Top 10 Best Texture Sprayer in December,2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Homes do need a little color touch up every once in a while!

This is done by adding texture to cover up stains on walls or ceilings or to add glow and sheen to the house. Conventionally, the only way you can achieve that is through the use of traditional tools like a brush.

The process doesn’t always give the desired outcome. Rather, it often produces a messy and unkempt finish. The best option is to get a professional, which is expensive. Unless you can get the best texture sprayer, then you are almost sure of a perfect finish.

Presently, texture sprayers or texture spray cans are the way to go. By using them, you are sure of getting a precise and professional texture application at a cost-effective rate.

What is a Texture Sprayer?

Texture sprayers are devices formulated specially to spray materials on surface ceiling and wall coating. They are specially made for the application of thick, heavy paints of varied viscosity.

These devices usually consist of a cup-like structure called the hopper where the paint is poured into. Then there is the nozzle which is where the paint comes out from. Some sprayers have nozzles that can be changed to fit the desired material to be sprayed. Other features are the control knobs, air compressors and hoses.

Texture sprayers are suitable for aggregate, non-aggregate, standard texture material and diluted joint compound. The finish can vary due to the difference in the type of gun, paint material, and nozzle used. It could be orange peel, knockdown, acoustic popcorn, etc.

Wagner Spraytech 0520000 Power Tex Electric Corded Texture Sprayer,...
1,481 Reviews
Wagner Spraytech 0520000 Power Tex Electric Corded Texture Sprayer,...
  • TEXTURE SPRAY GUN: The Wagner Power Tex paint sprayer is designed to apply a textured finish on your ceiling, walls, and other hard surfaces
  • THREE NOZZLES INCLUDED: Use the included interchangeable nozzles to expertly create acoustical popcorn, knockdown, and orange peel textures

This texture sprayer is a complete system that comes with an inbuilt turbine. The inbuilt turbine makes it such that you do not require air compressors and extended hoses to operate.

It also has a simple design that ensures it is not only used for large texture applications but also small touch-up jobs. Also, you can use it for different types of texturing projects like wall and ceiling.

The Wagner sprayer is comfortable to use, and this attribute is thanks to the Lock-n-Go technology. This feature makes it easy to assemble the device and gets started immediately. Reassembly is equally easy.

It also simplifies the cleaning process. Besides, you do not require a cleaning tool to get your device clean. All you need is the cleaning brush that comes with the sprayer and warm soapy water.

Furthermore, the three different nozzles sizes; small, medium, and large and ensures that you can take on different kinds of projects. Its variable-flow trigger if appropriately used with the appropriate nozzle, will further enhance the textured finishing.

The adjustable hopper makes it easier to spray on both wall and ceiling. All you need to do is fill in the hopper with a water-based texture material of your desire, and you are good to go.

Generally, the spraytech works best with water-based material like the standard texture material, diluted joint compound, aggregated and non-aggregated materials. Also, it gives neat acoustical popcorn, knockdown, and orange peel finishes.

This sprayer cord is 24 inches long, so, for better freedom while working, you would require a new extension cord. Also, remember to adjust the hose when painting the ceiling to ensure that minimal mess is created.

Highlighted Features

  • Three different nozzles sizes
  • Armrest that provides comfort while working
  • Adjustable hopper and variable-flow trigger
  • Lock-N-Go technology that makes assembly and reassembly easy
  • Built-in turbine
  • Does not require the use of additional air compressor

2. Hiltex Air Texture Spray Gun

HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Gun with 1.32 Gallon Hopper, 3 Nozzles:...
2,326 Reviews
HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Gun with 1.32 Gallon Hopper, 3 Nozzles:...
  • DRYWALL TEXTURE SPRAYER: Use this texture hopper gun to spray textured finishes on drywall-covered walls. These texture guns are perfect for spray painting and staining on furniture such as cabinets.
  • AIR POWERED TEXTURE GUN WITH LARGE CAPACITY: With a 1.32 Gallon (5 Liter) hopper cup included, this air spray gun uses an air compressor with a ¼” NPT (7 cfm air consumption) and has longer lasting...

