Top 20+ Best Tool Chest in October,2022. [Review and Buying Guide]

Let’s take a quick trip around your workroom or garage…

How do you store your tools? Do you drop them in some old worn outbox in no particular order or do you leave them lying around? If yes, you might be having a hard time whenever you want to use a particular tool but can retrieve it fast enough.

In that case, you need to get yourself the best tool chest as soon as now and make your life easier (and your job fun).

But I’ve to be open with you… finding the perfect tool chest for your need is a bit confusing because they come in different sizes, shapes (and even colors!).

Nevertheless, I’ve saved you the struggle by compiling a list of the best tool boxes available on the market below.

Well, allow me to explain to you what a tool chest is and how purchasing a quality one will make your life and work easier…

Choosing the right chest is complicated, but I’ve taken the time to choose some of the great toolboxes/chests that may work for you.

Let’s walk straight to our reviews of the top tool chests on the market today…

Preview Product Rating Price
Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box, Red Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box, Red 165 Reviews
Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest, Blue Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest, Blue 181 Reviews
Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage and Tool Organizer and Storage System... Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage and Tool Organizer and Storage System... 61 Reviews
DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box, Deep (DWST17806) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box, Deep (DWST17806) , Black 26,130 Reviews $32.87
WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest, Silver/Black WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest, Silver/Black 169 Reviews $92.53
Milwaukee MTB2600 26 in. Jobsite Work Tool Box Milwaukee MTB2600 26 in. Jobsite Work Tool Box 432 Reviews
STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest, 50-Gallon (037025H) STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest, 50-Gallon (037025H) 1,386 Reviews $115.80
TB3205X-BR Excel 22' Roller Tool Cabinet with 5 Ball Bearing Drawers,... TB3205X-BR Excel 22" Roller Tool Cabinet with 5 Ball Bearing Drawers,... 15 Reviews
Kennedy Manufacturing 520B 7-Drawer Machinist's Chest with Friction... Kennedy Manufacturing 520B 7-Drawer Machinist's Chest with Friction... 60 Reviews $525.67
Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box... Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box... 553 Reviews
Tool cart with plastic drawers, tool box and tool chest. Tool cart with plastic drawers, tool box and tool chest. 2,345 Reviews $470.00
Keter - 241008 Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System... Keter - 241008 Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System... 2,793 Reviews
Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox Stool Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox Stool 422 Reviews $129.00
Excel TB2201X-Black 22-Inch Steel Chest Roller Cabinet Combination,... Excel TB2201X-Black 22-Inch Steel Chest Roller Cabinet Combination,... 355 Reviews
Craftsman 4 Drawer Chest with Large Top Compartment Craftsman 4 Drawer Chest with Large Top Compartment 189 Reviews
Viper Tool Storage V1804WHR 16-Inch 4-Drawer 18G Steel Rolling... Viper Tool Storage V1804WHR 16-Inch 4-Drawer 18G Steel Rolling... 111 Reviews $630.67
Homegear CTHGT-010A Large Tool Chest Homegear CTHGT-010A Large Tool Chest 91 Reviews
Handyman Heavy Duty Steel Toolbox with Chests and Roller Cabinets 4... Handyman Heavy Duty Steel Toolbox with Chests and Roller Cabinets 4... 96 Reviews
HomCom 2 Piece Rolling Tool Cabinet Storage Set with 5 Drawers and... HomCom 2 Piece Rolling Tool Cabinet Storage Set with 5 Drawers and... 53 Reviews

The 20 Best Tool Chest  in October,2022. [Reviews]

1. Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest Cabinet

This is a very durable toolbox we are talking about now. If you have been worried about securing your tools, then be so no more. For, they have made sure that this box holds right your valuable possessions in the garage. There are six drawers in this toolbox. Also, two trays are in place, which is spacious.

They have done a great job with the bottom cabinet making it impressively big. This thing doesn’t seem to mind holding a whole bunch of stuff for you with such a large cabinet. If there’s ever been a sturdy construction, it’s the one you will see in this toolbox. We are talking about heavy-duty steel construction.

In terms of paint, it was wise on their behalf for thinking of an impressive coating. This way, there won’t be corrosion and rust. If you want to keep it outside, go ahead! You will also be impressed with the portability this product offers. They have made the top chest detachable for this purpose.

It’s always cool to have the drawers and trays removable. This way, you can carry them to distant places easily along with the tools inside. Manufacturers also have taken the security issue seriously. That’s why you see the key lock in place. Thus, there will be no fear any more of important stuff getting stolen.

When you have a big project on hands, you will love this key lock feature more. And what’s the most outstanding of all features is that there are four efficient wheels in place. Therefore, you can move the toolbox around as much as you want. Now, that’s called convenience! And, you are getting it cheap.

