Best Pressure Washer: Reviews And A Buying Guide

How often do you clean your car, your driveway, or your bicycle? No matter how often you do it, chances are it’s a bit of a bother. After all, who loves getting down on their hands and knees and scrubbing the pathway? And even though you love your car, do you really love spending hours having to clean it? If the answer is no, you’ve come to the right place.

The days of a good ol’ rag & bucket combo are long gone now. As the world changes, so do people’s expectations. None of us wants to waste hours of our precious time on arduous tasks. While not everything can be simplified yet, cleaning your car & driveway can be. All you need is the best pressure washer.

Pressure washers remove all the pressure off your shoulders & apply it to the things you’re cleaning. They offer an easy, reliable, and thorough way to clean the car, the patio, the driveway, and even smaller vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on the latest trend — only this time, with zero regrets. Read our guide and check out the best pressure washer to suit your needs.

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer (also known as a power washer) is a great alternative to old, much less efficient methods of cleaning several types of surfaces. You can use it on buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

The best pressure washers and car washers utilize a high-pressure water spray to clean your chosen surface. As the spray is very powerful, they remove all the elbow-grease from you and do all the work in your stead. These versatile devices will help you get rid of even the oldest, most unpleasant grime you can find.

When buying a pressure washer, you should look into details such as:

  • PSI. PSI stands for pounds per square inch of pressure. This is one of the forms of measuring how efficient a power washer is. PSI measures the pressure generated in pounds per square inch. This describes the cleaning force of your washer.
  • Horsepower (HP). This stands for how much power the engine or motor in your pressure washer can produce. It directly correlates to how strong a stream the pump can produce.
  • GPM. GPM stands for gallons per minute and it’s related to the water volume of your washer. This rating determines how many gallons of water per minute the device can produce, which directly translated into the cleaning force.
  • CPU (cleaning power units). This quantifies how efficient and strong your pressure washer is. In most cases, it will be the sum of GPM multiplied by PSI. You want as high a CPU rating as possible.

Here are some of the uses for your future pressure washer:

  • Cleaning loose paint
  • Removing mold
  • Getting rid of gunk and grime
  • Dusting off
  • Removing chewing gum and other sticky messes
  • …and many more!

A pressure washer will clean quickly, efficiently, and hygienically. Depending on the type and size, you can even use it on smaller vehicles and in tight corners. It’s definitely the most hassle-free way to clean.

Is it worth buying a pressure washer?

We fully believe that it is 100% worth it. What’s more, most homeowners agree with us. A pressure washer will save you time, energy, and frustration while helping you keep your home and your vehicles in a pristine condition.

Pressure washers are much more thorough than other methods of cleaning. On the other hand, using one will take up much less time than traditional cleaning. As your time is valuable, it’s important to let that translate into the investments you make. Buying a pressure washer, in the long run, is saving money because of all the manhours you’ll be freeing up for other tasks.

What are the top 10 pressure washers?

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get down to business. You’ve come here to check out the best pressure washer, and we are here to deliver! Keep reading to see our favorite picks.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe is a brand that has delivered some of the best pressure washing solutions for years now. If you want to get the best pressure washer out there, we think that you can’t go wrong with Sun Joe SPX 3000 2030. It’s also great if you’re a fan of electric pressure washers.

First of all, this is a versatile, heavy-duty tool that won’t limit you in what you want to use it for. You can safely use this high-pressure washer for cleaning RVs, cars, trucks, boards, driveways, decks, patios, homes, buildings, lawn equipment, and more. The greatest upgrade in versatility comes in the form of not one, but two 0.9L detergent tanks. This lets you switch between cleaning detergents depending on the job.

As it can tackle all these different tasks, it’s no wonder that it’s powered by a strong motor. Sun Joe SPX3000 has a 14.5 Amp/1800-watt motor. This motor generates up to 2030 PSI with a flow of 1.76 GPM. That puts this model in the commercial-grade range if you measure sheer power. It’s worth noting that the maximum inlet water temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suyncll Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel and Brush

If the power provided by Sun Joe’s pressure washer is not quite enough for you, you may lean towards Suyncll. With its impressive 3000 PSI and 1.8 GPM, this electric pressure washer can tackle just about any mess. It’s one of the strongest and best pressure washers out there.

This vibrantly-colored power washer can be used for a number of different tasks. As it is sold paired with a hose reel and brush, you can adapt to your current task at hand. Examples of use include your driveway, patio, sidewalk, fences, benches, garden furniture, buildings, brick roads, and more. Suyncll is precise in its performance and can clean even hard-to-reach spots.

