10 Best Dash Cam For Truckers: Reviews of October,2022 (UPDATED)

As a driver, your safety and that of your truck are essential. Therefore, investing in a recording device that will help you capture everything around you while on the road can be very influential.

However, it is not that easy to pick the right dash cam with all the brands saturated on the market. Here are some of the best truck dash cams for you to select from:

Why Do You Need A Truck Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a device that is relatively inexpensive but it can save your day, especially if you are a commercial truck driver. Originally, you may want to install it so that you can show your family all the wonderful places you visit.

However, you will also be able to catch and prevent accidents on the road. Sometimes drivers on the road are ignorant and do not make the right choices, you can keep your car from being hit.

 You could also help the police with investigations when they need to find out what happened. Sometimes, it will help prove your innocent when you are involved in an accident.

It is therefore not just a tool to help you record traffic, it also allows you to show your friends and family those amazing things you have seen and experienced during your day.

​Here's Our Best Dash Cam For Truckers:

1. Rexing V1

Experience exceptional safety wherever you go by installing rexing V1 car dash cam. It has outstanding features that make it among the best dash cameras on the market. The camera has a wide lens with up to 170-degree view; therefore, whenever you mount your camera, you still stand a chance to receive full HD vision.

With this dash cam, all your rides will be covered and secure it has night vision and uses WDR technology to ensure every step of your trip is safe. When driving under low light conditions, you can quickly adjust the lighting on the settings to your comfort.

REXING V1 - 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4' LCD Screen, Wi-Fi, 170°...

Additionally, it has a G sensor that detects a collision. The sensor allows you to be ready for the unexpected that might happen while on the move of parking. Its designed with high-temperature resistance, which makes it safe for all time driving.

Installing this dash cam is straightforward. It comes with all the necessary hardware to ensure it saves you installation time. Since it comes with mounting adhesive, you can confidently mount it at the windshield of your car too.

It comes ready for use right from the box. Therefore, it will save you all the hustles you would go about for safe and convenient installation.

The dash cam has an ample storage space with approximately 64GB SDcard. This guarantees that all the essential data you will require will be stored safely for future reference. Additionally, the sensor detect-ability ensures that the camera is locked to secure all your evidence even through a collision.

Highlighted Features

  • 170 degree ultra wide angle lens
  • Full HD recording
  • Auto loop recording G-sensor with auto lock video
  • Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 128GB
  •  When memory card will be full, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest segments
  • When the built-in gravity sensor detects an accident, the current video will be locked and ensure the important footage from being overwritten.

2. Old Shark Dash Cam​

Old shark has been on the industry for quite some time. Therefore, they are dedicated to ensuring that customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

With over 17 years of experience, you are sure that this old shark dash cam is reliable and will improve your safety with every driving. Since the camera will be used to store essential data/footage, then the last thing you want is it to be damaged in case of a collision. To avoid that, it's designed using a top quality retardant metal material with shock absorption.

Dash Cam 1080P Full HD 3 Inch Dashboard Camera Car Recorder with 32GB...

This guarantees your footage will be safe and can stand as a real tie witness where necessary. The screen also has temperature resistance to ensure it maintains the same image quality even under severe weather conditions.

Unlike other cameras on the market, once it senses a potential hazard, it records crucial footage, and then automatically locks to protect the footage. This feature gives you substantial evidence to argue your cases even under complex conditions.

It has high resolution and will ensure to capture images and events as they unfold. It’s also a real-time drive partner as it has night vision adjustments to give you added peace of mind.

When driving under low light condition due to darkness, rain or wind, you can comfortably adjust that using the menu button on the side of the screen.

The camera automatically turns on as you ignite the engine of the vehicle. Therefore, you will not waste your time trying to turn it on or adjust it. Additionally, when the ignition turns off, it has a small standby battery that keeps it on for a while to save valuable data then shuts off automatically.

Highlighted Features

  • Auto accident detection sensor
  • 45 days money back guarantee, one-year warranty
  • High resolution image capture
  • Automatic accident detection
  • Snapshot feature for taking still images
  • Retardant Metal Material and Shock Absorption Design make it durable


At times, depending exclusively on the human eye while on the road is a little challenging. There are those minor hazards that are likely to escape your naked sight, hence lead you to severe issues. However, by installing a dash cam, you will be safe from such minor effects.

