5 Best Coilover Kits To Improve Your Vehicle’s Suspension

The issue of suspension modification is one that raises a lot of concern among drivers. There are a couple of ways to modify and upgrade the suspension of your vehicle.

The best would be to add a coilover system or lower springs. These two methods are entirely different. You must think long and hard before choosing a method that is most suitable for you.

The considerations you have to make should include performance versus comfort, adjust-ability, longevity and the costs of each method. If you only want to tighten up the suspension, you may want to go with more adjust ability.

Top Best Coilover Kit Reviews

1. Function Form Type 1 Adjustable Coilover Suspension

Function Form Type 1 Adjustable Coilover Suspension: 96-00 Honda Civic
41 Reviews
Function Form Type 1 Adjustable Coilover Suspension: 96-00 Honda Civic
  • Adjustable Ride Height Dampening pre-set for optimal ride quality during spirited driving. Adjustable from lower mount, which allows user to retain full shock travel and pre-load adjustments. Dual...

If you are looking for a better way of improving your ride and still be within your budget range, then type one adjustable coilover suspension is all you want.

It is designed to ensure you get all your requests for durable and quality products are observed. With this suspension coilover, you are sure that your ride performance will significantly improve.

The best thing about this coilover suspension is that it is designed using the best material on the market. This material guarantees that the suspension will last longer and offer you incredible service all the time.

Therefore, as you go cruising or commuting from one place to the other over the weekend, you will have peace of mind knowing you are secure.

The philosophy and logic behind its construction are to ensure you get excellence in a simplicity style. Additionally, it also has the same features as the type two suspension, which guarantees that you will have a better upgrade of your ride at an affordable price.

Its installation is pretty easy and will only take you a few minutes to get it ready for adventure. It is less aggressive with exceptional dampening characteristics that will change your perception all the way.

2. Yonaka Honda Civic Full Coilovers Suspension Shocks

Yonaka Compatible with Honda Civic 96-00 EK Spec 1 Full Coilovers...
69 Reviews
Yonaka Compatible with Honda Civic 96-00 EK Spec 1 Full Coilovers...
  • Fully threaded mono tube shock absorber
  • All aluminum upper mounts 3-4" height adjustment Front springs: 12kg / 180mm Rear springs: 6kg / 200mm

As an aggressive driver, ensuring that you have incredible and reliable suspension in your vehicle is a satisfying requirement. It guarantees that you and the passenger on board are safe all through the journey regardless of how tough the terrain may get.

With Yonakacoilovers shock springs, you are set for a smooth ride with high response and cornering experience.

These suspension shocks are designed with you in mind to ensure your simplicity in the vehicle is included as well as excellence in performance. Unlike other coilovers, this features a rubber dust shield that protects your piston and prolongs its life. In other words, its design guarantees you durability and safety under all settings.

Additionally, you can adjust its heights to any lengths without having to shorten the suspension travel thanks to its full body threading design. Its adjustable heights also give you all the freedom of usage as you get to decide how you want it to operate.

With rapid compression impacts, your suspension springs are likely to incur damages that will affect their performance. However, that is not the case with this Yonaka Honda part. Its inner bump has stops that prevent all possible damages from impacts.

The coilover has a one-year manufacturers warranty, which gives you confidence that the manufacturers have you covered as you experience the difference on your truck.

Additionally, it comes with all the adjusting tools to ensure you can do it yourself at the comfort of your backyard, hence saving lots of cash.

3. Skunk2 541-05-4720 Pro-S II Coil-Over

Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4720 Pro-S II Coil-Over Spring for Honda...
80 Reviews
Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4720 Pro-S II Coil-Over Spring for Honda...
  • Forged Shortened & Threaded Shock Body
  • Super-Finished Hard Chrome Shaft

Skunk2’s pro-s II coilover spring for Honda civic/Acura Integra is the next big improvement for your vehicle. It has unmatched experience that will change your perception and need for excellence.

Unlike other suspension springs, skunk2’s touches on almost every part of your vehicle. In other words, by installing this spring quality, you will enjoy not only great controls but also durability at all cost.

The part reduces the body roll of your truck, which gives you exceptional cornering grip under all circumstances. Its smooth operating system also ensures that you can feel your vehicles movements and controls, hence giving you power over the machine you are riding.

It also features a top-notch design with specific valving that will fit almost any vehicle. The adjustable ride heights enhance on its durability and guarantees to save you lots of cash as you will not have to frequent the shops every other day.

