How to Connect an Air Compressor to a Hose Reel

If you want to connect an air compressor to hose reel, you’ve come to the right place.


To connect an air compressor to a hose reel, ensure that one end of the hose is first connected to the air compressor. Then, join the reel to the other end of the hose. Check that your hose is properly attached to both devices so you don’t lose it while you’re using them.


You can use the hose reel and turn on the compressor after your hose is connected. Avoid overloading the compressor or the hose reel to prevent damage that would require more time to fix. For optimal results, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when using the equipment.


You can now begin your next project after you understand how to connect the air compressor to the hose reel. When using this equipment, use caution because improper usage might be deadly.


Why Do You Need to Properly Connect an Air Compressor to Hose Reel?

Numerous issues can arise if the air compressor and hose reel are not correctly connected. For instance, your hose may kink, which will stop the air from flowing freely. Additionally, it may lead to the compressor overheating and other equipment damage. Another issue is that the hose could unwind from the reel and pose a danger.


You can prevent issues and make sure the equipment is operating safely and effectively by properly connecting the air compressor and hose reel. It is crucial to take the time to properly complete the task. You can make sure that the air compressor and hose reel function appropriately and safely by following the proper instructions. Verify that every connection is properly tightened and look for leaks. If there are any leaks, you should patch them right away.


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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Hose Reel Suitable for an Air Compressor

When purchasing a hose reel for your air compressor, you need to keep a few things in mind.


The size of the compressor should be taken into account first. It would be beneficial if you could confirm that a particular reel could support the volume of hose you want to use.


You also need to consider the kind of reel that you need. The three most popular varieties of hose reels are spring-driven, motor-driven, and hand-crank, and you can find each of them on the market. The spring-driven reel is the most prevalent and least expensive. Furthermore, a spring that is wound up when you draw on the hose powers this particular reel. As for motor-driven reels, you’ll see that while they are more expensive than spring-driven reels, they also last longer. Let’s now talk about hand crank reels. Despite being the most expensive, they are also the easiest to use.


The kind of hose you want to use is the last thing you should think about. Rubber, PVC, and metal hoses are the three primary categories of hoses available on the market. Rubber hoses are the least expensive and most widely used type. Rubber hoses are less long-lasting than PVC hoses, although PVC hoses cost more. The strongest hoses are made of metal, but they are also the most expensive.


The Best Air Hose Reels

DeWalt 50-Foot Manual Hose Reel

If you have never purchased an air hose reel, you might not be aware of what constitutes quality. But when you see the recognizable black and yellow of a DeWalt product, you should feel secure.


Here’s something crucial to remember. You don’t always get an air hose when you purchase an air hose reel. You do in this situation, and by 50 feet of rubber hose too. It can last for a long time and can handle 300 PSI, which is more than enough for most uses.


It is simple to put it on the floor, a workbench, or a wall. It is incredibly simple to remove from anywhere you have it set, thanks to a quick-release pin. Even in freezing temperatures, the hose maintains its flexibility.


You can quickly attach this to your air compressor thanks to the 4-foot lead-in air pipe. It is absurdly simple.


DeWalt Double Arm Air Hose Reel

While the older DeWalt hose reel was designed to be cost-effective, if you’re prepared to spend a little more, this one gives you the greatest quality possible. This air hose reel strikes the ideal chord between value and excellence.


A 50-foot rubber hose is included, just like with the other DeWalt. This one can withstand the same pressure and can tolerate cold conditions just as well. The reel itself has really good stuff.


A double-arm reel is provided, which enjoys the same durability advantages as the prior reel. It will fare much better in terms of pulling and retracting. Also, auto-retracting is this one! The ratchet lock design makes it simple to draw it to any length. Additionally, it winds back evenly.


This hose reel comprises entirely steel and is capable of taking on challenging tasks. This air hose reel is unquestionably among the greatest ones available right now.


Legacy Levelwind Retractable Air Hose Reel

Most of the other options on this list are considerably different from this air hose reel. This is a closed reel, to start with. The majority of the actual reel and hose are enclosed in a casing. However, this case is made of polypropylene rather than metal. That is a formal term for plastic.


With this, you receive twice as much air hose as with the others. There aren’t many situations where you’ll require up to 100 feet, but if you do, you’re covered by this. This PVC hose’s maximum PSI tolerance is 350, which is a little more than what the other alternatives offer. It also uses Levelwind technology, which tries to wind the air hose back, in the same way, every time.


This can be used on its own. While mounting it to a wall or ceiling is still an option, you can use it on the ground as well. It is designed to balance flatly on the ground. For ease of movement, it even features a handle.


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Wrapping Up

Working with your air compressor will be considerably simpler if you purchase a high-quality air hose reel. When it does what it needs to do, you won’t have to bother about clearing up all that extra hose. Now you know how to connect an air compressor to a hose reel and have also seen some of the top choices for air hose reels. The factors described in this article can help you make the right choice.

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