Best OBD1 and OBD2 Scanner Tools in December,2022 [Reviews]

All vehicles manufactured since 1996 have a port which allows users to use OBD2 scan tools while those manufactured between 1981 and 1995 need OBD1 Scanners.

These scanners enable you to check vehicles performance in real time and detects any trouble codes. Vehicle’s scan tools are usually divided into three types depending on the skill or level of the user.

There are professional-grade scan tools which are capable of performing special functions which professional mechanics usually require.

Then there is do-it-yourself scan tool which allows you to monitor and diagnose issues in your vehicle without the need for a mechanic.

The last one is basic code readers that simply identifies the trouble codes and clears it.

With so many Scanners available in the market today, that may be OBD2 Scanners, OBD1-and-2 Scanners or OBD1 Scanners, getting the best one can be challenging.

A good scanner will be able to deliver the best performance which meets most of the customers’ expectations.

Many of us need an OBD1 and 2 Scanner (2 in 1) because we own both old and new vehicles.

Below are the best 5OBD1 and 2scan tools based on the real users, ratings, price and customer reviews:

 Best OBD1 Scanners & Best OBD2 Scanners

1. Innova 3140g OBD1 and 2 Scan Tool

Innova 3140g is an advanced scan tool typically meant for professionals. It is user-friendly and a great choice for users who are looking to diagnose check engine, stream live data, ABS lights, reset oil, records live data, initialize a battery and perform battery maintenance on OBDII vehicles.

This scanner also retrieves OEM-enhanced fault codes, perform key on engine running, key on engine off, timing check or check output state and cylinder balance on OBD1 vehicles manufactured from 1982 to 1995.

With this scan tool, you will also be able to receive free updates to ensure your device is up-to-date and verified solutions.

These solutions include fixes, step-by-step videos, repair cost and much more which enables you to fix the problem right. Innova 3140g also comes with LED lighted connector which helps to locate the port during the night.

In case you need a scanner tool perfect for your garage, always go for this model.


  • You can view live data and record
  • Has Bluetooth functionality
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • English and Spanish customer support
  • Can be used even in darkness


  • It does not have a USB connector
  • It does not come with built-in “FixAssist” tool

Who is built for?

Innova 3140g scan tool is meant for professional mechanics or users with great skills in using advanced features. With this scanner, you will be able to diagnose both OBD1 and 2 vehicles.

2. FOXWELL NT510 BMW OBDI and II Scan Tool

BMW All Systems All Maintenance Service Scanner FOXWELL NT510 Elite...
2,410 Reviews
BMW All Systems All Maintenance Service Scanner FOXWELL NT510 Elite...
  • 🎅 ALL FUNCTIONS IN YOUR HAND: This bmw scanner is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes of all major systems, including engine, airbag, transmission, ABS, SAS, EPB, DPF, DISA, DSC, SZL,...
  • 🎄 ADVANCED FEATURES FOR BMW: Reset control service interval, deactive brake, active ABS, register battery(🚩the same type&capacity), abs bleeding, reset oil light service/engage points for...

Foxwell NT510 is the Best OBD1 Scanner for the car enthusiast, mechanics, and technicians who want to save time and money. It has software that allows users to run faster while giving accurate diagnostics.

It delivers OE-level diagnosis on almost all electronic systems in your vehicle and supports advanced functions such as adaptation, actuation, and programming.

With NT510 you will be able to access most common services such as ABS light reset, oil service light reset, DPF regeneration among other functionalities. It is a good scanner for BMW vehicles as it reads and clears codes on all their systems.

With this scanner, you will also be able to control or temporarily activate vehicle system and check components like sensors, switches, actuators, and relays.


  • It is affordable but professional
  • There is no APP needed
  • Have advanced features
  • Has great design
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • Lifelong free update available


  • It is mainly meant for BMW models

Who is it built for?

This scanner is for mechanics, technicians, independent repairers and specialized garages. It is specially meant for BMW models and can perform OE-level diagnosis on the entire electronic system.

3. INNOVA 3120 OBD1 and 2 Scan Tool

Innova 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader for OBD1 and OBD2...
518 Reviews
Innova 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader for OBD1 and OBD2...
  • Patented 2.8-Inch all-in-one color display shows 20 pieces of vital information all at one time, including codes and their definitions in English, French, and Spanish
  • Read and erase Check Engine light codes with the click of a button

Innova 3120 is a scanner which is ideal for the skilled technicians and users who want to perform diagnostics on older and new vehicles. It supports both OBDI and 2 in most vehicles including light trucks and SUVs.

