Best Tool Belt Reviews For Carpenter, Electrician & Framer In December,2022 [Reviews]

To all Carpenters, Electricians, and Framers:

Have you already grabbed the best tool belt for your job tools?

If not, then you’ve been making your job more difficult and frustrating, unknowingly.

A good quality tool belt keeps all the tools you need for a given job at reach, saving you a lot of time and increasing your overall efficiency!

There are many tool belt brands, styles, and designs you can settle for. However, the most important thing is to pick a high-quality tool belt that meets all your needs and requirements.

That being said, I’ve suggested for you the top-quality tool belts on the market that do not disappoint you.

Now we can proceed to our best picks for tool belts for carpenters, electricians, and framers…

Top 4 Best Tool Belt For Carpenter in December,2022

1. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Café Review:

Occidental has been producing top-quality tool bags and accessories in the USA from the 1980s. The Occidental Leather 9855 tool bag set is one of their most preferred tool belts by carpenters all over the states due to its unmatched durability!

It even comes with different models for both right-handed and left-handed users. The tool belt features a fat lip bag design which makes it more convenient for you. With bags as deep as 10 inches, you’re sure to store all your tools for easy access when going about your projects.

The fact that the bags come with a nylon design (and the corners fortified with leather) keeps them from deteriorating, even with everyday use.

The bags have been designed to stay open at all times so that you can reach out for any tool without struggling. The lips of the pouches feature sturdy, thick leather which further assures you of the quality of this belt.

If worrying about whether this belt will fit you, keep your worries aside! It’s incredibly easy to put on and allows you to adjust it until you obtain a comfortable fit. If your waist size ranges from 30 to 46 inches, this is the best leather tool belt for you.

Let me remind you that this belt has leather and canvas accents, an indication that it will last for countless years (as long as you take good care of it).

  • The comfortable belt for carpenters with Fat Lip Bag design.
  • 10” industrial grade nylon bags with Leather-reinforced corners and bottoms.
  • Comes with multi-tool holders and a 5020 2-in-1 hammer and tool holder in the rear.
  • Available in left and right-hand versions.

2. MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt:

Available at a budget price, this carpenters’ belt lets you save BIG while helping keep all the tools you need for your job within reach. Meaning your hands will be free and clear to let you bring the best out of all your projects!

Now, one of the most notable aspects of this tool belt is its incredible durability. The secret to this longevity lies in the double-layered 1680-Denier nylon. This not only maintains the integrity of the belt even under heavy loads, but it enables it to serve you for a lifetime.

The reinforcement of the key stress areas of this belt by rivets takes its quality and durability to the next level!

Where to keep your tools on this belt? Right, it comes with up to 12 pockets to provide you with unlimited storage for your tools. Furthermore, these pouches are aligned in easy-access spots to give you an easy time getting any tool you need.

For added convenience, the belt features magnetized nail pockets that prevent spills and keep all your small-sized tools at hand.

All the pockets come with a wide mouth for quick tool access.

The belt has a one-size-fits-most design so that fitting won’t be an issue.

  • 100% polyester material.
  • 12 pockets for holding all your tools.
  • Magnetic nail pockets promote secure tool storage.
  • ​Made from durable double-layered 1680D polyester.
  • Key stress areas reinforced with rivets.
  • Main pockets remain open for easy, fast access.

3. Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig Review:

The Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig also makes it to our list of the best carpenter tool belt due to its quality design and excellent performance.

The ripstop 600D/poly material acts as enough evidence of how durable the belt is while the mossy oak color makes it look stylish.

To meet your tool storage needs, the belt comes with two large-capacity pouches ready to hold plenty of tools. Additionally, it comes with a speed square pocket and many other small pockets, so carrying all your tools to the job site won’t be a problem with this belt.

Unlike the cheaply designed tool belts, these pouches do not fold, so you’ll always access any tool faster than you can imagine.

Did I tell you that you can adjust these pouches with Velcro such that they stay in place on the belt?