The X1 dash cam is a safe, convenient, and reliable driving partner of all time. It records full HD videos with high resolutions for image clarity. With this camera installed, you can capture even the smallest details on the road to ensure you have a safe ride all the way.

No products found.

It also connects with GPS; therefore, you will always find your way even in places you are less familiar. Additionally, the GPS functionality also records your speed and location for future reference.

It uses WDR system technology to ensure you have clarity through night and day. In case you are driving under low light conditions, you can adjust the settings to ensure high-quality recordings.

The amount of data you can record and store depends on the size of your SDcard. Therefore, you can record as much video clips as you wish especially when you have numerous pending issues to resolve.

For safety purposes, the camera has a motion detector feature that allows you to be ready for anything long before it takes place. When the engine ignition is turned off, the camera has a standby battery of 110mah, which keeps it on for a few seconds to ensure all collected data is ultimately saved.

Highlighted Features

  • Emergency lock button with gravity sensor
  • Full HD videos with super high resolution
  • Standby battery 110mah
  • Accident auto-detection feature
  • Built-in GPS module
  • Superior Night-vision
  • One Year Warranty

4. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam With GPS Review

On the road, you are likely to experience so much. At times, you will require having a witness by your side in case something tragic happens. This is why the wheel witness HD PRO dash camera is here for you. The camera captures real-time footage to provide you with substantial evidence of how things went down.

With the 2304x1296P resolution, all your videos will be exceptional and of high standards. It has a high ambarella processor of A7LA50 and wide view lens of about 170 degrees. Therefore, nothing will go unnoticed by the camera even the smallest details.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS - 2K Super HD - 170° Lens -...

The LCD screen displays on 3.0”, this guarantees that you have a preview of what’s ahead and keeps you ready. Additionally, it has the menu options on the screen for easy interaction with various settings. The control buttons are placed on the sides of the screen. Therefore, you can set your eyes on the road as you change your settings and adjust various controls.

Whichever road settings you find yourself, this dashboard camera will still be of assistance. It has night vision and will guarantee that you receive razor-sharp images even in total darkness. This is due to its WDR technology, which shows full balance exposure.

It has up to 16GB internal storage, however, in case the memory card is full, it has loop recording. The loop function allows it to overwrite previous files and start recording new ones for your safety.

It also has a motion detector to ensure you are adequately protected. In case of bumps, it triggers the sensor and records a video clip to and after the bang.

With this dashboard camera, you can also connect to the GPS and enjoy convenient navigation especially to places you are not familiar. You can also use the GPS module to access coordinates of the motor vehicle, speed, and location.

Highlighted Features

  • Angle lens with 170 degree wide view
  • Free 16GB SDcard
  • WDR/ HDR technology for convenient night vision
  • GPS enabled showing location, and speed
  • H.264 Compression

5. Rear View Safety Backup Camera RVS-770613 Review

Its possible to often concentrate on the front view and forget what happens from behind. For the sake of rear incidents, rear view safety backup camera system is here for your aid. They ensure you have a clear view of what’s happening from behind your vehicle. Therefore, they ensure you feel the confidence of driving as you receive protection from all dimensions.

With this system installed, the issues of weather change will not be your worry. The cameras are designed using the best technology to ensure it’s a worthy investment. That's why we have put this product to best dash cam for fruckers list. 

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7' Display (Black)...

They have a cover that protects them from various weather conditions. However, the cover does not prevent them from offering you the best and most reliable rear view.

The backup system has a wide view lens of up to 130 degrees to guarantee you receive sharp image projection. Therefore, nothing will come to you as a surprise through the drive.

With an IP69K rating, you are sure that your backup is convenient for all road and weather challenges. Its built in a reliable and robust design to ensure you enjoy your installation for years.

 Additionally, has a high impact and vibration resistance, which provides you the confidence you require in case of an accident. Its also shock resistant and will ensure your data is safely stored for future use.

