Best Glass Cutting Tools in October,2022.: Reviewed By Specialists

Glass cutting is not just a hobby or a job — it’s an art. Whether you’re a professional glazier or you work with glass as a DIY hobby, you’re certainly aware of the challenges that are tied to this activity. It’s true that the end result can be breathtaking, but it comes only with hours upon hours of work.

Glass cutting is one of those activities that require a whole lot of precision. Even then, if you’re not equipped with the right tools, you may not be able to achieve a clean cut. A skilled glassworker will be able to avert the disaster that is a jagged line or, worse yet, a waste of material — but not always. Your skill makes a world of difference, but so does the use of the best glass cutting tools.

As glass cutting is rising in popularity as a hobby for people with artistic souls, the market has become flooded with glass cutters. You can choose between all sorts of tools, but if you pick wrong, your project may very well end in disappointment. We want to help you avoid that.

Having years of expertise in the matter, we’ve compiled a list of the best glass cutting tools on the market right now. Read on to save time and money as you pick our favorite glass cutter!

The best glass cutting tools of October,2022.

You don’t need to be a professional glazier to work with glass at home, but even if you are, you need some of the best glass cutting tools available to you. Check out our list of the following and pick your trustworthy glass cutter for your next project.

MOARMOR Glass Cutter Tool Set

Glass Cutter Tool Set 2mm-20mm Pencil Style Oil Feed Carbide Tip with...
3,384 Reviews
Glass Cutter Tool Set 2mm-20mm Pencil Style Oil Feed Carbide Tip with...
  • Durable Cutting Tools: WARM NOTICE,it suits for 2-6/6-12/12-20mm glass cutting.The glass cutter adopts ultra-strong diamond carbide blade with solid hardness and sharp cutting to guarantee smooth...
  • Ergonomical & Non-slip Cutter: Non-slip metal handle combines ergonomics design enable comfortable holding and labor saving for better customer experience. The cutter is threaded to ensure slip...

Why settle for just one tool when you can have a whole set? Moreover, why settle for something overpriced and of poor quality, when you can have something as affordable and well-made as MOARMOR’s glass cutting tool set?

This tool has multiple uses. While you can’t use it for really thick glass (such as a mason jar), you can use it on multiple surfaces. Cut and score glass, tile, or mirrors with MOARMOR, all without issues. It’s perfect for DIY projects — you can work on glass shelves or even stained glass with just this one small tool.

One of the best features here is the pencil style handle. It’s steady and designed to prevent slipping, which contributes to the precision a whole lot. It also has a very comfortable grip. Whether you’re into creative work at home, such as working with stained glass, or you do this professionally, we firmly believe that most glass cutters will enjoy this particular tool. We don’t hesitate to call it the best glass cutter out there.

Camdios Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter 2mm-20mm, Upgrade Glass Cutter Tool, Pencil Style Oil...
4,410 Reviews
Glass Cutter 2mm-20mm, Upgrade Glass Cutter Tool, Pencil Style Oil...
  • 【UPGRADED CUTTER HEAD 】Are you worried about unsmooth glass cutting? Now our product can crack this problem as a whole, Premium Carbide glass cutter, sharp and smoother cutting. Absolute precision...
  • 【EASY TO USE】 Anti-skid durable alloy handle, ergonomically designed, reduces wrist fatigue. When pressure is applied, an automatic oil dispensing system keeps the wheel lubricated every time you...

Whenever you work with glass, we’re certain that your #1 aim is to achieve a smooth cut. Jagged lines don’t just look bad and pose a danger to your fingers, they may render your entire project completely unusable. If you’re looking for a tool that offers clean, smooth cuts, consider Camdios and their pencil grip cutter.

If you’re into DIY glass work, you will love the fact that this tool can produce clear cuts on lots of different surfaces. You don’t need to empty your wallet to buy a whole lot of different tools — all you need is one. One of the factors that contribute to your success with this device will be the comfortable grip and the strong, durably cutting head.

Wrist pain can be one big problem those that use a glass cutter. Whether you use a pencil grip or a pistol, it can leave you aching for hours. Fortunately, it’s easily prevented with the use of the right type of handle. The handle in this device is ergonomically designed and has an anti-skid feature that ensures a steady grip.

Red Devil DIY Glass Cutter

Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter, 1-Pack
1,622 Reviews
Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter, 1-Pack
  • Glass cutter
  • Ideal for general cutting

If glass cutting is just a hobby for you, you’re in luck. You don’t need loads of expensive tools. Going down the budget route doesn’t mean that you’ll be compromising on quality. If you’re into DIY and don’t do this for a living, you just might be satisfied with the highly affordable Red Devil,

It’s important to note that this budget glass cutter does not cut through glass. It scores the surface and allows you to snap it off. If you need a very smooth cut, you need to either work with thin glass or, alternatively, pick up a more expensive model.

