Best Rivet Gun Reviews And Buying Guide From Expert

The opportunity to install joints through metal walls and sheeting is something you won’t get with any other product in the market. That and many other reasons are why getting one of these fantastic rivet guns can be so helpful as a builder, smith or any other profession.

But it is as useful as it is complicated. Picking the right product is not easy unless you are wholly versed and experienced in what they offer. That’s why we want to help you choose the best rivet gun by bringing several of the most recommended options in the market.

By reading the following reviews, our different pieces of advice, and a buying guide, you’ll learn enough to pick an excellent product for your work. Before making any choice, make sure you read what we have to offer here!

What is the Rivet Gun?

Known as a rivet gun, riveter, or pneumatic hammer or tool, this magnificent utensil helps to make rivets. A connection between two materials, similar to what a screw or nail does, but this time completely sealed from both sides so the connection can be taken off – that’s what a rivet does.

It uses a bucking bar supporting the head of a rivet to drive pressure or strength from the hammer towards this head and buck or compress the rivet strong enough to seal it in between the two materials.

All this is done using pneumatic power, which offers enough pressure and force to be used in different kinds of metals with precision and effectiveness.

Top Best Rivet Gun Reviews

As we said before, there are hundreds or even thousands of rivet guns in the market – so picking the right one is not easy. But thanks to the internet, we can cherry-pick and select the best ones and review them.

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 Review

Astro is one of the most reliable brands you can get, especially in the rivet gun market. Here, for example, you have one of the handiest and most comfortable to use pneumatic tools that work like a gem.

You won’t have to spend more than just a few second making joints. It’s just as simple as a 1-to-2 process in less than a minute. Thanks to its tool-less design, you can change mandrels and other pieces using your hand in a matter of seconds.

You won’t have to disassemble the tool to use it, and it even comes with a spring-loaded inner hex that locks the rotation when installing.

Using it is completely effortless not only for its convenience but also for its exceptional comfort. It boasts a short handle with compound hinges. This works not only to make it fit any hand cozily and with excellent grip while also increasing overall leverage.

Making tough rivets will be a piece of cake with this amazing comfort & pulling-force result.What makes this riveter one of the handiest is not all the previous factors but the ability to work with six different mandrels or nose pieces.

From M5 to M8 and 10-24 to 5/16-18 and more – you can even buy separate pieces and use with this tool without issues for the utmost versatility possible.

You just have to set the knurled rivet nut before using, and its threaded capacity will provide an excellent experience for either fastening or unfastening. Whether it is for firewall configurations, vehicle attachments, or any other type of modification – this customizable riveter will not let you down.

2. Tacklife HHNP1A Professional Rivet Gun

Boasting the style of a pumping rod and providing a rapid-mount system, the Tacklife HHNP1A is maybe the fastest riveter in the market. Unloading and preparing is a piece of cake, but even more so when you consider how fast the process is.

Just pull the rod when you’re done riveting to unload the rivet nuts and push the rod to load it. That’s how easy it is to use this utterly straightforward product.

But the quick-change process is not the only advantage. This gun also provides the chance to save energy and prevent hand or arm discomfort. With its 14-inches length size with 3mm carbon thickened carbon steel, this is one of the most comfortable and light products in the market.

With its ergonomic design, you’ll get done with nuts and joints more easily than with standard 13-inches riveter.This product, however, still manages to be one of the most durable and reliable out there.

Coming with a chrome-molybdenum set of steel mandrels and a body made of iron completely, you’ll receive a very resistant build that prevents accidents.

All this makes the Tacklife HHNP1A useful for a wide array of applications, including decoration, furniture, vehicle attachments, panels, and much more.

Manufacturers add the superb set of accessories including seven interchangeable mandrels from M10 to M5 and SAE from 10-24 to 5/16-18.Plus, the unit comprises several rivet nuts for each mandrel and a handy plastic case for carrying safe storage and more organization.

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveter

A strength-powered rivet gun is always useful and accurate, but nothing compared to an air riveter. Known as one of the most effective options in the industry, this magnificent product will make riveting the easiest process out there.

From its ease of operation to its incredible 2,423 pounds of pulling force, you’ll receive unbeatable capacity only an Air Riveter is capable of offering.

The design is oriented towards industrial application, perfect to do several hundreds of rivets a day without problems. Whether it is repairing or modifying things, the Astro Pneumatic tool PR14 will make your experience wholly reliable and free of effort.

But being perfect for large workloads is not the only advantage it offers. You will also get an outstanding strength for the hardest of operations. Ideal for its 1/4 rivet size, you only need one pull of the trigger to install or get rid of rivets.

