7 Best Leveling Kit for Ram 2500 in December,2022.

Leveling Lift Kit is one of the most important and cost-effective components that helps you to improve the off-road performance of the dodge Ram 2500 truck by providing the right height and level. The best leveling kit for Ram 2500 is essential to keep your truck safe on harsh or off-road terrain. There are multiple options of leveling kits available online, out of which choosing the best one could be challenging. So we have curated the buying guide to buy the best leveling kit for Ram 2500 truck based on your requirements and other criteria that need to be considered before buying. Let’s begin.

How Leveling Kit Works?

How Leveling Kit Works

Most heavy-duty cargo trucks are designed with a moderate rake level, which means the front end is slightly lower than the rear end of the vehicle for the maximum load-carrying capacity. But when you add more weight in such trucks, the suspension compresses due to the load and rake design and thus you need to lift the front end in such scenarios.

A leveling kit is a simple and handy device that helps to lift the front end of the vehicle to move the body away from the axles. To achieve this, leveling kit raises the front end of the truck to match its height to the back for more ground clearance. There are multiple components in the leveling kit that helps to achieve this, like:

  • Set of Spacers
  • Shock Relocation Pieces
  • Few other hardware components

So using a leveling kit, you can easily fit the larger tires to the truck to give it the right balance and height.

7 Best Leveling Kit for Ram 2500 in December,2022.

Advantages of Leveling Kits

Advantages of Leveling Kits

There are multiple advantages of leveling kits that you must know before buying the one for the Dodge Ram 2500 truck. Here are some of the prominent advantages of leveling kits:


One of the biggest advantages of leveling kits is that they are inexpensive and easy to afford. It is an economic investment to improve the off-roading capabilities and the towing experience. You can choose the high-quality leveling kits without spending much, but you need to be a little cautious about the brand you are going for as many fake ones are also available in the market.

Daystar, Dodge Ram 1.5' Leveling Kit, fits 1994 to 2013 1500/2500/3500...

One of the best affordable leveling kits for Dodge Ram 2500 available online is Daystar Dodge Ram 1.5″ leveling kit, suitable for 1994 to 2013 1500/2500/3500 2WD vehicles. Made from high-density polyurethane, it is an affordable front lift kit for all types of vehicles.

Easy to Install

The other best thing about the leveling kit is that it is super convenient & easy to remove and install. Not satisfied with the size or model you chose for your vehicle? No problem! You can easily remove and install the right one just in few seconds without any professional assistance, making it a cost-effective solution for your vehicle.

Improves the balance & overall handling of the truck

For heavy-duty trucks, a high-quality leveling kit works like a wonder by improving the overall static balance and the handling of the truck, especially when there is too much load on the truck to improve its overall off-road performance, aesthetics, look, and noise issue.

Reduces Braking Pressure

Trucks with the high rear end and low front end usually face problems during the sudden stoppage, especially while handling the unloading truck. In such a situation, when a driver applies the brake, the high rear end causes high pressure on the braking system and suspension, which can impact their performance. Using a leveling kit, you can reduce the load on the front suspension and the braking system to improve the ride quality even with higher loads.

Allows easy fitting of the larger tires than stock tires

The biggest problem with some trucks with high rear ends is that there is very less road clearance to fit or replace new tires for the front end. Due to the less road clearance, it is crucial to lifting the front end of the vehicle for the secure and right placement of the tire and this is where Leveling kit comes into play. A leveling kit conveniently lifts the front and rear end of the truck to bring it to the right level so you can easily fit the large tires according to your requirements and preference.

Improves Towing & Off-Roading Capability

The best leveling kit for ram 2500 not only provides you with the higher road clearance but also improves your off-road capabilities by allowing you to install large tires that can improve the ride quality on off-road terrain amongst the dirt, rocks, sands, and other tricky tracks.

By providing your vehicle’s front end with the right height and level, it prevents damage to the bumper usually caused by the rocks or debris on off-road terrain. It prevents all the sensitive parts of the front end of the vehicle from both external damage and sagging.

