Best Wheel Bearing Grease: Specialist Reviews And A Buyer’s Guide

Wheel bearings, just like all moving parts in a vehicle, require regular lubrication to protect crucial parts from wear and tear and also optimize the vehicle performance. Applying grease to your car’s wheel bearings regularly is essential to reduce wear and also protect the bearings from oxidation. Regular wheel bearing lubrication ensures seamless tire and wheels rotation for optimum car performance.

The best wheel bearing grease will protect your wheel bearings from heat and water, ensuring they remain in good condition for optimal functionality. Additionally, it will reduce friction between the bearings and adjacent components such as the spindle and axle, ensuring your car wheels rotate with ease and also prolong the life of the bearings.

Needless to say, it’s vital to choose the ideal wheel bearing grease for your car for maximum performance. There are different types of wheel bearing grease with different features. Some are specialized for different environments, while others are for general purpose applications. It’s therefore imperative to choose the correct formula for your car. However, with tons of products in the market, it can get a bit difficult to choose an ideal wheel bearing. Check out this guide to find out the best wheel bearings grease for your vehicle.

Key Features to Look for in a Wheel Grease

Type of Wheel Grease

From marine wheel bearing grease to Moly EP grease, there are different types of grease each designed for a particular purpose. Marine wheel grease is designed specifically to confer water and salt resistance, thus best for marine equipment or heavy load equipment exposed to water. Moly EP grease has a high-melting-point and can withstand high pressure plus are highly resistant to corrosion. They are, therefore, suitable for equipment with gliding motion, such as U-joints and ball joints.

Disc and drum bearing grease is ideal for RV’s as it’s water-resistant and can withstand extremely high temperatures as a result of friction and pressure from the brakes. It’s also excellent for use in high-performance wheel bearings in different equipment. Disc and drum bearing grease can also be used as a general-purpose grease.

Therefore, with different types of wheel bearing grease each with an ideal purpose, it’s best that select the correct grease depending on the intended purpose.


In simple terms, viscosity is the rate at which a fluid resists flow. Wheel bearing greases come with different viscosity rates starting from zero to six. Zero-rated greases are almost liquid and flow with ease while a six rated grease is nearly solid. For heavy-duty equipment or vehicle such as RVs, you’ll a more viscous grease for optimum performance. For general use, greases rated between two to three are best.

Water Resistance

Almost all greases in the market today are water-resistant. It’s best to go for a water-resistant grease as it makes your car wheel bearings more durable by preventing rust and corrosion.

Temperature and Pressure Tolerance

An ideal wheel bearing grease should be able to withstand high temperatures usually as a result of friction between the bearings and adjacent moving parts of the wheel i.e., spindle and axle. White lithium-based grease has high-temperature tolerance range thus are best for use in heavy-duty equipment usually in metal to metal contact with extreme friction and corrosion.

Pressure tolerance is also a critical feature, especially if you’re used to applying emergency brakes on the wheels. Moly EP greases have excellent pressure tolerance.


For anyone looking to buy grease, it’s crucial to note that not all greases are compatible with each other even when designed for similar usage. Therefore, when buying grease, maybe to replenish an old grease, you would want to select one which is compatible or with the same kind of thickener.

Alternatively, if you don’t know the grease you’re replacing or can’t find the old brand you used, you’ll need to clean out the old grease as much as possible. Also, apply enough new grease to push out the old grease, especially if you completely can’t get it out.


Greases are rated using letters. Grease labeled G means it’s ideal for use in automotive wheel-bearing applications. In contrast, L means use on an automotive chassis to lubricate several moving parts such as spindles, universal joints, tie rods, steering knuckles, etc.

The letters A, B, and C are used to denote rankings. A is Good, B is Better, and C is Best. Therefore, a grease labeled GC would mean Best for automotive wheel-bearing use. Grease can also be rated using both G and L ratings. This indicates that it’s suitable for both chassis and bearing use. For instance, if a grease is labeled GC-LC, it means that it’s best for both automotive chassis and bearing use. Such ratings in grease for wheel bearings are according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.


Best Wheel Bearing Grease 2020

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease

Preview Product Rating Price
Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz,Green Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz,Green 3,609 Reviews $33.95

Brand: Lucas Oil

Model: 10301

Size: 14.5 oz.

Ingredients: Polyurea base

Viscosity Index: 99

Top of our list is the Lucas Oil Heavy Duty grease designed to sustain high pressure and high temperature as well. It features extremely high viscosity making it ideal to use on high-performance vehicles as well as heavy-duty trucks and farming or construction equipment.