As if that’s not enough, the bag also features two hammer loops that let you carry up to 2 hammers.

Being a highly flexible belt, it will perfectly fit the waist of most carpenters- up to 52”. What’s your waist size? I doubt if it goes beyond 50.” With the steel roller buckle as well as monster grommets, you’ll have an easy time adjusting the belt around your waist.

One more impressive feature: the suspenders comes integrated with the Load Bear technology so that you don’t suffer from the fatigue associated with carrying a loaded tool belt all day long.

Remember you’re getting all these quality, unique features at a reasonable price.

  • Quality construction: 70% elastic, 25% ferric, 5% leather.
  • Heavy-duty 1680D 2-ply poly material.
  • ​Lead bear stretch suspension facilitates comfort.
  • ​Large capacity pouches.
  • ​Speed square pocket.
  • ​Steel buckle belt plus monster grommets.
  • Comfortably fits waist size up to 52.”

4. Custom Leathercraft 19427 Construction Work Apron:

Custom Leathercraft 19427 Construction Work Apron
27 Reviews

You may also want to look into the Custom Leathercraft 19427 Construction Work Apron for all your carpentry tools carrying needs.

Like all the other belts we’ve discussed above, this model comes with a premium design…featuring oiled, top-grain leather to withstand the punishment of your tools forever.

It also offers you plenty of storage pockets to ensure you carry all the tools you need for your job site with you. These include four main pockets that are big enough to hold many nails on other tools.

It also comes with up to 8 smaller pockets and sleeves- ideal for carrying items like nailsets, fit pliers, pencils, and such items.

On top of this, it comes with a center pocket where you can conveniently stash your tape, nails or other tools you wish to carry. The swinging hammer loop lets you carry your hammer conveniently- the primary tool for your job!

Because this belt can fit waist sizes ranging from 29 to 46-inch, you won’t experience any problems fitting it around your waist. Its rugged buckles don’t buckle under pressure for added belt convenience.

  • Four main pockets plus eight smaller pockets.
  • 2-inch heavy duty leather belt.
  • ​Fits waists between 29 and 46 inches.
  • ​Center pocket for holding tape, nails, etc.
  • Metal “snap-in” hammer loop.
  • Oiled top grain leather.

Top 4 Best Electrician Tool Belt in 2021

1. Contractor Pro Electricians Combo Deluxe Package (Tool Belt, Suspenders, Gloves, Bucket Tote) Belt:

You don’t need any special classes to understand that this one of the best tool belts for electricians ever made. You just need to strap it on, and you’ll feel the comfort it gives you while serving its main task of helping you carry as many tools as you need for your jobs.

Asked why their belt offers such an incredible support, comfort, and ventilation, the manufacturer states that its design was inspired by the Gator’s Back.

It comes with a unique ventilated padding that keeps you from sweating too much, unlike in all its competitors.

In this particular tool belt, you’ll be spoilt for the storage pouches for all your work equipment. The right section comprises up to 18 pockets plus a tape chain. The left bag features up to 9 bags. That means 26 pouches for your storage needs.

As the belt is designed for professional contractors, each of these pouches has been designed to carry all your professional tools.

The fingerless work gloves the bucket tote allows you to do a quick organization for your tools- making your job more efficient. The suspenders help take the weight off your back.

And oh! The belt also comes with carrying handles to let you easily transport and put it on or take it off.

  • Tough DuraTek 1250 fabric construction with bar-tack stitching and metal rivets at the stress points.
  • Plenty of storage; over 25 storage pouches.
  • Integrated with the Gatorback Air Ventilated tool belt padding as well as breathable fabric.
  • ​DuraGrip Fingerless work gloves protect hands while allowing easy EZ grabbing of the nails.
  • Bucket tool tote with up to 55 pockets.

2. Custom LeatherCraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Rig Tool Belt:

It would be unfair not to mention a Custom LeatherCraft (CLS) as one of the best electrician tool belt on the market. The brand has built its reputation with its top-quality products.

