10 Best Rj45 Crimper Tools: Product Review For a Buyer October,2022.

A professional set of RJ45 Wire crimpers is a must-have item for every contractor. You never know when you may need to expand and or modify your home Ethernet and telephone cable network. So, homeowners can also benefit from having a wire crimper handy. The market is full of premium to knock-off brands.

So, settling on the right RJ45 can be challenging. To say the least. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to review some viable options for you. You’ll settle on the right brand after reading through this all-inclusive guide.

What are the Hidden Benefits of Owning a Crimping Tool?

Ethernet and telephony cables require RJ45 connectors to interface with networked devices. An RJ45 crimper is a specialized tool for that purpose. It works by puncturing holes into the cable while attaching the connector at the point of termination. In essence, it creates a stable connection between copper network cables and the connector.

The best RJ45 crimper comes with a die-set that corresponds to the ones on the connector. They also feature a sharp blade that makes it easier to strip plastic coating and copper wire. This ensures you can work fast and with surgical precision.

You don’t have to call an MSP (managed services provider) to modify your cable network if you own such a tool. So, it’s also a must-have tool for DIY networking enthusiasts. Sure, settling on the right tool can be challenging. But, once you have one, it can serve you for life.

There are some more considerations to make. But we’ll get back to that in a moment. For now, let’s start by looking at a brief review of some of the best RJ45 crimpers the market has to offer.

Quick Overview of the Best Rj45 Crimping Tools in October,2022.

10 Of the Best Rj45 Crimpers in the October,2022. Market Reviewed

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper, All-in-One Ratcheting Modular Data...
  • Brand: Klein Tools
  • Connections: 4, 6 and 8 position
  • Size: RJ 45 modular
  • Standout Features: Offers enhanced protection from electric shock.

Let’s kick off this list with the hands-down favorite for networking and cable installing professionals. The Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper has a lot to offer. You can use it to cut, strip and crimp plugs into place in a fraction of the time.

This crimping tool comes with an ergonomic rubber grip for enhanced safety and comfort as you work. Its high-quality body features premium carbon steel for added durability. Its finish and general ease of use make it a viable option for those who can’t meet a premium crimping tool’s price.

The Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper has a yellow and black design. This makes it easier to spot in a crowded toolbox. To it off, this versatile model is also ideal for crimping RJ11/12, RJ22, and RJ45.


  1. Enhanced Safety features
  2. Ideal for both flat and round cables
  3. A versatile range of use


  • Ratchet mechanism can be sticky
  • Needs extra care when handling

UbiGear Cat5e, Cat6 Crimping Tool, and Networking Kit

UbiGear® Network/Phone Cable Tester + RJ11/RJ12/RJ22/RJ45 Crimp...
  • Brand: UbiGear
  • Connections: 8 and 6 position
  • Size: RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, and RJ22 modular
  • Standout Features: It comes as a set of most of the cable networking tools you’d need for any job.

Second on the list is another irresistible crimping toolset. You get a fair deal with the UbiGear Cat5e, Cat6 Crimping Tool, and Networking Kit. It comes with a tester for checking your cable network for consistency. You also get a handy wire stripper plus 100 modular plugs with each purchase.

With such tools, you can easily identify and correct any errors as you work. This saves you loads of time and can even make the job more enjoyable. We’d be remiss if we failed to highlight the protective leather case.

Such a feature insulates the crimping tool from electric currents. This protects the user from injury, especially when handling electrical tasks. Overall, the UbiGear Cat5e, Cat6 Crimping Tool, and Networking Kit are necessary if you take surgical precision and personal safety seriously.


  1. Premium features at an affordable price point
  2. Come with extra accessories
  3. 1-year warranty


  1. Batteries for tester sold separately
  2. Cutter sold separately

TRENDent Crimping Tool TC-CT68

TRENDnet Crimping Tool, Crimp, Cut, And Strip Tool, For Any Ethernet...
  • Brand: Hypertherm
  • Connections: 8 and 6 position
  • Size: RJ-11 & RJ-45
  • Standout Features: Premium performance at a throwaway price

The TRENDent Crimping Tool TC-CT68 is what you need when in a pinch. It comes at such a low price, as it’s not that durable. However, that isn’t much of a deal-breaker as this crimping tool delivers premium performance.

