Best Truck GPS Reviews October,2022 : Top Selection For Truckers

From ensuring safety to enhancing the productivity of the drivers, getting a truck GPS is a must for every distribution company.

Truck GPS helps companies manage truck drivers in a more efficient way with its detailed route plans, wi-fi connectivity, and tracking processes.

However, since there are a lot of truck GPS, car GPS, and apps in the market, it is really hard for consumers to pick the right tool for themselves.

Have no worries. To help you get thebest truck GPS, we’ll review the finest GPS systems in this article.

We’ll also hand out a buying guide to make the entire process a lot easier.

Let’s get the show on the road. 

What Is A Truck GPS?

GPS means global positioning system. Truck GPS is a vehicle GPS with the latest technology.

Any distribution company working with two or more vehicles need a truck GPS. Because it pinpoints the driver's location, helps them navigate in the road, and gives them access to many more facilities.

A truck GPS is specially made for a truck, don't forget. A lot of people think about using maybe an app on a phone or a normal vehicle GPS, but they do not ensure everything the trucker GPS has to offer.

From pinpointing truck location to letting the driver know which road is allowed for the truck, truck GPS comes with its own unique utilities.

How Do Truck GPS Systems Work?

The system connects with the cellular network and satellite network. Maps and directions are already installed. With the help of the network, GPS lets a driver and the person monitoring know where exactly the truck is.

GPS is a small device that needs to be connected to a network before it gets going. Some GPS also have a camera installed for the road. From management efficiency to customer satisfaction, GPS is becoming a must in our life gradually. So, you need to buy a quality truck GPS to stay ahead in the game.

Best Truck GPS Systems Review

Here, ten handpicked GPS are reviewed to help you buy the best truck GPS. So, let’s have a look!

1. Garmin Nuvi 57LM

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System with Spoken Turn-By-Turn...
3,463 Reviews
Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System with Spoken Turn-By-Turn...
  • Foursquare - Search millions of additional new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare
  • Garmin Real Directions - Garmin Real Directions guides like a friend using landmarks and traffic lights

Minus the lifetime traffic options, Garmin Nuvi 57 LM deserves a special mention to the list. With only a 5-inch screen, it will get you where you want to go.

With built-in maps and parking features, the Garmin Nuvi 57 lm is easily the best pick for light use. It also comes cheap. With its camera compatibility, pinching zooming technology and the promise to help you reach your destination safely, it sure stands out in the market.

The problem with this device is that it is not known to be durable. At times, it even works far less than you would think. It has widely been criticized for not even being able to work properly after just one year of use.

Furthermore, the unreliability of this product also does not make it a go-to GPS for professional use; it does not include weight restrictions and other necessary trucking GPS options as well.

With its lightweight feature, low price tag and trip planner, this Garmin truck GPS may be a very good one if you're traveling on your vehicle, but not the best purchase for a fleet.

The company has also been criticized for distributing products with defects. So, the guarantee of durability and customer satisfaction may well be missing from the Garmin 57 LM.


  • Easy to use interface

  • Lifetime map updates

  • 5 inches and lightweight

  • Easy to carry

  • Parking feature, zooming into the roads feature and other various features included

  • Cheaper than other similar product in the market


  • Not durable

  • Very unreliable for the business purpose

2. Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Car GPS

Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Car GPS with Lifetime...
304 Reviews
Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Car GPS with Lifetime...
  • 7” glass, pinch to zoom display with dual-orientation(Please refer user manual attached below to change orientation)
  • FOURSQUARE - Search million of additional new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare

Garmin has a few different types of very good models out in the market. One of them is Garmin Nuvi. Now, Garmin Nuvi comes in LM & LMT versions. LM means lifetime map and the additional T refers to traffic. All the other features are similar in Garmin Nuvi, so just pick it if you think traffic also matters to you.

From 5 inch to 7-inch screen size, you can pick your favorite Garmin. With Garmin, the mounting is easy as always as you just need one tap and push. The features range from choosing destinations to save any specific place on the route to see available parking spots nearby.

The Garmin Nuvi also has a fuel manager and tends to be very user-friendly. Although it lacks some of the very basic business-related features that was discussed on McNally, it is your go-to product when looking to pinpoint your traffic location.