Product Highlights

The Lucas oil heavy duty grease is specially formulated with polyurea base making it last up to 4 times longer than conventional grease products. The heavy-duty grease is also virtually waterproof and stable at all temperatures, thus ideal for high-speed bearings.

Lucas oil grease is GC-LB ranked, meaning that it can be used to lubricate chassis and bearing as well. The grease is OEM certified to enhance the durability of wheel bearings by conferring protection against oxidation.

The grease is fortified with an extreme pressure additive package to prevent copper corrosion, especially in regions with a humid saltwater environment. Additionally, the pressure additive package enhances the grease’s overall durability meaning that long storage won’t be an issue.

Despite the high viscosity index of 99, the grease is fairly easy to apply to any surface thanks to the smooth consistency with no abrasiveness. Apart from automotive wheel, Lucas Oil heavy-duty grease can be used on heavy-duty trucks as well as farming and construction equipment.

The grease comes packed in a cylindrical grease gun cartridge for ease of use. The container has a plastic safe, and it’s compatible with most standard grease guns.

When purchasing the product, it’s important to note that the grease is water-resistant but not on the marine-grade level. Also, it’s polyurea base makes it non-compatible with lithium-based greases which are compatible with a majority of grease types in the market.


  • Designed for high-speed bearings
  • All temperature stable
  • Virtually water-resistant
  • Lasts up to 4 times longer than conventional grease.
  • Exceeds lube for life specifications as well as OEM requirements.
  • Doesn’t leak or dry out.
  • NLGI rated


  • Weak cheap packaging- the container could easily leak or bend when subjected to intense pressure.
  • Waterproof not marine grade
  • Not compatible with lithium-based greases.


Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Bearing Grease

Brand: Valvoline

Model: VV985

Size: 14.1 oz/ 1 lb.

Ingredients: Molybdenum disulfide and Lithium complex

Viscosity Index: 135

The Valvoline wheel bearing grease is moly-fortified for increased strength. This heavy-duty wheel grease is suitable to use on high-performance vehicles manufactured in Japan, the USA, and Europe.

Product Highlights

The Valvoline VV986 is among the best lithium wheel-bearing grease formulas in the market currently. The grease is moly-fortified for enhanced sturdiness and boasts of a high temperature and heat tolerance of -60 to 425° Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the grease can withstand extreme pressure as it’s fortified by extreme pressure additives. It’s, therefore, suitable for use in high-performance vehicles or heavy-duty machinery to provide excellent load-carrying capability.

Valvoline SynPower grease also confers protection against rust and oxidation. This premium grease is grated NLGI #2, meaning that it’s easy to apply and won’t leak or washout once applied. It’s also GC-LB certified; therefore, you can use it to lubricate your wheel bearings and your vehicle’s chassis as well.

Apart from cars, this thick yet non-abrasive grease can also be used on heavy-duty construction machinery, motorbikes, and garden equipment.


  • Thick yet non-abrasive
  • Multi-purpose
  • High viscosity index
  • Moly-fortified for extra sturdiness
  • Rated NLGI #2 plus NLGI GC-LB
  • Protects against rust and oxidation
  • Withstands a wide working temperature as well as extreme pressure


  • Poor packaging-Not packed in a grease gun cartridge
  • Not waterproof
  • Tacky consistency


Royal Purple Multi-Purpose Synthetic Bearing Grease

Brand: Royal Purple

Model: ROY01312

Size: 14.1 oz.

Ingredients: Aluminum complex

Viscosity Index: 150

The Royal Purple is another excellent multi-purpose synthetic grease that can be used on marine settings, motor vehicles, firearm maintenance, and household applications.

Product Highlights

Royal Purple multi-purpose grease is made with an aluminum complex with non-corrosive additives for outstanding anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. This grease is also highly water-resistant with minimal emulsion and washout, ensuring your bearings never jam.

Royal Purple grease can endure extremely high pressure of up to 6, 000 psi as it’s more stable than most-lithium based greases. On top of that, it can withstand high-temperature conditions with the capability of cooling moving parts to make bearings run smoother and quieter. This significantly increases bearing life.

This grease is graded NLGI #2, meaning that it can withstand it retains its consistency even in extreme environments. It comes packed in a cylindrical container that fits into standard grease guns for ease of application. The package also consists of a locking plunger and a pause to prevent spillages when using it.