Key Features

  • Six drawers and two trays that are very spacious
  • Enormous bottom cabinet
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant paint
  • Removable drawers and trays
  • Features a key lock

2.  Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box (Red):

At our first position, let’s look at a chest from Excel- the TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box (Red). Unlike most of its competitors out there, this beautifully constructed toolbox has been designed to last for years, holding all your tools in an organized and safe manner.

This particular toolkit provides you with three drawers to meet your storage needs. While that might sound like limited storage, you’ll be surprised to note that they’re big enough to hold a broad range of tools.

What’s more, these drawers feature full-length aluminum pulls so that you can quickly open them when you need to access your tools. If you think the drawers aren’t enough for your tools, there’s still more storage space in terms of a top tray. This will also hold as many items as possible.

Excel has a mark of quality in all their products. This has been shown in this particular product by the sturdy steel construction. Plus a chemical and scratch resistant finish that enables the chest to maintain its new, attractive look for many, many years to come.

Key Features

  • Full-length aluminum pulls.
  • Constructed from cold rolled steel.
  • Easy grip handle for portability.
  • Top tray, sturdy steel construction.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Lid Activated Rear Locking Mechanism.

3.  Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest (Blue):

Also from Excel, we have the TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest- Blue in color. This model also acts as a perfect addition to your professional garage or workstation. The thoughtfully crafted chest offers you lots of space to store all the tools you have at hand. And like other Excel models, it also features a chemical and scratch-resistant finish to make it last longer.

Looking closely, these drawers offer you two drawer heights to make it easy for you to store all your tools- that is, 2 9/16” and 1 9/16”. Also, don’t forget it features a top rack that translates to more storage space. One thing worth nothing about these drawers is that they come with a liner to prevent your equipment from scratching the chest. The quality of the product lead us to keep it in our best mechanic toolbox list.

Things get better when you notice that this model comes with a lock system to ensure you keep all your items safe when away. The fact that the locker comes with two keys means you can keep one as your spare and use it when the other gets lost.

All the drawers are designed to fasten with a single lock. Because all the drawers feature full-length aluminum pulls, it becomes pretty easy and quick to open them and access your tools.

Like the other Excel chest, this one too features a sturdy steel construction to enable it to stand the test of time. Also, it comes with a recessed side handle so that you can move it from one place to another without any struggles. Those features make it one of the best tool chest.

Key Features

  • Up to 5 drawers with ball bearing slide.
  • Powder-coated steel body for superior durability.
  • Recessed side handles make the chest easy to move around.
  • Comes with a lock with two keys.

4. Keter Modular Garage and Tool Organizer and Storage System Tool Chest Review

Keter is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products and a global trendsetter in the do-it-yourself in the world. Keter works tirelessly to create the best tool storage and worksite products.Keter Chest is a pretty great idea and a cool way to store and transport your tools and accessories. It is so versatile that you can easily load it onto your truck bed, move around in your work space floor, or you can use as a permanent storage solution inside of your office.

When compared to some of the other tool chests, it seems that Keter might understand its potential consumers far better than some of the brands which are manufacturing tool storage products for decades.

Although, this isn’t constructed of steel but the chest is made of a durable polypropylene resin which gives superior resistance to scratches and corrosion. The toolbox has five sturdy drawers, you’ll have easy and complete access to all your important tools.It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to store the frequently used tool at the top as the topmost bins slide apart. The ball bearing sliders create a drawer toolbox that owners can rely on for smooth, effortless performance. And the bottom drawer offers deep storage space for your larger instrument such as electric screwdrivers and drills. It is the best rolling toolbox you can get in the market.

Key Features

  • Durable polypropylene resin construction.
  • Central locking system.
  • Integrated carry handles for easier mobility.
  • Features wheels for rolling transport.
  • 16 removable bins and dividers to organize the little things.
  •  Bottom drawer offers deep storage space for larger tools.


26,130 Reviews

If you are looking for a robust, compact, durable toolbox to store your tools and transport them to your place of work, then DEWALT DWST17806 deep box is all you need. DEWALT is one of the most competitive brands for producing quality and high standard tools and equipment.

Therefore, you are sure that investing in this deep box from DEWALT will not be a mistake but rather will provide you with exceptional service. The box is designed using quality material for durability and longevity even when heavily loaded.

It has a protective lid to ensure that it stores your tools safe and they are not exposed to rain and other toxic weather conditions. The box has a lightweight structure, which makes it easy to carry and load it in a truck when you want to take it to a distanced place.

However, when working locally, the 44lbs weight capacity is also easy to push and pull; therefore, there is no need to worry. The best thing with this deep box is that you can store whatever tools you have including the corded one and be sure they will be safe for future usage.

  • Removable interior tray for quick access.
  • Weight capacity of 44 lbs
  • Built in bi-material handle for easy and stable portability
  • Heavy-duty metal latches and hinges

6. WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest:

If you want to add some professional feel to your garage or workshop, then you should consider buying this WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest. Built with industrial work and professional mechanics in mind, this is just the best mechanic tool box unit option you need to make your job easier and more organized.

