Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado in 2021

Without an exhaust system, your automobile would be almost unusable. The automobile pollution filter operates as a filter, enabling your car to expel fumes and noise from the engine.

In addition, it is better for the environment as it emits less gas.

In addition, adding this unique character to your automobile boosts the automobile’s sound and appeal, giving it an appealing and sporty feel to drive.

If you’re looking to have your exhaust system replaced, you’ve come to the correct spot. We have gathered a selection of many manufacturers in this article to assist you in choosing a sound exhaust system for your vehicle.

Chevrolet Silverado is a solid and full-size pickup truck that is built to manage large loads. Without the exhaust system, it would be difficult to evacuate the partially burnt fuel and air combination. Even if the factory-installed one is effective in sound muffling, the best exhaust systems will need to be replaced after a while, as long as there is still enough backpressure in place. What is the point of it? It is crucial to raise the driving levels and make the gases leave as quickly and as readily as possible. This is the best exhaust systems for the 5.3 Silverado. Exhaust system provides a rise in power, which eliminates emissions while also reducing pressure (brake horsepower).

In this instance, I’d want you to pay attention to the sub-model and the engine type (for example, a 4.3L or a 6.2L) and then focus on the kind and material you desire. It is entirely a matter of preference as to which options one utilizes: axle-back or cat-back. When deciding between aluminized or stainless steel, what should one choose? Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty specifics.

Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado in 2021

1. CORSA 14925 Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System

The CORSA 14925 is a single-side exit Cat-Back exhaust system that offers a perfectly finished look. It provides you with the sound you’re looking for in the sport class. It is a set of twin 4″ pro-series tips. The item should work with your 5.3 Silverado and of course, you’re going to need to have the fitment (for your vehicle) in order to use it. This exhaust system is a simple, straightforward installation. Even the inexperienced user may do the installation swiftly. Almost all hardware is included, including necessities like screws, spacers, and fittings are included in the package to allow installation with little trouble.


  • I like the sound of it, and it has a unique sound-canceling function.
  • Manufactured to fit the vehicle’s specifications to guarantee vehicle performance that is tailored to each vehicle
  • Sounds nice while accelerating but is hardly audible on the highway.
  • It enables you to enjoy drone-free flights whenever you like.
  • Exquisite, polished stainless steel finish for long-term durability


  • We advise that you verify your car measurements before ordering since it is not compatible with all Silverado models.
  • It is a little costly.

2. The 140546 Cat-Back exhaust model by BORLA

This socket is ideal for usage with Silverado 5.3. This product is produced by TASSEL. This firm is thus characterized by high-level manufacturing items. Moreover, it weighs just 53.1 pounds, and the maker has not stopped its model. It may be checked for various automobile models.

You may simply install it without an assistant, although it may take some time. This sound created by this ability might develop throughout the years, so that if you desire a loud sound it may be a great choice.


  • You can converse inside your automobile, and noise isn’t going to be unpleasant.
  • The sound it gives you is soothing and forceful.


  • It could be a little loud depending on where you reside.

3. Borla 140537 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System

Borla 140537 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System
81 Reviews

The Borla 140537 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust system is intended for use with both automatic and manual transmissions. This is the best exhaust systems for cars such as the 5.3 Silverado. Borla 140537 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System must mention that these measurements suit nicely with an extended standard cabbed of 78.7 inches and a short crew cabbed of 69.3 inches of the vehicles.

A wheelbase of 143.5 inches is required in order to accommodate the Borla 140537 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust system. In this case, the cat-back exhaust system does not include a flapper that will prevent the drone from sounding while the vehicle is cruising. Also, it is made entirely of stainless steel and is complemented with chrome fittings.


  • The primary goal of this program is to provide one million miles of coverage.
  • It has a superior level of performance
  • Tough, strong, and very long-lasting
  • This adapter lets you convert your audio from line level to RCA to allow you to drive your car and enjoy high-quality music.
  • Very easy to install


  • Before you buy it, it must be checked to ensure it fits correctly.
  • The tailpipes are not in line with each other.
  • It occasionally makes a rattling sound.

4. The 15268 model by MagnaFlow


This model is proven and assures that energy is generated when you utilize it. It also offers you the horsepower to improve performance.

MagnaFlow exhaust systems are compatible with almost all automobile types. However, you may verify the compatibility of them before you buy them. It gives you a better view of what you are about to purchase.