Although the Garmin Nuvi sure has some perks, it may not be the best Garmin truck GPS out there. The problem with the accessories (power cable, battery life) makes it very difficult to use or become fan favorites.

Also, the additional purchase fee for the lifetime traffic updates have also been widely criticized and have been considered a business agenda by many critics. Navigation at times has also been unreliable which is a very worrying problem indeed as this is the key feature of any GPS system out there.


  • Size varying in ranges
  • Easy mounting
  • Lifetime maps & traffic updates
  • Latest technology and user-friendliness
  • Easy to use interface


  • Accessories are not up to the mark
  • The navigator is not trustworthy

3. Garmin dēzl 770LMT

Garmin dezl 770LMTHD, Truck GPS Navigator with 7-inch Glass Display,...
635 Reviews
Garmin dezl 770LMTHD, Truck GPS Navigator with 7-inch Glass Display,...
  • Truck and Trailer Services Directory - Search and filter truck stops by brand name or preferred amenities. Find points of interest highly-rated by truckers, including hotels, restaurants and parking
  • Foursquare - Search millions of additional new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare

This device has taken the GPS world by storm thanks to its superior features and reasonable price tag. It is in the competition of being the best truck GPS system in the market.

The machine is delivered in a solid case to ensure zero product damage during delivery. With its true flat technology, the makers ensured the availability of the latest Android technology to this device, making it super easy to touch and go.

However, the concerning issue maybe the weight of the product and also the short battery life. Its battery tends to drain even faster while using features like navigating. But, considering the fact it will always be used within a vehicle, this may not be as big a concern as it sounds.

The suction mounting bracket is easy to use and install, and it also comes with the power cable and an extra memory card slot for expanded storage. Moreover, ranging from route information to fuel manager, the navigation unit comes with all the features a professional truck driver needs.

What sets this product apart from the competition is its routing software optimization technology. All you have to do is put the information in; then the navigator will tell you what route you should take.

The live HD traffic is also commendable as it is almost accurate in anticipating delays. It also gives directions in terms of landmarks, which is a great little tweak that makes the device very attractive. The camera also works great with this network, a great tool to have for a fleet that will surely keep you safe on the road.


  • Top tier android technology
  • Accurate navigating
  • Availability of all the necessary features
  • Easy mounting option


  • Heavier to carry
  • Short battery life
  • Tends to be expensive

4. Rand McNally TND 740

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7' HD...
561 Reviews
Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7" HD...
  • 7" HD Vibrant Display GPS Vehicle Navigation System
  • Truck-Specific Routing & FREE Lifetime Map Updates

With the most advanced technology found in any Rand Mcnally, this is the best Rand McNally truck GPS. This device is solely and dedicatedly designed for truckers and includes information like shipping and bridge weight restrictions which are unnecessary for other vehicles.

The Rand McNally worked with truck companies for a long time to create such products with optimized and planned routes to help truckers avoid any kind of unnecessary hazard. This is a professionally made GPS for the purpose of reducing the risks, ensuring driver safety and better customer communication.

This whole device works with only built-in software, and it cannot install anything additionally. It has a very easy-to-use mount which uses a magnetic hold and release system. So, it is actually an ideal tool for truckers who are not very tech savvy because of its lack of functionality.

Meanwhile, the map constantly takes updates, and with that, the device plans routes with fuel stations, restrooms, and restaurants to the utmost convenience of a trucker. It also has a very good logging system, and its on board metric system ensures the highest profitability for any fleet.

Even though this is only dedicated to truckers, products similar to this have additional functions which are completely missing from this device. Another issue with the device is that it comes with a hefty price tag which makes it impossible for many people to buy this product. 