Delivering 2400 up to 2600 pounds of power with its stainless steel build will be making difficult jobs easy.

You also get a quick-release valve that allows you to return rapidly to original mode without wasting your time. This also helps to assemble more effectively and prevents overloads, giving you a durable and resistant product entirely.

Add the magnificent versatility with 1/4, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 3/32, and 3 nosepieces to screw in the base – plus the nose-piece storage, and you’ll get a convenient product. It even works well in any angle, so you get everything you need and more.

4. Marson Klik Fast HP2 Professional Riveter

Strong, easy to use, and utterly comfortable – the Marson Klik Fast is the rivet gun for either the professional or the beginner who wants to make high-quality joints. Getting to use this product will give you a wide array of advantages, including fast results and a very effortless operation.

This rivet gun is capable of tolerating even the hardest of applications. You won’t have any problem with slops or slipping issues while using. With the rubber grips it comes with, applying difficult joints in any angle will be a piece of cake, without having to damage your hands, wrist or forearms.

Working with this pop revet gun is a complete pleasure. Not merely because it is one of the most comfortable out there, but also because it works with a wide array of rivets without problems. With its small design and comfortable construction, you won’t get any better out there.

This kit comes with 200 Kilk Fast rivets, with forty of each different size including SB4-4, ABA4-2A, and twenty-five of SC4-4 and AB6-2. All of these rivets come in their own box located inside the molded plastic case.

Perfect to keep the rivets stored and reducing damage or problem of leaving them outside, this case is an extra that will make your experience far better.

Taking all this into consideration plus the amazing rubber grip and iron construction of the product, you get immense versatility and superb results in one of the most reliable products out there. The HP2 from Marson won’t let you down.

5. Astro 1423 Heavy Duty Hand Riveter

Astro riveters are undoubtedly among the best in the market, and the 1423 Heavy-Duty hand rivet gun is not an exception. It is 40% shorter than other options in the market, especially ¼-inches ones. However, it is much easier to use and comfortable while providing outstanding leverage for a strong performance.

With its small design, you can achieve excellent results in the hardest areas to reach. This versatility also makes it wholly straightforward and prevents the waste of time while doing joints or any kind of modification.

The geared mechanism it boasts also provides exceptional results, more accuracy, and fewer mistakes – making it an almost perfect riveter.

Its patented structure makes it perfect for those who want great power but little shock or recoil. You still get the double-compound hinges that increase leverage and with a set of long arms plus a collet case, so you don’t have to adjust the product every time after using.

The best of all is that you can use it with any kind of rivet or nose piece, including 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, ¼, and of any material such as aluminum, steel, stainless, copper or similar metals. Add the fantastic drill adapter you can buy separately, and you’ll get the most versatile yet effective riveter out there.

6. TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun Review

If you want a hugely reliable product that won’t empty your wallet, the Tekton 6555 is the perfect option for you. With its amazing build of all-steel, superb operation with great leverage and useful set of rivets, this rivet gun is one of those options you shouldn’t overlook.

You can fasten up any sheet metal or heavy fabric in constructions or modifications without problems. Whether it is for reparation or to install new stuff, the Tekton 6555 is versatile, reliable, and durable enough to help you with whatever you need.

You get the most out of its all-steel construction that has the only purpose of increasing overall durability & strength. The black-wrinkle finish reduces damage from outside factors, and it even comes with rust-proof aluminum rivets in four different sizes from 3/32 to 3/16 so you can use this riveter in any situation you need.

The non-slip handles provide a more comfortable experience without letting grip behind. And with the great leverage it offers, using this riveter in different situations is possible without ever feeling disappointed.

But the real advantage of this tool is that you get everything it offers for one of the most affordable prices in the market. No need to waste your money in larger options when this amazing device costs so little and still manages to provide a fantastic experience for years.

If you are on a short-budget, this product at its low cost won’t disappoint.

Different Types of Rivet Guns

You’ll find several types of rivet guns out there, such as;

Lever Rivet Gun

You can use both rivets and nose pieces with lever rivet guns. It works by using levers on each side instead of handles.

You install the rivets by pushing both levers down, so the riveter can place the rivet and compress with enough strength towards the metal. They are effortless to use and come in different sizes for different results and applications.

Liver Rivet Gun
Hand Riveter

This one works with only one hand and with only one strike. However, it tends to be really small and comfortable, perfect for small spaces or configurations.