This sprayer is a high-performance texture sprayer used for domestic purpose. The metal body made from reliable brass components makes sure of its durability. Besides, the parts are replaceable.

It is easily the best drywall texture spray gun out there since it features interchangeable nozzles. Also, it comes equipped with a 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sized nozzles.

The device is also easy to use. One of the reasons is that it has a comfortable handle with a textured pattern and is slightly ribbed. This allows for comfortable gripping while working.

Another feature is the side handles that ensure access to all side while painting walls or ceiling. It allows you get to even small nooks and crannies of the wall. You’ll find it convenient to use even on surfaces that are not simple and plain.

With the large hopper, you can go a long way before needing to refill the paint. Talking of refilling, the hopper has a wide opening that allows you to pour the paint without making a mess.

Hiltex Air sprayer is easy to control;with a squeezable trigger that is good for tethering a different amount of paint needed for coat every time. The machine is also lightweight meaning you can use it at a long stretch without your hands getting tired.

Using this sprayer with a dry-mix texture can clog up the machine. The device usually is easy to clean. Also, it is effortless to assemble and disassemble. At the end of the day, working with this texture sprayer is excellent and enjoyable.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight design for more comfortable working
  • Three different sized interchangeable nozzles
  • Side handle for easy access to every side
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Full metal solid brass body with replaceable components
  • Large hopper with wide opening for refilling

3. Zeny Spray Gun

ZENY Air Hopper Spray Gun 1.5 Gallon Ceiling Wall Texture Paint...
191 Reviews
ZENY Air Hopper Spray Gun 1.5 Gallon Ceiling Wall Texture Paint...
  • Perfect performance with adjustable material control
  • A handle on the cup makes it easy to use

This spray gun is a texture sprayer created to be durable. The whole body of the spray gun is made of aluminum alloy while the cup is made from plastic. It is lightweight and can be used for a stretched amount of time without causing fatigue to the arms and wrist.

The device has two parts; the spray gun and the cup. Here,the cup carries the material, and the spray gun is used to spray the texture on the surface.

Talking more about the cup, although small and requires constant refilling, has a handle that makes it easy to use. It is suitable for DIY projects and small jobs around the house. This is mostly because of its small size.

There is also an adjustable material handle that allows for alternation between different materials. This ensures that the devices work to its optimal level.

Also, the Zeny spray gun has interchangeable nozzles. These Nozzles vary in size and use. While the 4mm and 6mm nozzle are more suitable for medium viscosity materials, the 8mm nozzle works well with high viscosity ones.

It is also easy to use, and if you worked carefully enough, the finishing looks almost as if it was professionally done.However, it is not suitable for more significant projects because the device shoots slowly. You would also have to get close enough to the surface you are spraying. Cleaning this spray gun is also easy.

You should also use the device with caution because the handle may cause discomfort or even strain while using. Also, remember to remain standing while spraying.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Aluminum alloy body and Plastic cup
  • Three different nozzle sizes that can be changed
  • Cup has a handle that makes it easier to use
  • Adjustable material handle for the best performance

4. Super Buy Air Hopper Spray Gun

Goplus 1.45 Gallon Air Texture Gun, Drywall Texture Sprayer with 3...
572 Reviews
Goplus 1.45 Gallon Air Texture Gun, Drywall Texture Sprayer with 3...
  • 【Durable Frame & Large Capacity】1.45 gallon large capacity provides this texture spray gun with continuous painting, making it a more smooth painting process without interrupt. More, the durable...
  • 【Powerful & Adjustable Texture Sprayer】Using an easy-pull swing trigger, you can conveniently control the finish by adjusting pressure of texture sprayer. This texture hopper for drywall features...