  • Highly water-resistant with minimal washout
  • Enhances bearing life
  • Confers protection against oxidation and corrosion i.e., rust
  • Withstands extreme pressure
  • Makes bearing run smoother and cooler


  • Short shelf life-Breaks down into oil and gunk under 1year
  • Not compatible with non-synthetic grease.


Lucas Oil Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

Preview Product Rating Price
Lucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease; Multi-Purpose;14 Ounce Lucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease; Multi-Purpose;14 Ounce 849 Reviews $15.05

Brand: Lucas Oil

Model: 10320

Size: 14. Oz.

Ingredients: Lithium complex

Viscosity Index: 95

Lucas Oil Marine grease is a multi-purpose marine-grade grease with excellent waterproofing capabilities with minimal washout. It’s ideal for high-performance automobiles & equipment that are regularly exposed to water.

Product Highlights

Lucas Oil is designed for heavy-duty applications in boats and high-performance vehicles that drive through wet or muddy terrain thanks to its unique water resistance capability achieved through the use of calcium sulfonate. The grease is made with lithium complex with unique polymers and anti-wear additives to prevent oxidation and rust

The grease is capable of withstanding extreme temperature and pressure, making it among the best heavy-duty wheel bearing grease for multi-purpose use. It can withstand extreme pressure of up to 500 kg-200kgs more a typical industrial grease.

Lucas Oil Marine grease is graded NLGI #2 and has a GC-LB certification meaning that it can be used to lubricate both wheel bearings and chassis. It can also be used to lubricate bikes, construction equipment, garden equipment, and also hydraulic machinery.


  • Excellent water proofing capability
  • Protects against grease and rust
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use-comes with a grease gun cartridge


  • May be too thick for general use
  • Not excellent for use in brake wheel bearings


Mag 1 720 Red High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Mag 1

Model: 720

Size: 14. Oz.

Ingredients: Lithium complex

Viscosity Index: 265

Mag 1 grease is specially formulated for disc wheel bearings but can also be used as a multi-purpose grease. Despite the high viscosity, it has a smooth consistency, which makes it easy to spread on surfaces.

Product Highlights

Mag 1 grease is made with lithium complex and contains additives to protect bearings from oxidation and heat due to extreme friction. The grease comes with a smooth consistency, which allows for easy application and also traps contaminants from gaining access and seizing the wheel bearings.

Mag 1 has an extensive operating temperature of -40°F, and 325°F therefore, can handle extreme heat emanating from disc brakes. It also has an impressive pressure tolerance and can handle intense pressure pretty well

The grease offers protection against metal corrosion, thus ideal for use in salt air or water environments. It also offers excellent water resistance capabilities, thus will protect your wheel bearings from water damage.

Mag 1 is graded NLGI #2 and can also be used on construction equipment as well as general household applications such as lubricating door hinges or handles. It comes packed in either a large 16oz tube for scooping or in a cartridge to insert into a grease gun.


  • High-temperature and high-pressure tolerance
  • Contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives
  • Offers excellent water resistance property
  • Multi-purpose easy to use


  • Not marine grade
  • Not best for heavy-duty use


Timken GR224C Heavy Duty Grease


Model: TIMGR224C

Size: 13.6 Oz.

Ingredients: Lithium complex

Viscosity Index: 96

The Timken GR224C is a multi-purpose high-temperature wheel bearing grease specially formulated to enhance your wheel bearing performance to reduce maintenance cost and provide the best value.

Product Highlights

Timken GR224C is a made with lithium complex and has corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additives for extra protection. It’s highly heat-tolerant with a wide operating temperature of -40°F – 250°F. The grease has some level of water resistance with minimal washout and can also withstand high pressure making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

This grease is best for disc and drum applications thanks to its smooth texture with no abrasive properties to provide mechanical stability in demanding applications. The grease is NLGI tested and graded with a #2. Besides, it’s GC-LB certified thus can be used on both vehicle’s chassis & wheel bearings

Timken GR224C is ideal for lubricating trailers wheel bearings, all types of car models, agricultural equipment, power tools, construction equipment, etc. It can be purchased as either a tub or grease gun cartridge for easy use.


  • Excellent for disc and drum applications
  • Water-resistant
  • Feature anti-wear and corrosion inhibiting additives
  • NLGI #2 and GC-LB certified
  • Withstands intense pressure and temperature
  • Well priced


  • Not fully water-resistant thus not suitable for marine use
  • Cheaper options are available.