This unique combo rig toolkit represents everything they’ve learned about turning the highest-quality materials into the highest quality products.

The set comes with an integrated cordless drill pocket plus it has a zippered top flap pouch that prevents your tools from spilling out as you take on your job. The set also comes with padded suspenders to ensure it does not strain on your hips or lower back. The wide padded comfort belt ensures the tool bag remains held in place.

With a total of 29 pockets, loops, and sleeves, this is the tool-carrying set that will hold anything and everything you plant to use on your next project.

Constructed from rugged leather material (and the rig made of polyester fabric), the model has unquestionable durability. The riveting of the stress points using top and bottom steel washers takes the unit’s durability even higher.

  • Even weight distribution.
  • Easy to carry tool belt.
  • Zippered top flap pouch prevents spillage of tools.
  • Built-in cordless drill pocket.
  • Comfortable fit; fits waists between 29 and 46.”

3. Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set Review:

This Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set is a must-have for all serious electricians looking for a tools carrying unit that holds their tools without letting them fall out.

Designed with the modern electrician in mind, this set will more than meet all your work equipment carrying needs.

It comes with ample storage space, with some configuration options that makes the bag easy to use regardless of your working situation.

Designed from this, high-quality leather, you’ll undoubtedly use this tool belt for the rest of your electrician jobs. The belt does not show a single sign of weakness or wear even when you overland it with items consistently.

It’s also a super-comfortable unit, and fits perfectly well around your site, giving you maximum efficiency at your job!

  • Hand specific tools holder for maximum efficiency at the job.
  • Function engineered for the modern electrician.
  • No spill tool belt.

4. TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function Belt Tool Holder:

There’s no better way to bring the best out of all your electrical jobs than doing them with free hands. The TR Industrial 88021 12 Multi-Function Belt Tool Holder allows you to carry all your tools and accessories around your waist, freeing your hands to work on the project at hand.

The belt will hold anything you can think of, thanks to its 12 functional pockets…you can stash things like hammers, measuring tapes, cordless drills, and so much more in these holsters for easy access when doing your job.

Because the belt is constructed using durable materials, it’s sure to be your companion for many years to come. On top of this, it comes with a 1-year warranty just in case you note any defects in your belt.

  • keep all your tools and accessories around your waist to free your hands when working.
  • 12 functional holsters for items like hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tape, etc.
  • The belt strap is under 2” in height.
  • Durable construction.
  • 1year warranty.

Top 4 Best Framer Tool Belts in 2021

1. Custom LeatherCraft 1614 Heavy Duty Framers 5-Piece, 23-Pocket, Comfort-LiftCombo Tool Belt System:

If you are looking for the best framing belt, check out this Custom LeatherCraft tool belt system.

What you need most in a framing belt is convenience. Convenience comes with capacity. How many tools can you put in your belt? This tool belt has six large pockets and 13 additional sleeves and pockets.

You can store many tools of varying shapes and sizes. These include your combination square or L-rulers as well as fasteners, nails, pry bar, and many other tools and parts.

As you work, you can easily and quickly reach out for a tool from your belt. Your productivity will skyrocket as you save more time while others lag behind searching for or retrieving their tools from wherever they left them.

The belt comprises a double layer of 600D polyester. Polyester is a strong and durable fabric. At 600 Deniers, this is evidently strong material. It will comfortably handle your tools, even the heavier ones.

Its tapered Sta-Open main pockets enable you to have quick access to the tools in your bag. Work will proceed at a rapid pace as you retrieve your tools with ease.

One of the main reasons people shy away from using framing belts is the fear of having problems with their lower back or hips. But ergonomic design can take care of that. The padded suspenders of this belt are adjustable.

As such, they can hold and distribute the weight of your tools without causing any strain to your body.

  • Made of double-layered 600D polyester fabric.
  • Custom pocket for combination square or L-rulers.
  • Tapered, newly designed Sta-Open main pockets.
  • Easy-carry handle design.
  • Adjustable, padded suspenders.
  • Six large pockets and 13 additional sleeves and pockets.
  • For waist sizes between 29 inches and 46 inches.