If you are searching for a spray gun that is ideal for not just wall and ceiling, then this is for you. This spray gun has a wide range of application. It can be used to spray paint on furniture, cabinets, crafts in addition to walls and ceiling. This way, it is suitable for family use.

The easy to pull trigger coupled with the three different nozzle sizes helps to control the flow of the paint material to the wall. For the nozzle, it is vital to choose the one that is appropriate for the surface you are spraying on. The smaller sized nozzle is better for low viscosity materials and vice versa.

Furthermore, the Super Buy spray gun has a large hopper capacity of up to 1.45 gallon of paint. This means you can spray for a more extended period without needing to refill. Carrying the gun is not an issue because it is lightweight and has a compact size.

Another thing about this device is its ergonomic non-slip handle that allows you to work for a more extended period without getting fatigued. The hopper also has a handle on the cup that makes it comfortable to hold the gun. This makes the process more convenient and fun.

You can control the finish of the texture using the easy to pull swing trigger. How you ask? Well, the pressure of the trigger determines the finish of the paint.

This gun is also durable due to its aluminum-alloy body and plastic cup. You can also wash the parts effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

  • Large capacity plastic hopper for continuous painting
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
  • Durable aluminum alloy body
  • Three different sizes of nozzles to control the flow of material
  • Easy to pull the trigger
  • Wide application including wall, ceiling, furniture, and cabinets

5. Walboard Hopper Gun

Walboard Tool 55-049 The Original Spraying Mantis Hopper Gun
38 Reviews
Walboard Tool 55-049 The Original Spraying Mantis Hopper Gun
  • One piece die cast aluminum body eliminates extra parts and is leak-proof
  • Solid brass precision parts for long life

So, if you are a little keener about the outline of the device you want to buy, this particular gun is for you. The one-piece aluminum-alloy body and solid brass parts together gave it an unique assemblage. Also, these peculiar features make it a solid and sturdy consideration.

This spray gun has a distinctive feature that prevents the paint material from leaking out while you are working. It also can be used for an extended period. This can be attributed to the solid brass parts that aid precision and increase durability.

The Walboard spray gun also features a trigger made out of solid steel that is long and easy to pull. There is also a trigger stop that controls the consistency of the rate at which the materials are delivered, thereby making it easy to use.

It also has a bipod stand that can be used while refilling the hopper. Another feature is the flexible connector that comes with this spray gun. It is used to connect the hopper to the gun.

The hopper has a handle that is anti-slip for easy manipulation while working. Generally, the Walboard spray gun is easy to work with and can be used for an extended period without getting tired. This can be because of its compact, lightweight design.

On the downside, the gun takes a little time to get the hang of. Also, the air supply shuts off once the trigger has been released even though it has manual control. It is also only suitable for drywall texture only.

Highlighted Features

  • Interchangeable nozzles of varying sizes
  • Trigger stop for consistency while in use
  • Simple, sturdy design
  • Easy to use
  • Made from aluminum alloy and solid brass for enhanced durability
  • Package includes a bipod stand and flexible connector

6. TCP Global Professional Spray Gun

TCP Global Brand Professional New 2.5mm HVLP Spray Gun- Great for High...
788 Reviews
TCP Global Brand Professional New 2.5mm HVLP Spray Gun- Great for High...
  • TCP Global Brand High Performance HVLP Spray Gun with a 2.5 mm Fluid Tip, 1 Liter Aluminum Cup and a Air Regulator
  • The 2.5 mm Fluid Tip Enables You to Spray Really Thick Materials such as Extreme High Build or Polyester Primers, Thick Enamels, Latex Paints, Chip Guard, Metal Flakes, Gel Coats, Etc...

A sophisticated, professional high-performance spray gun is the perfect description for this device. It is equipped with a stainless steel nozzle that is meant to withstand corrosion. This shows the durability of this bad guy.

The gun has different control knobs for more effective texture application. One of these knobs is the trigger control which is responsible for the power of the paint material flow while spraying.

This cost-effective three-set sprayer has an air pressure requirement that works well with different types of air compressors. It also is suitable for use by professionals. It can, however, also be used at home for both small and big projects.