Additionally, skunk2’s is designed with quality in mind. Therefore, the construction material is handpicked to ensure you don’t get anything less than what you expect.

It also comes at a friendly price tag, hence giving you an assurance that you can afford it and improve the way you spend your weekends.

4. Coilover Complete Kit EJ EM For Honda Civic

Compatible with Honda Civic Suspension Strut Damper with Coilover...
12 Reviews
Compatible with Honda Civic Suspension Strut Damper with Coilover...
  • ▶️ High quality CNC machined steel (Springs) and aluminum (shocks) construction
  • ▶️ Pillow ball upper mounts with rubber dust boot covers and dual locking spring perch applied

Looking for a secure, smooth and excellent riding experience? The answer is with this Honda suspension strut damper with coilover kit. It gives you outstanding performance with great controls under any conditions. With the suspension installed you are sure that the performance of your truck will upgrade from the normal standards to something better.

The aggressive stance of your ride will automatically improve, and you will have great cornering controls regardless of the conditions of your ride. It is designed using top quality materials, which guarantee durability.

Therefore, you are sure that the part will give you quality services for a prolonged duration, unlike the original part.

Additionally, this kit comes complete with adjusting tools to ensure you enjoy its services/benefits to the fullness. It also features rubber dust shield that protects your pistons, hence giving you the best performance at no extra cost.

It is also compatible with the Honda civic 96-00. Therefore, you are sure that your ride will always be secure at all times.

Additionally, it comes with different color variations of gold and red. This also enhances the look/image of your vehicle, and it also makes it easy for you to monitor how the shocks are running at all times.

5. Coilovers Strut Kit Suspension

No products found.

If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your ride and enjoy smooth and great cornering controls, this coilover strut kit is all you need. It has an incredible design with the best materials on the market to ensure its investment is a worth every penny.

Before its release for the market, its spring underwent numerous and continuous testing to ensure it gives you tensile performance for a longer period.

It has rubber boots on the inside to guarantee that your damper is clean and protected under all circumstances. Additionally, this suspension shocks kit is specifically designed to improve your ride performance without having to sacrifice your comfort.

The pre-adjustment feature guarantees that it is ready for use right from the box. Therefore, it will save you much time after installation. With the right tools, you can comfortably install it at home and experience the difference.

Additionally, it has a pillow ball top mount that improves the response and steering feel using the combat noise while tuning.

What Is Coilover Suspension?

A coil cover is a car suspension device whose design is almost similar to that of the MacPherson strut. However, it also has a spring that covers the damper instead of sitting on top of it.

Coilover is a short form of coil over shock absorber. It has a coil spring encircling it. Before installation, the spring and the shock absorber are assembled and placed as a unit if the absorber leaks.

It, therefore, provides damping and does not have torsional loads. Some even allow you to make adjustments to the riding height and preloads by using a merely threaded spring perch that resembles a nut.

The more advanced systems use a threaded shock body along with an adjustable lower mount for the adjustment of the riding height and the knobs that are used to adjust the damping. If your switch the spring with another or a different spring rate, you effectively adjust the stiffness.

For this device, the springs are made into coils and can, therefore, retract and compress multiple times. Their coiled nature makes them great shock absorbers. They are also great because they allow you to lower your car down to any height you desire.

Different Types of Coilover

There are several types of coilovers, and they all work differently.

Full-bodied coilovers

In most cases, the coilover system that has all complete shocks. It is the most expensive kit to purchase, although it does come complete with everything. Depending on the vehicle you are driving, they also come with pillowball top mounts or brand new aluminum top mounts that are ready to be bolted on.

 It means that you do not need to take the old spring and shock apart to reuse any of these parts. They also come with new bump stops that are specifically designed to fit the lowered car.

The main advantage of these full coilovers is that they are complete, as the name suggests. Unlike sleeve coilovers, they do not get an actual shock on them since they are meant to be used for the aftermarket shock.

With the complete set, these come entirely ready to take the abuse of a lowered vehicle, competition use, and increased spring rates. They will last longer and work better with coilover spring rates.

Sleeve types of coilovers

These are great for people who do not have much money to spend on shock absorbers. They also offer you more flexibility so you can use any shocks you like. Most customers choose adjustable performance shock or non-adjustable shocks.

