Best Splitting Maul For The Money: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Splitting wood is difficult. It is vital that they have the right tool. Most people always opt to use a chopping ax, but it is not the best tool. The splitting maul is proven to be great because it has other benefits too.

They have broader heads. They are also heavier a feature that makes them great for splitting hardwood with quick successions.It also has little waste because each piece of wood you cut will come off clean.

You will, therefore, have more wood to keep your fireplace blazing for a more extended period. If the wood you have is too large, the maul is the best tool for you. The force of the head alone will split the wood faster and allow you to spend less time cutting and swinging.

You may feel tempted to pick the first maul you find in the market. However, it is important to note that not all of them will work the same way. That is why it is critical to ensure that you choose the best one for the job.

We know that there are thousands of options to choose from, so we make it our business to help you find the best splitting maul in the market. We also give you a buyers’ guide to using when buying a maul.

What Is A Splitting Maul?

The splitting maul is also known as a block splitter. It is a modified version of the ax and comes with a long handle and a heavy head that is weighted by a sledgehammer behind the head. These modifications give it enhanced strike power and less wood wastage. There are three types of splitting maul:

Wedged Mauls

This is the most common type of maul on the market today. It has a heavy head that could weight 3.6kg. It works like a regular ax although it is better because of the more substantial and broader head.

They work faster and do a much cleaner job as compared to axes. While a monster maul falls under this category, it has a much stronger heal, and its handle is metallic.

Separate Wedges

These are great when you need both a splitting wedge and a heavy hammer. It is perfect if you are working with heavy wood.

Powered Splitters

These make your work easier because you do not have to use much of your energy. It is also growing quite popular for DIYers today. However, for these, there are unique features to consider when buying them.

Top Best Splitting Maul Reviews From  Regular User

1. FiskarsIso Core 8 lb Maul: Top Pick

Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)
4,534 Reviews
Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)
  • Ideal for splitting wood (splitting face) or driving wedges and stakes (driving face)
  • Optimized blade geometry offers better penetration and blasts tough logs apart

Having trouble splitting wood without hurting your muscles? Here is a solution for you. This FiskarsIso Core is designed to ensure you get the splitting job done within a few minutes.

It has a convenient design that guarantees you will enjoy working with it regardless of how severe the task may seem to be. With this splitter at hand, you will experience the quality and effective cutting thanks to its optimized blade geometry.

What makes this tool unique from all the others is its ability to reduce joint pain and muscle fatigue. It is designed in a better style to ensure it absorbs all vibration while in use and give you ample time. The material in its construction is of the best quality to ensure longevity and durability through all working hustles.

Additionally, its handle has dual-layer this guarantees that it will capture all the lingering vibration to give smooth and superb performance. The handle also fits perfectly to the hand.

Therefore, you are sure that it will not slip off even through harsh weather conditions. Its texture is also on point, and it ensures you have a comfortable grip all the time and it also the possibilities of experiencing blisters while cutting.

2. Husqvarna 32″ Wooden Splitting Maul Review: Runner Up

Husqvarna 32' Wooden Splitting Maul
6,359 Reviews
Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul
  • Designed for splitting chunks of wood and poll is designed for driving splitting wedges
  • Hardened striking face in the neck and can therefore be used as a sledge or in combination with a splitting Wedge

Husqvarna wooden splitting maul is the ultimate tool for all your splitting requirements. The company provides you with a wide range of axes to ensure you can handle any type or work within your reach. Its design is forged from Swedish axe steel to ensure the final result is high quality and convenient for any task.

If you are looking for an occasional tool that will help you split wood for either building or firewood during a camping adventure, then this is the right tool for you.

With proper maintenance in addition to its quality material construction, this axe can last for a lifetime. The handle is made using great material to ensure your hands are comfortable as you work.

Additionally, to enhance on its grip, it has an ergonomic covering of a non-slip material to guarantee convenience even through harsh weather conditions.

After you are done using the axe, you can store it comfortably in any storage space within your garage thanks to its storage cover. It is also lightweight, which makes it convenient to transport from one job site to the other.

However, as you store, ensure to dry it completely to eliminate any chances of developing last. Also, ensure that your storage room is not too warm to protect the handle from shrinking.

3. GransforsBruks Splitting Maul Review

Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul 31.50 Inch Wood Splitting Axe, 450
232 Reviews
Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul 31.50 Inch Wood Splitting Axe, 450
  • 5 1/2 ib. Head
  • Length with handle: 80 cm (31.5”)

Gransforsbruks splitting maul is the ideal tool for all your splitting adventure. It is designed using the top quality material to guarantee you durability and exceptional performance all the time.

It cuts quickly and easy to ensure you only spend less time and deliver great results.