Made from the 19 gauge steel metal, this is no doubt of the few top-quality tool chests that can withstand the weight of your tools without getting strained (and actually last a lifetime).

The super-stylish model comes with three drawers which let you organize your instruments for quick retrieval. The biggest drawer- at the base- measures 22.2” x 10.6” x 2.9”. That’s almost 3 inches depth, making it ideal for holding your larger tools. The other two drawers, measuring 22.2” x 10.6” x 2,” will handle all the other tools you have.

For added convenience, the three drawers come with self-locking ball-bearing slides plus protective drawer liners. Securing the drawers is easy, too as they come fully embedded with self-locking mechanisms.

Disregarding its price tag, the wen is one serious toolbox that can be rightfully called as one the best tool chest

Key Features

  • 1159 cubic inches storage space.
  • 45mm ball bearing slides with self-locking features.
  • Full-length drawer pulls.
  • keyed rear locking system.

7. MILWAUKEE 26 In. Jobsite Tool Box

Looking for a toolbox that will stay strong even when there are impacts? Then you might want to check out what we have here. This toolbox will serve a lot of purposes. For instance, it comes with a removable tray in the interior. With this in place, you can organize your tools better, especially if they are smaller.

We are talking about 200 pounds of weight capacity. That’s huge, as far as toolboxes go. Now, dealing with a 26-inch unit isn’t easy. That’s why; they have introduced side handles in it. Thanks to these, the toolbox becomes highly portable.

Moreover, it comes with a handle on the top. You can use it when there’s not much weight involved. Carrying the box will be easy with it then. What’s most impressive about this model is that it’s waterproof. Yeah, you heard it right. You’ve got to check out the weather seal gasket it features that makes it such.

It’s always a matter of concern with toolboxes that the stuff inside might get lost or stolen. Well, if you purchase this unit, there won’t be any such happening, thanks to the locking system it features.

In terms of durability, you will find it ridiculously sturdy. You can even drop it a 1000 times. To your astonishment, you will find no remarkable damage to it. That’s why; we recommend this product highly for home uses.

Now, the model has a drawback. Though there’s a lock introduced in the box, they couldn’t make it efficient enough. No one will like a lock that allows the box to be pried open without much effort. If it wasn’t the case with this model, then it would have been a much greater option than it already is.

Key Features

  • The removable interior tray makes it easy to organize small tools
  • Ergonomic handle enhances portability
  • Very well-constructed
  • Has a locking system in place

8. Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Transporting your tools from one job site to the other is not an easy task especially if you don’t have a convenient transportation bag. This might require you to take one tool at a time something that will waste much time. It gets even more complicated when you are not sure of what tools you will use for the job ahead.

However, that should not be your worry with this Stanley gallon mobile chest. The chest is large enough to accommodate all sets of tools, and it is quite easy to transport.

It has large wheels that make pushing it on a smooth ground quite, and the wheels guarantee that you don’t have to carry it around. The chest also has a wide pull-out handle with soft grip for easy maneuverability.

Additionally, unlike other chest designed with cheap material, this guarantees you durability and efficiency regardless of what the chest passes through. The wheels are heavy-duty and will last you pretty long even through tough terrains.

The entire chest is strong and will withstand whatever pressure that happens around. Its design and manufacturing material is robust, secure and highly durable. Therefore, you are sure that it will serve you for generations to come.

Key Features

  • Extended Handle for rolling the box easily.
  • Wide, heavy duty rubber coated wheel.
  • Large nickel-plated metal latch
  • Comes with lock with two keys.
  • Enormous capacity

9. Excel TB3205X-BR Tool Cabinet:

Also from Excel, we have the Excel TB3205X-BR which is a chest and cabinet combination. This model also acts as a perfect addition to your professional garage or workstation. Although most of the excel chests are made of steel this one is made of polypropylene body construction which allows it to make it last longer. Five drawers offer you to make it easy for you to store all of your necessary tools. There’s a top tray for access to tools you need to get to immediately. One more thing is as the chest is polypropylene made its superior resistance to scratches and corrosion. The steel locking bar along with your lock allows for simple securing of all the drawers and top tray. The fact that the locker comes with two keys means you can keep one as your spare and use it when the other gets lost. Drawers are equipped with ball-bearing slides which provide smooth movement of the drawers and easy access to your tools. All the drawers feature full-length aluminum pulls, it becomes pretty easy and quick to open them and access to the instrument. Like the other Excel chest, this roller tool cabinet comes with mounted on 3 in. all swivel casters for easy mobility. All those features push us to keep it in the best tool chest list.

