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How to Change a Truck Tire: Step by Step Guide

​Nothing is more inconveniencing than a flat tire. These are possibly the worst experiences because they can happen at any place and time. Whether it is your first car or you are an experienced driver, it is crucial to know how to change your car tires. It will save you from being stranded in the middle […]

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How to Paint a Car- Easy Step By Step Complete Guide

It’s easy to think that painting a house wall and painting your auto are similar tasks, but that is not the case. Although both tasks involve paints and rollers, one is a little complete than the other. Painting a car requires skills, that’s why the auto paint job comes at a higher price. However, if […]

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How to Charge An Automotive Battery: Detail Guide

​According to mechanics, your car’s battery should last 49 months. Well during this time, there are a few moments when you will be forced to charge your battery first before the care starts. The truth is, if you use the best methods to charge the battery, it will serve you for a more extended period. If […]

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How to Know Your Car Battery Is Really Dead

Your car battery is like the heart of the car, and when it’s damaged or dead, it can affect your Car operations ultimately. A dead or dying car battery can also be a reason you are experiencing other problems with your car. However, other signs may occur as a result of other mechanical or technical issues […]

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