  • It gives the people around you a reasonably loud sound, but not at all bothersome.
  • You’re not going to slaughter HP/TQ and MPG increases.
  • Installation is easy; you need no previous knowledge


  • It must be ensured what form of warranty it has

5. The 817492 model with a moderate sound and Cat-back System 409S by Flowmaster

The Flowmaster Model 817482 has all the functions you need. You have a number of tip styles with this model to select the one that best fits you. It also features a special Flowmaster muffler which assists and integrates styles with tips.

This product also includes a twin rear outlet. It has a tube of stainless steel. This makes it more durable and also offers 16 size mandrel bends to improve performance.


  • Installation is straightforward, but you can do it by yourself. You will need aid from a person.
  • You won’t have any trouble shipping your stuff, much less the product damage.
  • You will notice this exhaust and you will get quick power.
  • The value for money is great.


  • The clamps may shatter if you put too much power.

6. Magnaflow 15267 Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Magnaflow 15267 Cat-Back exhaust system is a street-oriented exhaust system with a 3-inch pipe diameter for increased flow. It features a single exhaust point that is located on the rear end of the passenger side of the vehicle. You may use the clamp on the method in order to maintain the connection.

The exhaust system comprises a single muffler and is of straight type. The Magnaflow 15267 Cat-Back exhaust system is comprised of stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion. The outside walls of the tip are welded together, and there is a circular bevel for the tip. The overall length of the tip is 12 inches.


  • This product will endure and withstand considerable wear and tear.
  • the benefits of increases in engine performance
  • you get good value for your money
  • evens out sound level on the inside and outside of the room
  • made in the United States
  • easy to install


  • Some folks may not be fans of the sound produced in V4 mode.
  • A veneer of plastic wrap

7. MBRP S5085AL Cat-Back Single Exit Exhaust System

The system is most recognized for its exhaust gas flow, as with the flow rate from the Cat-Back Single Exit Exhaust offered by MBRP. Reducing the temperature of the engine helps to decrease the operating temperature. This best exhaust system is constructed out of aluminum and steel. And, vehicle functioning is much improved, and it is pretty gratifying.

The product’s weight is 48.5 pounds. The dimensions of the product are 46.2 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and 11.7 inches tall. This best exhaust system is appropriate for installation on to the Chevrolet 5.3 Silverado. Additionally, it features an exhaust tip of 4 inches, providing for a more incredible throw of gas. Additionally, the exhaust tip is included as part of the purchase.


  • This exhaust system is sturdy and lasts a long time.
  • Because of this, it significantly decreases the exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
  • This speaker provides a lower frequency sound that sounds better.
  • Aluminized steel is used in the construction of this vehicle.
  • Considerably less expensive than similar items
  • Easy to install


  • The drone becomes evident after driving on the highway for a while.
  • Rust may appear on the exhaust sooner than on other parts.

8. Magnaflow 15270 Exhaust System

The 3-inch-diameter pipe found on the Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system was installed. It features a twin exhaust tip, which is located on the same side of the vehicle, which is the back of the passenger side. In addition, the kit has a clamp-on connection type, and it is comprised of just one muffler.

The Magnaflow 15270 exhaust system is comprised of stainless steel. The protectant helps keep rust and water damage at bay. Installation is relatively simple, as long as you follow the instructions that are given to you. Additionally, automobile owners may handle their automobile repairs without having to acquire substantial expertise in cars. Additionally, it is compatible with all variations of the 5.3 Silverado.


  • It improves horsepower and torque.
  • leads to higher engine performance
  • Overall, the sound quality is good
  • relatively fast and effective exhaust flow
  • The product is simple to install and requires no fuss.


  • It drones loudly and particularly when the AFM transitions from two-cylinder to four-cylinder operation.

9. MagnaFlow 15269 Cat-Back Exhaust System


The MagnaFlow 15269 Cat-Back exhaust system is produced in the USA and intended to endure, which is excellent for individuals who are seeking more performance and greater efficiency. MagnaFlow MF Series, Performance Exhaust systems will provide you with the deep, smooth sound you desire, as well as the substantial horsepower you want.

The latest exhaust system designs are straight-through flow designs to offer unfettered horsepower and torque for increased power output while keeping the exhausted economy. At the same time, it is manufactured of aluminium steel to keep it free from water damage and corrosion.