Key Features

  • Up to 5 drawers with ball bearing slide.
  • polypropylene body construction for superior resistance to scratches and corrosion.
  • Recessed side handles make the chest easy to move around.
  • Comes with lock with two keys.
  • Full-length aluminum drawer pulls.
  • Four 3-In swivel casters for mobility and convenience

10. Kennedy Manufacturing 520B Tool Chest/Storage Box/Cabinet/Sliding Drawers:

Kennedy Manufacturing enjoys a never-ending reputation for its dedication to providing you with the best toolboxes on the planet. This is especially true when it comes to the production of mechanist’s chests. On this list, we’ll look at one of the company’s top-rated mechanist chest- the520B 7-Drawer Tool Chest.

This is one of the top reasons which place it on the lists of the best mechanist toolboxes is its seven drawer design. This allows you to easily designate spaces for all your tiny tools and items that tend to be a bit harder to store than the larger tools. You’ll also get up to 8 adjustable drawer dividers to make it easy for you to organize your tools inside these drawers.

As if that’s not enough, the drawers come fitted with top till wool and felt which helps protect the precision tools. You also can’t help noticing the steel core top handle with vinyl cushioning for a comfortable, secure grip.

On top of it all, the toolkit has a wrinkle brown finish that helps prevent dents, making your chest remain as good as new for years to come.

Key Features

  • A tubular locking system keeps all your items secure.
  • Drop front panel design for securing and concealing drawers.
  • Eight adjustable drawer dividers.
  • Felt-lined drawer and Till for protecting precision tools.
  • Built with industrial-grade metal for superior durability.

11. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box Cabinet Sliding Drawers: Best Rolling Tool Box

Next on the line, we have the Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box Cabinet. This particular combo comes with a bright red color that will pull you closer to it like a magnet pulls steel! Why do we call it a combo? Right, it comes with two pieces, the cabinet, and the tool chest. It gives you the option of using them separately or together. And in any case, you’ll enjoy ample storage space!

Now when you get closer to this tool chest, you’ll be awed not only by its overall construction beauty but also the amazing features it has to offer you. You’ll quickly note all the storage compartments to ensure you safely store all your tools- no matter how big or small.

You’ll get up to 6 drawers (3 small, three large), 1 top drawer, two trays, and then one big bottom cabinet for holding those large tools you’ve at your workstation. Only the top drawer can be locked, though, so you’d better put your valuable tools in this part.

Taking a look inside the drawers exposes you to some foam material which serves some useful purpose. They help keep your tools together and the same time absorbs any oil present and make sure instruments won’t be clanging against the metal surfaces.

This is considered as best portable rolling toolbox which makes it easy for you maneuver this tool chest around your workstation, it comes with a side handle and four wheels that rotate in all directions.

The entire model is designed using solid steel to ensure it lasts a lifetime,

Key Features

  • Equipped with sufficient storage space: 3 small drawers, three large drawers, two trays, 1 top box drawer, and one big bottom cabinet.
  • Drawers and trays come with a foam material to help keep all your tools in place and absorb oil.
  • The tool chest unit features a lock and keys for safekeeping of your tool when you’re away.
  • The side handles, and four wheels makes it easy to move around.

12. Tool Cart With Plastic Drawers

When it comes to making workshop products, this company doesn’t mess around. It makes them the best way. Now, is this product also up to the mark? That’s for you to decide. My poor self will just describe it as it is. However, I start by saying this much, it features some remarkable stuff.

If you want to enjoy working on your DIY project, you need something to hold all the tools in a nicely arranged way. And that’s why you want to buy this product. It will make work fun by holding the tools right. Now, I was astonished at the design of this toolbox. They don’t make them so stylish much often.

Anyway, this little beauty has a lot more to offer than just impressive design and look. Apart from its gorgeously black surface, it provides you with detachable toolboxes. This way, it lets you customize your garage or rolling workshop the way you like.

Stacking and removing toolboxes with simplicity is something that I found cool about this model. And it’s needless to say how fun wheels are. Since we are dealing with a product that will hold your essential tools, portability becomes much more important of a feature. You can choose this best tool chest with out any hesitation.

You can put a whole bunch of tools in the toolbox and still carry it around without any hassles. I mean the 78 cm wheels aren’t there for nothing, right? So, you can imagine how much maneuverability this product comes along.

What’s also spectacular is that it allows you to use it for carrying large tools such as, saws. As if the unit wasn’t too great by providing you with the utmost convenience. Now, is the product a bit small? I think so and wish that they have made it a bit bigger.

Key Features

  • The black surface makes it pretty good looking
  • Detachable tool boxes let you customize your workshop nicely
  • Efficient wheels for high portability
  • Portable
  • The price is affordable
  • Easy to use

13. Keter 241008 Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer

You don’t have to stress yourself how to transport your tools any moment you need to work at a distant place. Instead, invest in a master loader plastic portable rolling organizer. This best rolling toolbox has a convenient space that allows you to organize your tools neatly and in an organized way.

Depending with the nature of your work, the box has various compartments that allow you to arrange tools separately. Therefore ensuring that you can comfortably access what you often use without having to remove all tools in the box.