If you’re dealing with a bigger cleaning session, it helps to have a lightweight design. This pressure washer is easy enough to carry around, but it also comes with a handy set of wheels if you’ve got a bit of a walk ahead of you.

As this is an electric pressure washer, it saves you money by not requiring fuel refills. It’s also quieter and more environmentally friendly. Not to mention that you won’t be inhaling any gas fumes when working with your Suyncll!

Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

If you’re not opposed to gas-powered pressure washers & you really need something capable of deep-cleaning, Westinghouse has got you covered. This is a commercial-grade device that just might be the best pressure washer for demanding users.

Being a premium pick, Westinghouse’s gas-powered pressure washer is not exactly cheap. On the other hand, as it is known for its durability, it all evens out over time. The design lends itself to longevity, what with the tough, heavy-duty steel-frame construction with a 12″ high profile. The wheels are sturdy and never go flat. They’re also rather huge, making it easy to drive your gas pressure washer around all kinds of surfaces.

This is a full set and it will be ready to use right out of the box. Westinghouse has decked you out with some starter engine oil, all the needed tools, and a comprehensive set of instructions. Set-up is easy when done right, and after that, it’s all down to maintenance.

Last but not least, this is a powerful device. It sports a PSI of 3200 and an impressive flow of 2.5 GPM. Whether you need to clean your car, patio furniture, or your boat, this gas pressure washer will do that & more with ease.

Simpson Cleaning MSG3125 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

Are you okay with not keeping a very tight budget? If so, you should invest in the best of the best pressure washers. One such example is this Honda-powered device by Simpson Cleaning. With its durable frame, impressive power, and amazing engine, it’s just a little shy of being the best pressure washer on the market.

Let’s talk about the durability first. The cam pump used in this model is maintenance-free, limiting the hassle and the potential breakdowns. It’s an OEM Technologies axial cam pump, known for its strength. Moreover, the entire construction of the device is superb. Made out of welded steel, it also features 10″ premium pneumatic wheels and as such, it’s one of the best heavy-duty pressure washers.

Simpson Cleaning provides you with five quick to connect nozzle tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and a soap nozzle tip. This helps you make the most out of the impressive power this model provides: a whopping 3200 PSI at 2.5 gallons per minute.

While this Honda-powered pressure washer is super-strong, you can use it for all kinds of household uses. Clean your house, driveway, patio furniture, boat, and more without worries. You can cover a wide area thanks to the 25′ Morflex hose. It’s ultra-flexible thanks to a reliable inner construction (polyester-braided) as well as durable outer construction. The outside is made out of non-marring, abrasion-resistant polyurethane.

GreenWorks GPW1602 Electric Pressure Washer

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Sometimes, you may not need the highest power levels and instead, you want something that is easy to use. Fortunately, GreenWorks provides you with just that — a budget electric pressure washer known for its portability.

This is not the most powerful electric pressure washer on our list, so we don’t recommend it for commercial-grade jobs. However, for most household uses, you will find it more than sufficient. It’s corded & electric, so you won’t have to deal with fuel refills.

GreenWorks has a PSI of 1600 and a 1.2 GPM rating. This is coupled with 13 Amps of power and a trustworthy universal motor that runs at 60Hz. As far as portability goes, we love the 35 ft. long power cord with inline GFCI. It can be used on all exterior outlets, safely.

The maneuverability in this device is further proven by the fact that you can use it vertically or horizontally. Simply adapt to what you’re currently doing and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning session. You can trust it to do a good job even on more precise jobs, such as patio furniture or a car.

TEANDE Electric Washer

If you know you’ve got quite a mess to deal with, you’ll want to invest in a device that can breeze through it, right? TEANDE’s pressure washer is one such tool. It offers some of the highest stats on the market, making it the best pressure washer for commercial & demanding users.

As said, this is a very powerful, heavy-duty tool. It runs on a 1800W motor that can generate up to 3800 PSI with a 2.8 GPM flow. It gets the job done no matter what you’re trying to do. At these power levels, you need to be careful while you clean. On the other hand, there isn’t a mess out there that won’t be dealt with easily when using this model.

Total Stop System is utilized here, just as in many other pressure washers. On top of that, TEANDE decked this model out with built-in overheating protection. This improves the durability by miles and miles and places it above other pressure washers in that price range.

Generac 7954 Electric Power Washer

Any pressure washer will greatly improve your cleaning comfort. After all, it’ll pull you off your knees and let you relax while it does the job for you. However, if you want to be extra sure that it’ll be a pleasant experience, we recommend Generac. This is the best pressure washer for longer jobs, as it’s very comfortable & easy to use.