  • A corrosion-resistant substance is employed in the exhaust system’s inner body.
  • more fuel-efficient engines
  • a very high level of power increase
  • the bolt-on installation is simple
  • quality that may be used over a lengthy period of time


  • It is more likely to encounter issues with connections

10. Flowmaster 717787 Cat-Back Exhaust System

In conclusion, the Flowmaster 717787 Cat-back exhaust system is a great product to be used for the 5.3 Silverado. Flowmaster 717787 Cat-Back Exhaust System may use it in conjunction with automatic as well as a manual gearbox.

This product weighs 41.6 pounds. And the proportions are 40.5 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. The package comes with all the necessary hangers, clamps, and other hardware that is required for simple installation. 4-inch exhaust tips with ceramic coatings round off the exhaust section.

It has stainless steel for a lengthy period of up to 10 years to assure quality and durability. It has fewer maintenance needs, which also means it is durable.


  • constant-tension mandrel-bent stainless steel tube
  • It is possible to operate in both crew and coach-style cabs.
  • an all-inclusive bolt-on and direct-fit upgrade performance
  • tip with a black ceramic coating


  • It might take some time to grow used to the drone.
  • Many individuals find installation challenging.

11. Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder Cat-Back System

The Flowmaster 817669 is another exhaust system that is an excellent fit for your car. This particular exhaust header is wider than others, and that allows for more flow of air into the engine to keep it cool. Additional, you will get more performance advantages from this product. Once the installation process is over, you will see that the system is completed with 3.50-inch stainless steel tips.


  • It is installed with a correct fitting
  • This helps to increase engine output.
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • somewhat aggressive/aggressive sound
  • Lifetime, unlimited-use warranty


  • In some instances, the Y-pipe needs to be modified.
  • May expose you to harmful substances.

12. Borla 140537 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Borla 140537 Cat-Back Exhaust System
81 Reviews

The Borla 140537 is an outlet ATAK Cat-Back exhaust system that is most suitable for both Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. It is one of the most efficient exhaust systems out there, as far as performance is concerned.

It is composed of unadulterated stainless steel that provides lasting strength and resistance to the elements, such as the weather and the road. Everything in the kit is ready to go, and all of the necessary hardware fittings and basics are included. This works properly for every kind of application or task, and it’ll provide you with a flawless performance every time.


  • It features mandrel-bent tubes to better suit its design.
  • It sounds great with the exhaust note tune.
  • The flow regulation does a good job at controlling backpressure.
  • The efficiency is greater, and the performance is better.


  • If the hardware does not include a clamp, it is most likely missing.

13. Flowmaster 817689 Cat-Back Exhaust System with Aggressive Sound

This Flowmaster 817689 exhaust system has a deep, aggressive sound, making it a great option for someone who desires an exhaust sound like that. This Flowmaster exhaust system is the perfect match for your Chevy Silverado. It features a large exhaust header, which enables more air to enter the engine, keeping it cool.

The exhaust header here is concerned with airflow manipulation. A separate small pipe connects each cylinder in this exhaust system. It also has flange connectors and is coated with mild steel to increase the system’s endurance. This system weighs 65.8% of its total weight.


  • On your Silverado, the welds look fantastic.
  • It’s the right size and shape.
  • Increases the amount of horsepower
  • Long-lasting
  • Paint has been applied to the outside.


  • Pipe fittings might be a challenge.

What to look for while looking for the best exhaust systems for 5.3 Silverado?

In general, a 5.3 exhaust for Silverado produces a robust sound. The key feature of this style of the exhaust is that you can be identified by your tone no matter where you travel. It should produce a loud and prominent sound that does not annoy others around you.


Some 5.3 exhausts aren’t as high-end as others. The materials they use are not the sole source of quality. You should also check for compatibility with the engine you’re using. Whether a big or little motor is used will determine this.

If you have a somewhat big engine, you won’t be able to get a low engine exhaust. You should seek out quality assurance. This will assist you in preventing future failures.


This is the same manifold that is referred to as a header. Typically, this component is composed of cast or stainless steel. As a result, it will assist in adhering to the engine’s head. This is the one responsible for connecting the engine to the exhaust system. The hot air from your engine will flow through this area. This necessitates a VERY RESISTANT component. Look for stainless or cast steel if you need something that can endure high temperatures. Stainless steel is used for the majority of the 5.3 items for Silverado. Please don’t be concerned.