Additionally, this portable organizer features strong manufacturing material that guarantees it’s highly durable and will provide you with exceptional service for quite some time. Its big wheels and study and easy to navigate even through tough terrains, which assures you that you can get to any worksite.

  • Central locking mechanism enhance the security
  • Extendable handle for rolling easily
  • Compartmentalized bins
  • It can weigh 66.15 lbs

14. Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox

Here’s a toolbox that’s new in the market. It will work as a seat for you when you will be working on your project. They have provided impressive storage in this box. You can keep your tools arranged nicely inside it. Also, keeping track of them will be easy, thanks to the design it comes with.

While using it as a seat, you will find it to stay firm in its position. That way, you will be content knowing it won’t slide with you on the top. Manufacturers have done a great job with the construction of this toolbox.

They have used heavy-duty steel in making it. Its weight capacity is way more than generous, which is 450 pounds.

The swiveling casters they have introduced in this unit are efficient. I also liked how the drawers glide. I found it to be pretty smooth. A rolling toolbox like this is not for keeping the tools only. You can move around your garage sitting on top of it. That way, the work becomes fun and easy.

Another worth mentioning feature is the removable rack. You can take it along with the tools inside to works outdoor. Also, you will find the trays to be easily foldable. Keeping the things organized won’t be a problem anymore with these in place.

When you will have big projects on hands, you will appreciate the cushion they have introduced with the toolbox. It’s very comfortable. They have made it deep so that you don’t get numb after long hours of work.

We would recommend this product highly for older folks. Also, if you have to work on serious projects that take time, then you will find this toolbox to be extremely useful.

Key Features

  • Designed in a way to make it easy to keep track of tools
  • Removable racks for carrying tools outside
  • Comfy cushioning of the seat
  • Weight capacity is 450 lbs.
  • List Element

15. Excel TB2201X-Black 22-Inch Steel Chest Roller Cabinet Combination (Black) : Best Rolling Tool Chest

Let’s talk about this Excel TB2201X-Black 22-Inch Steel Chest Roller Cabinet Combination. True to its look and feel, this is a heavy-duty tool chest and a great addition to your professional workspace or garage. The overall attractive black finish not only makes this model eye-grabbing but it prevents it from getting weakened by chemicals and scratches. So it remains as clean as new throughout. If are in searching of best mechanic toolbox then you may get this without hesitation.

Looking at its construction, the chest comes with up to 4 drawers that will hold a good number of your tools. These drawers come with ball-bearing slides which enable you to easily and quickly close/open them. On top of all this, they feature aluminum pulls for easy access to your tools.

In addition to the drawers, this model also offers you multiple trays- two top trays and a bottom storage compartment to ensure you’ve sufficient room for all your tools. The entire chest measures 22 x 12 x 33.7 inches.

The top tray has just enough space to handle most of your tools, although you’ll find the bottom cabinet storage compartment to be especially spacious for larger tools.

And unlike most of the best rolling tool chest out there, it comes with wheels for easy maneuverability. It features two fixed wheels and two swiveling wheels which make it incredibly easy for you to move your tools around your workspace.

The wheels comes with a strong powder finish which gives it extra protection against scratches and chemical spills; not that you’d want any fluid to be spilling all over the drawers.

Above all, the tool chest comes with a heavy-duty steel design, meaning it will see you through years of safe and organized storage for all your tools.

Key Features

  • Powder coat pain 100% resistant to scratches and chemicals.
  • Large-hinged compartment storage.
  • Four casters; two fixed and two swivels for increased mobility around your workspace.
  • Four ball-bearing drawers slide drawers with durable aluminum drawer pulls.
  • Sturdy steel construction

16. Craftsman 4 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest Red

Were it not for the brand’s name that lies in the front right of this toolbox; you’d mistake it with the Excel model we’ve just discussed above. They both have a similar design, top tray, and even an eye-grabbing red color! If you always find yourself repairing things around your house, this is one the best portable toolbox to keep all your work tools in an organized and safe manner.

The craftsman storage box is well-regarded by many for its sturdy and reliable construction at a price that will never make you unhappy.

Designed from study steel metal, this is one of the long-lasting toolboxes that will serve you for generations. It measures 15.25 inches tall and 26 inches wide, qualifying it as one of the portable tool chests that will help you move your tools to any place easily.

Regarding storage, you’ll enjoy up to 6 drawers (each capable of holding a good number of tools of different sizes. Since they’re 6, you can choose to organize your items for easy access by picking a particular drawer for specific tools.

Aside from this, the chest also features a top tray that you can use to carry additional tools that don’t fit in the drawers. The top tray is spacious enough to hold most of your often-used hand tools.

How about the security of your products? Well, the top lid comes with heavy-duty drawbolt latches that keep closed for the ultimate security. Besides, it also features hasps and staples for padlocks- meaning you can safely lock all your tools when not using them. This is one of the best value tool chest.