Types of Lift Kit

Types of Lift Kit

Front Leveling kits come in various types, designed specifically based on the model and make of the vehicle whether it is for a car, truck, or SUV. So, it is crucial to know what all types of Leveling kits are available in the market and which one would be the suitable one for your vehicle depending upon your requirements and vehicle’s specifications. Here are the three major types of Leveling or Lift Kit primarily available in the market:

Coil Spring Spacer Leveling Kits

Coil spring spacer leveling kits are suitable for those vehicles that have coil springs. You can use these types of leveling kits by adding spacers to the lower or the upper string seats to raise the body of the vehicle away from the axle.

Depending upon the model and brand you are opting for, some of the coil spring spacer leveling kits come with additional lifting tools like bump stop and shock extensions to further make the lifting & leveling process convenient.

Supreme Suspensions - 2' Front Leveling Kit for 1994-2013 Dodge Ram...

For example, one of the best coil spring spacer leveling kits for Ram 2500 you may find online is Supreme Suspensions 2″ Front Leveling Kit for 1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 3500. Supreme suspensions are high-strength stainless steel spring spacers, recommended for the 2-inch front suspension lift for Ram 2500.

Supreme Suspensions 2″ Front Leveling Kit
480 Reviews

Strut Extension Leveling Kits

Most of the trucks or SUVs come with the Coilover strut system in their front suspension and for such vehicles, strut extension leveling kits are the suitable one. Strut extension leveling kits work by adding spacers at the top and the bottom of the installed Coilover strut to raise the front end of the vehicle by some inches.

The biggest reason of the popularity of strut extension leveling kits is that it is pretty straightforward and easy to use. You can easily replace or remove the spacers using this lift kit in case spacers don’t work for you. Not only this but these strut extension leveling kits for ram 2500 are generally highly durable and long-lasting, depending upon their material type (mostly comes with PPA plastic, steel, or billet aluminum to protect heat & chemical damage).

dynofit 3' Front Leveling Lift Kit for 2014-2022 Ram 2500(4WD),...

One of the best Struct Leveling Kits for Ram 2500 4wd is Dynofit 3″ Front Leveling Kit. Comes with an easy installation kit and the coil spring compressor tool, it is the ideal strut extension front leveling kit for Dodge Ram 2500 4wd for 3-inch front end rise.

Dynofit 3 Front Leveling Kit
128 Reviews

Torsion Bar Key Leveling Kits

Just like the above two types, the Torsion bar key leveling kit is suitable for those vehicles/trucks that are equipped with Torsion Bar Suspension System. Such type of leveling kit is usually used to replace the stock bar keys of the vehicle as they are more durable and efficient than the factory ones. Since you can’t add them with factory stock bar keys, their installation and replacement require additional efforts and time but adds sturdiness and value to your truck.

dynofit 1-3' Torsion Keys with Shock Extenders for 2011-19 Silverado...

The best torsion bar key leveling kit for dodge ram 2500 vehicles is Dynofit 1-3″ Torsion Keys with Shock Extenders. It is a heavy-duty solid leveling kit, suitable for 2011-19 Silverado GMC Sierra 2500HD 3500HD 4×4 and comes with excellent durability & performance.

Different Generations of Dodge Ram

There are various generations of Dodge Ram that are crucial to understanding before buying the best leveling kit for Ram 2500, as you will get a better insight into the model and its efficiency. Here are the details about the different generations of the Dodge Ram:

1. First Generation Dodge Ram (1981-1993)

During the First Generation Era, the two-wheeler models were referred to as “D”, “B”, or “Ram”, while the four-wheeler truck models were referred to as “W” or “Power Ram”. To reduce the fuel utilization in 5.9L V8 motor Ram trucks, the Rear ABS system was installed in the trucks. Apart from it, an additional “O/D Off” pushbutton was incorporated to enable the turn-off overdrive functionality. To improve the functionality and efficiency of the models further, the manufacturers added multi-port fuel infusions and a high-quality pressure chamber.