  • Dedicated to only truckers
  • In-built functions cater to truckers every need
  • Fully customized routes
  • A great outlook with very easy to use mounting
  • Very fast processor
  • Constantly updating maps


  • Expensive than other similar products in the market
  • Needs wifi to use some inbuilt functions
  • The e-logging can’t be used without having the company’s dedicated ELD hardware
  • No additional function can be added 

5. Rand McNally 528013076

Rand McNally Android Tablet 80 with Built-in Dash Cam, Lifetime Maps,...
252 Reviews
Rand McNally Android Tablet 80 with Built-in Dash Cam, Lifetime Maps,...
  • The Capabilities & Features of the IntelliRoute(R) TND Truck GPS Devices
  • Preloaded Apps for Accounting Document Imaging and More

Rand McNally TND Tablet is considered one of the coolest truck GPS out there. A great tool to work with for business purposes as it has a built-in accounting software. It also has a very good truck GPS that covers state by state map. You can see your navigation no matter how zoomed out you are.

The Rand McNally TND has a truck GPS on the home screen, a trip planner, a fuel manager, and a dash camera to see the road. It works really well as an android device as well. It has its own built-in android software. From google play store you can download anything with the device.

But a perfect gadget doesn’t exist, and our first pick of the may not be the best trucking GPS system out there. With a lot of complaints from customers because of its decreasing function ability, problematic interface and bad customer service, Rand McNally does need to look within to set their operations right.

A lot of people also complained about the arrival package as the product came with certain damages. Being unable to charge and glitches regarding zooming was high on the complaint list.


  • Designed to fit the business purpose
  • Keeps track of logging
  • Perfect warnings on weight restrictions or navigations
  • Built-in Android software


  • Overpriced
  • A lot of its products are dysfunctional on the purchase

6. Garmin 010-01858-02 dēzl 580 LMT-S

Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator with 5-inch Display, Free...
2,616 Reviews
Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator with 5-inch Display, Free...
  • 5.0” truck navigator with maps of North America, Plus free lifetime map updates and free Live traffic
  • Customized truck routing for the size and weight of your truck, Plus alerts for upcoming Bridge heights, weight limits.Display resolution:480 x 272 pixels

Garmin is considered the industry leader and the 580 LMT shows us why. It is a complete package for a truck driver who makes his living by driving. This is one of the best GPS for the truck in my opinion.

With its voice recognition technology, truckers now feel truly secured using this device as you can use it without having to use your hands. From the 5-inch touch screen display to voice commands, this little device has it all.

As if all that wasn’t enough, it can even call you off when you're near the borders and warn you about speed limits as well.

It comes with 16 Gb memory with additional slot for extended storage. The two-hour battery life is not quite up to the expectation. But it is still more than most other GPS trackers out there. 

What you won't expect in this device is that it alerts you about incoming emails, and it reads them out to you too. The adjustive brightness works really well as well.

The problem with Garmin dezl 580 is that it doesn’t take loaded trucks into accounts and sometimes it takes you away from your actual destinations. It also doesn’t tell you if a certain area allows entry or how much weight you should be carrying on a certain road.

But with its voice recognition technology and a detail input of maps, it still is the favorite GPS for many truckers at this price. And moreover, the glossy outlook and black label blow your mind at the end of the day.


  • Voice recognition system
  • Extended storage space
  • Polished & glossy outlook
  • Cheaper in price


  • Short Battery span
  • The route is not dependably accurate
  • A few professional features are missing

7. TomTom VIA 1535TM

Maybe not the best trucker GPS out there, but if you want a device that will help you get the job done but will not cost you a fortune, this device of TomTom is for you.

The TomTom VIA 1535 comes with more cons than pros, really. It doesn't allow HD screen. It also has very limited memory, and you won't be able to update the map without using an additional memory card. It also doesn't come in with every available feature in the market.

But the 5-inch display comes with a user-friendly interface and has a different look than the rest of the navigators in the market. It also is lightweight and easy to mount. Also, it has a detailed map including all the road names which is effectively missing from other usual products in the market.

The device comes with an amazing voice recognition system, which at the given price is an astonishment to think. But as expected, the voice command isn’t of the best quality out there. In terms of making calls, the voice command is known to let you down. So, even with this feature, you may well have to use other options when making a call.

It has an interesting feature built in which is called map sharing. Any trucker encountering a difference in the map can make their input to the device, which makes it one of your own. Overall, the map is very detailed, and the GPS is excellent. And with market-beating price, it gets you where you want to go.