It features a large capacity aluminum hopper. This makes the spraying process more efficient because you don't have to refill the cup after regular intervals. It also has a slip-resistant handle. This, combined with its lightweight, makes it the ideal choice for working a long time with less stress

The size of the tip also makes it resourceful for use with thick materials like Thick Enamels, Latex Paints, Extreme High Build or Polyester Primers, Chip Guard, Metal Flakes, and Gel Coat.

It is, however, worth mentioning that this sprayer is challenging to clean. Also, it tends to use more paint than other spray guns. If you are left-handed, you should know that the knobs are not friendly for left-handers.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional high-performance spray gun
  • Control knobs that allow for adjustment of the gun
  • Full baffle head assemble
  • Large-capacity aluminum cup
  • Appropriate for spraying thick paint
  • Suitable for very thick materials

7. Neiko Drywall Texture Sprayer Gun

NEIKO 31228A Air Paint Texture Drywall Spray Gun Kit | 8 Piece | 1 ¾...
341 Reviews
NEIKO 31228A Air Paint Texture Drywall Spray Gun Kit | 8 Piece | 1 ¾...
  • [APPLICATION]: This paint texture and drywall sprayer attaches to an air compressor to apply acoustic, joint cement, waterproof coating, drywall, etc. smoothly and quickly on your home or office.
  • [DESIGN]: Powered texture paint spray gun is gravity-fed with a lightweight 1-3/4 gallon hopper designed to prevent clogging, material buildup and easily detaches for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Neiko sprayer is a professional spray gun that is ideal for painters and decorators. It can easily be the best ceiling texture sprayer. This is because using it; you can get to the hard to get part of the ceiling with the help of the 45 degrees offset connector.

One key feature of this sprayer is the fact that it is adaptable and can be used for different texture finishes like drywall mud, popcorn, and orange peel. You need to get your configuration right.

This device also comes with four different nozzles, which in itself add to its versatility. The different sizes are suitable for different viscosity. There are also five spay patterns and two hexagonal wrenches. If the air cap and nozzle are appropriately configured, it can give up to 20 different spray combinations.

The sprayer also attaches to different air compressors. By so doing, it can be used with various materials comprising of joint cement, waterproof coating, and acoustic. And, it does so smoothly and in a short period. It is also durable and can withstand adverse working conditions.

Besides, the large gallon capacity hopper of two gallons makes it the perfect choice for large surface areas. Moreover, it also can handle most textured walls and ceiling finishing.

The gravity-fed plastic hopper works in a way that prevents clogging and buildup of the materials in the nozzle. With the easy to hold handle, the sprayer can be held for a long period. The trigger has a control knob that regulates the spraying power, thereby giving an even uniform coat.

Highlighted Features

  • Gravity-fed power texture sprayer
  • 45 degrees offset connector to get to the ceiling
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Can get as many as 20 different spray combinations
  • Easy-control trigger
  • Comes with four nozzles, five spray pattern, two hexagonal wrenches

8. Plaster Sprayer

Walboard Tool 55-049 The Original Spraying Mantis Hopper Gun
38 Reviews
Walboard Tool 55-049 The Original Spraying Mantis Hopper Gun
  • One piece die cast aluminum body eliminates extra parts and is leak-proof
  • Solid brass precision parts for long life

This sprayer is a high-end plastering machine that is suitable for both professional decorators and novice DIY enthusiasts. It is appropriate for either exterior plastering or interior stucco.

You can use this device to build organic sculptures. Also, it can be used for plaster application, traditional plastering like three-coat stucco, plastering a stucco house and many more. It is also appropriate for unconventional buildings like straw bale, earthbag, insulated panels and thin shell Ferro cement.

This stucco plaster sprayer is fortified with a stainless steel hopper that is anti-rust and anti-corrosive; hence very durable. You get an excellent finish using this sprayer because mixes applied pneumatically have a better water and cement ratio.

