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Air Compressor Vs Tire Inflator: Which One is Suitable?

Sometimes when you are shopping online the terms can get confusing. At DamnTools, we help straighten that out. For example, in our guide on the best tire inflators with gauges we cover both the tire inflator adapters that you use with an air compressor, as well as stand-alone tire inflators. In this guide, we’ll discuss tire […]

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Best Rotary Tool 2020: Top Picks & Reviews

Searching for the best rotary tool? If you are looking for the most versatile pieces of equipment to do that task, then the rotary tools ought to be your choice. However, choosing the best among many other brands can be a hard task. So how can you select the suitable one ? The answer to such a […]

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15 Tools Every Man Must Own

People can change; the ability to create or to destroy. Nobody wants to be with a destructive person but would love to be with a creative one. For a person who loves to create things or to fix broken things, he requires a set of tools. Tools that would help him do what he wants to […]

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How to Get Started With Welding

Welding is a procedure that joins materials, typically metals or thermoplastics, by applying high temperature to intertwine the parts and abandoning them to cool causing amalgamation. It seems like a complicated thing to learn however, with the right knowledge and guideline anyone can learn it quite well. A Beginner’s guide to Welding Welding does not need a college […]

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How To Keep Car Memory When Changing Battery

Taking care of your car has changed a lot over the past few decades, with technology becoming increasingly more complex and confusing. One of the most notable examples of this comes in the form of car batteries, which used to be quite simple to fix; unhook and remove the old battery and replace it with […]

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Best Shipping Label Printer And Thermal Printer Reviews

Printers have been around for quite a long time. But have you ever heard of thermal printers? They pretty much use heat to print.That sounds a little odd, right? Actually, it is the most effective way to get your labels printed. In fact, some of the best shipping label printers use a thermal printing method.However, new technology […]

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