Best ID Card Printers of 2021 [Review And Intensive Buying Guide]

People of all ages and professions have used ID cards at some point in their lives. And most professional places need tons of these cards made over a short time.

While some still choose to get it done somewhere else, most have decided to get themselves a printer and do the work themselves. But where do you find the best ID card printer? More importantly, why buy one, to begin with?

In today’s article, we’ll answer these questions and also review a few contenders for you. So, keep reading!

Why Buy an ID Card Printer?

An ID card printer can come in handy when you start a small business. Not only that, there are several reasons to get yourself an ID card printer. It can be used for countless things!Starting from membership cards to even gift cards, getting a printer will give your ID cards a more professional look.

It will also save you the time that you would take to hand write these cards. So, if you’re considering buying yourself one of these, check out our best card printer reviews in the market.

Top Best ID Card Printer Reviews

There are some great ID printers out there. But today, we have reviewed our top 8 favorite printers.

1. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bono ID Software

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING: Print your own professional grade photo ID cards or membership cards. Everything you need to get printing is included, so get started right out of the box!
  • EASY TO USE PRINTER: Included in this package is a Magicard Pronto printer, and the MA100YMCKO color ribbon. The user-friendly features will have you printing professional cards in minutes.

The Magicard Pronto is a card printer that can print any type of cards. Starting from promotional cards with less description to ID cards with crucial information, this is an option you should consider for important work.

Even when it comes to doing something shady, this card printer will give you a fantastic result! The Magicard has some features that make it very convenient to use.

Firstly, it has all the additional appliances needed for setup inside with the printer. This makes it 10 times easy to go through the process of setting up the machine and also saves your time.

It arrives with 100 PVC cards included, so you do not have to go out of your way to buy them before starting work. The Magicard Pronto has an exclusive software in the printer called the Bodno ID software which works on making sure the cards have a good resolution and are made well.

Besides that, it is made with Windows and iOS drivers making it highly compatible with most functioning systems.The Magicard brand has also made sure the privacy of the users stays intact. This little device also has a security feature input that makes it worth your money.

The printer gives an overall good vibe about its quality of cards. And because it is compatible with Windows and iOS, this card printer is a great option available in the current market.Sadly, it does not consistently provide excellent results and sometimes gets jammed.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Can print any type of card
  • Includes 100 PVC cards
  • Has a holo-kote feature that ensures security
  • Compact and compatible

2. Magicard Enduro 3e Single-sided ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card Imaging Software

Magicard Enduro 3e Single-sided ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with...
  • Bundle Package: Magicard Enduro3e Single-side printer, 1 Color ribbon, 100 PVC cards, Cleaning kit, Card Imaging design software
  • Printing has never been easier with the Card Imaging design software; allowing you to customize and print ID or discount cards with photos, images, text, or barcodes whenever you want

This is another printer from Magicard that can print single-sided identification cards. The Enduro model is very compact and has an attractive design. It can print monochromes and includes a technology that uses dye sublimation to work.

Overall, it can give you around 2500 cards printed per year. But that is not all it does. Because of its shape, it is amazing for office use. It will barely take up any space. You won't even notice it is there! Along with printing monochromes, the Magicard Enduro can also make a fully colored card within 25 seconds.

Now, this is something almost every printer claims to be doing. But with the Enduro 3e, you will get vibrant color cards within 25 seconds!The Magicard brand also brings a few exciting features to the table as well.

For example, you will get a Holokote element that will ensure security when it comes to printing these ID cards.

It also has free software included with the printer. But how do you set it up? Well, this is where you get another advantage. If you order the Magicard Enduro, you will get help setting it up! How great is that?

The Enduro 3e brings a good number of exciting features to the table. It might be considered to be the best ID card printer for small and medium-sized businesses. So if you need a printer for your business, buy the this Enduro 3e variant from Magicard!

Drawbacks to keep in mind are; ink runs out very quickly, the USB connection seems to be causing problems and some monochromes take more time than claimed in the advertisement.