The hopper can also accommodate one gallon of material, which makes working much faster and takes less time. Handling the hopper is easy due to its handle and also offers better control of the sprayer.

Also, the hopper empties in less than 30 seconds, so you can refill and continue working. By so doing, the time it takes to plaster a surface is cut short. More so, it is suitable for large projects. And because the sprayer comes with three jets, you use all three for a single project to ease the stress of refilling frequently.

The process of cleaning this equipment is quite easy because the brass jets are removable. Besides, the sprayer also comes with a cleaning set.

Plastering confined spaces is now stress-free due to the removable handle. Be advised; while using this machine, remember to mix your cement with a little more water than when using a trowel.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes equipped with a cleaning set
  • Rust-resistant hopper
  • Two changeable jets to match different compressors
  • Heavy texture
  • Large jets flow for harder mixtures
  • Brass jets is removable

9. Marshalltown Hopper Gun

Plaster Sprayer | Stucco Sprayer (1,2 or 3 Jets) - Made in The USA -...
78 Reviews
Plaster Sprayer | Stucco Sprayer (1,2 or 3 Jets) - Made in The USA -...
  • PNEUMATICALLY APPLIED MATERIAL offer a better mechanical bond for stucco repair and end result
  • REMOVABLE BRASS JETS (spray with 1, 2, or 3 jets) to match your job and air compressor

With this sprayer, the bar for lightweight spay guns has been lifted higher. Why? Well, this device is made of nylon, which means it is lighter than those made from metal or aluminum. In the same vein, it is also more durable as the material offers, and this makes it more resistant to rust and corrosion.

The seamless design of the sides of the hopper is made to withstand the buildup of material, thereby preventing clogging. Also, the hopper can carry two gallons of materials. It can also be used with different materials like drywall mud, waterproofing materials even beautiful concrete overlays, silica sand with primer and acoustics.

There is less possibility of leakage while using this device because of the tight sealing flow feature of this gun. It's Orifice plate can be adjusted effortlessly using the knurled knob of the gun.

Another essential feature of the Marshalltown gun is the soft grip that allows you to hold the gun for an extended period. In doing so, you do not get tired quickly, hence more productivity.

You can also achieve beautiful designs using this gun. This is because of the seven orifice design with a tubular design. It also reduces the flow of material, thereby leading to a better texture variety.

A peculiar feature of this gun is the handy air control valve. This valve allows for the control of air at the gun instead of at the pump as with many other spray guns. The easy pull swing trigger is responsible for greater control while the trigger stop lessens fatigue and controls the consistency in pattern.

Highlighted Features

  • Handy air valve control
  • Soft grip handle for ease of work
  • Lightweight nylon design
  • Easy pull trigger and Trigger stop
  • Suitable for use with different materials like drywall mud and waterproof coating
  • Two-gallon capacity hopper

10. Motoos Air Hopper Spray

MARSHALLTOWN SharpShooter® I - 2 Gallon Hopper - 45 Degree Angle...
295 Reviews

This is a sprayer that is ideal for use on wall and ceilings. It is also suitable for use in the home for waterproofing materials, fireproofing and decking surface. So basically, it is a single device that can perform multiple functions.

It has a large capacity hopper with a handle that is comfortable to hold making it more convenient to use. Besides, the hopper has a long easy-pull trigger and is gravity-fed; this makes it easy to use. It is also made of plastic so it can be cleaned easily.

The whole body of the spray gun is made from replaceable solid brass. This way, changing the parts that are in ruins is not tricky. It also gives the machine a sturdy look and feel. Also, it is anti-corrosive and rust-resistant, hence the durability.

You can only achieve your desired finish if you use the appropriate speed, precision, and nozzle. This is why the Motoos spray gun comes with three different sizes of the nozzle that can be chosen based on the viscosity of the material. The adjustable control material also makes the finish impeccable.