Key Features

  • A comfortable top handle promotes easy to carry.
  • cover hinge keeps the lid open for easy access to your tools.
  • Up to 4 storage drawers.
  • Drawers lock automatically when you close the lid.
  • Heavy-duty steel storage unit.
  • Staple and hasps for padlocks ensure extra security.
  • Full-extension, compound-action drawers that slide open and quickly close under heavy load.

17. Viper Tool Storage V1804WHR 16-Inch 4-Drawer 18G Steel Rolling Tool Cart

When it comes to the best tool cart, many of us will think that bigger is better, right? Well, this is not exactly right most of the time. Sometimes you just need a compact tool cart with a couple of drawers.

The Viper claims as one of the best tool chests because of its reliably heavy-duty construction made of steel with a scratch-resistant powder finish.

This storage box has 4 drawers. Drawer pulls are made from extruded aluminum and the side handle is polished chrome.

A cam-lock mechanism provides protection against unauthorized tool-borrowing and 2-inch casters make the cart portable.

Moreover, it has 6 color designs including screaming pink, black, purple, and neon green. So, You have a couple of options to choose.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty 18-gauge steel construction.
  • Powder-coated to resist wear and corrosion
  • Drawer slide ball bearings supports up to 100 pounds
  • The locking system protects tools from theft.
  • Life time warranty

18. Homegear CTHGT-010A Large Tool Chest:

If you have such a huge collection of tools that you haven’t yet found the perfect tool chest for holding all of them, your search ends here. The Homegear CTHGT-010A Large Tool Chest has been designed with lots of storage to accommodate all your tools. It measures 25 x 13 x 43 inches- its big size tells it all!

Similar to other top best portable toolboxes, the chest boasts of cold-rolled steel construction. That means it will see you through many years of storing your tools and offering easy access whenever you need them.

When we talk of lots of space in this Homegear model, we talk of the three large and three small drawers that make up its top-box section… plus the roll-cabinet that offers you additional two large drawers. Have you enjoyed such a massive storage capacity before?

Wait! There’s something else worth appreciating about these drawers… they come with anti-slip mats to ensure your tools remain as you organize them and even prevent accidental scratches from your tools. The top chest is lockable, so you can keep the tools you want to secure right there.

With the four casters that move in all directions, it has never been this easy moving a mountain of tools around your workshop!

Key Features

  • ​Unlimited storage space- 3 small drawers and three wide drawers for the top box, and one roll-cabinet with two big large drawers.
  • All drawers bear ball bearing slides for smooth operation.
  • Black gloss finish with double walls.
  • Heavy-duty casters with swivel properties.
  • All drawers lines with anti-slip mats.
  • ​Lockable top-chest.
  • Cold rolled steel construction.

19. Handyman Heavy Duty Steel Toolbox: Best Tool Cabinet

As we near the end of our list, we take a look at the Heavy Duty Steel Toolbox with Chests and Roller Cabinet. As its name suggests, it’s a two-piece unit- featuring a best tool cabinet and tool chest- which translates to lots of storage compartments for all your items. Not to forget that it comes with a professional design and its gorgeous red makes it highly stylish.

When it comes to meeting your best tool storage needs, this model does not disappoint. The top section (the chest) features three small drawers, three large drawers two trays, and 1 top box drawer. And the bottom section (the cabinet) offers you more storage space for your larger sized tools. Keep in mind that you can choose to use the two pieces together or separately.

With four multi-directional wheels, you can move this tool chest around more smoothly. What’s more, two of these wheels come with locks so that you can keep the unit steady when you reach your destination.

And like all the other models we’ve discussed above, this storage chest and cabinet combo come with a solid steel construction to enhance its durability and make it serve you for years to come.

Key Features

  • Offers you lots of storage for all your tools in terms of drawers, trays, and cabinet.
  • The drawers and trays feature foam material that absorbs oil and helps keep your items in place.
  • The tool box unit has lock and keys for securing your tools when away.
  • Side handle and four casters make the unit easy to move around.

20. HomCom 5 Drawers Rolling Tool Cabinet

Lastly, we have the HomCom tool cabinet chest that also allows you to store as many tools as you have in your preferred order for easy retrieval. This is also considered as one of the best mechanic toolboxes for money.  The unit is basically a blend of a cabinet and chest which means more storage space for your tools. It’s also constructed from durable stainless steel and aluminum alloy and features a rust and scratch-resistant finish.

The chest alone features up to 5 drawers and a tray which gives you sufficient storage room for all your tools. And if that’s not enough for you, or some items do not fit in the drawer/tray, you can put them in the spacious cabinet storage.

The system not only stores your items in an organized manner but also secures them from theft. This is due to its security drum-style locking system that offers you excellent security properties. That’s why we put this best budget tool chest on our top list.