Highlighted Features

  • Can get color cards within 25 seconds
  • Can get monochrome cards in 7 seconds
  • Ethernet and USB connection option available
  • Dye sublimation technology available

3. Evolis Primacy Dual-Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Bronze Editon ID Software

Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING: Print your own professional grade photo ID security tags or membership cards. Everything you need to get printing is included, so get started right out of the box!
  • EASY TO USE PRINTER: Included in this package is a Evolis Primacy printer, and the R5F008AAA 300 prints color ribbon. The user-friendly features will have you printing professional in minutes.

The Evolis Card printer is one of the most flawless printers in the current market. It not only gets the job done but also ensures fantastic quality. It is the best inkjet printer for PVC ID printing, and you'll find almost every Evolis user vouch for that!

For starters, this printer is really easy to set up. So, if you do not consider yourself as an experienced handler of printers ( or you are giving it to someone who might be in the same situation), this is the perfect machine! If you still do not trust yourself around this bad boy, that is alright too!

The Evolis also has setup included for the convenience of its users. When it comes to its performance, you may be asking yourself; does it serve its purpose? Well, the answer is a big yes! This device can give you a 100 card input and 10 card output hopper.

That is not something you'll get every day. Other than that, this guy won't limit you to only printing in black. The Evolis printer can also print in colors and can do it dual-sided as well! Amazing right?

But that is not all you get. This printer is super compatible. It can work with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 drivers! That is not all though. It can also work with your Mac and iOS devices too!

Nonetheless, the unit is fairly expensive compared to its competitors and not as compact as one might think. Still, in my opinion, the cons do not outweigh the perks. If you are looking to invest in a good ID card printer, this is your winner.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy setup and Support
  • Bodno ID Card Software
  • 300 PVC cards included with the printer
  • Needs only 19 seconds to print each card
  • Cards are automatically flipped over
  • Dual side printing is available

4. Magicard Enduro 3e Dual-Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno ID Software

Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING: Print your own professional grade photo ID cards or membership cards. Everything you need to get printing is included, so get started right out of the box!
  • EASY TO USE PRINTER: Included in this package is a Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card printer, and the MA300YMCKO color ribbon - 300 Prints. The user-friendly features will have you printing...

The Magicard brand always offers users with impressive qualifications and well-made PVC cards as included material. But the Magicard 3e dual-sided ID card printer has more interesting features that other printers of the same brand cannot offer.

Firstly, it will give you 300 PVC cards. These cards are very high-quality, and for the first few months, you will not have to worry about buying cards to print on. It is a dual side printing machine. But why is that a special feature?

You can make the double-sided printed cards even in a single side printer, right? But the Magicard dual-sided printer automatically switches from one side to another. So that is a hassle you will not have to worry about anymore.

The Magicard is also super customizable. You can use any photo or image to print on the ID cards, and it will have vibrant colors too! Not only that, the Magicard 3e has an ID camera included as well. This means you can take a picture on the spot and get it printed too.

Problems we found with this device were; the software is not that great, some cards have white strokes on the cards, and it’s not as fast, needs 35 seconds per card. However, the resolution of the picture is not something to worry about either. On the card, you will get a high-resolution print.

The Magicard Dual-sided printer is also great if you want to make real-looking ID cards.It is the best ID printer for fake IDs as it has a dual-sided printing option. Hence, it will give you a professional and real looking printed finish. So, try it out!

Highlighted Features

  • Contains a printing full-color ribbons
  • Can use own images or designs to make id cards
  • Id card camera is available for taking any pictures for printing
  • Compatible with windows and mac drivers
  • Includes graphic quality

5. Fargo DTC1250e Dual-Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Software

Fargo DTC1250e Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING: Print your own professional grade photo ID security tags or membership cards. Everything you need to get printing is included, so get started right out of the box.
  • EASY TO USE PRINTER: Included in this package is a Fargo DTC1250e Dual Sided printer, and the Fargo 45000 Full Color Ribbon - 250 Prints. The user-friendly features will have you printing professional...