Generac places a lot of emphasis on the comfort of use. The spray gun is ergonomic, lightweight, and it features a cushion grip. That, combined with the easy-to-pull trigger, will greatly reduce your fatigue if the cleaning takes some time.

The device itself is supported by a pair of reliable, strong wheels. It also has a cushioned handle to make sure you don’t feel it as you pull it along. The maneuverability in this model is especially great thanks to the placement of the engine and the pump. They are perfectly balanced over the axle, making maneuvering easier than ever.

Generac sports a highly respectable PSI of 2900. It’s the perfect solution if you want to deep-clean your home, patio, driveway, shed, and other buildings and/or vehicles.

CHAKOR High-Pressure Electric Washer

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CHAKOR is a powerful high-pressure cleaner that you can use for most surfaces and vehicles. While it has a strong pump and a number of quality-of-life features, it’s actually rather cheap. It offers great value for the money and for that, it’s amongst the best pressure washers.

This heavy-duty pressure cleaner offers 3500 PSI, 2.0 GPM, and a 33 feet power cord to keep you mobile. It’s a powerful, yet surprisingly lightweight device that you can use for cleaning the garage, shed patio, and other garden & household locations. It’s also suited for cars, bikes, and motorcycles thanks to the included brush extension.

Despite its large size, it’s easy to move around due to a set of huge & reliable wheels. It’s also handy thanks to the 5 quick-connect, adjustable spray nozzles. This helps you adapt the pressure based on what job you’re currently dealing with. You don’t want to go full-out unless it’s absolutely necessary — 3500 PSI can do quite some damage to an unprepared surface.

WestForce Electric Pressure Washer

We know that this is not a deciding factor by any stretch, but the first thing that draws you to WestForce is the vibrant, fun design. WestForce’s good sense of aesthetic & perfectionism extends onto how strong & reliable this device is, making it the best pressure washer in the budget price range.

First of all, it’s reliable. You can trust it to serve you well for years and years. It has an IPX5 waterproof rating, which means that it can get soaked without any problems. It also comes with a UL listed GFCI plug that prevents all kinds of electrical leaks. Those two things combined result in a tool you can 100% trust.

With the added TSS (Total Stop System), you can expect the pump to automatically shut off when the trigger of the pressure washer is not engaged. This saves energy, keeps you safe from possible malfunctions, and prolongs the pump life.

This pressure washer offers 2800 PSI with a 1.76 GPM and can be used for cleaning cars, motorcycles, and most surfaces within the home & garden area.

WEN PW19 Variable Flow Electric Pressure Washer

This is the only briefcase pressure washer on our list. Briefcase pressure washers are a maneuverable & portable alternative to the huge, formidable tools we’ve previously discussed. This one is lightweight, has an ergonomic carrying handle, and due to its small size, it can reach basically anywhere.

It may be small, but you shouldn’t be fooled by the size. WEN is a powerhouse in its own right packaged in a compact way. It has 2000 PSI and a flow of 1.6 GPM. It runs on a 13-Amp motor and it utilizes a variable flow electric pressure system. It gets the job done, even if not as efficiently as a 2.5 GPM model of pressure washers would.

The variable flow nozzle allows you to adjust the spray width. This means that for smaller nooks and crannies, you can go easy on the pressure. Bigger surfaces allow you to go all-out.

This is the best pressure washer for cleaning cars, bicycles, motorcycles, brick, cement, and more. It helps you get where a bigger model would not. Get it if you want something smaller than a traditional, heavy-duty, gas pressure washer or electric power washer.


Many people are quite unfamiliar with the subject of pressure washing. That’s totally fine — after all, not everyone owns a washer in the first place. However, if you want to get the best pressure washer for your needs, we recommend that you check out our handy FAQ first.

What is a good PSI for a pressure washer?

You know by now that PSI is important in a power washer, but how much of it do you really need?

Most of the best electric pressure washers create around 1300-1700 pounds per square inch of pressure. The water flow in such a device will normally oscillate around the 1.5 GPM range. On the other hand, if you’re looking to use a pressure washer for work, you should aim higher — around 2000-3500 PSI and a flow of 2.5 GPM is recommended by experts.

What brand of a pressure washer is the best?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different pressure washers, be it gas-powered pressure washers or electric washers, will appeal to different users, and as such, it’s hard to pick the best brand. Some of the popular brands include Ryobi, Sun Joe, Simpson, and Champion.


A pressure washer is a sure-fire way to make your life so much easier. Whether you simply want to have a clean home, garden, and car, or you want to make this your job, it’s simply a great tool. It may not be the cheapest thing to own, but think of all the time and energy it will save you!

Give it a try — we guarantee that once you learn the ways of the pressure washer, you will never want to clean your car by hand again.

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