Such simplicity also makes it ideal for hobbyists and other non-professional level users. You’ll enjoy the ease of use, especially when it comes to cutting or stripping wire. The grip is designed to enhance your handling and reduce strain on your wrist.

Its steel-based material construction reduces corrosion and ensures it will last if you take care of the crimping tool. The TRENDent Crimping Tool TC-CT68 is a great bet for any type of working condition.


  1. Compact and ergonomic design cues
  2. Affordable
  3. The cutting depth is adjustable.


  1. Too basic for some
  2. Shallow user guide

Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool

Hiija RJ45 Crimp Tool Pass Through Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Crimping Tool for...
  • Brand: Hiija
  • Connections: 8 position
  • Size: RJ-11, RJ 12 & RJ-45
  • Standout Features: The die head is specially designed for 360-degree wire stripping

The Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimping Tool has all the marks of a professional tool. Its material construction features high-quality steel and a fine finish. This ensures a longer life even with extensive use under loads of pressure. You can use this crimping tool for years to come without it bending.

No grade of wire is too tough for this crimping tool. It’s ideal for cutting, stripping, and crimping stranded as well as solid wires. Are you worried about the blade getting blunt over time? Well, you’ll also be delighted to learn that the blade on the Hiija EZ crimping tool is replaceable.

It’s blue and black color makes it easy on the eye. The rubber grip also softens the pressure as you work, so no worries about getting carpal tunnel.


  1. A versatile range of use
  2. Provides higher torque and precision
  3. Features a stand-alone wire stripper


  1. Premium pricing
  2. Requires additional force to cut wires

VCE RJ45 Pass Through Crimper Tool

VCE RJ45 Pass Through Crimp Tool with Replacement Blade for Cat6a Cat6...
  • Brand: VCE
  • Connections: 8 position
  • Size: RJ-45
  • Standout Features: a 3-in-1 crimping tool for all your Ethernet networking needs

The VCE RJ45 Pass Through Crimper Tool is all you need for your Ethernet needs. It strips and cuts wires and is built specifically for Ethernet connectors that need a pass trough crimping tool. This saves you a lot of hustle while on the job as you don’t have to switch tools.

It’s compact in size yet has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to stow. This ensures it fits like a glove on your palm, reducing the fatigue associated with crimping wire all day. You’ll also enjoy the slip-resistant polymer handle, which ensures you can grip the crimping tool to enhance your accuracy.

Its construction features a black oxide material for longevity and corrosion resistance. One feature that sets the VCE RJ45 Pass Through Crimper Tool part is its safety lock mechanism. Such a feature ensures you can lock the crimping tool when not in use.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Precise flush trimming capabilities
  3. Built to last


  1. A limited number of connectors
  2. Small for some

Platinum Tools 100045C Crimping Tool

Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Hd Crimp Tool
  • Brand: Platinum tools
  • Connections: 8 position
  • Size: RJ11, RJ12, RJ-45 as well as other modular plugs
  • Standout Features: Proprietary trim and crimping system ideal for flushing extended plugs

This Platinum Tools 100045C Crimping Tool comes at a justifiable premium price. It works with all types of EZ connectors, delivering consistent results for each job. It also comes with a ratcheted edge that will get around all connectors that need 360-degree support.

The wire cutter is built-in, which makes it ideal for both flat and round cables. This means that you can work fast even if the cables feature thick copper and insulation. The Platinum Tools 100045C Crimping Tool is longer and heavier than most products on the list.

But, that’s not much of a deal-breaker as it serves to enhance your gripping and handling of this crimping tool. So, you’ll definitely not mind splurging a little extra for the high-quality performance that such a crimping tool delivers.