The Fargo Dual-sided printer is another plastic card printer from Magicard that is profoundly easy to set up and has a Bronze software that is very easy to learn. It is a little different from the other Bodno products when it comes to the shape.

But overall, it performs just as well as most of the Bodno products. This printer has a 100-card input and 30 card output hopper which is pretty cool for a fairly well-priced printer.

But the best part is it will give you an amazing overall performance. That's right. You can get almost 10,000 cards made per year. And Bodno guarantees every single card will be amazingly printed.

It also specializes in edge to edge printing and can print in other colors besides black. So if you need to find yourself a printer that can get you both black and colored printed cards, this is a great option you can consider!

Generally speaking, the Fargo is no different from any of the Bodno brand dual-sided printer. But the primary specialization of this printer is that it is one of the top printers in the markets that can easily be set up on your own.

So if you are the type who likes to do their work, this printer is the one you should pick! Know that, its shape is not convenient for small spaces and the ribbons get jammed at times. Although the product is dual sided,it still needs the card to be manually flipped over.

Highlighted Features

  • High-speed printing (needs only 16 seconds for each card)
  • Includes 300 PVC cards
  • Free software which is very easy to learn
  • Compatible with both windows and mac drivers
  • Has an intuitive user interface
  • Very compact

6. Evolis Zenius Single-Side ID Card Printer - Grey Brown - ZN1U0000TS

The Zenius ID card printer is a singled sided printing machine by the Evolis brand. Much like most Evolis brand ID card printers, it has a customer service option. Not only that, it can make monochrome as well as colored cards.

This printer has a direct print on the card system that saves time. But that is not the only way it saves you time. The device has a batch printing mode that lets you print many cards all at once. However, the design will have to be the same for each case.

Besides this, this single-sided printer has a customer service that will help you anytime you need. It also can be found in different colors to like the classic white, light grey, and a nice shade of brown.

The Evolis Zenius gives you a pot of interesting features to work with. But what draws everyone's attention to this printer is that it is very cheap. Other than that, it can also manage to fit into small spaces.

Lastly, the batch printing mode is also great for anyone who wants to save time on making many cards at once. So, if these are the kind of features you need, you should try out this plastic id card printer. The Zenius printer is a genius invention.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a very convenient shape
  • Can fit into tiny spaces
  • The price is meager
  • Can make monochrome and colored cards
  • Stylish with color options
  • Installing the ribbon cassette is very simple and easy
  • Has a 24-hour customer support service
  • Is a direct photo to card printing machine
  • Batch printing mode saves a lot of time

7. Complete AlphaCard ID Card Printer Bundle: AlphaCard Pilot ID Printer, AlphaCard ID Software, ID Supplies (Complete Bundle for PCs, Pilot Printer)

Complete AlphaCard ID Card Printer Bundle: AlphaCard Pilot ID Printer,...
  • SYSTEM INCLUDES – AlphaCard Pilot printer (compatable with PCs), ID card software, YMCK ribbon, and 100 compatible blank cards.
  • LOW VOLUME – Uses a hand-fed process designed for printing for low volume use.

The Alphacard ID card printer is another option that is a cheap id card printer and has unique features. Most of us tend to look for a product that not only fits our budget but also can bring something interesting to the table.

Well, although this printer is not the cheapest option on this list, it has a fairly reasonable price compared to its competition. Not only that, it has interesting features that you will not get at such a great price!

Firstly, it prints at a very high speed. It can print whites within 7 seconds and monochromes within 35 seconds. Farther, it also has all the supplies you would need to print any premium card. So that is a bonus too.

But we still have not gotten to the exciting features. The Alucard has a security watermark system called the Alpha Guard. It lets you print a watermark on each card. Great right?

This is perfect for anyone who would like to keep ownership of their ODs. We're not done yet. It also has a rewritable technology for cards. Imagine getting all of this at such a low price!

Considerations of downsides are its frequent installation only after printing a few cards, getting jammed at times, and acting up in the middle of the printing.