2. Second Generation Dodge Ram (1993-2002)

In the second generation, Dodge majorly worked on its Ram quality to enhance the performance of the trucks and other vehicles by launching the Quad Cab. The Quad cab added additional safety features like “Suicide” entryways, adjusted mirrors, double airbags, advanced odometer, and so on.

3. Third Generation Dodge Ram (2003-2008)

The major update was released by Dodge in 2003 when it introduced the three most popular models: 1500, 2500, and 3500 for the general public. In 1500 Dodge Ram, the autonomous front suspension replaced the old live axles, while in 2500 and 3500 ram models, these changes were not implemented to retain the sturdiness of the heavy-duty trucks.

Then in 2008, Dodge introduced two more models- 4500 and 5500 with Cummins 6.7 diesel system. The 4500 ram model was for Class-4 trucks while the 5500 ram was for Class-5 trucks.

4. Fourth Generation Dodge Ram (2009-2018)

In the fourth generation, Dodge redeveloped the 2009 model by adding more advanced safety and performance features like the inclusion of Rambox with the remote keyless framework to help users keep all the useful resources together at one place in the bed dividers of the truck.

The towing capability was also increased for the 2009 model with the capacity of 9,100 lb (4,100 kg) for 2WD Ram 1500.

5. Fifth Generation Dodge Ram (2019-Onwards)

The current popular fifth generation came with the HD adaptation in 2019 where several changes were made into the 1500 ram model like seven trim dimensions were offered for the 1500 ram trucks in contrast to the eleven trim dimensions.

How to choose the right leveling kit for Ram 2500 – Ultimate Buying Guide

To choose the right leveling kit for Ram 2500 trucks, there are certain crucial aspects to keep in mind like:

1. Make and Model of the Vehicle

It is crucial to understand the vehicle specs first like the make and model of the truck or car for which you are looking to buy an ideal leveling kit, because not every leveling kit is the ideal one for you. They are designed based on the vehicle’s model type and specifications.

It is also crucial to measure the distance between the front and the rear end of the vehicle if you are looking for an accurate level suspension. By measuring the difference in the height between the front and the rear end, you can decide how much height you need to maintain to improve the ride quality and the off-road performance.

ECCPP 2 inch Front Leveling Kit for 1994-2018 for Dodge for Ram 1500...

For example: If the rear end height of your vehicle is 18 inches while the front end height is 16 inches, you need a leveling kit that could raise your vehicle to up to 2 inches for accurate leveling & balance. One of the ideal kits for 2-inch leveling for Ram 2500 trucks we found online is ECCPP 2 inch front leveling kit. Designed with a high-grade aluminum billet, this front leveling kit perfectly levels the front with the rear end to improve the aesthetics and the quality of your vehicle.

2. Purpose

The second thing to consider is the purpose for which you want to buy the best leveling kit for the ram 2500 truck. Some people only want to level their front and rear ends of the vehicle to reduce pressure on the braking system for a smooth and quality ride. While the other wants better-towing capabilities and road clearance to fit larger wheels. While the lift kit can also accomplish the task to lift the front end of the truck up to some extent, for better road clearance and towing capability, you need to choose the leveling kit only. The right leveling kit gives your vehicle better winching power with more space for the larger tires and comes at an economic price than the lift kit.

3. Clearance Limit

It is crucial to determine the limit of road clearance you want to achieve using the leveling kit before buying one so you can get the optimum performance and best towing capabilities according to your vehicle’s specifications. Generally, the leveling kit helps you to raise the height of the front or rear end up to 2-2.5 inches, so depending upon your vehicle’s size, load capacity, and performance, you can decide the clearance limit.

4. Ability to Reduce/handle shocks or impacts

A leveling kit helps to reduce the pressure on the braking system and the suspension for the quality ride, and thus don’t forget to check its ability to reduce shocks or impacts for the improved performance of the vehicle. It is better to go for the one that has a built-in extension bracket system to avoid sudden vibration and damage to the vehicle in case of shocks or impacts.