  • Cheaper in price
  • Voice recognition system
  • Detailed map and map sharing feature for customers
  • Excellent GPS and map accuracy


  • Voice recognition system doesn’t properly work
  • Very limited inbuilt space, making it harder to update maps

8. Garmin RV 760 LMT

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator
963 Reviews
Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator
  • Large 7" high-resolution touchscreen display: 800 x 480 pixels; WVGA TFT color display with white backlight
  • Specialized RV routing based on customizable restrictions including height, weight, width and length

This is the go-to gadget for people who need to drive cross country on a regular basis. It's perfect for long journeys due to its superior GPS accuracy. With its 7-inch touch screen and easy to use layout, Garmin 760 is still considered one of the best in the market.

Among many of its features, it includes exclusive connectivity and provides lifetime traffics with a dedicated FM device for free. Also, it has a good voice recognition system. Moreover, its Bluetooth feature ensures the driver gets all the information through the headset and can give voice commands easily in heavy traffic as well.

It also has dedicated apps that can see itself be easily connected to any android device and from there they can easily pass information as well. With a suction cup mounting system, it ensures the safety of the device rather well.

A bright display with adaptive brightness ensures an overall battery lifetime of one and a half hour even when it is not plugged into the car.

The problem persists even with the 760 as it is also inaccurate in suggesting routes. This inaccuracy happens a lot of times because of the wrong inputs, but even so, the product is largely inaccurate at times. It creates hassles for customers that way.


  • Big touchscreen, good display
  • Adaptive brightness can easily be visible even when the sun is straightly ahead
  • User-friendly interface and voice recognition system
  • Good overall connectivity
  • Lifetime map and traffic updates
  • Additional features include good Bluetooth connection


  • Largely inaccurate in terms of suggesting routes

  • Is not known to be very durable

  • Takes a lot of time to calculate 

9. Rand McNally TND730

Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator
433 Reviews
Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator
  • Two new interface options: Ice and Carbon
  • Updated look: New hardware, faster processor, new interface options, improved maps

Our last pick of the day is another one from the famous Rand McNally, arguably the best truck GPS navigation company. It has a 7-inch touch screen that ensures adaptive brightness for the drivers. It also successfully estimates your toll costs and helps you choose roads that will reduce the cost and maximize overall profit.

Also, it has advanced lane assistance built into the device. Moreover, it comes with a new interface and a great outlook, nonetheless. The 730 brings the Rand McNally dock into the market. The dock has all the features a professional truck driver may need. It even helps you calculate fuel prices.

It also has an amazing additional feature called roadwork, where it tells you about the roads where construction works are going so that truckers may choose to avoid those roads and save time.

Rand McNally is always accurate in displaying and suggesting routes. But sometimes, they may fail to understand the proper need of a consumer and thus fail to suggest accordingly.

Another drawback maybe is the fact that live traffic is not included in the platform, it needs subscription and payment to acquire that function which is rather problematic for drivers. Rather it is easier to get one that comes with in-built live traffic updates.

But overall it gets the job done perfectly, has a very good responsive touch screen and is somewhat less expensive than other products of the same company.


  • Big touch screen with a completely new interface
  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Additional features include on point weather warning plus construction work warning
  • Comes with the doc with every possible feature a truck driver may need


  • Not always accurate in suggesting routes
  • Live traffic is not included
  • Expensive 

10. TomTom Trucker 600

TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device - GPS Navigation for Trucks
106 Reviews
TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device - GPS Navigation for Trucks
  • Get customized routes for your vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed, making your journeys more time efficient with this truck gps navigation device; Customized truck routing takes the guesswork...
  • Save on driving time by conveniently pre planning a route anytime and anywhere with my drive; Customize journeys with preferred roads or stops, and sync the route to your trucker gps

With this device, the company is trying to improve their customized truckers' GPS that includes road heights, overpass heights, and every commercial restriction. It has a commendable mounting system that holds and doesn't come down even when the defrost fan is on.

The TomTom trucker allows anyone to drive freely and also keeps themselves connected because it has an additional feature that can make the GPS device connected to the phone. It will then use the phone's traffic system. In addition, it has a lifetime map and traffic as well.