It has patented all-in-one color display which allows you to see vehicle’s information including the codes and definitions.

This scan tool comes with memory battery backup which allows you to have off-car analysis and review.

It can retrieve transmission and OEM-enhanced trouble codes and has been programmed to refresh data every 30 seconds when connected to a car. For simplicity and excellent performance, always go for this scan tool.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Gives multilingual definitions
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • Automatically refreshes every 30 seconds
  • Comes with battery back up
  • Has all-in-one patented screen


  • It does not support ABS on most vehicles

Who is it for?

This tool is meant for technicians and professionals to perform diagnostics on older and new vehicles. It supports OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles including light trucks.

4. Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD1 and 2 Scan Tool

Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD I and OBD II Scan...
686 Reviews
Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD I and OBD II Scan...
  • Reads engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) on ALL 1996 & newer import/domestic vehicles sold in the USA (OBD II & CAN), 1994-95 OBD II vehicles, and 1984-95 GM, Ford, Chysler & Toyota OBD I vehicles
  • Includes CodeConnect, a comprehensive database of over 26 million reported and verified fixes for the DTCs that cause check engine, ABS, and Airbag warning lights to illuminate

The CP9690 is an auto scanner which offers advanced features for the technicians and skilled users. It can read DTCs, record data, graph engine data, playback stored information and print through a PC.

This scanner also can troubleshoot and report fixes depending on the vehicle’s model, engine and year using the Code Connect.

This scan tool also features new functionalities such as battery & oil reset options, quick status, GM DTC status, charging system monitor, dual PID graph, code criteria and hands-free car link.

Actron CP9690 is also updatable using the USB port and has been patented with TrueLink Technology which ensures the link communicates effectively with the vehicle.


  • Has large screen easy to read
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • It is capable of printing 
  • Records and plays back
  • It is up-gradable


  • You can only upgrade it using windows OS.

Who is it for?

Actron Cp9690 is for everyone including the professional technicians. It is compatible with OBDII vehicles manufactured since 1996 and 1984-1995 OBDI cars.

5. Innova 3120e OBD1 and 2 Scan Tool

Innova 3120e Code Reader / Scan Tool with ABS for OBD2 Vehicles with...
518 Reviews
Innova 3120e Code Reader / Scan Tool with ABS for OBD2 Vehicles with...
  • Quickly reveal the cause of "Check Engine" light warnings on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV and even Hybrids
  • Read and erase ABS light trouble codes on most OBD2 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota vehicles

The Innova 3120 is scan tool for professional technicians and anyone who wants to diagnose ABS and check engine problems.

It can check and erase engine light codes and anti-lock braking system codes for most vehicles including GM, Toyota, Chrysler manufactured since 1996.

It has oil reset feature which gives you step by step reset procedures, and you can retrieve trouble codes from OBD1 vehicles manufactured from 1982 to 1995.

This scanner also has patented all-in-one screen will allow you to read the codes with ease and web-based service that provides repair solutions including verified fixes.


  • Quickly performs the diagnosis
  • Easy to read
  • It is multilingual
  • Wide vehicles coverage
  • Gives step-by-step procedure when resetting


  • The tool does not work on some of the listed vehicles

Who is it for?

Innova 3120e is for anyone who wants to check engine or ABS on OBD2 vehicles and retrieve trouble codes on OBD1 cars from 1982-1985.


The Foxwell NT510 is a great scan tool which will meet most of the professional requirements. You will find the interface of this scanner simple to use while giving you all the information you need. Innova 3140g and Actron CP9690 will also provide good performance as it has more special features compared to the rest.

Why You Need A Diagnostic Scan Tool ?

Diagnostic tool is very important when you try to  diagnose your vehicle. You just need to connect the scanner into the port and you are on your way tp diagnose your vehicle. 

The diagnostic tool will automatically read and analyze the vehicle and provide a detailed list about the car. The main advantages of owning a diagnostic scan tool are:

  • Check to see if your car is safe to drive and wont cause any damage
  • Save you money
  • Most recent data and stored codes
  •  You don't need to go to a mechanic.
  • Add/Modify current features i.e. full window closure
  • If you are going to buy a car it tells you details about the car.


There are several options available when looking for the best OBD1 and 2 scan tool. You can get them in nearby stores but they usually vary in price depending on the features, quality, and compatibility. Always go for the scan tool which is simple to use, supports wide vehicle coverage and the one with special features.

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