Most users choose to use these together with their stock shocks, but this method is not recommended.  Because while the shocks will last longer, they are not designed for lowered cars and will balance out all the handling gains from the sleeve coilover.

Cars that have performance shocks straight from the factory are exempted from this rule.

Drag coilovers

These are purposefully made for people who drag race. They often come as a set of four or only the rear set. The rear sets are always stiff and prevent the car from shifting weight to the rear wheels during the launching.

If you want to keep your front wheels planted to the ground and maintain traction, you can put the rear parts in the front wheel.

Ways To Upgrade And Modify Suspension

When you want to change the shocks, it is always a good idea to get new ones. If you are thinking of going on those offroad adventures or your truck will carry heavier loads, an upgrade would be useful.

Upgrade just the shocks

This is the fastest way to beef up your suspension. With this method, you only need to upgrade your shocks. However, this is not always as straightforward as it sounds. You may have to buy the expensive OEM replacements or opt to go with simples ones.

You may also choose the high dollar upgrades that may end up wrecking your driving experience even though they do give you the much-needed reliability and stability.

With this method, there is a risk that you may end up getting too wild. Remember that you need a smooth and comfortable ride and also want your wheels grounded. For this reason, always look for heavy duty shocks.

Upgrades for heavier loads

Go for heavy duty struts or shocks. There is entirely no reason to go crazy, however, if you frequently haul a truck full of luggage, the beefier the shocks, the better.

Always check for compatibility unless you are also lifting. You may also want to get some ride adjusting shocks which will keep your car from bottoming and sagging out. Always reinforce your springs when getting ready for a heaving hauling.


If you are going to be lifting, you may need adjustable torsion bars that allow you to make adjustments to the height of the front of the car, raising it to match the lift in the rear and lowering it to keep it level if the rear springs are taxed

The coilover Suspension vs. Springs

The issue on whether to use spring or coilovers regarding suspension systems and the argument always leans toward coilovers. Coilover suspensions are great for DIY auto customizers.

This innovative system moves through a period of time from an aftermarket addition and often serves in the race track. Over time they became more famous for the standard cars and allows average drivers to enjoy the engineering powers that make race cars so amazing.  

The coilover allows for improved suspension system by offering one piece made of spring and covered with shock absorbers to help with damping and absorbing the impact from the road.

How To Choose The Coilover Suspension Kits


Today, the internet has made purchases simpler an straightforward. If you want to buy a durable and functional product, you must read the reviews. Find out what customers’ experiences with the products were and make an informed decision.


Well, this is a simple and straightforward method for you to narrow down your options is creating a budget. Ask yourself, how much do you want to spend on shock absorbers? The choices may be overwhelming, but with a budget, you will find the right ones.


Always look for coilovers that have warranty coverage. Limited lifetime warranties are great and give your peace of mind. Remember always to read the terms and conditions of the warranty.


Not all coilovers are made equal. You must make sure that the ones you buy are compatible with your truck, so you do not end up wasting your money.


What makes coilovers better?

Coil overs are better because they improve handling with coilovers as opposed to stock suspension systems. They are also easy to adjust and give you the prestige that is found in race cars.

Are coilovers better than struts?

Yes, because unlike strut coilovers have a much more full range of adjustability of shock damping. Rising height and spring pre-load.

How do you increase coilover height?

  • Unlock the collar C by using the supplied spanner wrench and turn the wrench counter-clockwise.
  • Once collar C is loose, spin the lower spindle mount
  • For the car to raise, you have to lengthen the coilover and lower the car by shortening the length on the coilover

What is ride height adjustment?

Ride height is the space between the lowest point and the car’s tire. It is also defined as the shortest distance between the flat, level and the lowest parts of the vehicle.

Why is ground clearance important?

Ground clearance is necessary because it prevents your car from rolling over. The higher the clearance, the higher the center of gravity which makes your car easy to roll over.

What is the legal ride height for a car?

The lights and reflectors of your car must be at least 500 mm above the ground.

Are all coilovers adjustable?

No., not all coilovers are adjustable.

Are struts the same as shocks?

No. these two basically do the same job, however, neither one can replace the other.


The best coilover kits give your great suspension and allow you to adjust your shock absorbers to ones that are better and more effective. However, when shopping, make sure you look at more than just the price.

Consider durability and how comfortable the ride will be for you once you have installed them. You must also think about what your truck will be doing. If you plan to carry more loads, get better suspensions.

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