The system guarantees you clear images both day and night. It has night vision, and it automatically adjusts its lighting to fit in the conditions you are driving through. However, in case you feel the light is not enough for your use, you can always adjust using the side buttons on your screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Color CCD backup
  • 130 degree viewing angle
  • 7” digital TFT LCD rear view
  • Night vision enabled
  • Waterproof with an IP69K rating
  • Automatic iris sensor adjusts IR LED strength based on outside light
  • Adjustable sunshade blocks ambient light for clear pictures

6. Rexing V1LG

Driving is an everyday learning experience; therefore, having an additional vision from a reliable partner makes the experience much better. This is what you get by investing in this V1LG dual channel car dash cam. They are designed to offer you with exceptional service and enhance your road experiences.

The dual channel allows you to record from both rear and front camera simultaneously. Even with simultaneous recording, you still receive high definition videos with bets resolution quality.

Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam FHD 1080p 170° Wide Angle...

Both cameras have an ultra-wide lens that captures high definition images for easy identification. The front camera has an angle view of approximately 170 degrees.

Therefore, giving you the privilege of spotting even the smallest detail that other motorists cannot see. It also has a 1080p resolution at 30fps to ensure you have a reliable witness with actual proof in case of anything. The rear view is full HD  with 720p resolution.

It also has a built-in GPS system, which ensures you have all the data you require for your support. The GPS helps in recording your location, speed, time and date. Therefore, even asked to produce a witness, you will not be stressed looking for people who were there, but rather the system will do all the arguments for you.

Due to its simultaneous recording, running out of space is quite easy. However, this system has a loop recording that overwrites the oldest clips to give room for new recordings. It also has a gravity sensor that helps lock your important clips in case of an accident.

However, the system comes with a big memory card of up to 64GB to ensure all your data is collected and stored safely. You can also upgrade the SDcard in case you need more storage and don’t want to overwrite previous clips. That's why we have listed this as a best trucker dash cam on our list. 

Highlighted Features

  • HD dual channel recording
  • 1, 3, or 5 minute intervals loop recording
  • Auto-accident detection
  • Built in GPS
  • Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 128GB

7. Garmin Dash Cam GPS-enabled

Small gadget big view exceptional data. This is precisely what you get by investing in this Garmin dash cam.

The small size guarantees that it will not block your actual view regardless of where you place it on the dash. Therefore, making it convenient for use on all vehicles models.

Although the screen is only 2”, it can give you a more comprehensive view than any other dash cam on the market. It projects up to approximately 180 degrees of field view to ensure you are aware of even the smallest details.

Garmin Dash Cam 65, 1080p 2.0' LCD Screen, Extremely Small GPS-enabled...

Unlike other cameras, with Garmin dash cam, you have an opportunity to experience stress-free rides through various weather challenges. The camera can record both video and audio ensuring you have substantial evidence of how the events unfolded.

It also has a voice command feature on the settings, which gives you the privilege of being in control of what you wish to record

The gravity sensor on this camera is slightly advanced ad it provides you with high-end features unlike any other. As a driver, all you have to do is sit back and drive as the dash cam can alert you of any potential hazards log before taking place.

Therefore, giving you a convenient time to act accordingly and save yourself and passengers from possible injuries.

It's easy to use, and installation is straightforward as it comes with all the mounting hardware and connecting wires. The compact design allows you to place the camera wherever you feel comfortable freely, and you are sure it will not affect your driving experience.

As a driver, your safety and that of your truck are essential. Therefore, investing in a recording device that will help you capture everything around you while on the road can be very influential.

Highlighted Features

  • Voice command for easy start/stop recording
  • High-quality resolution images
  • GPS function with auto alerts for collision, red lights & speed cameras
  • Integrated microphone for recording sound inside your car
  • Incident detection (G-sensor) feature

8. Roav DashCam A1 By Anker

Why keep stressing yourself trying to navigate through heavy traffic and still concentrate on what is happening around. Instead, have a third eye taking care of your environs while you find your way through the traffic by installing this Roav dash cam recorder.

The dash cam increases your driving experience and it is super flexible. It has an auto sensor that automatically detects any car that bumps into your car and starts recording.

No products found.

It is super easy to install the cam as it can perfectly fit at any spot at on the windshield and will not block your vision. Additionally, this cam provides you with a full vision of up to 4 lane traffic to ensure that nothing escapes your vision.