With a little bit of practice, this tool will help you complete your DIY projects at home without the need to buy anything else. We recommend it especially if you are not desperate for a super-smooth cut. It works well with glass, stained glass, and other surfaces.

Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Kit

Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Kit, for Cutting Wine Bottle or Jars to...
1,455 Reviews
Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Kit, for Cutting Wine Bottle or Jars to...
  • Easy to Use: 5 support wheels with the stainless anti-slide base, hold bottle more stable to make precise cutting. No learning curve, so you could make a beautiful, precise cut at your first attempt.
  • All-In-One Kit: Bottle cutter, glass cutter, drill bit, sandpaper, replacement bit, instructions, you got all you need to do perfect DIY work.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or perhaps buy a present for a loved one, the best glass cutting tools are not limited to just the glass cutter itself. What if you could have a whole set that works for both glass cutting & bottle cutting?

This set has several uses. You can use the super-precise and stylish best glass cutter for all your DIY needs, but you can also cut bottles by using the other parts of the set to help you. It’s an all-in-one kit: get a bottle cutter, glass cutter, drill bit, sandpaper, replacement bit, and a full set of instructions in this high-quality set.

Most of all, this set is extremely easy to use. The stainless steel anti-slide base has 5 support wheels that make it easier for you to cut the bottle. This is a pencil grip style of glass cutter and it features a sturdy cutting wheel as well as an oil feed system to aid lubrication.

There’s next to no learning curve in these bottle cutters and glass cutters — read the instructions and get right to it!

IMT Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide, Professional...
785 Reviews
IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide, Professional...
  • ❤️Sales Now: Limited time offer!★Unique Pistol Grip Design - The glass cutter is easy to hold and reduces wrist fatigue, letting you score glass with little effort and gives you clean cuts.
  • ★Heavy Duty - This stained glass cutting tool uses industrial grade frosted iron Head , the wheel is made of durable Tungsten Carbide, cutting life is over 20000 meters, outlast other cutters by up...

Glass cutters have a lot of uses, but sometimes, they may feel a little uncomfortable if you use them for too long. The ones we’re recommending you usually have a good and stable grip, but your hand may still get tired after prolonged use. This can be avoided — simply pick up IMT’s Pistol Grip Glass Cutter.

IMT offers you the best glass cutting tool with an alternative grip. It’s much wider, shaped to match your fingers, and molded to fit right into your hand. It’s easy to hold, even for a long time, because the design lends itself to lowering wrist fatigue. All fans of glass cutting will tell you that cutting for hours on end is simply painful. Avoid that nuisance with the right kind of glass cutter.

The glass cutter heads are replaceable, and to begin with, you will receive two: 2mm-6mm and 6mm-12mm. As this tool has a wide range of uses, from stained glass to mosaic, you will certainly find some purpose for it in your arsenal. With the use of materials such as the aforementioned tungsten carbide, you will also notice a spike in durability.

Creator’s Beetle Bits Mini Glass Cutting System

Creator's Beetle Bits Mini Glass Cutting System Portable Work Station...
153 Reviews

Not everyone that enjoys the best glass cutters likes to cut free-hand. If you’d rather spend a little more and get a complete set that will take you to success, this is a very viable option that offers many extra accessories.

This isn’t strictly a glass cutting tool, but it is a scoring tool. This means that you will be able to achieve accurate angles and shapes as you use it to score glass. The brand has paid a great deal of attention to things such as ease of use and comfort, so this is a tool that can be used by absolute beginners with next to no learning curve.

As this is a set, you’re getting everything you need in one package. You’ll be getting an oil well, an Omni-directional glass stop, a 90-degree straight edge rest, a straight edge swivel rest, an adjustable angle rest for the oil dispensing oil feed system, a compass dial, an 18-inch Zero Mark ruler, two waffle grids, an 18-inch straight edge, and lastly, one ruler positioner.

With such a comprehensive kit to aid you, all of your DIY projects are sure to be a success. It does come at a higher price than many other of the best glass cutters, but it provides great value for the money.

Toyo Custom-Grip SuperCutter

Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter - Glass Cutter - Assorted Colors (One...
451 Reviews
Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter - Glass Cutter - Assorted Colors (One...
  • Features a four-position saddle – adjustable for all hand sizes
  • Refined oil-fed system – can be used with or without oil!

If you find yourself having a hard time with regular models of glass cutters, maybe a custom grip would be useful to you? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of adjustment. You might just need the best glass cutting tools available to you to create your next masterpiece.