Unlike other splitting tools on the market, it is designed to introduce excellence in your work. The handle is encrypted with a protective steel collar to give you extra grip and confidence while using it.

Additionally, the head is inseparable to the handle, therefore, assuring you that you will enjoy continuous service without any possibilities of slipping off the target. Its blade is sharp and has a thin end that guarantees easy penetration on any log.

Therefore, it indicates that you can take it through any cutting test and still achieve the same incredible results all the time.

Another exciting feature about this tool is its lightweight design. This guarantees that you can comfortably take it with you to any job site without straining your muscles before getting down to business.

The height is also convenient and guarantees there is enough space between your hand the log you are splitting, hence eliminating any possible injuries while at the workstation.

4. Estwing Wood Splitting Maul Review

ESTWING Fireside Friend Axe - 14' Wood Splitting Maul with Forged...
2,770 Reviews
ESTWING Fireside Friend Axe - 14" Wood Splitting Maul with Forged...
  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE – The most durable, longest lasting striking tools available
  • WOOD SPLITTING MADE EASY - Weighted wedge design makes chopping logs and firewood a breeze

This Estwing fireside friend axe wood splitter is the ultimate tool that will guarantee you enjoy splitting wood in any job environment. Its forged one-piece design makes it the most durable and long lasting splitting tool.

Therefore, once you invest with this tool, you will enjoy exceptional service for years to come. The design features top quality material, which guarantees that it is strong and convenient for all time use even under tight circumstances.

It also has a heavy duty sheath that keeps you safe even while transporting it from one job site to the other. The tool is super lightweight, which guarantees that it is highly portable and convenient for use work environment.

This tool has an ergonomic handle design to keep you comfortable even with hours of continuous use. Therefore, you will enjoy its services and also maintain your body stamina for other applications.

Unlike other tools, this is designed to ensure that wood splitting job is super easy therefore it has a strong and sharp blade that penetrates through any log with lee efforts implementation.

Additionally, to guarantee durability, this tool is proudly made in the USA. The handle is covered with genuine leather to enhance its grip and ensure that your hands are comfortable as you split wood.

5. Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul

Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul, 36-Inch Fiberglass Handle
364 Reviews
Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul, 36-Inch Fiberglass Handle
  • Tj-8f, be ready for winter-the must have tool for splitting firewood
  • Double injected fiberglass handle with rubber grip for improved handling and control

During winter, you will find yourself going through lots of cutting and splitting. If you don’t have the appropriate tool to help you get the job done, you are likely to end up in a bushy backyard.

However, that will not be the case if you choose to invest in truper 30958 8-pound splitting maul. It is specifically designed to bring you comfort as you undertake the most challenging job within your backyard.

With this axe, you are sure that nothing will stand between you and a neat compound you long to have throughout the year. The axe guarantees to be a perfect companion even for a camping adventure thanks to its lightweight and compact construction style.

This tools handle is of the best quality and it feels comfortable while operating the axe. Additionally, it has an extension rubber covering to enhance its grip even through wet conditions.

The rubber cover also ensure that your hands are hands are safe and protected from any possibilities of injuries and blisters. This guarantees that general usage of this tool will protect you from muscle fatigue and joint pain something that is common while using other botanical tools.

6. HelkoWerkVario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter (Splitting Axe)

1844 Helko Werk Germany Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter - German Made...
218 Reviews
1844 Helko Werk Germany Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter - German Made...
  • Handmade In Germany - The Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter is an enormous, heavy duty splitting axe built to tackle the most demanding jobs. The deep wedge and punishing weight deliver an incredibly...
  • Patented Interchangeable Head Design with C50 High Carbon Steel - 53-56 HRC - The Vario 2000 uses Helko Werk's patented axe design - a German engineered bolt-on fastening system that introduces...

If all you want is to have a tool that will guarantee you comfort and excellence in wood splitting, then all you require to set your eyes on this super amazing log splitter from HelkoWerkVario. It has an incredible design that features different country construction for quality and durability.

The head is a proud product of Wuppertal, Germany. Its material is high carbon steel, which guarantees durability and stability. This head design is heated and hardened through oil to ensure the axe is convenient to cut through any log comfortably.

The handle is crafted in Switzerland using grade A American hickory material. This material is selected individually for its grain orientation, density, and strength.

It is lightly lacquered with comfortable black-dipped grip to ensure it perfectly fits your hands. Additionally, the handle has an ergonomic curve design that offers you exceptional balance regardless of how severe the weather and the working environment becomes.

With this tool at hand, you can satisfy all your camping desires and supper to every wood demand. It’s heavy duty design makes it convenient even for the most challenging jobs within your reach. Additionally, its size and weight guarantee the operator that it will offer [perfect balance in any job setting.

7. Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Truper 30968 8-Pound 34-Inch Splitting Maul, Axe Eye, 34-Inch Hickory...
364 Reviews
Truper 30968 8-Pound 34-Inch Splitting Maul, Axe Eye, 34-Inch Hickory...
  • TJ-8AH, be ready for winter-the must have tool for splitting firewood
  • Durable hickory handle is an industry standard for strength and comfort

Although this Truper splitting maul has a short handle, it still guarantees you exceptional results every time it gets in use.

The handle is designed using steel material for durability and improved performance. It also has a perfect finishing style that ensures it fits the hand well and offers you additional grip even through wet conditions.

The blade is compact and conveniently strong to guarantee easy penetration even through the most stubborn log. In other words, with this tool at hand, you are sure that all your fire requirements in a camping environment are observed technically.

The company behind its construction has been on the production industry for over four decades, therefore, assuring customer confidence and satisfaction with all their production.

8. Performance Tool M7111 Splitting Maul

Performance Tool M7111 8-Pound Splitting Maul with Fiberglass Handle
80 Reviews
Performance Tool M7111 8-Pound Splitting Maul with Fiberglass Handle
  • 8-Pound extra sharp steel head
  • Heavy duty fiberglass handle

You don’t have to keep experiencing the same wavering results due to using the wrong tools to help you in your splitting job. Instead, you can invest in this heavy-duty performance tool and feel the difference.

The maul is designed from the best construction house with the splitting interests at heart to ensure the final product is exceptional.

Its handle is made with fiberglass material to guarantee its durable and strong. Additionally, to ensure you are safe from all the striking shocks, the handle has rubber cushioning that also enhances its grip.

The blade is made of steel material to guarantee its durability and efficiency. It is also super sharp to ensure that it perfectly penetrates through any log effortlessly to ensure you can handle more work within a short time.

It is lightweight, which guarantees that you can carry it with you everywhere you go. The compact design also ensures that it fits any storage space you have, hence making it convenient for any job site.

9. TABOR TOOLS J55A Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul with Strong Fiberglass...
1,465 Reviews
TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul with Strong Fiberglass...
  • SPLITS LARGE LOGS. Ideal for splitting larger wood logs. Optimized blade geometry offers better penetration and blasts tough logs apart. Ideal for taller users splitting medium- to large-sized logs....
  • HEAD WITH WING DESIGN AND RESHARPENABLE BLADE. A balanced head with wings provides for an easy and effective swing. The head of the steelhead has a protective coating and the cutting blade features a...

This splitting axe although it’s a convenient tool, it can cause serious damage when you don’t have a convenient storage strategy. However, this is not the case with tabor tools splitting axe.

It comes with a comfortable, protective rubber band that provides you a safe storage bag and is also convenient for transportation. Therefore, once you are done using the tool, you safely return it in the rubber band and hung it with the handle.

In other words, you will not be worried of any after use injuries from the blade as you will always have it safe at a designated spot within the garage.

The tool features top quality material construction to guarantee durability and stability. With a fiberglass handle, you are sure you will feel comfortable to split all the wood within your reach.

The handle enhances grip and absorbs striking shock that’s to its rubber band cushioning. Additionally, the cushioning makes it non-slip, therefore allowing you to enjoy using the tool even through harsh weather conditions.

Its bright reflection design also enhances its visibility and makes it convenient for use through dark conditions too. The blade is designed with a heavy duty sharpness that cuts through any log size without having to utilize additional muscle strength.

10. Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood Splitting Maul

No products found.

This mintcraft pro wood splitting maul is the ideal tool for all your wood splitting experiences. It features a convenient construction style with exceptional material quality to guarantee durability and stability. This superior wood splitter is designed to offer you quality results with every job adventure.

It has a unique V-shape design that assists in ensuring that the splitting job is easy. The shape makes it easy for the axe to penetrate through regardless of how thick the log is.

What makes this tool exceptional among several other is its fiberglass handle. This type of material is strong and will not easily break even through tough splitting work. Additionally, the material feels comfortable in the hands ensuring that the user can undertake any tasks without experiencing blisters, muscle fatigue, and joint pain.

The tool has a lightweight design that guarantees it’s not only flexible to operate but also easy to transport from one job site to the other. With this tool, you will enjoy any splitting adventure and enjoy exceptional performances all the time.

The head retains its sharpness for quite some time ensuring that you get the same quality results even with several years of usage without having to sharpen the blade.

What To Look For When Buying A Splitting Maul

On the surface, the decision of choosing to buy a splitting maul may seem easy, but it is not. Here are a couple of factors that will make your purchase more functional.


Most people do not like splitting wood while wearing gloves. People always feel like the maul will slip off their hands and cause a severe injury. It is therefore critical to ensure that you have a great handle.

This handle should give you an excellent grip even if you use it when it is wet. It should also not give you friction burns and splinters.