If you are a night driver and you are not sure of what might happen, this is the ideal deal for you. It still can pick clear images and you cannot tell the difference.

Additionally, its high quality lenses is able to pick license plates even for speeding vehicles. For your satisfaction, the company wraps the dash cam in a convenient pack of 12-month warranty, which assures you incredible performance all the time.

9. Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2

Roav by anker dash cam is the ultimate vision that will enhance your driving experience and give you a brand new vision on the road. The camera is convenient and can work through any weather condition and still offer high quality vision. Additionally, its lenses are highly competent and guarantees to deliver incredible images even through the night.

No products found.

The camera also offers you full road coverage to ensure that you have a clear vision of what is happening around you for approximately 4 lanes. Therefore, you are sure that nothing will come to you by surprise regardless of which direction the camera is facing. Additionally, this camera provides you with the evidence you need in case of an emergency and it also prepares you for what is ahead.

It mounts at any place on the windshield and it will not block your vision. Therefore, you don’t have to worry on how to install it or even how your driving experience will turn to be. Additionally, the camera is designed using steel frames that makes it convenient for all weather conditions.

​How To Buy The Best Truck Dash Cam?

When purchasing a dashboard camera, there are so much to consider. It is essential you have your time right and do in-depth research before settling for a particular camera. Here are some of the things you should have in your checklist.

1. Lens quality

The lens quality is what determines how reliable the camera can be. When looking for a dash cam, this is an essential feature. Although most manufacturers develop their cameras in full HD, they all have different levels. Therefore, be sure that your dashboard camera of choice has the best resolution for exceptional performance.

2. Lens angle

The main reason you wish to install a camera in your truck is to keep you safe from the surrounding environment. Therefore, the wider your view, the better.

A camera with a higher angle guarantees you an exceptional view of the surrounding environment. You can start by looking for cameras with at least 120 degrees wide upward.

3. Memory card size

This is one of the essential features to look before buying a dash camera. Although there are cameras that use microSD cards, which allow you to upgrade the size as you wish, there are those that use full-size SD cards.

The memory card size will determine how safe your videos will be stored and for how long.

4. Dual or single camera

While investing, it’s essential to go for cameras that provide you with a better deal. Getting a dash cam with both front and rear cameras save you money and double your safety too.

However, single cameras also provide you with exceptional clarity as they have increased high definition.

5. Screen design and size

You don’t want to have a dash cam with a screen that will keep your eyes off the road to see what it is showing. A good dash cam has a big screen that allows you to view and see everything at a glance.

The best size ranges from 5” to at least 7”. LCD, CCD, and LED are among the familiar screen designs you get with this cameras. Therefore, you must be sure of which one fits your vision requirements and will ensure you are confident.

6. GPS included or Optional

GPS function helps to get the log of the speed and location of the vehicle. So, the driver can't provide any false statement. Note that this usually does not provide any navigational support.

7. Warranty

As it is an electronic product, it can develop some issues. We shouldn't spend your money to thew the cam into garbage. 

Thus, look for models that come with manufacturer warranty.

8. Capacitor Based Power Supply:

As the vehicle runs in the sun all day, so the camera will get hot to touch. That's why it is very much important to use capacitor to avoid any safety issues with leaking or swelling batteries. In case, if you want to use the best truck batteries, we've an article about it.

9. Recording mode

Ensure that your camera of choice is easy to adjust to fit in different conditions. Accidents are prompt to happen during the day as well as night. Therefore, your camera must have reliable night vision and adjustable light setting for convenience.

Additionally, on recording mode, ensure your camera has a loop recording option. This guarantees that essential data will be securely locked for future reference.

Types of Truck Dash Cam

Before you go out and try to buy a dash board camera for your truck, you must make sure that you know the types of truck dash cams available in the market. Here are some of the most popular types:


As suggested by the name, this is the basic camera that is available today. It has a single camera that faces the front of the windshield. It is mainly used for insurance and sometimes when you want to record a joyride with friends.

Its basic features make it suitable for lightweight recording. They are also the perfect camera for people who are on a budget because you can get a good one at under $100.