The gun has a slip-resistant handle that makes working for a long duration with this machine worthwhile. Also, the design of the hopper helps to prevent clogging of materials in the gun.

However, the air compressor is always on, so you would have to continuously turn the air off to allow pressure into the compressor. You should also be careful while using the air valve as it can break easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Three Interchangeable nozzles for high performance
  • Large capacity gravity-fed plastic hopper with handle
  • Solid brass replaceable components
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Easy to pull the lockable trigger
  • Strong, sturdy construction

Types of Texture Sprayers

Texture sprayers like every other machine come in different types and kinds. The difference is not just in the design but also in the uses. So we bring you the types;

1. Traditional/Conventional

This type of texture sprayers requires the use of air compressors; this is because the machines cannot function optimally in the absence of air. The device generally has a cup-shaped part called the hopper where the material is usually poured in using a gravity force.

It then is pumped out through the nozzle of the gun. This forms the texture.

If you don't have an air compressor, then you will have to buy or rent one that is compatible with your product.

2. Airless

As the name implies, this type does not require air to function correctly. These are also faster and can regulate the flow of the material. The mechanism by which they work is by applying high pressure, thereby atomizing the content while forming a pattern in the process.

This sprayer works better than the conventional sprayer because it can cover crannies and nooks. The paint coverage using this sprayer is more consistent and requires less paint.

These spray guns have inbuilt air compressing systems (turbines). By using this device, the solvent-release into the atmosphere is reduced. This is because no thinner is needed. It also takes lesser time to dry when compared to the traditional sprayer.

However, note that this sprayer does not work with aggregate materials.

3. High Volume Low-Pressure

This type of texture sprayer is more economical. They work by using a high volume of material with lower air pressure. This way, a lesser amount of paint is applied.

Also, the spray gun is suitable for use indoors and can be used to paint on cabinets, doors and trimmers. This is because the paint drips slowly on the painted surface to give it a beautiful smooth textured finish.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Texture Sprayer 

Knowing the different types of texture sprayers and their unique advantages would help you decide which type you want to buy. However, apart from this, there are other things that you should consider before purchasing any of these devices.

You might not even need to buy if you are not a frequent user. Because each job might require the need for a different texture sprayer.So follow us to understand better the things to look out for when buying a sprayer.

The Type of Material/Compound You Use

By now, you must have understood that not every gun works with all types of materials. So before you take that leap and start buying, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

Questions like, what type of material would I use more often? Do I make use of water-based materials only? Or do I use different materials depending on what I'm working on? If, yes, what other materials do I use with it? And so on.

The choices you make are dependent on how you answer these questions. You should also be wary of future decisions you may make.

While some sprayer can only work with a particular material, others can work well with different materials. So choose wisely. For example, use heavy-duty guns for aggregate materials.

Amount of Work Done

Some spray guns are made for professional use. This type usually has a large hopper size, sturdy body and stronger air compressor/turbine. Sprayers with these specifications are generally used for working on a large surface area. This can also be done in a short time.

For smaller projects, you don't need the features mentioned above. What you need is just a device that can work well with your chosen material.

Large-sized hoppers are suitable for large projects because they reduce the amount of time you would take to refill the hopper while working.

Ease of Use

Would it even be a machine if it is not easy to use? After all, devices are meant to simplify our work. So, if you find that yours is making the work more difficult or causing a certain discomfort to your wrist or back, it could be because it is cumbersome.So choose lightweight designs instead.

Also, some units have features that make them easier to use. For example, a spray gun with trigger control that allows you to regulate the flow of materials. Others have features that let you spray small crevices without having to break your back.

Flow Rate

The rate at which the material flows out of the gun is an essential determinant of speed and pace. Spray guns that have a higher flow rate guarantee that you achieve much work over a short period. However, controlling these devices is not as easy as it seems.

Therefore, be sure to find a machine that works at a moderate rate. If you are a novice, go for devices that have a lower flow rate. This way, you can have neater works.