Since you’ll need to move all your items to different places, the unit also features four casters to make it easy to maneuver. While two of these casters are fixed, the other two are multi-directional.

Key Features

  • Five drawers with right-angled handles and tray for ample storage of your tools.
  • Large storage cabinet for accommodating larger tools.
  • A security drum-style locking device secures your contents against theft.
  • Two multi-directional casters plus tow fixed casters with the self-locking feature.
  • Scratch and rust-resistant powder-coated finish.

What Is Tool Chest?

A tool chest- also referred to as toolkit, toolbox or work box- relates to a box specially designed to help you organize all your tools for easy and fast retrieval, carry them to any place, and even keep them safe.

It’s simply a storage for all your tools.

Tool chests differ in sizes and shapes. Some come with compact designs and are meant for carrying only a few items to the project location. Most of these designs are made of durable plastic material

Other come with huge sizes and are intended to offer large storage systems for all your tools- whether large or small. These models usually come with caster for easy moving. Such toolboxes come with heavy duty metal design to enable them to handle the weight of all your tools without straining their frames.

Because this tool storage equipment comes with drawers, it becomes much easier for you to organize your tools for easy and quick retrieval. For example, you can choose to store all your wrenches or screwdrivers in one drawer, so you always know where to get them whenever you need them. You can as well divide your drawer into distinct compartments for holding similar tools.

Why Do You Need a Tool Chest?

For simple storage and easy portability for your tools, tool boxes are very common items in your garage or household or work site.The reasons why a tool chest or toolbox is such an essential thing for you.

  • Your tools are safely and securely stored.
  • All your tools remain more organized that you can get faster what you need.
  • Your tools are in a convenient location so they can be carried anywhere.
  • Tool chest or tool box protect your tools from damage.

What Can You Store in a Tool Chest?

Inside a best tool chest you can keep whatever you want weather it is automotive tools or carpentry, woodwork, or even masonry tools. There are two things that you have to keep in your knowledge. First one is, all the kept tools must fit inside the drawer of the tool chest. And second one is, the cumulative weight the tools should be within the load capacity of the tool chest.

Rolling Chest or Portable Chest, Which One is Perfect For You?

This list of tool chest will help you narrow down which chest would be best for you, according to your specific needs. But before choosing the toolbox you need, it’s important to decide in between rolling toolbox or portable toolbox.

Different people have different organizational needs or requirements. Basically, it depends on your workstation like home, garage or construction site. So, it’s important when you make a purchase like this to consider all of your options.

A portable tool chest often gives you enough space to store your small items and instruments like hammer, wrenches, screws, bolts etc. They allow you to carry your favorite and important tools with every where you go.

On the other hand, a rolling tool chest is bigger than a portable tool chest.  It is ideal for them who work in their garage or workshop and need to carry lots of tools in their hand. A rolling chest allows more mobility around work space.

Best Tool Chests Buying Guide & FAQ

So you just visited the Amazon tool chests pages, and you got overly overwhelmed by all the tool chests at your disposal… I told you it could be pretty confusing to find the best tool chest especially due to their variations in sizes and shapes.

But don’t worry; it’s ok for you to get overwhelmed.

All you need to find your way through all these models and get to the ideal tool chest is follow my simplified buying guide below:

ALWAYS keep these factors in mind when looking for the best garage tool box …

Quality of construction

The first thing differentiating high quality from quality storage chest is the durability. What materials were used to design the model you’re eyeing? How well has it been put together?

Remember that you want a tool chest that will bear all the weight of your tools with no cases of strained frames.

Take my advice- look for models made with heavy steel gauge. All the tool-kits designed using this particular material exhibit exceptional durability and capability to handle heavy weights.

Overall storage capacity

What’s the total weight can your toolkit comfortably carry? Does that match the total capacity of the tools you’ve at hand?

Depending on the number of tools you’ve got, pick a chest whose sizes will accommodate all of them.

Number of drawers it comes with

Another pointer for the perfect toolbox or chest for you is the number of drawers you’ll need to hold all your tools.

Because this is a lifetime investment you’re making, don’t consider only the tools you’ve at your workroom. Instead, figure out the number of tools you’ll add to your collection in the near future.

Be sure to check the size and depth of the drawers. If you’ve got larger tools- like grinders, sanders, etc. – look for deeper and larger drawers that will comfortably accommodate them.

If you go for tool kits with many drawers, the better. This will make it easier to organize your tools such that you can quickly locate any tool instantly whenever you need it.

Portability factor

Sometimes you’d want to move the entire storage chest to a new work location. To make that possible, you must ensure that you buy a portable model. However, after packing your chest with all your tools, it might be impossible to lift it from on area to the next.

One of the things that make a tool chest portable is the wheels.

Ensure these wheels are high quality and come with string casters so that they can bear the entire weight of your tools.

Additional features

Sometimes you’d want to look for unique features that come with storage chests that make it even more convenient for you.