Sta-Lube Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Sta-Lube

Model: TIMGR224C

Size: 14 Oz.

Ingredients: Aluminum complex

Viscosity Index: Not Given

If you’re looking for an extremely water-resistant wheel bearing grease for use in boats and high-performance vehicles, the Sta-Lube grease is your ideal choice.

Product Highlights

Sta-Lube Marine grease is made using aluminum complex with added polymer adhesives and refined base oil giving it a smooth consistency with excellent waterproofing capabilities. The grease will protect your wheel bearings from wear and corrosion and also provide a layer of protection against saltwater damage. This comes in handy to extend the life of your wheel bearings.

This marine-grade grease can function under extreme temperature conditions of up to 450°F thanks to the aluminum complex-it won’t leak in high temperatures. It’s ideal for use in marine equipment, boat trailer wheel bearings, winches, steering quadrants, steering cables on boats as well as high-performance vehicles

Sta-Lube is graded NLGI #2 and comes packed in a 14-ounce can or a 120 lbs. drum. You’ll need to purchase a cartridge for ease of application.


  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Withstands extreme pressure and temperature
  • Ideal for marine applications
  • Quite adhesive with almost zero washout


  • Too thick for general purpose use
  • You’ll need to purchase a cartridge separately.


Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: Star Brite

Model: 026014

Size: 14 Oz.

Ingredients: Hydrocarbons base

Viscosity Index: 205

Star Brite grease stands out among lithium-based greases thanks to its premium additive package that prevents corrosion and rust under extreme temperatures & weather conditions.

Product Highlights

The Star Brite grease is ideal for marine applications as it offers protection against extreme weather elements as well as prevent oxidation, corrosion as well as wear due to friction. It’s water-insoluble and highly resistant to washouts, thus perfect for marine environments.

The grease has a high viscosity index meaning that you’ll only need to apply it once in a while-no need for regular lubrication. It can withstand extreme temperatures up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit without leaking out of the bearings.

Star Brite is graded NLGI #2 with ASTM D4950 GC-LB certification. It comes packed in a long cylindrical cartridge, which is compatible with any standard grease gun. Applying the grease is therefore made easy.

Apart from high-performance vehicles, Star Brite grease is ideal for trailer wheel bearings, winches, water pumps, anchor chain reels, pins, garden equipment, power tools, motorbike parts, door hitches, etc.


  • High water resistance capability
  • NLGI approved, and GC-LB certified
  • High viscosity index
  • Adheres to ASTM D4950 requirements


  • You’ll need a grease gun for application
  • Other more tolerant greases are available.


LubriMatic’s Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

Brand: LubriMatic

Model: 11404

Size: 16 Oz.

Ingredients: Calcium sulphonate complex

Viscosity Index: 198

If you’re unable to choose an ideal grease from the ones discussed above, LubriMatic’s marine wheel bearing grease could be your best option. The grease exhibits greater shear stability than most lithium complex greases and provides excellent corrosion protection under severe conditions caused by salt, air, and water.

Product Highlights

LubriMatic’s Marine Grease features a unique calcium sulfonate complex, water-insoluble formula which is suitable for marine applications. It confers excellent corrosion protection as a result of harsh weather conditions such as salt, humidity, and air.

This grease can withstand high temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also waterproof and can sustain intense pressure. In the long run, this grease will extend the life of your bearings plus reduce maintenance intervals attributed to its thick consistency for long-lasting usage

LubriMatic’s Marine Grease is well suited for use in break bearings, swivel hinges, winches, anchor chain reels, boat trailers, etc. It’s graded NLGI #2, and also GC-LB certified thus can be used to lubricate U-joint, ball joint ,axle and other wheel parts.


  • Water-insoluble
  • High working temperature range- 550-degree F drop point
  • Offers excellent protection from severe weather conditions
  • Ideal for non-marine use as well
  • Extends bearing life


  • Not good for heavy-duty use


Closing Words

For any avid trailer or car owner, greasing the wheel bearings is mandatory to protect them from wear and tear by reducing friction and consequently optimize the car’s performance. For a wheel bearing grease to achieve its purpose of providing lubrication, it’s crucial to choose the correct type of grease by being mindful of key features such as water resistance, temperature dropping point, viscosity, etc. With the different wheel bearing grease types discussed above, you’ll surely find a product ideal for your application. Hopefully everything has been made clear enough in this article.

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