The Alphacard ID card printer is a decent option if you want to buy a card that ensures security and has a cool watermark system. And you will get this option at a fairly reasonable price. So, go ahead and check it out this plastic id card printer!

Highlighted Features

  • Cheap compared to other  plastic card printer in the market
  • Compatible with windows and mac drivers
  • Includes supplies needed for premium card printing
  • Consists of a watermark system which is a great security measure
  • Has a rewritable card technology

8. Fargo DTC4500e Dual side ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card Imaging Software

Fargo DTC4500e Dual Side ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card...
  • 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗣𝗟𝗜𝗘𝗦 𝗜𝗡𝗖𝗟𝗨𝗗𝗘𝗗: Color ribbon (500 images), 100 PVC cards, Card Imaging design software
  • 𝗦𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗧 𝗟𝗖𝗗 𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗘𝗡: Provides easy access to simple and more complex print commands

The Fargo Dual-sided printer is a pvc card printer from Magicard that is a lot like the DTC1250e. But unlike the 1250e, the DTC4500e has a card imaging software. The shape is similar to the of the 1250e, although this printer visibly looks smaller. But what makes it different then?

Well, this printer works at a high speed. It can make both single-sided and double-sided cards. But unlike the 1250e, this printer can do the work much faster. It takes only 20 seconds to print a single-sided card and only 45 seconds to print a double-sided card.

The package also includes a single roll of Fargo full-color ribbon that can get you 500 prints. The card imaging software also gives you some cool features that the other Bodno printers will not give you. It can make super small edition cards and also ensure good graphics.

The Fargo 4500e is an excellent product for anyone who needs to make small graphic cards. This printer will make the images very detailed with vibrant colors. So grab yours while you can!

Highlighted Features

  • All the items needed to make in-house photo ID cards
  • Can make graphic gift cards
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Vista drivers
  • Can make XXS edition cards
  • Has an imaging card software

What to Look for When Buying An ID Card Printer

When looking for an identification card printers, it is essential that you know what you need out of the product. Do you need to print both sides or do you need to print small cards? Should it be the type that fits into a small space or does size not matter?

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a best card printer!

Size of the Printer

Make sure you know how much space you have for your printer. As it will be used more than once or twice, you should keep it in a place where it will be convenient for you to use it. So before you go to buy your printer, pick a spot where you will be keeping the ID printer.

Cards Needed to Print Per Year

Whether it is for business or home, the number of cards you can print per year is crucial. When buying, you should ask the salesperson or take a look at the box. Do you need 10,000 cards each year or 25,000 cards?

Know what you need and then buy yourself the appropriate printer.

Printing Speed

Some pvc card printers need only 10 to 16 seconds to print a card. On the contrary, there are those that need as much as 35 seconds. Not only that, some speeds are written in a dual-sided and single side perspective. So, keep that in mind too.


There are expensive printers in the market that do not offer much. But you will also find printers that are cheap id card printers but have good features. So, try to grab the right printer within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I plan to encode data on your badge fitting it with a magnetic strip or contact chip?

That depends on you. But if you do encode them, you need to leave some space for it.

2. What are the types of ID card you can print?

You can print any type of ID cards you want like a professional, student ID, photo ID cards, and so on.

3. How do I program HID Proximity Card?

You should find the right format and specify the programming information first. Next, choose a range and facility code for the card. Lastly, decide on either pre-selected programming or customizable method, and you're done!

4. How do I make my ID Cards last?

You can try laminating them. Most ID cards end up getting damaged at some point so keeping it in a safe place helps a lot.

5. How do I read printer ribbon names?

The printer ribbons usually are written with the initials of the colors of the ribbon. For example, Y is yellow, and M is Magenta.

Final Verdict

Identification card printers are a pretty good investment, especially when you have to print countless ID cards each year. On top of that, you can save a good amount of money if you do the work yourself.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Use our review of the best ID card printers in the market! Buy yourself a decent ID printer and save a few bucks every year!

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