 Hand Rivet-Gun
Pneumatic Riveter

This one uses air pressure to produce pneumatic power. Compressing the rivet from one side with only one blow, this one provides a very accurate and comfortable experience.

The only downside is that pneumatic options will need a source of compressed air.

Pneumatic Riveter
Pop Rivet Gun

This is the most famous of all riveters, especially among enthusiasts and beginners. Without hammering or using air pressure, this one makes rivets with gears and a hand-powered mechanism.

It manages to pressure the head of the rivet to a metal piece by using a mandrel or shaft and squeezing the handle to create the force to place the rivet.

Pop Rivet Gun

Why You Need a Rivet Gun?

Riveting is one of the most useful things when it comes to construction and modification. A rivet, for example, is far more reliable than any screw, nail or even bolt. When you place a rivet in a metal sheet, you can expect a more durable and reliable product, as it can’t get disassembled or taken off with any tool.

Whether it is construction or metal modification, a rivet gun is always a useful product to have.

What to Look for When Buying A Rivet Gun 

If you are genuinely looking for the best riveter, it is necessary to go for the right choice, and for that, you need as much information as possible.

And surely, there’s no better info than the different factors that comprise a good rivet gun, like these:

# Material

While it is not the most essential part of a rivet, the material will tell you how durable and reliable the build of the product is. We recommend iron over any other material, as it is light enough without losing any strength and durability.

Steel comes second as a reliable yet not as durable material. Lastly, you have aluminum or similarly light products.

# Rivet Compatibility

This will tell you whether the product works for your needs or not. There are several rivets sizes out there, from 3/14 to 6/18 and so on, of different types like SC4-4 and SB4-4 and many more.

If you have any size or type in specific to work with, make sure the riveter you pick is compatible. Many of these guns offer compatibility with most rivets, but some will not. Go for the most versatile ones.

# Handles

From grip to comfort and even overall strength capacity, the handles of the riveter (unless it is an air gun) will tell you how easy it is to use the product.

We recommend going for comfort and ease of use over anything else. However, those with rubber handles for superb grip and an excellent leverage system will also work really well and provide a better experience.

# Size

There are several kinds of rivet guns, and most of them come in different sizes. But the size goes according to your needs more than your comfort.

We recommend going for small rivet guns if you are going to use it for little modifications or in applications where not much strength is needed.

Otherwise, if you need for a large operation, go for a large industrial or professional-size rivet gun.

Safety Considerations When Using a Rivet Gun

There are many steps you can follow to prevent getting your hand riveted or destroying the piece you are working with. Here, we bring the most useful safety tips to follow when riveting:

  • Read the instructions before using a riveter. Each one of them comes with a respective manual, follow it to prevent possible damage or accidents.
  • Wear protection in hands, eyes, and face if possible. From protection glasses to hard-work gloves and any protection that covers your front and cheeks are always useful when riveting.
  • Don’t use a rivet gun with combustible or explosive materials nearby. A rivet gun may start sparks that could fire up flammable chemicals so it could be dangerous to use them near these materials.
  • Keep your riveter in safe and well-stored. Do maintenance from time to time and check its mechanism, gears, and other parts before using. Also, store it in a good place away from too much heat and impacts.
  • Don’t point a rivet gun to people, animals or yourself. It could be really dangerous and life-threatening if a riveter fires up towards a living being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most riveters come with different features and things to follow, but it is the moment of using & other factors that give the most doubts to potential users. To relieve you of these doubts, here are a few questions to consider.

Q: How do I remove a bad or undesired rivet?

A: When you install a rivet you didn’t want, or it just doesn’t look right, you can remove it by drilling it out of the metal. You can also cut, torch, or grind it to remove it. A nose pliers will be useful to take it off the metal.

Q: How do I fix a jammed rivet gun?

A: Most riveters can jam when using rivets that are too strong or too weak for the gun. To prevent this or fix it, we recommend removing the rivet with a plier and using a stronger or weaker rivet. You can follow the same process with nose pieces.

Q: Can I reuse rivets or nose pieces?

A: No, most rivets end up broken, cut, or destroyed after installed.

Q: What does a rotating rivet mean?

A: Rivets are meant to be stationary and firm.If they rotate, it means they are loose and/or loose.

Q: Can a rivet be tightened?

A: No, you can’t tighten rivets as they are supposed to be tightened at the moment of installation.

Final Words

Now that you’ve reached our last words, it’s very likely you’re expecting us to tell you what’s the best rivet gun you can pick. But in reality, all that matters are your needs and desires.

Take into consideration our recommendations as well as our buying guide first. Then, after thinking it through, you can pick the right product for your needs.

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