Some people have said that composite and fiberglass handles are not striking tools. They say that power is delivered to the striking head causes vibration and shock that are returned to the arms and hands.

Lacquered and plastic handles cause blisters. A lightly oiled prime hickory handle is one that people prefer although fiberglass is slowly taking over. Lighter wooden handles are great because they allow you to work comfortably during the wet conditions.

The type of handle you choose is entirely up to you. They are often designed and shaped for ergonomics, longevity, and comfort.

The head

The head is the most critical aspect of this tool. After all, it is the one that does all the work. While the delivery is through the handle, the weight and quality of the head will determine how massive the splitting capabilities are.

The weight of the head determines the force that will get delivered to the log. With a lighter maul, the more the force you deliver.  You use less personal energy and thus are less tired after working.

A heavier one will require a lot of energy to swing because of the additional mass.

You also need to consider the quality of the steel because you do not want a device that is too difficult to use or sharpen. The cheaper the head, the more you will have to replace it.


You will be swinging your maul a dozen times each session. The balance built into the tool is, therefore, a critical factor that is often overlooked.  You must consider the design of the shape and the ratio of the length of the handle to the weight of the head. The better the balance, the easier the tool is to swing and the more efficient it is.

Where you will be using the tool

You also need to think about where you will be using the tool and how often. For instance, the bigger and heavier the wood to be chopped, the more massive the maul should be.

Also, this will vary from the head material. If the material is too light, it will not be effective with more robust wood, and you could end up injuring yourself. If you are camping, you must go for the lighter maul because you will be carrying it around.


How much are you willing to spend on the right tool? Because of the countless options on the market, a budget will help you narrow down your options.

However, you must always remember that the cost of the tool should not be the only determining factors on whether you will be buying it or not.

The other factors should come to play too and help you choose the right price range for exceptional quality.

The Difference Between An Axe And A Maul (Difference And Their Ideal Use)

The main difference between an ax and a Maul is that the maul is designed like a sledgehammer. It has a heavy pointed head that weight about 8 pounds.

It is also longer and more pronounced. However, an ax has a wedge head always lighter than 3 pounds.

It is also true that an ax is much sharper than a maul. An ax gains more strength because of the force that is delivered by its weight.

Safety Precautions When Using A Maul

• Wear gear

Protective gear is critical because it keeps you safe from projectile wood chips. It is therefore essential that you wear gloves, goggles and steel-toe shoes.

 Clear the work area

Ensure that you split the wood in an open area that is away from the window, people and cars.

• Always use the right splitting technique

The right tool will prevent you from overexerting yourself and causing you muscle pain later.

• Only split dry logs

Overworking the tool could lead to breakage so make sure your logs are well dried

• How strong are you?

Always use the maul when you are healthy. Never be tempted to use it when sick or if it is too heavy for you to swing.

• Ensure that it is in perfect condition

Is a maul or AXE Better For Splitting Wood?

Yes, a maul is better because it does not chunk away at wood like the ax is meant to do. Mauls will also never stick all the way down to the wood.

How To Split Wood Perfectly With A maul?

  • Prepare the right log size. It will make your work easier
  • Place the wood at the center of the chopping block. You always want to prevent injuries as much as you can
  • Examine the wood. This will help you see any cracks and weak points to take advantage of. Remember that different types of wood will always break differently
  • Aim perfectly was you want to hit the log. Make an indentation that will help guide you.
  • Always chop in an upward direction instead of swinging it. Hold the maul with your weaker hand at the end of the should support your stronger hand.
  • Split the wood into small pieces and place the pieces progressively to improve circulation.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is a maul used for?

A maul is used mainly for chopping wood. However, it can also be used to replace a sledgehammer.

2. Is a maul or AXE better for splitting wood?

Yes, the maul is better. However, this depends on the users’ preferences because the ax is lighter and thus easier to swing.

3. What length should firewood be cut?

The perfect size for firewood should be 33-40 cm. It will be easier to stack the wood.

4. How long does it take to season firewood?

Seasoning wood will take about six months. Therefore if you stack the wood in early springs, it will be ready by October.

5. Is selling firewood profitable?

Yes, selling firewood is a profitable business. However, it depends on the state you live in and whether or not wood is a favorite source of heat.

6. What is the advantage of using wood as fuel?

There are many benefits of using wood as a source of fuel:

  • It is readily available
  • Affordable
  • Easier to collect
  • Better than using gas and electricity

If you are dealing with large chunks of wood and logs, the best splitting maul is the perfect tool for the job. However, if you only have a few pieces of wood, it may be wiser for you to use a regular ax.

Regardless of what you have chosen, this article will help you choose the best tool for the job. They are different, and the choice you make will vary depending on your preferences and needs.

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