One high-performing leveling kit that comes with two shock relocation brackets is the Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit. The Rough Country Front leveling kit is suitable for the 2014-2020 Ram Truck 2500 3500 4WD and provides you the perfect front leveling for heavy-duty trucks of up to 2.5″.

5. Material Quality

The material quality is important to determine the durability of the leveling kit. Both the interior and the exterior material should be high-quality and durable enough to defend against corrosion, heat, and external damage. It is advisable to choose the metal frame of the leveling kit of high-quality aluminum billet or stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating for long-lasting performance.

6. Easy to Install

Not all lifting kits come with ease of installation and some require complex assembly to be installed properly using the professional’s assistance, which can cost you additional bucks. So always go for the one that is easy to install and replace by yourself so you don’t have to rely on someone in case of emergency.

STREET DIRT TRACK 2.5' Front Leveling Lift Kit- Steel Front Lift...

The best high-performing leveling kit that comes with super easy installation is Street Dirt Track Front Leveling Kit 4WD. Comes with easy-to-install spacers & other components, the front leveling kit is suitable for  1994 – 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD trucks and vehicles.

Things to avoid while buying the leveling kit for Ram 2500

Getting the perfect leveling kit according to your vehicle’s specifications and requirements is not an easy task. While buying the best leveling kit for Ram 2500 truck, make sure that you don’t get the one that:

  • Doesn’t fit with the size of your truck
  • Doesn’t have the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has cheap material quality to save money.

Installation of Leveling Kit for Ram 2500

Installation of Leveling Kit for Ram 2500

Now when you know what you should look for and what you should not while buying the best leveling kit for ram 2500, it is also important to understand the installation process to save some bucks and time by handling the things on your own. Installing the leveling kit in a heavy-duty truck is not a challenging task but requires some attention and skills, which you can easily attain by following these steps:

  1. To install the leveling kit, first, you need to lift the front end of the vehicle using the Jack stands.
  2. Now depending upon the tire size, take the right size socket to remove the front wheels.
  3. Loosen up the nut a bit to remove the linkage from the knuckle, and then conveniently separate the linkage from the knuckle.
  4. Use a right size wrench to remove the sway bar nut and the upper ball joint nut from the strut tower.
  5. After removing the strut nuts, disassemble the strut assembly by removing the bolt nut from the lower control arm.
  6. Now install the strut compressor into the coil spring and then spacers to the assembly between the top strut and the isolator.
  7. After installing spacers and strut compressor, you just have to repeat the steps from Step 5 to Step 1 in reverse order to put the things back into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the right tire size to choose for Ram 2500 with a leveling kit?

The actual size of the tire of any truck depends upon its rim specifications. But for Ram 2500 trucks, there are two ideal rim sizes available in the market: 17″ & 20″. Based on your model type and version, you can choose any size between this range. Most of the modern truck versions from 2016-2020 come with an ideal 18″ rim size.

2) Does leveling kit harm the vehicle in any way?

No, Leveling kit doesn’t harm your vehicle in any way. In fact, it improves the off-road & towing capabilities of the vehicle by reducing the pressure and load on the braking system and suspension system for a smooth ride. But since leveling kit allows you to fit larger tires in your trucks, it can impact your fuel consumption up to some extent.

3) What is the greatest Lift one can achieve using the leveling kit?

The level of the lift you want to achieve or a leveling kit can provide depends upon the difference in height between the front and the rear end of the vehicle. Generally, the leveling kit can provide you with 2-2.5 leveling in inches depending upon your vehicle’s specifications, but some also come with the low range in case if you want to level the height by 1 inch only.

Final Words!

Choosing the right size leveling kit is crucial for the overall performance of your truck and to help you out in the best possible way, we have curated this detailed buying guide. Hope this guide will help you to find the best leveling kit for Ram 2500 truck. If there is any query that you have in your mind regarding this topic, don’t forget to ask us in the comments. Always go for the reliable brand after checking its warranty terms, reviews, and ratings online to get the best deal.

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