2. Occidental Leather 8089 Medium OxyLights 7-Bag Framer Set Review:

In the world of carpenters and other professionals who use tool belts regularly, Occidental is a recognized brand, a household name in these professional circles. You can then confidently rely on this medium size Occidental leather 7-bag framer set to give you excellent service.

The quality of certain products is discernible just from the first glimpse. And that’s what you get with this framing belt: self-evident quality. With its heavy-duty construction, the framer set is favored by professionals as a contractor-grade framing belt. This is how it also secures its position for best construction tool belt.

It comes with seven bags in which to store your tools while you work. Being of medium size, you cannot stow away as many tools as you would with some of the other belts we have looked at; nor can it hold large tools.

This particular size (medium) is ideal for carrying smaller tools while you work. As such, you are highly unlikely to develop problems with your lower back or hips. However, the tool belt does not come in one size.

If you want a smaller version of the same belt, you can get it for the same affordable price. This is also true for Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizes; they are all different-sized versions of the same belt, and cost the same. The XXX-Large costs three dollars extra.

One of the reasons this belt looks so full of excellence is the fact that is a made-in-the-USA product. The hand-made belt promises quality, and that is what it delivers.

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Hand-made in the USA.
  • Contractor-grade.
  • Easy to carry tool belt.

3. Custom LeatherCraft PK1836 Five-Pocket Framer’s Nail and Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt:

This is not just a framing belt; it’s also a bag. If you are looking for something robust and durable which can withstand the weight (and sharp edges) of your tools, you cannot do better than this Custom LeatherCraft framers nail and tool bag/belt.

The 600D polyester fabric is sturdy and durable. And the ballistic binding is 1680D. You can store large tools such as nail guns and cordless drills, and sharp-edged ones such as nails.

It is the removable metal hook that makes it possible for you to carry nail guns, cordless drills, and other power tools.

The ability to carry large tools will help you work faster since you don’t have to keep pausing your work to retrieve your tool from the floor or wherever it would be if you didn’t own a framing belt.

If a tool belt is too tight, or if it cuts into your skin, you will loathe using it. Not so with this Custom LeatherCraft framing belt. The two-inch belt has a quick-release buckle, and it will fit you comfortably if your waist is between 29 and 46 inches.

  • Imported
  • 600D polyester fabric with 1680D ballistic nylon binding.
  • 5 pockets.
  • Two-inch poly web belt with quick-release buckle.
  • Fits waists of 29 inches to 46 inches.
  • Removable metal hook for carrying cordless drill, nail guns, or other power tools.
  • Steel hammer loop and speed square holder.
  • Metal clip that holds all measuring tape sizes.

4. Custom LeatherCraft 6714 Heavy Duty Framers 5-Piece, 31-Pocket Comfort-Lift Combo Tool Belt Apron:

If your waist size is between 29 and 46 inches, this Custom LeatherCraft framing belt is ideal for you. With its padded, five-inch wide double-tongue steel roller buckle, the belt is quite comfortable.

And you don’t have to worry about developing issues with your lower back and hips due to the strain of tool weight. The padded suspenders are specially engineered to ensure the weight you are supporting is evenly distributed.

How many tools do you have? With its 31 pockets, you can stow away all sorts of tools. And since it has so many pockets, you can be more organized, knowing exactly where you have put each tool.

The framing belt also gives you the power to carry large tools. It comes with a metal hook that enables you to walk around with your hammer, cordless drill, nail weapons, or other power devices.

  • Padded suspenders for even weight distribution.
  • Fits waist sizes of 29 to 46 inches.
  • 31 pockets.
  • Five-inch-wide, padded comfort belt with double-tongue steel roller buckle.
  • Metal hook for carrying large tools.
  • The easy-carry design provides simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.

What is a Tool Belt?

If you have never heard about the tool belt before, let me start by giving you a brief explanation.