Dual dash cams

These, as the name suggests, is two cameras. One faces the rear while the other faxes the road ahead. Unlike the standard one, this one will run out of space faster because both cameras use the same memory card.

The rear camera often has poor resolutions than the front one.

Backup camera

This is not very different from the standard camera. All cameras, rely on one camera and has one primary difference that is the directions faced.

These need to be hardwired into the vehicle directly and they come with a kit. Their installation requires a lot more effort than usual.


The quad is a set of four cameras. It includes side dash cams and two rear cams. They help the drivers set the cases after an accident as they will have different angles to show.

How To Install Properly?

You can install a dash cam easily following the user manual. Let's have a look on few tips that will help you to install the dash camera properly.

1. Get The Best Place to Put a Dash Cam

At first you have select the right position for your dash cam. It is considered that right down the center of the windshield is the best position.

Behind the rear view mirror is ideal to set the camera as this is the one area of the windshield that is already usually blocked. And that will not block any additional viewing area.

2. Get The Perfect Right Mount

Generally, a dash cam comes with one of the two types of mount:  double-sided tape or suction cup. As double side mount is inflexible, we don't prefer this mount. If you fix it to the windscreen, it is very hard to reposition.

On the other hand, suction cup mounts are easier to fit and reposition. The suction cup is better for those who need to detach the camera from time to time.

3 Installation and Set Up Wires

As you are going run the power for the dash cam from the truck's power output, use adhesive tape or other measures to make wires less noticeable to ensure that this wire is not obstructing your view or your driving.

You can also use semi-permanent plastic hooks. This will help you to easily remove them if you needed to.

4. Get A Memory Card

If the dash cam didn't come with a memory card then buy a good memory card. Mostly, manufacturer recommends an SD or micro SD card with a certain capacity limit.

My suggestion is going for the max recommended capacity. 

5. Set The Perfect Features That Need You

Before going to start your journey, set all the settings that you need. 

If you don't do this you have to adjust them while you drive which increase the possibility of  accident. 

Set your desired resolution, angle, color, brightness, and more. Also specify whether or not to activate the GPS function, the motion sensors, the parking mode, and other functions.

How to Take Care of Your Truck Dash Camera

  • Clean the cameras regularly
  • Check the videos to make sure that the recording is functioning properly
  • Regularly take out the memory card and format it. Do the complete format at least once a year

You will get more details on consumergarage.com about how to take care your camera. 

What are The Benefits of Having a Best Trucker Dash Cam?

  • A Dash cam is the perfect solution for undisciplined drivers
  • You can explain your insurance as well as employer what exactly happened
  • Record road trip memories
  • Business owners and fleet managers can track their vehicles efficiently
  • You can efficiently prevent parking accidents
  • Dash cam can get you out of an unfair ticket

Frequently Asked Questions On Dash Cam

Q: Can GoPro be used as Dash Cam?

Ans: Yes you can. But this is not recommend. To use GoPro as a dash cam you need a skeleton housing, a 12 volt USB adapter or charger, a camera mount which is woeful . The main reason not to use a GoPro as a dash cam is that it’s a pretty expensive piece of hardware to re-purpose as a dash cam.

Q: Does having a dash cam affect insurance?

Ans: Insurers, police and the courts will consider dashboard camera evidence. Clear evidence from a dash cam can help speed up insurance claims, deliver a fair outcome and combat fraud. 

Q: How long does a dash cam battery last?

Ans: The internal battery usually provides approximately up to 30 minutes recording time on a full charge. In case of power loss, Dash cam battery is designed to support the camera in case of power loss within the vehicle.

Q: Can dash cam footage be used in court?

Ans: Yes you can. 

Q: Does dash cam work when engine is off?

Ans: Normally, a dash cam is powered through the cigarette adapter – but this adapter doesn't work when the car is off.


As you get to the market to buy your dash cam, ensure you have a checklist and keep referring to it. This will help you get the appropriate product for your respective needs. Also, ensure you have a rough budget that will guide you on how to buy the products.

Having a budget will also direct you to the best dash cam for truckers without having to go round and round.

Lastly, know the dealers/ manufacturers. With all the brands on the market, identify one and start making them your dealers of choice.

This way, it will be easy for you to monitor the progress of the camera as well as enhance your security.

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