It would be better if you put some effort into it once the exhaust has been installed. It would be beneficial if you cleaned it once a week at the very least. You must choose a 5.3 exhaust that is simple to clean. Also, do not purchase exhausts where everyday cleaning might be a nightmare due to a lack of open room to clean.


For the sake of comprehension, stop seeking bent exhaust variations. A mandrel-bent escapement is the better option. These are designed to work with the Chevy Silverado 5.3 Exhaust System. Furthermore, this feature will assist you in maintaining optimum ventilation. They’ll never get in the way of your breathing. They, on the other hand, will always keep everything running smoothly.


It’s because you require sound that you’re seeking a 5.3 exhaust. As a result, you should concentrate on determining the muffler’s size. You shouldn’t get one that’s too big since the volume of your exhaust will be insufficient. Large silencers aren’t the source of the rumbling noises. Instead, they’re generated by little silencers.


Make sure your getaway includes all of the necessary software and instructions for installation. They don’t always contain them, which is why, to save money, you should opt for a kit that includes all of the necessary installation components. It’s not easy to come across a product that doesn’t provide you with any instructions on using it. What consumers desire are goods that they can put together themselves.


You should concentrate on having an exhaust tip without extending the back bumper if you want the nicest 5.3 Silverado exhaust possible. It would be advantageous if you did not get a rather lengthy exhaust tip. Security might be jeopardized if anything is too lengthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Material Is Best for Exhaust?

Various rust-resistant, long-lasting metals are often used in aftermarket, high-performance exhaust systems. The sections made of aluminized steel are coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy using the hop dip process, while the pipe within is a heavy-duty and durable metal. These structures are exceptionally light and resistant to corrosion. However, they do not survive as long as stainless steel systems, which are often protected by three-year manufacturer guarantees.

2. What is a Cat-Back Exhaust System, and why do you need one?

It’s made to swap out some of the system’s components. The system begins with the rear of the available catalytic converter, which includes a muffler, one or two tailpipe tips, and connecting pipes. This is the most prevalent form of the exhaust system. The other is an axle-back system consisting only of tailpipes and sometimes a muffler but lacks certain piping components.

3. What is the difference between a full exhaust system and a partial exhaust system?

An exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, and the cat-back system itself are all common components. The catalytic converter may be fully removed or changed with a high-flow version, and the manifold is often changed with headers to improve airflow and enhance the horsepower of the Silverado truck.

4. Is there any connection between the exhaust system and the engine?

Yes, a better exhaust system might contribute to higher performance. The exhaust system, on the other hand, has no direct impact on the engine. A better exhaust system improves engine airflow, which leads to enhanced combustion and improved engine performance.

5. Is it true that a new exhaust system makes your car go faster?

It all relies on the kind of exhaust system you’re swapping out. Some have little to no effect on performance and are instead designed to change the vehicle’s sound. Exhaust systems that are well-designed boost engine airflow, resulting in increased performance. As a result, although a new exhaust system may make your automobile quicker, there is no assurance; it is dependent on the exhaust system itself.

6. Is it possible for a faulty exhaust to result in a loss of power?

Yes, I agree. A faulty exhaust system may reduce engine airflow. The engine will not be able to function effectively if there is insufficient ventilation. Because there is less airflow, there is less combustion, which results in a loss of power.

7. What is the difference between an exhaust leak and a fuel leak?

An exhaust leak is a blockage in the exhaust system that stops gases from travelling in the correct direction. Aside from the risk of harmful gases entering the cabin, an exhaust leak reduces the pressure in the exhaust system.

8. Is it true that a larger exhaust pipe is better?

Certainly not. It depends on what you want to do with your car. In addition to increasing volume, a larger exhaust will result in decreasing power and torque at low RPMs while improving power at higher RPMs (while also increasing your fuel consumption).

Wrapping up

Exhaust systems are built in a variety of ways. Some make loud rattling noises, while others have a more modulated resonance. Your personality will determine the optimal quality for you. Whatever you select, you must examine the product’s performance and durability. The items in the preceding list are the finest currently available on the market. I hope it was useful in narrowing down your search or, better yet, helping you locate the correct one for you!

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