  1. Resistant to rust and corrosion
  2. Non-slip grip
  3. It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


  1. Unsuitable for non-professionals
  2. Requires constant maintenance

Maxmoral Rj45 Crimper

Maxmoral Rj45 Crimper Network Hand Tools, with Mini Cable Punch Down...
  • Brand: Maxmoral
  • Connections: 4, 6 & 8position
  • Size: RJ-11 RJ12 & RJ-45
  • Standout Features: Suited to crimping twisted cables

The Maxmoral Rj45 Crimper is the ideal tool for when you’re on a tight budget. It’s a lightweight option that makes it highly portable. You could even slip it right into a pouch or pocket when crawling through tight engineering ducts or crawlspaces within your home.

The textured handle makes up for the compact size of this crimping tool. It has an ergonomic feel to it and won’t slip from your hands when they get sweaty. This crimping tool can also cut and strip wire. Such a healthy combination of features makes it ideal for even the most intense networking jobs and tough working conditions.

It works well for RJ-11 RJ12 and RJ-45 connectors. The only drawback is that you can’t adjust this crimping tool to fit other classes of modular connectors.


  1. Budget price option
  2. Slip-resistant handle
  3. Cut through thin and thick cables


  1. Non-adjustable
  2. Flimsy for some

AMPCOM RJ45 Crimping Tool

AMPCOM RJ45 Crimping Tool, 8P/6P-RJ11, RJ12 Crimper Cutter Stripper...
  • Brand: AMPCOM
  • Connections: 6 and 8 position
  • Size: RJ11 RJ12, RJ22 & RJ-45
  • Standout Features: Compact yet sturdy design for high impact and reduced strain when working

The AMPCOM RJ45 Crimping Tool may seem basic but has all you need for your crimping and networking needs. Its compact design and general ergonomics ensure it feels right at home in your palm as you work. It also takes up less space in your toolbox.

It strips cables and does everything else you would need in a crimping tool. So, it’s a safe bet for RJ11 RJ12, RJ22 & RJ-45 modular connector plugs. The blade on this chirping tool is sharp. But, that shouldn’t stress you as it has a built-in safety guard. The ratchet mechanism ensures a firm grip and even locks in place for enhanced safety.

The material construction features robust industrial-grade steel. This ensures you that your crimping tool will last longer even with daily use in harsh conditions.


  1. Replaceable blades
  2. A versatile range of use
  3. Affordable price point


  1. Stand-alone wire stripper
  2. Too compact for some

Helovmine RJ45 Crimping Tool

RJ45 Crimp Tool 6P 8P Multi-function Cable Pass Through Crimper...
  • Brand: Helovmine
  • Connections: 8 and 6 position
  • Size: RJ-11 RJ12 & RJ-45
  • Standout Features: Unbendable steel frame design for optimal torque

The Helovmine RJ45 Crimping Tool is ideal for all your Ethernet and telephony networking needs. Best of all, it compatible with all RJ45 connectors as wells as CAT6 and CAT5E. You can also adjust it to work on RJ11 and RJ12 terminations.

The sturdy material and design provide zero flex. This means lose less torque and won’t have to grip down on the handles too hard as you work your magic. It’s non-slip handles, and foamy grips also make it easy to use.

The Helovmine RJ45 Crimping Tool delivers clean and consistent trims. This is thanks to its 360-degree die head design. It’s highly durable despite its basic look, so you can hope to use it for years to come.


  1. Features a blade guard
  2. It comes with 20 connectors (with covers)
  3. 5 extra crimping blades


  1. Suitable only for personal use
  2. Offers basic features

SILIVN Rj45 Crimping Tool Kit

Rj45 Crimping Tool Kit for CAT5/CAT6, Professional Computer...
  • Brand: SILIVN
  • Connections: 8 and 6 position
  • Size: RJ-11 RJ12 & RJ-45 modular and extended plugs
  • Standout Features: It’s a full kit that comes with all the cable-networking tools you’d need

All seasoned pros and hardcore DIY enthusiasts need a SILIVN Rj45 Crimping Tool Kit by their side. Aside from a high-quality crimping tool, the kit also comes with various handy accessories. These include screwdrivers, testers, a wire stripper, and other essential networking tools. Best of all, it also comes in a stylish carrier case.