For example, you can look for a model with a lock so that you can safely secure all your tools.

Of course, your needs should guide into looking for these unique features.

Different Types of Tool Box

We are reviewing the best of the products the market has ever come with. But, if your particular work doesn’t get along with these toolboxes, then you won’t have much usability in them. Therefore, to make things simpler for you, we will now talk about different types of toolboxes you will find out there.

Once you know what these varieties have to offer, the buying decision will be easier for you to make. So, let’s learn about our stuff.

  • Large Stationary Toolbox

This type of toolboxes is highly portable. And cleaning under them is a breeze. You will find them very useful for your garage or workshop. These boxes come with multiple drawers and compartments for different sorts of tools.

The first drawer from the below is perfect for the heavy stuff. You can use it for keeping drill machine, hammer, etc. I prefer to label the drawers so that I don’t have a hard time remembering where I kept a particular tool. This type of toolboxes come rust-free, thanks to their stainless steel construction.

  • Upright Roll-Around Toolbox

We are talking about toolboxes that come with many shapes and designs. One thing you will most certainly like about them is their large drawers and compartments. Therefore, you might want to go for this particular type of boxes if you have heavy tools to store.

Also, there’s a drawer in them that will allow you to keep light tools like screwdrivers and such. The wheels these toolboxes come with usually provide efficient portability. We see these toolboxes mostly in an automobile workshop or factory.

Now, it’s not quite fun when it comes to moving these big boys around. Therefore, you might have to use a smaller unit as well for better portability.

  • Rolling Tool Box and Workbench Combo

These toolboxes will show you what comfort is. Yeah, you’ve got to check out the workbench they come with to know what I mean. These boxes look a bit like rolling models we talked about earlier. The portability they offer is superb.

Wood is used to make their workbenches. Some units come with composite materials. And few models are made of a single material throughout. These boxes will offer you the most usability if you have to work in a garage or workshop for a considerable amount of time.

  • Truck-Mounted Toolbox

These boxes are most suitable for outdoor jobs. When you head for the work someplace far, you can keep this decent-sized box with you. There’s no point in dragging a bulky tool chest if a simple toolbox like this can get the job done.

These boxes fit inside a truck or van nicely. They usually come with plastic or steel construction. It’s needless to say that the steel will be a better option than plastic. For, you want your toolbox to be durable. Hardware stores usually sell this type of toolboxes.

  • Portable Rolling Tool Boxes

Two words will describe these toolboxes best; flexible and lightweight. So, you can guess that they are the most perfect option for traveling. Also, there’s no harm in using them inside the home or garage.

These toolboxes, however, aren’t as durable as the other types. For, composite material or plastic is used in making them. But, you won’t get such extraordinary lightweight units if you choose to go for the other types of toolboxes.

  • Hand-Carry Toolbox

This is the commonest type of toolbox out there. They are so compact that you can even keep them in a closet. It will be hard to find any home where there’s no such toolbox. Professionals also use them. This type of toolbox is for anyone who likes to move the light.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Tool Box / Chest in 2021

Q: How do you replace your tool chest locks?

A: When you lose your keys, it may be difficult to get replacements. Replacing you lock is just as easy as replacing the locks to the door. All you need is to buy new locks and replace the original. It is really that easy.

Q: How to maintain and clean the tool chest?

A: Cleaning the tool box is easy. All you need to do is get a soft sponge and some cleaning formula. Here are some options you may want to use:

  • Phosphoric acid
  • Dish soap
  • Coca-Cola for aluminum chest boxes
  • Vinegar

Q: How to secure tool chest to truck bed?

A: Here are some easy steps to guide you when securing your chest box:

  • Choose the perfect location
  • Fit the foam padding
  • Align the chest box with existing holes
  • Choose you J-Hooks although you may also use other bolts
  • Tighten the box using the bed rails
  • Ensure it is firmly fitted

Difference between Mechanics’ and Machinists’ Tool Chest

Automotive machinists tools are often used to work with the critical parts of an automotive which is mainly the engine. Their work is to maintain the engine’s performance as well as upgrade the overall performance of the car. These tools are strictly for installation and replacements of engine parts.

Automotive mechanics on the other hand are for general repair. They run diagnostics on a vehicle and make the necessary repairs. The will do anything from recalibrating to changing the tires and even the installation of a new car battery. This tool chest will therefore have the capacity to hold more tools at once.

Final Verdict

Tool chests/boxes have become a must-have item for people who have tools they would want to keep organized and safe. The unit not only allows you to organize your tools so that you can retrieve them quickly when needed, but it also allows you to lock them up when you’re away- ensuring 100% security!

With the list of the best tool boxes for the money above, you’ll quickly find a model that meets your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that all the products that made it to our list meets the buying criteria for tool chests and have all you need in a tool storage system.

All you have to do is decide which unit is ideal for you, order it, and start enjoying an easier life.

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