The simplest definition of your tool belt is one that holds all your tools you want it to. It’s a handy accessory you wear around your waist- just like your regular belt- to keep all the must-have tools for a particular job close-by.

This way, you’ll save time searching for a tool, work faster and more efficiently, and even more safely.

Tool belts come in a variety of styles and designs to suits different types of projects you’re working on.

Some of the top factors that define the best tool belt for the homeowner include:

  • Look for a fitting belt to ensure it feels comfortable around your neck, even when fully loaded.
  • Make sure it’s made from durable materials that make it last longer.
  • Make sure the belt’s design allows you to hold all the tools you need for your job.

Why Do You Need a Tool Belt?

The big question that many people ask is why you need a tool belt. While a tool bag is handy, a tool belt is more practical for several reasons

  • Toolbelt allows you to quickly access to your tools.
  • Tool belts save times while you don’t need to stop working.
  • A toolbelt can carry your small tools easily.
  • An organized tool belt helps to access tools within reach of your hand.

Things to Consider While Buying Tool belt : Buyer’s Guide

Before going to buy a tool belt for your professional work you should know few factors that you need to take into consideration.

Are you not sure about what you want? Then, just keep reading on. We are about to list everything you have to consider before buying a tool belt.

Remember, price doesn’t always equal quality. So let’s look at the different factors that you must look for.

1. Comfort  and Fitness:

First up is comfort and fitness. It’s important to have a belt that fits and feels comfortable to you. Let, you will work for a long time, if your back or hips is being poked by a screwdriver and a pliers it will not be not a pleasant matter to you.

With that in mind, there are a couple of things to look at with any belt purchase.

Check the belt you have chosen has holes along to make it easily adjustable. For maximum comfort, choose a belts that have padding on the interior lining. Also, make sure you correctly size your waist.

2. Number of Compartments/ Pockets: 

You should consider the fact that how many tools you want to carry with your tool belt. Then choose the convenient one for you.  So, before you purchase a belt, ensure that how many pockets do you need to carry your tools.

3. Construction Material:

There are different of materials used in a tool belt and you need to make sure you buy a material that will hold up. Most of the tool belts are made from nylon or poly/polythene fiber or leather. The leather tool belt is famous for its durability and toughness. Those belts are pretty strong and offer perfect protection for your heavy tools. So, if longevity is your prime concern then you leather belt is an ideal choice for you. Polythene fiber or polyester is a fiber which is used to cut down cost and weight both. Polyester is the most water-resistant material commonly used. On the other hand, nylon is almost similar to polyester but more durable than a polyester belt. Nylon belts are very light compared to the leather belts. Nylon is also not as water-resistant as polyester. However, if want need a lightweight tool belt go for a nylon one, but when it comes to durability you must choose a leather belt.

4. Price and warranty:

When it comes to the belt pricing, ensure that you choose a tool that is well within your budget range. You must make a balance between cost and features. Another thing is you should check the warranty of the product.

Benefits Of Having A Tool belt

A tool belt will keep all your tools with you which is very important if you have to climb up ladders. It is very annoying if you have to get down to pick up tools from your tools which is waste of time or you have to keep someone with you and ask him to pass the tools up to you. With a tool belt, you will get things done quicker and have more free time.

  • Tool belt gives you better work efficiency
  • It will save your valuable time.
  • It will improve your Productivity.
  •  Tool belt ensures a safety.
  • By using tool belt you will get your tools near to your hand.
  • Save your tools from fallen down if you have to carry many tools at a time.

Final Verdict

Again, I want to remind all the DIY-enthusiast, professional carpenters, electricians, and farmers in the house that investing in a high-quality tool belt is the first step to increasing your maximum job efficiency. It leaves your hands free by holding all the tools you require for any project.

This gives you some peace of mind, and you can direct your full potential to your job for the best results.

After spending many, many hours, we finally filtered the best tool belts for you, based on your profession.

Go through our reviews of each product and above and you’ll quickly identify one that matches your tool holding needs.

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