To buy a product, you need the money to do that. Seeing that they are many of these spray guns with varying prices, you have to be careful, so you don't buy an overpriced product. Generally, professional sprayers tend to be on the higher side, so, if you don't need one, opt for products that just suit your need.

Buying a device at an exorbitant price that does the same or less work than a cheaper brand is not ideal. For instance, some tools are only attractive but have very little to offer.

So, when buying, make sure you read the features and specifications of the sprayer. Like with other things, make sure you are getting value for your money. Also, remember that not every expensive product works better than the cheaper ones.

Additional Features

As with other things, you can always improve on the performance of a particular device by adding some features. For spray guns, these features can be extra nozzle sizes, filters, extension, cleaning sets and many more.

To understand better, let us explain, sprayers that have interchangeable nozzle allow you to choose which tip you work with and what design you produce. In doing so, you get total control of the finished texture.

The Type of Surface You are Spraying

Knowing the type of surface you work on would help you choose the best texture sprayer. Some sprayers are more suitable for exterior surfaces while others work better for the interior. Drywall also sometimes requires a different tool.

It is also essential to know where the surface is. Is it overhead, parallel or perpendicular? If you are working overhead, consider spray guns with a longer cord or hose that lets you work without tripping.

So, whatever the reason is for wanting one of these, do not be in a hurry to own a spray gun. Consider these factors extensively and make your choice accordingly.


How to Use a Texture Sprayer?

Using a texture sprayer is not a difficult task. All you need to do is carefully read the instructional manual that comes with it. If however, the device does not have one or you misplaced yours, then this can serve as a guide. You should nevertheless make sure it is attuned with your machine.

Also, before you start using these tools, make sure you have your protective gears on. Consider face masks, gloves and goggles to protect you from harmful fumes and substances.

So, here is a simple step by step method to follow;

  • Preparation

The first step is preparation. Before you start, it is essential to remove everything from the room. If you can't do that, then at the very least cover up the room using a drop cloth. This will make cleaning afterwards easier.

  • Mixing

The next thing to do is mix the material needed. To get the best consistency, follow the instruction on the content to avoid lumps in the mixture. Lumps can clog up the nozzle of the spray gun, thereby making the device to stop while working.

  • Application

The third step is the texture application. To start, you will need to fill up the hopper of the gun, press the trigger and voila, you are good to go. It is more comfortable to start from the top of the surface. Also, spray from one side to the other stopping at intervals to ensure that you don't leave any spot untouched.

  • Finishing

The final step is finishing. This is merely going back to the texturized surface. What you need to do is check where the material is too thick and use a knife to remove it. For places with less paint, you then add using the spray gun. Just ensure that the whole surface is levelled.

Benefits of Using a Texture Sprayer

Using texture sprayers has a whole lot of advantage. However, how and what you use them for matters. Notwithstanding, we bring you some of the benefits of using a texture sprayer below.

  • Two Times Faster Work

Using the conventional tools to apply the texture on the wall and ceilings is not only stressful but also takes up much time. Imagine having to use tools like a trowel and texture roller to texturize your surface.Hectic, right?

Well, this is one reason to use a texture sprayer. It cuts down the time needed to do a particular job by nearly 50%. The speed can be faster if the guns you choose have a large capacity hopper.

  • Ease of Use

By using a texture sprayer, you have automatically simplified the process of applying texture.

Ordinarily, you will have to mix the compound, then put it on the trowel before transferring it to the wall or ceiling. Next,smoothing using a texture roller or trowel and then repeating the whole process severally.

With a texture sprayer, all you need to do is pull in the machine, full the hopper and pull the trigger. Yes, it's that simple. This way, you do much work with very little or no stress. It also makes working on a large project faster and more efficient.

  • Convenience

The spray guns afford the user more flexibility. It means that the person only needs to mix the material once or twice at most. With the conventional methods, the user would have to mix not less than two batches of the materials. This is because the content might end up drying if left unattended for a long time.

