material

5. Smittybilt 97510 X 2O  Winch Review

Smittybilt X2O-10K Waterproof Wireless Winch Gen2 97510
2,435 Reviews
Smittybilt X2O-10K Waterproof Wireless Winch Gen2 97510
  • Your purchase includes: Smittybilt X20 Steel Cable Winch, 4-way roller fairlead with forged hook, All required power cables to hook up to your vehicle, Rope Sleeve and Wireless Remote
  • Winch can be operated with the remote or manually

Before settling for a particular winch brand, it's essential to take close interest at simple details from the company. These simple details give you the confidence of using your item without fear or challenges.

Therefore, if you invest in this smittybilt 97510 X 20 waterproof winch, you are sure of getting a lifetime warranty against material and five-year warranty against structural defects. In other words, you will enjoy years of uninterrupted happiness ad exceptional performance.

The winch features top quality material construction for stability and efficiency of use. Additionally, it is compatible with any vehicle for easy and effective saves through harsh terrains. It can pull up to 1000lbs weight capacity on the same pulling line.

​It has steel wire rope, which is highly durable and will ensure your car gets to safety effortlessly regardless of its weight capacity. It operates on high power motor with automatic out-of-drum brake and sliding ring gear clutch for easy controls. It also features powerful remote control for the safety of the user. All those features give it the position of best winch for jeep.

Key Features

  • 5-year electrical warranty/ lifetime mechanical warranty
  • 3-stage plenary gear system
  • Wireless remote control for efficiency
  • Weather resistant construction

6. Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch 

WARN Vantage 4000 Winch - 4000 lb. Capacity
346 Reviews
WARN Vantage 4000 Winch - 4000 lb. Capacity
  • Fully sealed motor and drive train to keep the elements out; Clutch (Freespool): Cam Activated
  • Three-stage planetary gear train for smooth, efficient operation, mechanical spring brake for control while winching

If you are looking for a reliable pulling power for your side by side vehicle, this is all you need. The winch can pull massive weight to a maximum of 4000lbs to ensure you are not stranded in the wilderness.

With this winch, you will have the advantage of up to 55ft wire rope that automatically stretches to give you convenient safety distance. It operates with use of a remote control to ensure the user is comfortable and can monitor the rescuing process from a distance.

Additionally, this winch is unique and has strong and durable material construction for durability and flexibility. It also features smooth plenary gear trains for quality performance and permanent magnet motors for high power drive.

Key Features

  • 5 year mechanical warranty, 1-year electrical
  • Corded remote control
  • 3-stage plenary gear train
  • Handle bar included       

7. Yescom 12V 6.6 Recovery Winch for Trailer Truck SUV Jeep Electric

This electric winch comes with specific features to ensure your rescue mission is comfortable and convenient. It has an automatic braking system and a 3-stage plenary gear train for exceptional performance and flexibility of the user.

The remote switch is handheld, and it has a cord that connects to the winch for easy controls from a considerable distance.

The winch has a custom gasket seal that has an inner component to protect from debris and water infiltration.

Therefore, ensuring that the winch is convenient for use under various weather conditions. For the user’s safety, this winch comes with a pair of protective gear to ensure smooth operation. That's why we put this on top best truck winch list. 

Key Features

  • Extra protective casings
  • Free spooling clutch
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • Automatic braking system

8. WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll 120V AC

WARN 885000 PullzAll Corded 120V AC Portable Electric Winch with Steel...
1,453 Reviews

Take full control of your vehicle when facing tough situations by using this warn 885000 corded pullzall 120V AC winch. It gives you more than one applies, therefore, making it a good improvement. If you are in searching of best truck winch you don't need to search any more when you have this one. 

Apart from pulling you to safety, you can use it at the farm, camping, hunting as well as home improvement.

Additionally, this winch operates on high power and has convenient features that will provide exceptional performance. It has 15’ wire rope with a swiveling anchor hook that guarantees you secure hold for easy pulling.

The control button has variable speed and will give you reverse and forward controls for constant movements.