Another commendable feature is my drive app which is accessible from pc and can be connected to the device as well. Any updates made on that app will automatically be downloaded into the TomTom trucker 600.

It has the general customized routing feature as well as the fuel manager, and all the other necessary features a professional may need. 

Also, it has been designed in a way that any personal vehicle owner can make customized changes and use it to his specific needs as well. So, it doesn't limit the market. On the contrary, it challenges both the individual GPS market and fleet GPS market at the same time. Therefore, it is the best semi-truck GPS in my opinion.

Even though it uses cellphone connectivity to adapt to the traffics, it is sometimes a hassle for drivers to maintain and synch both the devices. What’s much more concerning is the fact even though it is catered and designed specifically for loaded trucks, more often than not it sends those trucks in places they are not allowed to go. 


  • Dedicated to loaded truck users
  • Permit personal use as well
  • Regular features include everything a professional truck driver needs
  • The additional features ensure better connectivity and enhance overall communication


  • Too complex to sync to your phone
  • GPS is not always accurate 

How to Choose the Suitable Truck GPS

Choosing the right truck GPS may be overwhelming with so many options in the market. Also, you may not know what to look for when looking into it.

So, here are the features you should know about while looking to buy the most suited truck GPS for your fleet, or for yourself.

## Screen Size

Screen size may vary, but it is strictly between four to eight inches. Anything more than that might be too heavy, and anything less may create serious visual problems for the driver.

People usually love the seven-inch touchscreen because it isn’t too heavy, and the view of the map is found in better details. Also, the visual is considered crisp.

## Alerts & Notifications

How you receive your notification is of utmost concern when you're hitting the road. Recent devices all have built-in voice recognition technology; they can understand voice commands and also read notifications loud as well.

Pop up notifications may create a real hazard while you are driving as it can distract you. In fact, a loss in concentration during driving can cause fatal accidents. Therefore, I advise you to get a device that can read notifications aloud.

## Mounting Option

Although it doesn't seem like much of a concern at first, without a proper mounting option, your device may fall and get broken. It has happened to a lot of consumers as well.

The magnet holds and release is known to be most effective in terms of mounting and setting up your device in the truck. Most of the products that I reviewed come with this feature, so, you shouldn’t have a problem regarding this.

## Drive Assist Feature

This is the most important part you should be putting your focus upon. There’s a lot of features available to cater to the driver’s need in the market. However, you need to be able to pick the one which is best for you.

Some assisting features include live traffic updates, detailed maps with the trip planner, fuel manager, route suggestions, etc.

An amazing feature called roadwork also notifies you if there are constructions ahead so that you can change route and save your valuable time.

Knowing the features and researching which one caters to your need will help you create an effective short list. Please bear in mind that a lot of devices announce these features, but they do not work properly.

That is exactly why you need to go through reviews to make your final shortlist of products. Here is the description of some basic features:

  • Live traffic updates tell you where traffic congestion is and estimates your delay.
  • Detailed maps pinpoint your location and lets you know the name of the road.
  • Trip planner completely plans the trip for you with suitable restrooms, restaurants and gas stations as pit stops, according to your necessity.
  • Fuel Manager helps you keep track of your fuel. Some even help you calculate them.
  • Route suggestions tell you why you should take another road instead of this one. This may occur because of regulations, weight restrictions, congestions, etc.

## User Interface & Brands

User interface & brands are key features you need to keep in mind. Some devices come with additional functions, and there are devices which allow you to use only built-in apps. There are perks and problems in both kinds of devices. You need to understand which caters to your specifications and adjust accordingly.

Moreover, you also need to check which interface looks easier to you. And of course, you have to keep the brands in minds. Because the quality of production may vary from brands to brands resulting in different outlook, polishing, and the difference in overall performance, etc.

You need to be concerned about the average lifespan the products come with as well. Choosing a good customer service providing brand may be a good idea for you in the long run.

## Connectivity

With the advancement of technology, now you can connect your device to your phone, pc and plan your trip ahead. It also creates overall better communication.

So, it's really important to get a device that offers the best connectivity.