Also, the spray guns are more convenient because you can achieve a neater finish over a shorter period. On the contrary, the traditional method would just bore you from the constant repetition of the process.

  • Cost-effectiveness

As the popular saying goes "time means money". Since using a texture sprayer cuts down the amount of time needed to achieve a perfectly texturized surface, it, therefore, gains you money.

How? So, if you can complete your work in 50% of the time it would usually take you, the remaining time can be used to do other projects that bring in money. This is truer for professional decorators and builders. But DIY enthusiasts are not left behind, as they can invest the time in other things.

Using the spray gun also makes it easy to do the texturizing yourself. This way, you don't have to hire professionals, and therefore you get to save.

  • Easy to Operate

Learning how to work a spray gun is easier than learning the traditional methods. The texture guns can be operated by just using the user manual. Subsequently, you can also play with the machine for a while so that you can figure it out.

Using traditional methods will require more time to learn. You will have to learn about the small details and tricks used to obtain neat, immaculate finish.

Our 10 Best Texture Sprayer Reviews For 2019

Now that you know what a texture sprayer is and what it is used for,it is time to bring our review of the top texture sprayers. This will help you decide what brand and product work best for you.

1. Wagner Spraytech Texturyoue Paint Sprayer

Avoid Common Problems When Texturing Drywall

Texturing Drywall is simple, but if not done correctly, can lead to some problem. It is in this vein that we bring you ways to avoid common issues that you are likely to encounter while texturing drywall.

  • Improper Mixture

The consistency of the mixture surely affects the final finish of the texture, and lumpy mixtures would ultimately give an uneven, irregular, and rough finish. This is why you have to follow the instructions very carefully while mixing the material. Also, remember the appropriate mixture for each material.

  • Thinning the Mixture

Using too much water or cold water can make your mixture very thin for application. This will make it challenging to apply the mixture to the desired surface evenly. The next time you are making a batch, consider using warmer water or less amount of water.

  • Faulty Method of Application

While using a spray gun generally gives a smooth finish, if you don't do it well, you might end up messing your wall. So, while spraying, do not stand too close to the wall as this can make the material fall off. Also, ensure you are using the proper gun and accessories.

  • Primer Not Applied Well

If you do not prime the wall properly, it would lead to texture buildup. So the next time you are texturizing drywall, remember to give enough time between the application and final texturing. Also, ensure the material is mixed properly.

  • Insufficient Water in the Mixture

Another common problem with drywall texturing is when the surface shows through the texture. This can be because the mixture doesn't have sufficient water in it. It can also be because you are using a small mixture for a large area. To avoid this, follow the instructions of the manufacturer for mixing the material and the recommended area coverage.

  • Partially Dry Texture

You can also notice joint darkening. This occurs when the texture is not allowed to dry completely before applying the solution. To remedy this, ensure that the texture is appropriately dry or use a mechanical tool to remove moisture from the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a paint sprayer for texture?

Some paint sprayers have similar features with texture sprayers. But the question is if they can spray texture. Well, it depends on the viscosity of the material.

2. Can I use a texture roller with regular paint?

Yes, you can. Using a textured roller with regular paint can be used to create texture. You just need to align the paint to get a continuous design.

3. Can sand be added to paint for texture?

Adding sand to paint helps add texture to your wall. Some mixtures already have sand premixed in them. This doesn't allow you to control the amount of sand in the mix. When adding the sand yourself, be careful not to add too much sand that might end up ruining your paint.

4. Is cleaning these machines difficult?

Well, the type of product and material you use determines this. Some machines can be disassembled easily to aid cleaning. And water-based materials are more natural to clean than oil-based materials.

5. Do texture sprayers create a mess?

As with other painting methods, sprayers can leave a whole lot of messy surfaces. This is why we advise that you remove all furniture or cover them up before you start.

Final Verdict

With these tips on the reasons you need a texture sprayer, what you can use it for, what to check while buying; you are sure to buy the best texture sprayer.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or novice. The information provided are sure to come in handy.

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