Key Features

  • Variable speed control electric trigger
  • Easy to use
  • Pulls up to 1000lbs
  • Highly durable

9. Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch

Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit, BLACK,RED
4,830 Reviews
Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit, BLACK,RED
  • Powerful – 3000 lb. max rated line pull and 1 HP permanent magnet motor
  • Bonus Accessories – Roller fairlead, mounting channel, handle bar mounted remote control

Let, you are out exploring the outdoors with your ATV and you get stuck in rugged terrains ? Well, we are going to introduce you with Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch which  is designed to provide powerful and reliable winching power especially for your UTV or ATV as well. 

If you  own an automobile like jeep, ATVs or UTVs, the special latching system and the 1HP power magnet motor makes it ideal for your use. Moreover, it has a special capability to pull items such as wild game and even as a winch for pulling boats. 

This is the winch, people who need a best trailer winch that can handle heavy duty use under any circumstances.

Key Features

  • Dynamic braking system.
  • Remote for pulling the line in and out
  • Magnet motor provides long-lasting power

How Does A Jeep Winch Work ?

If you do not know what a winch is, it is that strange looking device on its front bumper. This metal is called a winch. Their function is to create tension in a rope. This tension allows you to move large trucks. To know how a winch works, you must make sure that you know the specific parts and what they do.

Motor- there are two types of engines; hydraulic and electric. They power the winch and allow it to function optimally. Without the motor, you will be forced to use your hands which will make the work more difficult.

Solenoid- these are also called contractors. They control the direction that the drum rotates. There are two types of solenoids- remote and integrated. A remote solenoid is not mounted on the winch while an integrated solenoid is permanently installed.

Cable- in most cases, the cable is steel or made of synthetic fiber. It has to be wrapped neatly around the drum winch to prevent entanglement. 

It is often between 40 and 100 feet long allowing you to have enough towing room. For weight reduction, people prefer synthetic rope over steel ropes.

Hawse fairlead- this is best for synthetic rope users because there is reduced weight and it does not pinch the rope. The synthetic line does not cut into steel or aluminum so the roller is not used with the synthetic rope.

The roller is not necessary because the synthetic rope covers a wide radius to prevent cutting and shaving. 

This fairlead is made of thick aluminum or steel that has a broad range and is often smooth. It is mostly used as a consumable ware plate to protect the winch mount and cable.

Roller fairlead- this one is purposely designed to prevent the steel winch cable from cutting into the winch mounting. The wire of dragged over other metallic surfaces and cuts into the surfaces resulting in massive damage. By allowing the cable to ride up against the rolling surface, it prevents damage.

Internal brake- The brake is within the winch drum and is used to hold the load when the winch is stopped. The brakes keep the load from slipping back.

Winch drum- The drum is where the wire is wrapped neatly. The spool rotates in circular motions depending on its use.

Freespool clutch- this is designed to disengage and engage the drum from the gear train. The disengaged position allows you to spool out the cable using your hand at a fast rate. In engaged position, you will have to apply power to access the cable.

Gear train- this is also called the drive train. It takes the power from the winch motor and converts it into a pulling force. The gear ration is a huge factor when it comes to rope speed.

There are type central gearing systems, spur, planetary and worm gear. The significant difference between them is their efficiency transfer.

Considerations When Shopping For Winch

Buying guide for Winch


The first thing you need to think about is what types of vehicles you will be pulling. You must, therefore, look at the manufacturer’s line pull rating. The combination of the mechanical capacity of the winch and the tensile strength if the line on the drum.

Unless indicated otherwise, the rated capacity is based on the first layer of the winch which is closest to the drum. There are about four layers. The first has the higher pull and the lowest gear ratio.

So, ask yourself, how much pull is enough? As a rule of thumb, make sure the minimum includes your gross vehicle weight- and not the curb weight- and multiply it with 1.5.

Remember there are certain factors that can quickly cause your winch capacity to get exceed.

For instance, if you have to pull out a car from muddy areas. Mud has a powerful suction that may make the 1.5 rule to be inadequate.

How often and hard will you use the winch?

This is yet another critical question to ask yourself when deciding on the type of winch motor to buy. Each of the engines has its unique purposes. A permanent magnet motor, for instance, is excellent for light duty winching.

However, for more substantial and frequent winching, you require a series wound winch. A hydraulic winch is perfect for people who winch all day long.