This is a high-end tool for glass cutting that will fit nicely in most hands. This is due to the four-position saddle that is entirely adjustable, so if you try it out and at first you don’t love it, you can adapt it to your needs.

Another unusual feature of this premium glass cutter device is the refined oil-fed system. Most of the best glass cutters, as you probably know, require oil to use. They are powered by oil feed systems that lubricate the cutting wheel and/or cutting head. This one doesn’t! If you prefer not to utilize oil, you will still achieve equally great results here.

The carbide cutting wheel is patented by Toyo and it improves the lubrication of the axle. This, in turn, drastically reduces friction and allows for a cleaner score. Jagged edges are something you usually hate when you work with glass, so it’s good to have a tool that helps you prevent that.

Pistol-Grip Glass Cutter – 2-Pack

2 Pack Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter - Heavy Duty Perfect for...
781 Reviews
2 Pack Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter - Heavy Duty Perfect for...
  • Factory outlet super cutters outlast other cutters by up to 25 times the wheel is made of durable carbide steel that outlasts conventional cutters
  • Pistol grip shape reduces wrist fatigue self-oiling for a free rolling wheel and consistent score line

There are times when you might want to have more than one glass cutter. If you want to get a dual pack for a highly affordable price, HTINXED provides exactly what you need in the form of this pistol grip glass cutter.

These cutters feature a pistol grip shape that was designed ergonomically in order to reduce wrist fatigue. The grips are made out of plastic, but they’re fairly durable. Their shape is perfectly molded to match your hand when you work on your projects.

Many people prefer pistol grip glass cutters over their pencil grip counterparts simply due to the comfort of use. If you find yourself hurting after a couple of hours spent with your pencil grip glass cutter, it might be time to upgrade to a pistol grip.

The cutting wheel in these cutters is entirely replaceable. What this means is that your one-time expense just might end up lasting for a long time, as you will be able to replace the part that dulls or breaks most often: the cutting wheel.

You can use these budget glass cutters for things such as cutting windows, mirrors, stained glass, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve seen our recommendations for the best glass cutting tools out there, but you may still have some questions left to answer. Don’t worry — that is what we’re here for! Keep reading to find out more about glass cutters & get all your knowledge on glass cutting how to.

What tool do you use to cut glass?

While most glass cutters don’t actually cut through the glass, they are all used for that purpose exactly. The way a glass cutter often works is that it makes a shallow score in a piece of glass. This split in the surface allows you to break off the piece of glass that you want.

Depending on the type of glass cutter you pick, you may expect this to bring great results (clear, smooth edges) or slightly worse (the cut will be fine, but the edges may be jagged). This is why, amongst other reasons, it’s important to pick a tool for cutting glass that performs well and helps you complete your projects with ease.

How can I cut glass at home without a glass cutter?

If you don’t have the best glass cutter, you can try to substitute with other tools. Most of those things are tools you’d not normally have at home, though, so you may still need to go shopping if you don’t have a worthy replacement at home.

You can use a carbide scribe, a diamond tip or diamond powder file edge, a steel file or steel ruler, or even basic things such as a piece of string, wire, or scissors. However, all these methods are much less secure than a glass cutter will be, so please be cautious.

Can you use wd40 to cut through glass?

Indeed you can! WD40 is often used by glass cutters as a replacement for oil. Whether it works better for you or not falls down to preference. However, many professionals and amateurs alike turn to WD-40 for lubricating their projects.

WD-40 is a multi-purpose product, so having a bottle of it at home will not go amiss even if you don’t use it for your glass cutting hobby. You can use it for things such as driving out moisture and drying out electrical systems, removing grease, or lubricating wheels.

There are endless uses to WD-40, so it’s no wonder that it’s found in most homes. You can pick up yours on Amazon to have it delivered to your door.

What Dremel bit do I use to cut glass?

Dremel is a brand that is very well-known in the glass cutting world. If you need a good bit for your next DIY project, we recommend the Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit. This is a spiral cut bit with a steel shank cutter that offers a fantastic degree of durability.

You can use this ⅛” shank to cut through wood, plastic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate, glass, aluminum, and more. While you shouldn’t run it at above 30,000 RPM, it’s going to serve you well under all other circumstances.


Glass cutting is a gateway to the creation of some truly breathtaking projects. Sure, you can buy a glass shelf at a furniture shop, but will it really look better than something you create to match your exact tastes? No, it won’t! With the best glass cutting tools on the market, you’ll be able to create fantastic things and have a blast doing it.

As DIY is super-popular right now, glass cutting tools make great presents. They’re also lots of fun if you simply want an outlet for your creativity. Whether you need a good gift or you want to try out something new, check out glass cutting for your next DIY project.

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