Thanks to the additional tools, you can use them for more than Ethernet and telephone networking tasks. It works well for CCTV, intercom, alarm systems, and other multimedia and data communication networks. Its rubber handle makes it easy to use, and it’s made of premium heavy-duty steel. This means it got what it takes to handle great pressure and deliver adequate torque for the job.


  1. A versatile range of applications
  2. Resistant to rust and chemical corrosion
  3. Enhanced blade and ratchet safety mechanisms


  1. Unsuitable for novices
  2. Complex and cumbersome for some

Best Rj45 Crimper: FAQs

1. What’s The Difference Between Rj11, Rj12, and Rj45 Crimp Tools?

The major difference between these tools comes down to the connector plug you need at the termination point. However, an RJ45 tool can serve the purpose, as it’s the standard for most computing and telephony devices.

2. What are the Classifications of a Crimping Tool?

Crimping tools are classified according to their ease of use and general features. Each class has its associated advantages and disadvantages that come with extended use.

Here are some of the broad categories;

Modular RJ45 Crimping Tools

Modular crimping tools ensure adequate contact between the cables and terminal strips of phone jacks and other connector types. They work by clamping down on the connector plug for easier assembly.

Ratchet Modular RJ45 Crimping Tools

Ratchet Modular crimping tools allow you to cut, strip, and crimp connectors on to cables’ termination points. They often include a ratchet mechanism to secure connector plugs and ensure proper contact between the wires and RJ45 connectors. Some even have a built-in blade for striping and cutting cables of varying diameters.

Combo Ratchet RJ45 Crimping Tools

Combo crimp tools are adjustable. You can use them to crimp RJ11, RJ12, and many other modular plugs. They are usually sturdy and can handle rugged working conditions. They support plugs with 2 up to 10 pins.

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Wire Strip Tools

These are simple and work with most UTP cable crimping. You can use them to measure, cut, and strip cable with relative ease, and they cost less than other classes of RJ45 crimping tools. They make it easier to work on unique cables such as twisted wires, fiber cables, and ScTP.

3. What Features Should You Look For in an RJ45 Crimping Tool?

Several factors can help you settle on the right RJ45 crimping tool. Here are some of them;

  • Brand purity

The market has various manufactures. Some produce high-quality tools, but it also helps to avoid knock-offs. Luckily, the brands presented in this article are some of the best in the world. Their products are made from the best materials and will serve you for a long time to come.

  • Size

The size of an RJ45 crimping tool is not its weight, height, or other dimensions. Here, it has more to do with whether the tool supports a 4, 6, or 8 positions modular connector.

  • Grip

The material used to create the handle and its texturing will tell you all you need to know about it’s griping. Rubber and textured polymers make the best grips. Such materials are tough enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. And are soft enough to ensure you don’t get blisters or cramps as you handle the crimping tool.

  • Connections

The ideal crimping tool should allow you to connect plugs with at least 3 basic positions. These include 4, 6, or 8 positions. You should consider an alternative product if a crimping tool doesn’t support such positions.

  • Durability

Your crimping tool will last longer and serve you well if you avoid purchasing one with marks of shoddy construction. Here, you’ll need to pay attention to the quality of the materials used and the finishing.

  • Adjustability

You can get more out of your crimping tools if it’s designed for multi-functional use. Such tools support more types of modular connector plugs and pin positions.

4. What Type of Connector Works Best with RJ45 Crimpers?

The best RJ45 crimper is designed to work with a particular modular connector: some support 4, 6, or 8 positions. However, you can also find an RJ45 crimper that can be adjusted to fit both 6 and 8 position modular connectors.


The best RJ45 Crimping tools provider connector support for data and voice cables. Most people simply look at the price point of a product before deciding on a purchase. Sure, a premium price means the best RJ45 crimper. But you could also settle on an effective tool that costs less. With so many knock-off brands in the market, it helps to list some of the best RJ45 crimpers.

This list of the best RJ45 crimpers will help you settle on the right product, whether you’re a professional cable installer or a DIY networking enthusiast.

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