While searching the best jeep winch, you must consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on the right winch. While a $1500 monster is excellent, you must be frugal. If you are on a tight budget, decide how much you have available.

The amount should cover the winch, its accessories and possibly a new front bumper and a mounting kit.  If you are not confident about your DIY skills, consider the installation costs.


Make sure you read the warranty specifications. The more extended the warranty, the better quality you will get.

The necessary upgrades

Usually, with all the upgrades to your vehicle come some repercussions. The winch will increase the demand on your electrical systems, and it may exceed the system’s capabilities.

You may also have to consider the fact that you will have to change your alternator and possibly your battery when winching.

Synthetic Rope Vs. Steel Cable

There is a sharp divide amongst enthusiasts about which one is suitable between steel cables and synthetic ropes. While each has its own merits and demerits, you must make sure that you choose one that is right for you.

Steel ropes

These have been used for winching for years. They are loved because they are more durable than synthetic rope. They are perfect for highly rough terrains like rocks and mud. They are less prone to abrading and fraying. They are affordable are need little maintenance.

On the downside, they are prone to rust and often develop sharp burrs that require you to use gloves to operate them.

Synthetic Rope

These are lighter and do not store much energy. That means that they will not give you much of s projectile if it breaks. They are also great for vehicles that are sensitive to the weight being on their front axle. 

It will also not develop the burrs that come with steel cables. It is, therefore, safe for use without gloves.

However, they are easily breakable when compared to steel cables. They also have the advantage of floating in mud and water making them easier to recover.

Electric Vs. Hydraulic Winch – Which Should You Choose?

The powering mechanism of your winch will determine the types of jobs you can handle. When choosing, you need to ask yourself:

  • How will you use it?
  • Will you need it for tough jobs?
  • How long will it be working?

Electric winch

Hydraulic winch

It typically uses the vehicle’s battery to power the winch’s motor

It is powered by a hydraulic system

Great for occasional, quick and light uses that do not require much power

It has unmatched efficiency, durability and power and can handle big jobs

Easy to install and can be transferred from one vehicle to another.

Installation requires multiple components

How Does An Electric Winch Work?

Winches all have motors that power the drum that contains the spools the wires. Electricity that has a drill motor powers the electric motor.

Because a winch is heavy-duty the motor is robust with a robust electrical system that can handle a lot of charges. You may need to adjust it so it can handle a more massive load.

How Does A Winch Brake Work?

The brakes hold the load so that it does not get back more in-depth into the mud when you are not pulling on it. 

What Size Winch Do I Need For My Trailer?

The size of the winch you need will vary depending on the rolling load, the slope of your trailer’s ramps and the weight of the trucks you will be pulling. Always remember that the winches are rated based on the first layer of the rope that offers the most significant power.

What Are Winches Used For?

A winch  is a mechanical device  used to lift heavy objects. They work to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable").

They are highly used to recover vehicles, raising sails, lifting elevators and snowboarding. 

You may face a situation that is your vehicle stuck in sand, mud or water. Well, in this situation you need an extra hand to get ride of the this odd matter. Winch is the simplest device which works to help as an extra hand. 

If you’re involved with heavy-lifting job, off-roading or work which requires regular moving, lifting, pulling or suspending of heavy materials items , then winch is the perfect solution for you.

What Does Winch Capacity Mean?

How much tension a winch can load is call winch capacity. Like, the capacity of a winch is 6,000 lbs

How To Install Jeep Winch?

  • Choose a location where you can work freely
  • Use a fleet angle of between ½ and 1 ½ degrees. This is a great angle because it allows the rope to spool evenly to the drum
  • Never weld the winch’s frame to the foundation, instead, fasten  it firmly
  • Install the roller guide
  • Use the flanger clip to disconnect the anchor and to anchor the rope to the drum
  • Spool the rope onto the drum by turning the handle clockwise

Don't Worry When You Have a Winch!

Picking recovery equipment for your vehicle is a bit like selecting a 4wd. You must examine when, where and what you will be using the tool. With a  best jeep winch, you will never have to worry about being stuck in rocks or mud. 

You will never have to wish that you brought the tools because they will always be attached to your trailer. The best part is that your friends can always rely on your help when they get stuck.

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