Taking all of the above-mentioned points into consideration, you can research, read reviews, and understand which device is best for you in the market, before you invest in your truck GPS.

Is A Truck Navigation GPS Worth the Investment?

Although, the utilities of the truck navigation GPS are right there, given the expensive price tag, a lot of people ask if the truck GPS is worth investing in. 

The answer is; yes, especially when you have a fleet, and you need to constantly take care of your drivers. A GPS makes things easier for you for these kinds of things. 

Although Google maps and other mobile GPS is readily available, the truck GPS systems are specifically designed for this business, allowing the input of valuable information like bridge restrictions, weight restrictions, road heights which are absolute necessities for a trucker.

A truck GPS also helps you maximize your profit with its inbuilt app features that suggest roads with lower tolls and fuel management.

Why You Need A Truck GPS?

You need a truck GPS to ensure driver safety. Your drivers are driving in remote places, and god forbid, if something happens, with the help of the navigator, they can be easily found.

Also, it enhances productivity as it creates a better monitoring system. Not only that, you can answer better to your customer and raise satisfaction by letting them know where their goods are now currently.

And as a driver, it is a must have tool for you so that you can drive safely, drive right and do not get distracted. It also saves you from unnecessary hazards as it plans ahead with your fuel count and other necessary data in the account.

How to Track A Truck GPS?

With the advancement of technologies, tracking a GPS has never been easier. You can track a GPS simply by connecting it with your cellular phone. You can also take help from the satellite. As long as your GPS is on, you will be visible and pinpointed on the map.

So, after installing the device on your truck, make sure everything is okay, and you are being able to properly track it as well. It is an amazing way to ensure safety. What’s more amusing is it does everything automatically. All you need to do is set it up.

How to Install GPS Tracker in Truck?

A GPS Tracker can usually be installed in two ways. The first one is hard wiring it. It is usually done in case of a small GPS device, and it is installed in a hidden place to ensure vehicle safety. However, this is not how you can install it in a truck.

A truck GPS needs to be installed in a plug-in system, omitting the necessity to charge. It is usually connected through the OBD port of the vehicle with a power cable. The cable comes with the product.

You can also fit your tracking the device on the dashboard. Then all you need to do is mount your device to ensure it from falling.

Following this process helps you never to worry about the battery life of your device again!

How to Update Truck GPS?

Updating your truck GPS isn't very different from updating your Android or iPad. You need to click on the map and check for update. If there is one, it will start updating. Most Truck GPS comes with an auto-update policy to always help you stay convenient on the road, so you don't have to worry about this at all.

Do keep in mind, you need a trusted Wi-Fi connection to update your device. In this case, sometimes you may find that your device does not have enough storage to update. No worries, all you need to get then is an additional memory card and expand your storage.

Train Your Truck Driver

You need to keep this in your mind that your truck driver may not be tech-savvy, and you need to train them in order to make them start using the device.

First, you need to verbally introduce the device and tell them how it is designed to help them on the road. Then, you need to teach them how to put inputs accordingly in the device.

You also need to describe the features and teach them how to use it. Considering the fact that everybody uses a smartphone nowadays, this shouldn't be a big concern.

However, you can also take the help of Google and YouTube to explain things to them in a simple way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to hide GPS Tracker on Truck?

You can hide your GPS tracker in the dashboard. But if you need to access the camera and maybe go through the interface, this is not always an option.

2. How often will my GPS send updates?

It depends upon the brands. But usually, with a subscription option, you'll get an update at least once a month.

3. Is there a special GPS for truck drivers?

Yes, there is. They are specifically designed only for truck drivers. These devices include all the features a professional driver may need.

4. What is the difference between a car GPS and a truck GPS?

A car GPS is installed only for direction and safety. But a truck GPS has many more features. For example, it holds information about various restrictions for a truck, and it plans trips accordingly.

5. Will my drivers see each other’s GPS points?

With permission, it is possible to connect your drivers and let them see each other’s GPS points. But it solely depends upon you.


It is imperative that you invest in the market to acquire the best truck GPS. It will improve your overall service, productivity, and profit altogether with one simple device.

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